regal attack

For Georgina

When we first heard of the attack in Manchester, as it broke across social media and across the news channels none of us even imagined that it would have such a close and personal effect on us.

There are no words that properly express the loss we are feeling within the fandom, to know that you will never again get to watch the show, go to conventions, meet new friends or old ones or even get to live the rest of the life your had a right too.

I didn’t know your personally but I had the extreme pleasure of meeting you a couple of times, although briefly, at Storybrooke 3 in Blackpool whilst I was working in one of the photo studios.

I have never been prouder than I have over the last couple of days of our fandom. Oncers from all countries, different ages and different ships have come together to remember you. They have posted amazing stories, messages, pictures, songs and artwork all dedicated in your memory. They have been there to support each other through the first few days of grief and disbelief and from this new friendships, lasting friendships have probably been made.

That is a wonderful legacy to leave behind even if she should never have happened.

We are sending all of our collective love to your family and friends who must be going through an absolutely horrific time, bit we are thinking of them and hopefully know how loved and remembered you are will help, even if it’s a tiny amount.

We will never forget you Georgina, you shall forever be rememberd by those that knew you, or even briefly met you. You will live on through pictures, stories, memories, artwork and the lasting love people will always hold for you.

You will forever be a part of the Oncer family.

Rest in Peace.



WWF European Champion Al Snow
[August 29th, 2000 - October 16th, 2000]

Never one for typical or predictable antics, the WWF’s resident head case (yes, pun intended) Al Snow captured the WWF European Championship by defeating Perry Saturn on SmackDown in August of 2000. Over the next several weeks, Snow would come to the ring dressed in the garb of several European countries, much to the chagrin of England’s William Regal. After attacking Snow in October of 2000, a match was made between the two for the gold on an episode of Raw, which ended with Regal overcoming Snow and bringing the European Championship back to its “regal” peak.

This is a reminder.   Tumblr user captainpoe is the figure that most of us know as Mikey, an extremely aggressive and abusive twitter user who attacks Evil Regals, Swan Queen fans, and anti-CSers on a regular basis.  In particularly he loves to leave abusive anonymous messages on tumblr and has been tracked using IP loggers.  He is also a very talented gif maker and there is at least one Regina and the two Henrys gif set I’ve already seen on my dash.  

It’s up to you if you want to give him notes but in the past we’ve suspected he uses such sets to pick targets so it’s your call.


William Regal Vs. Kassius Ohno
[April 10th, 2013]

“For what you are about to receive… may my children forgive me.” - William Regal to Kassius Ohno

After a post-match assault by Kassius Ohno, William Regal interfered to break the two superstars apart, knocking Ohno to the mat with a punch to Ohno’s face. The remorse was clear on Regal’s face following the slug, and the next week on NXT, he called Kassius to the ring to apologize to the young superstar’s face. Kassius, not wanting an apology, began berating Regal until finally, he had pushed Regal too far. Regal, one for the second week in a row, slugged Ohno in the face and then left him laying in the ring. This would cause Ohno to attack Regal at the announcer’s desk, a move that Regal himself would return the following week. The tension between the two began to boil to a head until finally, the clear solution was to pit the superstars in the ring against each other on the April 10th NXT taping.

This is every smark’s dream. Two technical, seasoned superstars who have spent their consecutive careers being the two of the best at their craft. Where Regal has been a clear favorite among fans of chain wrestling and methodical performance, he has spent a good portion of his career being overlooked, something that Ohno was quick to point out. Kassius worked the independents for years, whether it was OVW, ROH, PWG, CZW, or numerous others, Ohno traveled the world and became one of the best in-ring competitors that the sport has today.

Between the two, there is an unbridled amount of talent. Both men leave the ring when they want to experience the world, but at the end of the day, their home is on the mat. When two men wage war over honor and respect, the battle is rarely bleak. This isn’t the kind of match that could headline a Saturday Morning Slam. This isn’t a Velocity match. This is pure wrestling artwork, being painted across the canvas with each patented maneuver. Where the match could have easily been a spot-fest, Regal and Ohno put together a technical bout that told a story of both anger and passion. Anger over the lack of respect for one another, as well as passion for the sport. This, is pro wrestling.