TeWdaY! L! F! B! dEr anNiver! SAr! ReE!
OH mAh beSs biSh sTeFnAy officiAlly beCumin mAh supA soNiC buRgur beSs biSh!

diS tiMe lAst yEaR 2013 bb sTEfnAy deciDed dAt shE wouLd bEh hAppy tEW tAke oN puPsiTTin mEh eN spENdin tiMe wiD meH. SHe bEH mah mArY PoPpins! (MAry poopenS).

ThO I donnUt wAnt bb mAry pooPenS sTefnAy tEw fLy aWAy liKe dEr acTuAL mAry PoPpiNs. HeNce, I muSs dEsTroy aLL en everY umbRELLy dAt enterS maH aPaRtmeNt.

PoopEnS 4 liFe!!!

Xo bBiSH!

GPOY wearing size Large for the first time since I can actually remember.

Honestly. I have one of my old baseball Jerseys from when I was 11 that still fit me last year. As a kid you don’t think about clothing size (at least I didn’t), so I really can’t remember.

Good call, @Moxy. I honestly thought it wouldn’t fit and would just be something I’d keep til I could fit into it. Thanks for making me feel like I was already there and persuading me to try it… NSV assist!

For @regainingmymoxy

Stef – just remember this….

“We are all traveling this journey we call life. Sometimes the road is straight through wide open spaces lit with glorious sunshine. At other times the road might be steep, winding, dark and feel too difficult to maneuver. But what we all have in common are co-pilots…. friends that help us navigate through the rough spots and celebrate the smooth. Surround yourself with amazing co-pilots and your journey will be filled with love."  {from my friend, SP’s facebook page }

Your co-pilots NEVER consider you a burden….

Let them help you manuever through the rough spots

Happy thanksgiving!

There may be things I wish for, but I have a whole hell of a lot to be thankful for.

beyond the basic blessings i’m thankful for (family, friends, faith, food, shelter, etc) I have 2 things i’m really thankful for this year.

1. Moxy/stefanie - she is simply amazing. When I was having a rough time last year she let me know I could come spend some time in nyc over the summer. Not sure that she was expecting me for 5 weeks :) but she opened up her home to me & made the trip of a lifetime possible. She is such a bright light in my life!

2. New start at a new school that I love!


Last night City Sports had a grand opening event for their new downtown location (50 Broadway, NYC). They had gift bags for the first 100 people and a Mizuno tech tee for the first 50 people who turned in a waiver to participate in a 5K run. Thankfully I was #45 and #13, respectively. As I already posted yesterday, the gift bag was AWESOME. Way better than I even imagined. And the tech tee is super nice too. Combined they easily totaled over $100 worth of cool swag.

After my friend and I looked around a bit, and I finally convinced her to try on at least ONE pair of running shoes which she desperately needs, we started to get read for the run. City Sports was offering anyone who wanted to try some Mizunos to strap a pair on. I asked if they had any with stabilization and was told to try the Wave Inspire 9 which I did. I thought they felt good and I would even say I liked them. But for the price, they weren’t proportionately better than my Asics GT-2000s so I’ll likely be sticking with those in another 150 miles or so when it may be time for new shoes.

The run was along the Hudson River Greenway and Battery Park City Esplanade. I even ran RIGHT PAST MOXY’S apartment! I silently called out to NIP and waved to him with my mind. I’m pretty sure he responded by ignoring me.

The view was amazing and I really ought to run down there more often. It’s just over 7 miles if I run down the Greenway from my place to MOXY’S place. It so happens I need to run 7 miles tomorrow. HEY MOXY!!!!! :)

Before we left, we were told there were about 5 or 6 pacers that would be running with the group. My friend is a slow runner so I thought well cool there will be someone in the back to make sure we don’t get lost. Not even close to correct! The group took off like they were trying to win the race. We got stopped at a traffic light and then the vast majority of the group was gone. A few stragglers hung back with us for a while before they took off too. I’d say we were about 1 mile in when the leaders passed us on their return. The majority of the pacers at the front of the pack.

By the time we saw the last few people in front of us turn around, we turned around too which shortened our run by half a mile. I was really disappointed that they sort of left us hanging. My friend runs a 15 minute mile and she ran 2 miles at an 11:30 which pardon my French is FUCKING amazing. I am so proud of her for having run with the group because I know she was anxious about the idea since she usually runs alone and generally not in public. So kudos to her for stepping outside of her comfort zone and succeeding admirably!

I was pretty amused by my Garmin’s idea of where I ran. I ran on and off water, through trees and buildings, basically I’m a freakin superhero. But when I mapped my run out on Google, it came out to exactly the same distance. Funny that!

All in all it was a pretty great night. I had fun running a new route with new people and of course getting a bunch of new STUFFS. 


Dear Jess, Stefanie, and Nicole,

I made you a video about how to cut an avocado into full cross sections.

Love and sharp knives,