As promised, here’s jpg versions of my Hogwarts series!
Also I’ve uploaded these to my store so you can CHECK THEM OUT HERE! There’s all sorts of goodies; blankets, bags, prints, pillows, etc :)

or see original animated versions and the stories I wrote for each of them here: 



The sorting hat was barely on his head before announcing “Hufflepuff!” to the Great Hall. Loyal, hardworking and kind, Myungsoo is a true Hufflepuff through and through, and at the hat’s declaration, Myungsoo grinned widely, jumped off the sorting stool and joined his fellow Hufflepuffs, Byul trotting along behind him.

Infinite at Hogwarts week has begun! Who will be sorted tomorrow?

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(I will upload the full set in high quality jpgs once I’ve revealed everyone, but I saw these as animations so I just had to make gifs first! Or you can find the jpgs on my twitter)



how do you get startled…on stage…by your own bandmate…lmfao…TOO CUTE!