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Reggie’s low-key great at Physics. It’s kinda his favorite class (shh don’t tell anyone) and it comes in handy when he’s planning his pranks.

twin andrews part three | jughead x reader

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a/n: wowie part three!!! lemme know if you’d like a part four!! requests are open for all you lovely little nuggets! happy reading👱🏻‍♀️🌈🤴🏼

tonight was a totally flop, my feet kill from standing so long, the food was served cold and to top it off no one asked me to dance the entire night so i stood and watched an awkward Betty try and confess her feelings to my brother and so far it didn’t look like it was going to crash hot

just when i thought the night could get worse if it possibly tried i spot cheryl walking over to me and at this moment i just wanting the ground to swallow me whole.

“hello my fellow riven vixen” she smiles sweetly

“hey cheryl” i smile and muster up as much enthusiasm and fake smiling as i could manage “what’s up” i tilt my head blinking to let her know im not a robot.

“are you coming tonight to the after party? im in the mood for chaos” her smile turns sinister as she batts her eyelids. “not tonight im super tired but enjoy!”

i try and walk past her but she catches me arm and yanks me back “i beg your pardon?” i roll my eyes pulling my arm free “i said no cheryl i will not be in attendance tonight- now if you’ll excuse me-”

she begins her snappy come back when i see reggie mantle walking over to us “care to dance andrews?” i breathe a sigh of relief “why of course mantle- if you’ll excuse me” i tell cheryl before grabbing his hand and letting him guide me out into the middle of the dance floor

“i never thought I’d say this but ive never been so happy to see you ever in my life” i sling my arms around his neck as we begin to slow dance. he chuckles at my remark and places his arms loosely on my hips

“things looked a little intense so i thought I’d go help my damsel in distress, you are my river vixen after all” he teases pulling me closer to his body.

“woah steady eddie i think your getting a bit ahead of yourself there. i can handle myself but thank you” he smiles down at me “your welcome”

the song ends and we break apart i catch a glimpse of the others watching reggie and i closely as he snakes his hand around my waist and tugs me toward his side. my brother mutters something to Betty before walking over to me and breaking us apart.

“if it isn’t the inferior twin, hey bud how you doing. did i tell you that your sister got mega hot” he winks at me before smirking up at my brother “jesus reg” i roll my eyes at the hormonal teen before walking toward my brother “let’s go home”

“actually Betty, Ronnie and I are going to the Blossoms- you should come-” i shake my head “no thanks im just going to hit Pops and then head home for a well needed bath”. he nods before turning and disappearing in the crowd.

i start the walk over to Pop’s my clutch in one hand my shoes in the other the cool wind blowing through my hair. i quicken my pace when i see the shimmering neon signs of the diner “thank god” i mutter entering the only place open at 11pm

it was much warmer inside then out my whole body shivered as it adjust to the warmness, “hey pop” i greet “the usual?” he asks and i nod searching for a booth when I spot the brunette boy huddled over his laptop.

“ill be sitting with juggie” the old man nods turning and placing my order into the kitchen, my stomach growling at the mouth watering smell of burgers and fries.

i approach the table with caution my whole body shivering from the cold “jug?”

his eyes shoot up from his laptop annoyance across his face as he realises it’s me, my heart sinks as i wrap my arms around my body “can i sit?” he doesn’t say a word he just nods focusing his attention back to his work

i slip into the open seat opposite him placing my heels and purse next to me, we sit in silence and i tap my fingers against the table hoping that he’d break first.

“god dammit!” i bang my hands on the table causing jughead to look at me in an instant closing his laptop. “what?” he says panicked

“im sorry for bailing today okay! i got swept up with B & V and my brother forced me to this stupid dance and i don’t have your number so I couldn’t message you to say no and i just had a really crappy night and I had to walk all the way from school to here in these damn shoes- and it’s like minus 2 degrees out there and I’m cold and hungry and annoyed because i flaked on you and i never flake- so im sorry please don’t do this-” i blurt resting my head in my hands.

the diner falls quiet and i keep my eyes close not wanting to see a Jugheads expression “here” i hear him mumble

i lift my head and see jugheads outstretched hand with his jacket hanging from his grasp, i grab it softly slipping into it and instantly feelings it’s warmth “thank you” i mumble.

“it’s okay-” he pauses to clear his throat “i actually only got here about an hour ago-” he chuckles grabbing a few fries off my plate and popping them into his mouth.

i drop my face into my palms and turn red in embarrassment before making eye contact with him again a grin wide on his face. i narrow my eyes at him pulling my plate closer to me.

“i can’t believe you made me think you were mad at me you jerk” i complain somewhat relieved at the concept “i tried to stop you but once you start ranting it’s extremely hard to stop you”

i laugh at the brunette boy as i sip on my milkshake “you’re an idiot” i mutter “you’re a an idiot” he mimics my voice making extremely offensive hand gestures. i throw a napkin at him and roll my eyes at him before sticking my tongue out at him. mature i know

we talk for a little bit before the bell in the diner goes off my brother walking in looking rather guilty “s'cuse me” i mutter to jughead before slipping out of the booth and walk over to the service desk where archie stands

“sorry kid she hasn’t been in here tonight just these two-” “who” i ask catching the end of their conversation “uh betty” he confesses itching the back in his neck he walks past me and toward jughead

“archie what’s wrong with B?!” i ask annoyed but he ignores me asking jughead to sit before taking my place in the booth “earth to archie?!” i complain annoyed.

“what!” he snaps gazing at me

“Betty, where is she and what the hell happened at Cheryl’s”

“nothing!” he stammers looking to the both of us before looking back down at his hands “look ronnie and i- uh we kissed..” my jaw drops

“in front of here?!” i ask fuming “well not tech-”

“archie i swear to god-!” i yell anger pulsing through me

“yes!” he snaps yelling at me “i came here to apologise!” he tries to reason

i scoff “to who, to betty to me or to jug- because I’m pretty sure you owe us ALL an apology even damn ronnie needs one” i yell at my brother storming away from the booth before turning quickly on my heels and heading back to the boys.

archie flinches as i reach over the booth and give jughead a hug “night jug sorry again ill see you tomorrow- ive got to find Betty” he nods understandingly “to be continued?” i nod and turn around walking out of the diner and directly to the coopers residence

i sneak up into Bettys room and knock twice waiting patiently for her to open the window, within a minute the lights inside her room turn on and the click of her window unlocking as she pulls it up with ease “(y/n)?” she says surprised

“what the hell did that stupid ginger haired brother of mine do this time” she sniffles and i hold my arms outstretched and she rushes into them crying softly into my shoulder

“the kissed in the closet for seven minutes in heaven- she knew & so did he but they did it anyway” she wipes her eyes before siting on the edge of her bed “boys are stupid” i tell her placing my hand on her shoulder

“i don’t get why he doesn’t like me (y/n) what’s wrong with me i just-” she chokes on her words wiping her wet cheeks with her fingers.

“he loves you i know that just not in the way you want him to- but you know what sometimes they’re better of being friends then anything more” i try and comfort her letting her rest her head on me.

her phone vibrates and she sighs when she reads it “its arch-” she croaks “he’s outside” i give her shoulders a squeeze.

“you don’t have to see him if you don’t feel up to it, i can tell him you just want to be alone” she shakes her head “it’s okay” she gives me a weak smile before we both stand from her bed and walk downstairs

she pauses and turns around staring at me looking puzzled “what?” i ask “is that jughead as jacket?” i look down at the fabric and smile shyly “yeah i was at pops and it was cold so juggie leant it to me”

she raises her brows at me “jesus just open the door”!

she opens the front door to reveal my brother standing further down the drive way “ill be right here” i tell her giving her hand a reassuring squeeze before she walks down to meet him talking in hushed whispers before Betty turns around and rushes to me crying even more than before

i run my hands over her hair trying to soothe her as i catch my brothers guilty expression “call me if you need anything okay B?” she nods wiping her tears and mumbling a thank you before disappearing into her house

i walk past my brother and over to our house “i can’t believe you” i mutter slamming the front door in his face.

“c'mon (y/n) you can’t be mad at me okay” “watch me” i yell back stomping up the stairs

“why do you even care!” he retorts clearly annoyed “she’s my best friend arch what the hell is that supposed to mean!”

“hey hey what’s going on here, arch (y/n/n)?” “nothing dad just the same ole jerk archie, night”

i shut my door with some extra force due to the anger coursing through my body “i can’t believe him” ♕

“are you still mad?”

i stay seated in the passenger seat of my brothers truck, ive been giving him the silent treatment all morning and we’ve finally arrived at school & i was certainly in no mood for bullshit today

“look arch- i am still mad okay your my brother and she’s my best friend i hate having to pick corners it’s not fair- what you and veronica did was wrong okay? but i stand by you because your my brother but that doesn’t mean that i ive forgiven you for what you did”

he nods staring blankly at me “i guess I’ll take it” I give him a single nod before getting out of the car and walking off to find betty i was definitely not in the mood to wait for my brother and face her with him.

i spot her leaning against her locker, “Betty!” i call out. She smiles when she see,s me she looks a lot better almost like last night never happened. i approach her giving her a small hug and a small squeeze on the shoulder

“your still wearing that?” she smirks at me. i glance down at juggies jacket “it’s warm, plus i can return it to him today” i finish closing my locker

“yeah okay whatever, oo i have something to pick up from the office wanna come with” i nod following the girl “how you feeling?” she shrugs “im over it” i nod >

we enter the office and i spot a huge vase of yellow flowers, “are they for betty?” i point and betty widens her eyes opening the car perched on top of the bouquet, my eyes widen even more “from v? as in-”

“veronica” the three of us say in unison, we turn to see Veronica standing in the door way holding a box “i also got you some cupcakes i flew them in from New York” i side eye Betty and furrow my brows giving her the ‘are you serious look’

i sit back and watch as veronica vows to never do anything like that again and beg for Betty’s forgiveness and as Betty is in fact Betty she stupidly forgives her and now they are back to best buds typical

“im actually surprised that you forgave her so easily, i would’ve made her grovel a bit” i tell her as i smell her flowers “yeah i know you would c'mon i have free period let’s go to the lounge”

“do you think if i act upset she’ll fly me in cupcakes too?” i joke earning a chuckle from Betty “atta girl” i wink at her as we exit the office. “you’re impossible” she jokes.

thats when we pass the familiar brunette standing a this locker his eyes already locked on me, we walk past him and i send him a shy smile “hey juggie” he’s cheeks tint and as he smiles stupidly at the ground “hey-” he mumbles a smile clear on his face

a/n: send me a request if you’d like a part 4!! i hope your enjoy this let me know commenting down below, sending me a message or by following my blog so you’ll never miss an upload!! lots of love nugs🌹🥂

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A-M City Watch - the cinnamon roll scale
  • Vimes: A burnt cinnamon roll. Too crispy for this world, too bitter.
  • Colon: Eats a lot of cinnamon rolls.
  • Nobby: The gunk of glaze and crumbs at the bottom of a box of cinnamon rolls.
  • Carrot: Beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure.
  • Angua: Looks like she'll kill you, and will kill you if you even think about calling her a cinnamon roll.
  • Cheery: Dwarf cinnamon roll. Looks cute, is tough as hell, might hurt you if you try any funny business.
  • Detritus: Sediment roll.
  • Reg: Really really old cinnamon roll, too moldy for this world, but still pure.
  • Sally: Sinnamon roll.

Runaway: Part 2

(( OOC: Based off of “We Were Infinite” by @wolfstar-puppylove ( with minor changes to fit into my marauder time-line. *thumbs up* ) 

Regulus played by: @siriusly-not-over-remus​ ))

Walburga: *lurches for her wand* *Whirls around and points it at Sirius, here eyes crazed*  

Orion: *takes a step forward, stunned* Walburga-

Sirius: *hits the ground, writhing* 

Sirius: *trembles, the pain subsiding* *hears his parents talking, but can’t make out what they’re saying through the ringing in his ears* 

*the door creaks as Regulus appears, unnoticed by Walburga and Orion

Sirius: *struggles to sit up and fails* 

Sirius: Reg… *falters, too weak to finish* 

Regulus: *doesn’t budge, simply stares* 

Sirius: *thinking desperately* Regulus… Help me…

Sirius: Don’t just stand there! 

Sirius: REGULUS!!!

Sirius: *chokes* Reg… 

*struggles to roll over, attempting to get up* *nearly passes out* 

Sirius: Run… I have to run

Sirius: *spots the fireplace* 

Walburga: *shrieks* SIRIUS!!! 

To Be Continued

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👘 (please write more about Jesse's hat!)

Eight months into his tenure with Blackwatch, Jesse was only certain of one thing: he was never getting used to the goddamned hours. Well, maybe used to it, eventually, but he was definitely never gonna stop bitching about it.

But 0530 was easier than usual when it wasn’t just for running laps and getting casually insulted by older crewmates. He was trying not to let himself think of his first live mission with Blackwatch as any kind of moment of truth or reckoning, but damn if it didn’t feel like hearing the hammer click back on the loaded gun that had been sitting behind his head since he showed up here. His churning stomach wouldn’t have let him sleep in even if he had any inclination to.

He didn’t have any doubts about his ability to do his job. The actual outcome of the mission was the only thing not weighing on his mind. He knew he was expected to prove himself in the field, but he was never entirely sure how – it was impossible to read what Reyes was watching him for at any given moment. He’d spent the last months getting brusque nods of approval over ridiculous mistakes and idiotic slips, or doing exactly what he thought he’d been told and getting dragged over the coals for something he hadn’t even been thinking about. The guy was pleasant enough under most circumstances – not exactly nice, but rarely outright mean, and with a dry sense of humor he could usually appreciate. But when he decided to actually be a CO about shit? Jesse still hadn’t figured out how to read his punches. He might never, at this point. And he still wasn’t sure what the hell happened if he failed a big enough test to not be worth the trouble anymore.

He was geared up and ready to go ten minutes early, channeling every inch of Deadlock swagger left in him to head down to the hangar to head out. The boss was there already, and about half the team – good timing, then, not the first or last. Reyes looked up from his conversation with one of the demolitions guys as Jesse walked in, and his expression immediately went flat.


“You’ve got to be kidding me.” He folded his arms, eyeing Jesse skeptically. “What did you do with those uniform regs, kid? Roll ‘em up and smoke ‘em?”

His hands flew to his sides instinctively, checking the buckles on his body armor he’d wrestled with for almost five minutes. Still solid – he looked down, checking over his pants and boots, he’d managed to get his gun functionally into that stupid shitty tactical holster, his shirt was clean–

He nearly jumped with alarm when his hat vanished from his head, reaching up too late to try and hold it on as if he’d been caught in an unexpected windstorm. By the time his brain put two and two together and he looked up to argue, Reyes had walked off, continuing across the hangar with the other agent and continuing their conversation.

With his hat.

He stared blankly for a moment, only vaguely registering the muffled chuckles of a couple of people who’d seen the exchange happen. He took his hat. Something helpless and frantic bubbled up in his chest. He’d done everything these bastards asked for, nothing but desperate to prove himself and he just – like it wasn’t even a thing, like he wasn’t even – like he was just –

Jesse was pretty sure he felt something physically snap behind his eyes. His jaw set as he walked quickly after the two of them, long legs making it easy to catch up. He angled his shoulder to shove himself between them quickly, snatch his hat back with all the force he could muster, and set it firmly, emphatically back on his head.

The hangar went silent.

Reyes’ expression was a completely new one – like it would have landed somewhere between angry and condescending if he could have made it past sheer bafflement.

“Really?” he finally said, his voice low and cool. “This is the hill you wanna die on?”

Jesse took a slow, deep breath. “I’ve made every damn flying leap you’ve asked of me since I got here,” he bit out, fists clenched. “And landed on my feet every time. You’ve jerked every rug you can manage out from under me, you’ve run me ragged six ways from Sunday over shit we both know don’t matter none. And I’ve done it all, because I’m not an idiot. I know you took a risk givin’ me a chance here, and I know I got a lot to prove.” He took a deep breath, his voice rising some. “But that don’t mean you get to make a damn doormat outta me. I ain’t no damn wild stallion for you to break, a warm body and a set of skills you can just point at somethin’ and pull the trigger. I’m a person, I’m – I’m me. And if you want me on your damn team, you damn well better be ready to have all of me, not just what you can use. And if you don’t, then you can feel free to dump my ass back out in the desert where you found me.”

His eyes stayed locked on his commander’s, unflinching, hoping that his heart pounding wasn’t as loud to everyone else in the room as it was in his own ears. “You want the gun?” he finally said, taking a step back. “The hat comes with it.”

Reyes stared impassively at him. He’d folded his arms across his chest in the middle of Jesse’s diatribe, where they currently stayed in silence.

It felt like a lifetime before his eyes narrowed slightly, the corner of his lips twitching so slightly that Jesse thought he might have imagined it.

“Get on the damn plane, vaquero.”

Jesse let out a slow breath, straightening up and offering his crispest salute and a quiet “yessir,” and obeyed.


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I have recently fallen in love with Jegulus thanks to you, and I don't know if you're still accepting prompts but if you are can you do a jegulus 'I heard you talking in your sleep' one shot thing? Love your writing BTW 💖

Got another one! BWAHAHAHAHA! No but seriously, thank you! I’d be happy to write some Jegulus for you <3


James grabbed a pillow off the bed and chucked it at a sleeping Regulus, which hit him square in the face. Reg groaned and rolled over in response, hugging the pillow that had just been thrown at him. “Come on, lazy arse,” James said, tugging the duvet down and off Regulus’ sleeping form. “You’ve got a busy day.”

“I hate you,” Regulus grumbled into the pillow. “I’ll never forgive my brother for hiring you.”

“Take that up with him,” James said, clapping his hands together. “The sun is shining and we have a five mile run planned for today.”

“I have a concert tonight,” Regulus said indignantly, sitting up and scrubbing his hand down his face. 

“Don’t worry, it won’t take us all day,” James said, jogging in place. “I mean, I know you’re slow as hell, but maybe we can get back before the sun goes down.”

“Har har,” Regulus said, rolling his eyes and getting up out of the bed. “Why did my brother have to hire a health nut to be my babysitter?” 

“Maybe you should have taken better care of yourself and then you wouldn’t need a babysitter,” James retorted.

Regulus flipped him a V as he walked into the bathroom. He pissed with the door open, having lost any sense of propriety, and began brushing his teeth. He walked back into the bedroom with his toothbrush sticking out of his mouth and started to get dressed.

“Might want to put on some clean underwear,” James told him, heading into the kitchen of Reg’s flat to make them a smoothie. 

“Fuck off, Potter,” Regulus shot back. “My pants and what’s inside them are none of your concern.”

“No?” James asked, walking back in and quirking an eyebrow. “That’s not what you said last night.”

Regulus froze with one leg halfway in his trousers. “What did I say last night?” he asked nervously, the sentence coming out mumbled from his toothbrush still in his mouth. He gave up on the trousers and walked into the bathroom to spit.

James chuckled from the doorway. “It was while you were sleeping. You were talking about how handsome I am.” 

“Bollocks,” Regulus said, turning on the tap and rinsing his toothbrush off.

“No, you definitely did,” James said with a smirk. “You were talking about how great my arse was.”

Regulus turned around the crossed his arms over his chest. “So what? I can admire someone’s arse, can’t I? That’s not against the recovering junkie handbook, right?” 

James shrugged. “You can do whatever you want as long as you stay sober.” 

Regulus stalked forward with a wicked grin on his face. “Even shag my babysitter?” 

James put his hand out to stop Reg from getting any closer. “You’re not meant to form personal relationships in the first year of recovery.” 

“That’s not doing whatever I want,” Regulus argued, playing with the hem of his t-shirt. “Come on, James. Live a little.”

James cleared his throat and turned away. “The smoothie is probably done,” he said, fleeing to the kitchen. 

Regulus groaned and followed after him. “You wanted us to have a workout, right? Well I can think of a better one than jogging.”

I’m not going to enable you, Reg,” James said firmly. “Sirius trusted me with your well-being and I mean to come through for him.”

“When did you become such a stick in the mud?” Reg asked, dropping heavily onto the sofa and staring up at the ceiling. “I remember in school you were always such a laugh.”

James huffed. “I’m still a laugh.” 

“Then prove it,” Regulus challenged, sitting up and staring at James from across the room. 

“I’m not going to let you bait me into something stupid,” James told him stubbornly. 

“Oh no?” Regulus asked, tugging his shirt up and tossing it across the room. “You know there’s constantly paparazzi outside. Maybe I’ll go flash them.” 

“Don’t you dare,” James growled, gripping the counter.

Reg laughed and stood up, sliding his pants down as he went and then walking out of them. He was nearly to the window when James tackled him and wrestled him to the ground, pinning his arms above his head. “Then distract me,” Regulus said, his voice nearly a whine. 

James sighed and buried his face in Reg’s neck. “Not like this,” he whispered, nuzzling Regulus affectionately. 

“Not like what?” Regulus asked, surprised by the intimate gesture. 

“Do you have any idea how difficult this job is?” James asked, pressing soft kisses to Regulus’ neck and making Reg writhe beneath him. “Having had a crush on you since school and then being heartbroken when you lost yourself to drugs. I know what growing up in that house did to you, the pressure they put on you to be perfect. It ate away at Sirius just how it eats away at you. It’s not enough that you’re gorgeous and smart as a whip and wonderful. They never made you feel like enough but you are, Reg, you are enough.”

James pulled back and looked down at Reg. There were tears forming in the corners of his eyes that he was trying desperately to blink away. “James…” he said in a broken out sob.

“It’s okay,” James said, releasing Regulus’ hands in favor of wrapping the younger man up in his arms. “I’m here.”

Regulus curled up in James’ lap and clung to him desperately. “You can’t possibly be interested in a train wreck like me,” he said, sniffling. 

“Can’t I?” James challenged, kissing the top of Reg’s head tenderly. “Well that’s too bad, because I am so gone on you.”

“Did I really say all those things about you in my sleep?” Regulus asked, wiping his nose with the back of his hand. 

“Yeah, you did,” James said with a lopsided grin. “It was very flattering.”

Regulus laughed and dropped his head onto James’ shoulder. “You know, sometimes you make me believe I’ll really be all right some day.” 

“You will be,” James said, hugging Reg tightly. “You’ve just got to want it badly enough.” 


One Year Later

Regulus got off the stage to the sound of thousands of screaming fans. He didn’t hear them though because his entire attention was focused on the man waiting in the wings. 

James opened up his arms and Regulus folded into them gladly. “You were wonderful,” James said, kissing Regulus softly on the lips. The night had been a massive success and Regulus had been a rock god on the stage tonight. James felt a swell of pride in his chest knowing that out of the thousands of people that wanted him, James would be the one in Regulus’ bed that night. 

“I’m so tired,” Regulus said, yawning loudly. “I think I’m getting old.”

“Not possible,” James said, lifting Regulus up into his arms and carrying him bridal style out of the venue. “If you’re getting old then I’m getting old.”

“I’m sure all the kale is helping keep you young and fit,” Reg teased, wrapping his arms around James’ neck and holding onto him as they walked to the car. James had arranged it so they could sneak out the side entrance and not be bombarded with fans. 

“It’s called a super food for a reason,” James joked, kissing Regulus’ temple. “How about tonight we get Chinese food?”

“Oh, my favorite,” Reg said, kicking his feet like an excited little child.

“We can get you out of these barely there leather trousers and snuggle up on the sofa.”

Regulus laughed. “Don’t pretend you’re not completely turned on by how I look in these trousers.”

“I didn’t say that,” James responded with a grin. “I’d just very much like to get you out of them.” 

Regulus sighed happily and closed his eyes, snuggling against James’ broad chest. “You won’t hear me complaining.” 

James secreted them out the side door where their black sedan was waiting in the alley for them. James managed to get the door open and then gently deposited Regulus in the back seat before sliding in next to him. Regulus immediately rearranged himself so he was pressed against James’ side. “Honey, take me home,” he requested quietly. 

“It would be my pleasure,” James told him as the car started for home. 

I am writing this for you.
You, with sleepy eyes from staying up late, fingers still scrolling down the screen.

Wait. Stop scrolling.

I am writing this so that you know
it’s okay
You feel empty.
You have too much inside.
This is not a poem,
but I want you to know that you are.
Even though you are never going to rhyme, you still are the best goddamn poem that wrote itself, bleeding verses that don’t make sense to everyone, all through the day and night.

I am writing this for you.
You, holding on to something,
holding on to nothing.
For the love of God, please don’t let go now.

Now read this part out loud.
It’s okay
I know you’re hurting.
And things might not get better tomorrow,
or anytime soon.
But it’s okay.
You don’t have to be okay all the time.

Now, wait.
Pretend that the screen has turned monochrome.

Textbooks will tell you otherwise, but a point occupies so much space.
You know,
a full stop is just a point, too
but it occupies more space than everything preceding it does.
And it has the power to do more damage than its absence does.

So now you know,
things don’t always make sense.
They don’t have to.
And things don’t always get better.
They don’t need to.
And full stops are powerful,
and darling, so are you.

It’s okay.

Wait. Stay up.
You can scroll down now.
Let the credits start to roll.

—  /Reg// It’s okay
Sometimes a King

Regina scratches at the fabric under their blouse. Make shift binding, while dangerous (of the risks they were well aware), was also rather uncomfortable, but how can one even begin to be comfortable in clothing when they aren’t comfortable with their own body? Regina Mills was not feeling much like a queen today, and this was not the first time this has happened. Some days the queen preferred to don male clothing and present themselves as just that… a male. Unfortunately this was not an easy task.

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"It's ok, I couldn't sleep anyway" with also friends-to-lovers Jegulus please ? You're fabulous thanks for everything <3

Regulus was out on the fire escape smoking when he heard a clatter from the kitchen. He stubbed out the cigarette on the step and then climbed in through the window. It was nearly two a.m and he wasn’t expecting any of his flatmates to be awake. 

Sirius and Remus had gone to “sleep” hours ago and James had been out with Lily. Regulus had expected to spend the night alone, spoking on the fire escape and pretending he didn’t have feelings for James. It was essentially all he did anymore.

When he got to the kitchen, James was puttering around, knocking things over in what Reg could only assume was his quest to get ice cream. There was a carton of mint chocolate chip on the counter and James was going through the drawers. “Where the hell is the ice cream scoop?” he muttered to himself.

“Pretty sure we threw it out,” Reg offered, making James spin around quickly. “Sirius used it to try and get something out of the disposal. We never got a new one.”

James huffed and got out a spoon instead, digging at the ice cream with a particular kind of malice. 

“James, what’s wrong?” Reg asked, watching him attack the ice cream like it personally offended him.

“Lily broke up with me,” James said bitterly, dropping the spoon and covering his face with his hands. “And like, I knew it was too good to last but I just…”

Regulus walked around the island in the middle of their kitchen to pull James into a hug. “I’m sorry,” he said quietly. “That sucks.”

James buried his face in Reg’s neck and cried quietly. “She’s in love with someone else,” he said softly. “Fuck, sorry, I just got snot on your shirt.”

Regulus gently caressed James’ hair. “Don’t worry about it. Who is she in love with?”

“Marlene,” James said with a sigh. “Said she had been since school, but Marlene was with Dorcas then they broke up, and Marlene and Lily realized they wanted to be together. I’m happy for her, I really am. I just really pictured a future with her.”

“I know you did,” Regulus said, kissing James affectionately on the forehead. “But it’s better to find out now, right?”

James nodded. “Sorry, it’s late. You should go to bed.”

Regulus shook his head. “It’s okay, I couldn’t sleep anyway.” 

James smiled and wiped his eyes. “You’re amazing,” he told him, cupping Reg’s face in his hands. James surged up and kissed Regulus on the lips. It was over before Regulus could really register anything. “Oh my god,” James said, turning away and banging his head against the cabinet. “I’m such a piece of shit. I’m sorry, Reg. Please forget I just did that.”

“Hey, it’s okay,” Reg said, pulling James away from the cabinet before he could do any more damage to himself. “Look, it’s okay. You’re in a bad way right now. But um, if you ever wanted to try that again sometime when you aren’t, I wouldn’t object.”

“Thanks,” James said, smiling appreciatively at Regulus. “God, you’re just…you’re wonderful.”

Regulus blushed and rubbed the back of his neck nervously. “Yeah, well, don’t go letting on to people.”

James laughed and shook his head. “Your secret is safe with me.”


Regulus woke up two months later to find James jumping into his bed. Regulus sat up and just barely kept his head from colliding with James’. “James, what the hell!”

James grinned and crawled forward, straddling Reg’s lap. “You know, I woke up this morning and I felt good. Like really good.”

“Yeah James, it’s called morning wood,” Reg retorted, rolling his eyes.

“No, no,” James shook his head before leaning forward and kissing Regulus sweetly, not pushy or insistent, just a gentle press of lips. 

“Oh!” Regulus said in understanding, his eyes widening. “You mean…”

“Yeah, I mean,” James said, running his fingers through Reg’s hair. “If you still want it. Me. Do you still want me?”

“Yeah,” Regulus said, kissing James back. “You sure?”

James grinned and shoved Reg back against his pillows before following him down and kissing him deeply. “Oh yeah,” James murmured against Reg’s lips. “I’m fucking sure.” 

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#7 with jegulus or scorbus? (^^)

“You do that again, Potter, and I’m going to beat you senseless,” Regulus growled, tearing off his goggles. “It shouldn’t be too hard considering how little brains you have to begin with.”

James simply grinned under the onslaught of Reg scream in his face. “You’re such a sore loser, Black.”

“You cheated,” Reg insists indignantly. 

“Sore. Loser.” James said slowly and clearly.

Regulus huffed and stomped away. 

Sirius watched the whole thing unfold from the bleachers. He’d been on the swim team with James and Regulus for the past three years. The animosity between them had only seemed to grow worse as the years went by and they were always challenging each other to races. Sirius had hoped his brother and his best mate would be able to get along. Apparently not though. 

That’s when Sirius got an idea. It was awful, and they’d hate him for it, but maybe just maybe they would come out the other side of it friends.


“Sirius, can you please tell me what we’re doing?” James asked, following after his best friend. “I need to start practice. Where’s that snot of a brother of yours? I haven’t seen him around.”

“Oh, he’s around,” Sirius said with a mischievous grin. James didn’t like it one bit.

“What are you up to?”

“You’ll see.”

They walked a bit further and got to the supply closet where they kept extra towels and googles and things. “What are we doing here?” James asked, putting his hands on his hips.

Sirius didn’t respond. He simply swung the door open and then used his full body to shove James inside. James heard a shout next to him that matched his own as he was flung into the closet. Sirius slammed the door shut and locked it. 

“Sirius!” James called out, pounding on the door. “What the fuck?” 

“Don’t bother,” came the other voice. James turned to find Regulus leaning against the shelves. “I’ve been in here for twenty minutes. I wouldn’t hold out much hope of him letting us out any time soon.” 

“What is this, some kind of joke?” James asked, frowning deeply.

“From what he told me, this is Sirius’ attempt to make us get along,” Reg explained with a shrug. 

James looked him up and down and then turned away to hide his blush. Being stuck in a closet with Reg when they were both in the speedos was not his idea situation.”How long do you think he’ll keep us in here for?” 

“Until practice is over, probably.”

James groaned and tugged his fingers through his hair. “I don’t have time for this!”

“Yeah, you don’t have time for anything,” Reg said bitterly.

James spun around to face him. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Exactly what I said,” Reg responded, straightening up as if challenging him. 

James worked his jaw for a moment as if about to retort but then thought better of it. He grabbed a towel and put it on the floor before sitting down on it with a huff. 


Thirty minutes later and Reg and James seemed to be having a glaring contest. Neither of them had spoken but they didn’t take their eyes off each other. James finally gave up and looked down at the floor. 

“Why do you hate me so much?” he asked Reg quietly. “What did I do?”

Reg sighed and rubbed the back of his neck nervously. “Can we not talk about this?”

“No, I want to know,” James insisted, getting to his feet. “Since we’re stuck in here for at least another hour, you might as well get it off your chest. So go on, what did I do?”

“You didn’t do anything,” Regulus hissed, turning away from James. “God, I hate this.”

James walked over and grabbed Reg by the shoulder, spinning him around. “So what, you just hate me for no reason?” 

“Get your hand off me,” Regulus growled.

“Or what?” 

Regulus shoved James back away from him hard. “Stay away from me, Potter,” Regulus snarled. “I’m not a part of your little fan club.”

“What the fuck did I do?” James snapped angrily. “You’re my best friend’s brother. All I’ve ever tried to do is be your friend!”

“Just shut up!” Regulus shouted. 

“No, tell me what I did,” James insisted, advancing on Regulus again. “I don’t care how long it takes. You’re going to tell me why you hate me!” 

James reached out for Regulus again and Regulus back away. It caused James fingertips to brush against his side, making Reg giggle. Regulus froze as James’ eye widened in surprise. “Stay away,” Reg said, holding out his hands.

“Are you ticklish?” James asked with a smirk.

“Potter, don’t you dare!” Regulus cried out as James started tickling him mercilessly. Regulus wiggled in an attempt to get away but James gave him no quarter. “Stop, stop, please!” Regulus choked out through his laughter, grabbing two fistfuls of James hair and tugging on them.

James let out an involuntary moan and they both stopped. They stared at each other for a moment as James’ hands flattened against Reg’s sides. “Okay, I’m stopping,” James murmured breathlessly.

“Get away from me,” Regulus said with no real bite to it. Besides, his hands were still tangled in James’ hair. 

“No,” James said stubbornly. “Reg?”

“I don’t hate you,” Regulus whispered, pressing their foreheads together. “It was just easier to pretend I did.”

James nodded slightly and pressed in closer. “Why?” 

“Because why would you look twice at Sirius’ stupid baby brother?” Regulus asked glumly, taking in a deep breath.

James licked his lips and smiled. “I’ve looked at you more than twice,” he admitted, pulling Reg closer to him. “I’d say…oh…about a million times.”

“You have not,” Reg said, looking at James through lowered lashes. “Otherwise you would have caught me looking at you.”

“I have,” James said, stroking his hands over Reg’s back. “I just thought you were trying to burn a whole in my skull with your eyes.”

Regulus laughed. “More like trying to get your clothes off through sheer willpower alone.”

James smiled. “So you don’t hate me then?”

Reg shook his head. 

“I don’t hate you either,” James informed him quietly.

“Geez Potter, don’t go getting all sentimental on me,” Reg quipped, rolling his eyes.

James chuckled. “I’m sorry, you just bring it out of me.”

“Shut up and kiss me, James.” 

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Could you write something about Reg having the hugest crush on James and James known about it for years and he(James) think he /might/ finally reciprocate Reg's feelings but he's not sure how to approach it? Please, your writing is amazing!

“Reg isn’t coming with us, is he?” James asked, making a face.

Sirius sighed and threw his sleeping bag into the back of the truck. “You know he is,” he said in exasperation at his best friend. “Reg always comes on our annual camping trip. Why do you insist on asking me every year?”

“I keep hoping he’ll get the hint and not come along,” James grumbled, running his fingers through his hair. “I mean I can’t exactly blame him for having a crush on me, but does he have to constantly follow me around?”

“Reg has grown up a lot in the past year,” Sirius told James, clapping him on the back. “Going off the boarding school and being aware from our parents has done him a world of good. Give him a shot, eh?” 

“Fine,” James huffed, opening up the car door and climbing into the passenger side. “I’ll be nice for your sake.”

“Thank you,” Sirius said, rolling his eyes as he got into the driver’s seat. “How very kind of you, Prongs.”

“I know, I’m a saint,” James quipped, flashing Sirius a grin. “Where is he, anyway?”

“I don’t know,” Sirius said, honking the car horn. “I thought he was all packed up and ready to go.”

A few moments later, Regulus appeared on the front stoop, his rucksack slung over his shoulder and his sleeping bag under his arm. James felt his jaw drop as he set eyes on Reg for the first time in a year. Reg had gone off to some posh boarding school and hadn’t been home since Christmas, not that James had been invited over for Christmas or anything. Walburga Black did not like the company Sirius kept, but Sirius had come over to James’ to celebrate with him and his folks.

It was amazing how much Reg had changed in that time. He’d shot up a good six inches and had grown into his lanky body. His hair was more stylized than the mop he had previously warn that made him look like Moe Howard. And out of his school uniform, Reg looked pretty good, wearing running shorts and a Underarmor shirt that hugged his torso. James was astounded to find Regulus actually had chest muscles. 

Sirius reached over and gently closed James’ mouth where it was hanging open. James turned to glare at him but Sirius paid him no mind, just grinning at him knowingly. Regulus threw his stuff in the back and then climbed inside, slipping into the seat next to James so James was sandwiched between the two brothers.

James cleared his throat. “Nice to see you, Reg,” he said amicably. 

“Nice to see you too,” Regulus responded, giving him a small smile. 

“Yes, yes, we’re all happy to see each other,” Sirius said, slamming his foot on the gas and heading off towards their usual camping site. It was an hour drive and the three of them chatted, listened to the radio, and played Yellow Car. It was a fun drive and James was enjoying himself, gently teasing Reg whenever he missed a yellow car right in front of his face.

James and Sirius was aficionados at putting their camping stuff up after years of doing it together. Reg, as always, tried to help but James and Sirius had a routine.

James kept catching himself looking over at Regulus as if expecting him to change back into the short, skinny kid he used to be. He had no idea what to make of this new Regulus. “What?” Regulus finally asked, his face scrunched up in annoyance.

“Nothing,” James said with a shrug. “You just look a bit different, that’s all.”

Regulus blew his fringe out of his face. “Good different or bad different?”

“I don’t know,” James lied, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. “Just different.”

Reg rolled his eyes and walked past James, bumping into him on the way on purpose, as he made his way to the fire pit to help Sirius get it started. James stared after him and wondered what Reg’s problem was. 

Deciding to ignore it, James pulled out the cooler and grabbed himself a beer. He pulled out his keys and used his opener to get the cap off. “Hey Padfoot, you want one?” 

“Sure,” Sirius called back, fanning the tiny flame he’d gotten to try and make it bigger.

“Aren’t you going to offer me one?” Regulus asked, putting his hands on his hips.

“Sorry, young one, you’re not old enough to drink,” James teased with a grin. “Try back in two years.”

A slow smile spread over Reg’s lips and he stalked forward. He leaned down and got amazingly close to James’, their lips mere inches from touching. James felt his breath catch and his eyes went down to Reg’s lips. He was so distracted, he didn’t notice Regulus going for his beer until their fingers brushed  and the bottle was taken from his grip.

Regulus grinned smugly and took a sip of the beer. “Thanks,” he said, giving James a cheeky wink before walking back over to Sirius. 

James stared after him, awestruck at Regulus’ boldness. What had happened to the serious as the plague stick in the mud that James used to know? James got another beer out of the cooler and then sat down on it to think. 

James spent the rest of the night watching Regulus and attempting to try and figure him out. They talked and laughed and had a good time, but constantly in the back of his mind was this nagging thought about Regulus. 

I’m attracted to him. 

It was a bit daunting. The guy who had always had an annoying crush on him and here James was developing feelings for him. It was not the way he had been expecting this trip to go.

Sirius disappeared to go call Remus because God forbid they go a day without speaking. So James and Regulus were alone together. James tugged his fingers through his hair and scooted closer to Regulus. “You seem real different,” he noted.

“Do I?” Regulus asked, glancing over at him. “Maybe you just never knew the real me.”

“How could I?” James said with a shrug. “You were always so quiet around me.”

“Gee, I wonder why,” Regulus retorted, rolling his eyes. 

James swallowed thickly and gripped the front of Reg’s shirt, tugging him forward. “You have a crush on me,” he whispered, staring into Reg’s eyes.

“Finally caught onto that, huh?” Regulus teased, nipping gently at James’ lower lip. “And how do you feel about me?”

“I don’t know,” James admitted quietly, giving Regulus a quick peck on the lips. “I think I might be starting to feel something.”

“Such as?”

“Wanting to kiss you?” James murmured, kissing Regulus again, this time longer and sweeter. “Wanting to rip your clothes off?”

“Anything else?” Regulus asked softly. “Not that I’m complaining about it, but is your only interest in me sexual?” 

James whimpered and kissed Regulus again. “I don’t think so,” he said as he carded his fingers through Reg’s hair. “I think - God, just tell me what you want.”

“You know what I want,” Regulus said, smiling. “I wanted you to notice me.”

“Well, I certainly noticed,” James responded, chuckling. “Sorry it took me so long.”

Regulus cupped James’ cheek and kissed him again. “At least you got there eventually.” 

“I did,” James said proudly, sighing happily against Reg’s mouth. “Thanks for waiting for me.”


Someone made a side-by-side comparison of Reggie Watts & Rick Astley, whoever you are, I love you.

fully booked .. but in a good way

bus to airport - booked
ONE WAY flight to London - booked
bus to Baker Street - booked
one night in hostel - booked

In all fairness… full disclosure:
I haven’t slept through a single night in the last 2 weeks. Generally I am not nervous (this is not the first time I am moving far away), nor am I overly excited. I am just really happy this is happening. Though apparently, subconsciously … I am rather terrified (and not doing so well with my flat changing this much on a daily basis, all my stuff being packed up, sold and driven off, etc). Additionally my uni’s refusal to grade my BA paper (they are 4.5 weeks overdue – after a 4 week grading period) is bothering me big time. I think this weighs more on my mind than the move and selling my stuff, etc!
Also: the closer the date gets, the more stuff I have to do in reg. to bureaucratic errands *rolls eyes* 


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