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The only flaw I can find in your magnificent, beautiful, and superb writing is that you haven't written a fic about Cullen where he and the Inquisitor dress each otherrrr (in reference to a post of yours from earlier) Seriously though, you're writing is some of the best I've seen. On Tumblr or anywhere really. You're great at portraying characters (Cullen the most!) and describing scenes and thoughts...just keep writing! Moar please <3333 love you

Hmm, you’re right. That is a glaring oversight. I’ll have to fix that. 

Elysse grinned up at him, arms tucked tight against her belly in a display of playful rebellion. 

“You’re going to be late, Inquisitor.” Cullen held her shirt out, eyes narrowed in a dare. Surely the famed Herald of the Inquisition wouldn’t linger in her room because she refused to dress. 

“The guests can wait,” she said, unmoving. “Just like I’m waiting for my good morning kiss. My getting dressed is entirely in your hands, Commander.” 

“A kiss?” 

“Mmhmm.” Elysse shifted onto the balls of her feet, her skin prickling at the traces of heat emanating from his body.  “One little kiss.” 

Cullen’s lips quirked up into a smirk before he flattened it out with an exaggerated scowl. “If it’s my duty to do so,” he said, leaning in closer. His kiss hovered out of reach as he pulled away when she moved closer, then pressed in when she began to part. 

Forfeiting an arm, Elysse wrapped a hand around the back of his neck before pulling Cullen in closer. He was laughing when their lips met, his kiss warm and lingering with the trace of his languid tongue. She grinned again, relaxing her arms as she let him pull her shirt onto place, shivering when the tips of his fingers trailed along her naked skin. She kept the kiss going, shifting with him while she snapped the clasps into place. 

“My turn now,” Cullen said after they finally separated. He held his arms above his head, his lips red and tempting from her attentions. 

“You don’t want a kiss too?” 

“I’ll take mine later.” 

Elysse smirked, her thoughts already drifting to when they’d be alone again after their meeting was done. Retrieving his shift from the bed, she laughed when Cullen bent over so she could slip the linen into place. She moved in, hands teasing the fabric down by inches as she let her fingers search out the planes of his skin. She paused over every scar. His muscles jumped under her touch and she smiled up at him, savoring the adoration in his eyes. No one else got to have that look. 

“Breeches next,” Cullen murmured. His gaze flicked down to her lips before he bit his own. 

Laughter echoed through the room when he held her waist, keeping her from falling as she tugged the last of her clothes into place. His hand was heavy on her shoulder, his movements purposefully clumsy as he pulled his breeches up before stumbling towards her. An accident, he laughed as he kissed her for the second time, arms wrapping around her. 

Together, they shifted and stumbled towards the stairs, breathing heavy, fingers running through hair and gripping at shirts. 

“I’ll join you soon,” Cullen all but panted. He glanced to his pile of armor before offering her an apologetic smile. 

“I have to go alone?” Elysse pouted when he started to smooth away the wrinkles his grip had caused. 

“They won’t bite.” 

She scoffed. “You didn’t see Duchess Beaufort last night. Even Josephine’s powers of diplomacy may not hold her at bay.” She sighed when he pressed a kiss to her forehead. 

“I promise to come to your rescue.” 

“You’d better,” she grumbled, tugging on his shirt and she pulled him in for one last kiss. 

Rebels in the 20′s | Bex & Kim AU

Bex isn’t like other girls in her day. She’s rough and tough and takes shit from no one. She often gets mistaken for a boy because she keeps her hair short and refuses to wear dresses. She’s thought to herself many times that she should have been born a boy, because on top of her different appearance, she finds herself attracted to women more than men. One of those women in particular is Kim, one of the burlesque dancers at the bar she works at.

This girl is all kinds of hot and Bex would love to do all sorts of naughty things to her. But it’s the 1920′s. Homosexuality is kept at a hush hush. Nobody dares to speak of it, let alone act on their sexual urges. But damn just look at her dance.


I recently heard about  “Meet the Aromantic Day” and I’m really excited, but I have an important question. theasexualityblog, when you wrote that the participants should post 5-10 random facts about yourself, did you actually mean random? Because there are two ways I can see this list of facts going.

Option 1. My name is Molly, and I’m aromantic. Here are five facts about me:

  1. I’m a sophomore in college majoring in gender studies and sociology.
  2. I read the seventh Harry Potter book in 5 ½ hours but I took a break to cry a little after they escaped from Malfor Manor.
  3. I get way too excited hearing the soundtrack of The Price of Egypt.
  4. From ages 8 to 16 I refused to wear dresses or the color pink.
  5. I had my Bat Mitzvah at age 11 for reasons I can’t really explain.

Option2. My name is Molly, and I’m aromantic. Here are five facts about me.

  1. I still get aromanticism and asexuality confused. I know that sexual and romantic attraction are very different, but our society lumps them together and I don’t feel either so I sometimes fuck up and conflate the various emotions associated with the two anyway.
  2. My parents are divorced. I don’t think that’s why I’m aromantic, although it wouldn’t make a difference either way. The main impact my parents’ divorce had is that I don’t have a rosy-eyed view of romance, and I don’t really think I’m missing out when it comes to not getting married.
  3. Throughout middle and high school, I was only friends with girls, so when I started actually getting along with boys I would usually go through brief phases of thinking I liked them because I wanted to be around them and really wanted to hear what they had to say. Eventually, when I learned more about aromanticism, it occurred to me that I was probably just taking regular friendship feelings and coding them as heteroromantic and heterosexual for lack of a better way of processing them.
  4. I’m dating someone. We don’t really know if our relationship is romantic or platonic, and it’s probably some kind of mix. I’m pretty happy with it, but I sometimes feel guilty because I worry that she likes me more than I like her, and that I’m letting her down, but I usually manage to quash that feeling.
  5. I run a club for aromantic and asexual spectrum students at my college, which is really cool and I’m glad I can do it, but it’s also hard because the allo ace and the aro allo students have totally different interests, and it can be difficult finding things to talk about every week that are relevant to both and don’t involve trashing each other.

Both of these lists contain true facts about me, but I see a major difference between them. List two highlights my aromanticism, describes what it means to me, puts some of my experience out in words, and explains to people why I care about this identity. Whereas list one, without those list two facts, seems to be about humanizing me by not referring to my aromanticism. It seems to me that it’s saying I’m not just aromantic, I’m a human too! I have interests and stories and things about me and I’m more than just my sexual orientation.

And that would be cool, but the biggest issue I face as an aromantic is the ignorance. It’s the people asking me why I need to make a big deal out of being aromantic, the ones who say I’ll change in time so it’s not worth getting worked up over, the ones who ask how that’s different from just being afraid of commitment. And in order to explain my aromanticism to those people, I’m not going to be throwing out facts about my 3rd grade haircut or my childhood love of jigsaw puzzles. I want to be telling them about my experience with aromanticism.

I think Meet the Aromantic Day is a great idea. I think it’s a unique event that differentiates itself from selfie days and seems well suited to the needs of our community. I think it’ll be a great chance to spread awareness of aromanticism and express the diversity of experiences of aromantics. But when I post my list, whenever the day happens, I’m going to be posting an expanded version of list two. I’m going to be talking about my aromanticism, and I hope I’ll see other people doing the same thing.

4445) I didn't know my parent's views on LGBT matters until recently. I was never scared that my parents would kick me out if I came out to them. That is, until prom was coming up, and I refused to wear a dress. Almost everything that came out of their mouth that was related to prom was homophobic or transphobic. I was always afraid to come out, but now I'm afraid that getting kicked out is a very real possibility. I'm going to come out in November, when I turn 18. Just in case.

So my girlfriend wasn’t going to be allowed to attend her graduation ceremony because she refused to wear a dress and heels. The girls literally have to wear a dress and heels or they’ll get sent home from their own graduation. Cassidy doesn’t wear dresses, and never has. She much prefers menswear, and dresses make her extremely uncomfortable. So she decided to try and change their sexist traditional minds. Her mom made a post on facebook about it and nearly everybody was enraged because they were forcing Cassidy to wear a dress. I guess someone showed her principal the post, and she just received word that they changed the dress code! Now Cassidy and future girls who feel uncomfortable in dresses, will be able to wear menswear to graduation. She’s literally just changed the history of her school, and I am so proud.

Addressing asks I’ve been getting.

I get a lot of asks that are fairly similar. A lot of people come into my ask box looking for some kind of ‘confirmation’ that they are trans because they are questioning themselves. You have to understand that I simply cannot do that for you. No one can. You have to look inside yourself. Listen to your mind, your heart, your body. Only you can ‘confirm’ that or not.

A lot of people include in the messages explanations about their life, how they present to others, how they feel, etc. And you guys have to know that it is not that simple either. There are no boxes to fit into. Ignore the shitty trans gatekeepers. It’s a spectrum. Some trans guys like wearing make-up and occasionally rock a skirt. Some trans women refuse to wear dresses and keep their hair short. Some people don’t identify as any specific gender and just do whatever makes them comfortable. The gender binary of “oh a female does this and looks like this and a male does this and looks like this” is utter bullshit. Just because you don’t necessarily fit into the gender binary of the gender you identify as doesn’t make you lesser. You can identify as one, multiple, or none if you feel that way.

Also on to the topic of transitioning. Some people don’t go on hormones, don’t have surgery, etc because they simply don’t want to. It doesn’t mean they’re “less trans” or something.

The gender binary is a bullshit concept that western society has built up to oppress people. Don’t let it hinder you from learning and accepting yourselves.

OK, so I know everyone hates Halward Pavus for what he did to Dorian and I do as well. 

But can we all talk about Krem’s mom for a quick second?

She wanted to throw Krem out because she disapproved of him. Because he refused to put on a dress and marry a merchant’s son and be miserable his whole life. Yes I’m well aware the marriage was to avoid slavery, but her son’s happiness should hold more weight. It’s her CHILD, you should love and accept your children.

And despite all that nastiness when Krem joined the military he still sent her money! Money she had no problem accepting, but she never accepted her own son. :I 


Next season could start like:

- Sheldon contacts Amy via Skype and apologies. She accepts it but still breaks up the contact. Then Sheldon calls her a few days later, asking her to come over bc he’s missing her. She refuses, so he dresses up nice and runs to her house. Amy thought about the whole thing and goes to Sheldon. They meet each other in the middle, hug, kiss and talk and then Sheldon proposes. Amy says yes of course!!

- Sheldon’s getting really sad and puts himself into work and overworks himself until Leonard and Penny go and talk to him. Penny also talks to Amy, noticing that she’s not well too, but trying to act as if she were okay. Both Penny and Leonard try to save the relationship and show them how happy they were together. Finally they got them to call each other, but they always call at the same time so none of them can get through. They leave each others text messages, saying “I love you” from Sheldon and “I miss you” from Amy. They thext each other and will meet later that day in Sheldon’s apartment. There they talk about what they want from the relationship and what annoys them. They’re getting together and Sheldon proposes later that Season.

- Amy contacts Penny and asks how Sheldon is because she’s worried, even though she won’t admit it. At the same time, Sheldon asks Penny about Amy, too. Both often meet Penny and don’t know the other one’s also meeting her. One day they’ll show up at the same time (Sheldon’s in and Amy’s coming in, too) and Penny leaves them alone to talk. Of course, as every true shamy-shipper wants, they get together again.

(sry for my bad English, I’m not a native speaker)
Any more ideas? 😊

EngelHigh Artie.

Loud and optimistic 4th year from the Green House.

Has become notorious for setting free the school Glimmer Mascots, and most of the creatures in the biology lab. 

School activities include: Track team pole vaulting, literature/poetry/writing club, and being an active member of the year book committee. 

Holds one of the highest records for detentions based on dress code violations. Often know to not wear shoes in class, or refuse to dress in anything but her athletic bloomer uniform, or a combination of the two. Never brushes her hair. 

Despite her good intentions, she often disrupts class when she feels any of her peers are having their identities being “repressed by the man.” Advocate on freedom of speech and the environment. 

Once photobombed the year book photo of Jade House. Has yet to be caught by anyone NOT on the year book committee.

apparently now I have two interviews at the mall tomorrow instead of just one – JC Penney (I knew that a few days ago) and Express (just found that out now). Kinda stressed about both of them??? Because JC Penney sounds excruciatingly boring, and Express, like… I love the store (but never buy anything because it’s SO expensive) but that’s so not my personality type and I know nothing about fashion so that’s not gonna work it lol. So like semi-excited, also hella worried.

Our school requires females to wear dresses to graduation while males wear dress pants and a nice shirt. My cousins are using this as an opportunity to go dress shopping, I’m using it as an opportunity to promote gender equality by telling my principal to go fuck himself. I refuse to wear a dress unless the males have to. I will be wearing dress pants and a nice shirt

Still watching What Would You Do? and the segment that just ended had this woman who was shopping for a wedding dress–and when the “saleswoman” found out she was marrying another woman she refused to sell her the dress because it was “gross” and “wrong” and she “didn’t support it.” (Thankfully most people jumped in and were horrified by her prejudices and many just up and left the store to take their business elsewhere.)

Like it was all really serious and so touching how the other people reacted to the scenario, right?

Except all I could think about the entire time was thebestblogeverofalltime and themonkeywithakeyboard and what would happen if they were dress shopping and someone refused to sell one to them because they were in a lesbian relationship AND I COULDN’T STOP LAUGHING.