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Alright. So I'm feeling kinda poopy today and I was wondering if you and any modern-Throbb-parents-au headcanons? Thanks :))

FUCK THIS IS LATE. I hope since you’ve sent this, things have been much better and you’ve had no more poopy days!!!

  • Robb takes the kids everywhere. When they are babies, he’ll have them strapped to his chest and run around town, work, etc. Theon insists they get a nanny or put them into a daycare but Robb is very hard to persuade. 
  • When they do decide on babysitters, nannies, etc. Theon is super critical. He wants full background checks, medical records, academic records, everything under the sun. Robb judges a person based on their first meeting so he loves Gendry as a person even if he did only complete high school and spent one night in jail. 
  • Theon refuses to allow Robb to dress their kids. Robb is offended but Theon doesn’t care because he will not allow his kids to go out in public in anything Robb gives them. His kids deserve to look their best and be stylish. 
  • Robb gives piggy back rides for life. Even as his kids get older and Robb finds it more difficult on his back, he still tries to do it. 
  • Theon is incredible open with his kids about everything because he doesn’t want his kids to grow up closed minded nor does he want to shelter his kids from the truth of the world. 
  • When the kids are babies and cry in the middle of the night, Theon wants to get out of bed and comfort them and Robb has to physically hold Theon down because the babies need to get on a regular sleep schedule and you will let them cry themselves to sleep. 
  • Robb and Theon take turns reading their children to sleep. Sometimes, Theon’s choices of reading material are questionable. 
  • Jon is the godfather to their first child and it was by Theon’s choice. 
So I finally went through omgeverythingplease and here are things that I didn’t know
  • Bitty is OBSESSED with food. OBSESSED.
  • Boy has a *problem*
  • Like I know we like to headcanon that Bitty goes into some sort of media, but he’s more likely to become a food critic. Basically he’s more into the “baking” part of “baking vlog” than the “vlog” part.
  • Holster is a grumpy messy bitch.
  • For real, the team seriously debated who was grumpier: Jack or Holster
  • (for like, a hot second, before the answer became obvious)
  • (It’s Jack. Jack is the grumpiest)
  • Ransom and Bitty are very close friends. Close enough that Bitty chirps Holster that he’s being replaced via tweet.
  • Ransom and Bitty get PSLs from “ ‘Bucks”.
  • That is a quote. Eric Richard Bittle has called Starbucks, ‘Bucks.
  • (I bet he calls Target, Tar-zhay too)
  • This one was a bit more analytical: we found out about Jack coaching peewee via Bitty’s twitter
  • Bitty is the one who tells us that the Jack says the kids call him “Coach Z”
  • Because Bitty is the one who typed out the tweet, if the kids called Jack “Coach Zed”, he would have spelled out “Zed.”
  • Therefore we can assume that the kids called Jack “Coach Zee” and not “Coach Zed”
  • However this revelation by Jack was immediately followed by a debate over Zee vs. Zed. So who really knows?
  • I still don’t know how either of them pronounces “pecan”
  • More after the cut because this is getting long

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It’s not your ulcer

“I am not a diabetic. Look, this morning my blood sugar was 193 and I hadn’t even eaten anything. That’s not diabetes.”

“Ma’am, that 100% is diabetes.” This conversation quickly became a stalemate between ignorance and my inability to explain her diagnosis in a way she would accept. In fact, every conversation I had with her went this way. She was perhaps the most obstinate and oblivious patient I had ever met. And she was my patient. 

She had come in with the worst foot ulcer I have ever seen. It tracked all the way down to the bone, meaning an amputation was likely in her future. According to her, the ulcer had started a couple days before and she had never had an ulcer before in her life. I used my years of medical training to quickly deduce that a) there was no way that ulcer happened in a few days and b) she most definitely had two very bad looking ulcers on the other foot. When I pointed that out she became upset, telling me they were just split calluses, not ulceration. Every attempt to diagnose and explain the diagnosis was refuted by her “intimate knowledge of her own body.” 

The next several days were some of my most frustrating. I was called to her room for numerous reasons, including refusing insulin (because she wasn’t diabetic), refusing dressing changes (because she was allergic to the dressing), complaining that the hospital food was inedible and rotted, and yelling at nurses about their inadequate care. Each time I walked to the room and took my verbal lashings. I listened. I empathized. I did everything I could to put myself in her place and see the fear she likely felt about losing her foot. 

None of that was enough.

I am not sure if I have ever truly hated a patient. But with her, I came close. Despite my ill-feelings I spent hours coordinating her care between multiple surgical specialties, all of which wanted to pass on taking a non-compliant diabetic, vasculopath to the OR. Podiatry, vascular, and orthopedics all subtly yelled, “not it.” 

Several days into her hospital stay I expressed my frustration to my attending. “They are not your ulcers,” he replied. I looked back, confused, as he continued. “They are not your ulcers. If you care for every patient’s problem as if it were your own, it will destroy you. She got herself into this and she has to bear some responsibility for getting herself out. If she refuses to take our recommendations as to her care, there is nothing we can do. There are times you have to step back and separate yourself from the patient.”  

I have thought about his words a lot since then. In some ways if feels antithetical to my nature to see medicine as a job. But I have also experienced the severe mental fatigue and frustration that comes with trying to help a patient unwilling to help themselves. At the end of the day, how far should we go? How much time should I spend on one uncooperative patient knowing it takes time away from other patients who also need my services? In the end I did step back from the case and allow myself to see my care for her as something closer to a job. I switched off service a few days later and the last I knew she was getting an amputation, though she spent time fighting with surgeons about where they could cut.     

At some point we have to protect ourselves as physicians, despite how mentally strong we believe ourselves to be. This year has taught me a lot of medicine, but it has also challenged me mentally. I am still searching for the coping skills necessary to survive life as a resident and eventually as an independent doctor. Despite the frustration this patient provided, she did allow me some excellent learning in this area. In the end, I have to appreciate her for that.  

BTS Reactions | He finds out you love him

Not sure how to go about this, just hang tight ARMY, constructive criticism welcome ♡ 



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You shoved Jungkook as he continued to tease you about your crush on Jin. It was pretty embarrassing, apparently you had spit the detail out to him the night before, when you were drunk. “Kookie” you whined and pouted, hoping it would make him shut up. “Look Noona” Kook said, raising his brows to mention towards the elder member walking into the dorm with his cell phone at hand. You glared at Kook before you punched his shoulder and tried to get away from him. “Ow Noona!” he groaned, causing Jin to look up, confused. “Y/N, why are you hitting Jungkook?” he asked as he sat down beside you. You opened your mouth to respond but Kookie beat you to it. “She’s upset cause I’ve been teasing her about being in love with you hyung” Kook said casually. Jin’s cheeks turned pink and yours did as well. “I’m so sorr-” Jin cut you off with a shy smile. “I love you too y/n” he confessed. 

“How long have you felt this way?” he asked.

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260 lbs ➡️ 150 lbs.
The picture on the left almost brought me to tears. It was the day of my sisters wedding. You can see the depression in my eyes. You can see my unhappiness, insecurities, utter hate for my body. I remember that day so clearly… I couldn’t wait for it to be over. Seeing family members and friends I hadn’t seen in years. Taking tons of pictures that would be framed, put on facebook. And there I was… Hating myself. The body I lived in. I didn’t want to see anyone. Yet alone people I hadn’t seen in so long. And take pictures? It was pretty much a nightmare for me. I remember avoiding shopping for a dress for weeks. My sister literally had to make me. I was convinced I could “lose a few pounds” before her wedding.. And I refused to go dress shopping until I had done so. Well as the day crept up on me… I had actually gained weight rather than lost it. And so there I was…. Unhappy, depressed, disgusted, angry, bitter. Thinking why is this happening to me? How did my life get to this point…

People ask me everyday how I did it. & especially how I kept going… even on the bad days.

‘Success is moving from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. ’
THIS quote. Throughout my weight loss journey.. and even now.. I continually reminded myself of these words. Why? Because there WILL be failure. It’s apart of the process… the difference is what you chose to do with it. You have to want it badly enough to push through the failures and endure the pain of change. Which there will be pain. And you have to be willing at any given moment… to give up temporary satisfaction for long term success.
Weight loss isn’t just about your physical self, it’s about changing your mind as well. If you can change your mind you can change your body.
I made up my mind ✔
Changed my mindset on how I viewed food and ultimately how I viewed myself✔
Stopped making excuses ✔
and NEVER let the failures keep me down ✔

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The first time Tweek borrows one of Craig's sweaters is when he arrives at school soaked, his shirt dripping wet and partially frozen. Craig takes one look at him and pulls off his soft blue pullover. He pushes it into Tweek's hands, saying "I don't want you to be cold, honey." Tweek feels *nice* the rest of the day, cozy and comforted by the slightly worn fabric and Craig's scent all around him--Craig's mom's laundry detergent, Craig's deodorant he secretly keeps in his locker. (1/?)

Craig keeps looking at him too–smiling, like he likes that Tweek is wearing something of his. So when Tweek is over at Craig’s house a couple of days later, he tries it out, says, “I am cold”. Craig smiles, gets up and pulls one of his signature blue sweaters from his closet–a row of identical blue ones that Tweek can never tell apart, except for the one with bleach stains from That One Time. He doesn’t take it off when he leaves–but he does return it to Craig the next day. (2/?)

Craig looks down at the plastic bag in Tweek’s hand and says, “You can have that one.” And that’s–it’s wonderful, and Tweek would like that, but he would like it more if the sweaters smell like Craig, not like Tweek and his own mom’s soap and coffee. He doesn’t say all of that–but Craig seems to know anyway. He carries a spare sweater in his red backpack, filling it up so he has to leave out other things, just so he can offer Tweek the sweater when he wants to (and he wants to, always). (3/?)

So when they play superheroes and Craig refuses to dress up, Tweek is the one to suggest it. “We can be matching superheroes,” he tells Craig excitedly. “You’re Super Craig, so I can be Wonder Tweek! Superman and Wonder Woman have the same color clothes too!” And Craig gives Tweek his sweater, helps him with his shitty costume, and presses a kiss to the tip of his nose because they’re not yet ready to move on to mouth-kisses. And when Tweek leaves Craig with Cartman, he doesn’t feel like (4/?)

he is betraying Craig, not entirely, because as long as he has his sweater, he has a piece of Craig with him. (And, he ponders when he’s at home in bed and hugging the sweater because he MISSES Craig now they didn’t play together after school, he has a pouch in which he can totally hide Stripe #4 and kidnap him so Craig will return to him). (END)

hey anon hey. im crying.

no but seriously this is. dangerously cute.

Dakota’s timeline

This is an idea I’ve had for a bit now, and Missing Milo certainly didn’t dissuade me from it. 

I’m pretty sure Dakota’s original timeline wasn’t very good. 

Dakota only joined the time travel business to stop the Mississippi Purchase. That was it. His main goal was to stop this one event. Being put on pistachio duty doesn’t bother him because he did what he set out to accomplish. Why? What made it so important to him? Well, let’s look at him for a second. 

Vinnie dresses comfortably. He’s the only time agent we’ve met who refuses any form of proper dress. He’s relaxed, and he eats as much as he can, when he can. What’re the odds he didn’t get to do that before he joined up? He was so excited to see Real Live Animals, which hints to the idea that he never got to do that before.

Despite all that, he’s no slacker. He knows how to fight, and immediately puts himself in front of Milo. He knows a back way to the Time Bureau, which Cavendish apparently doesn’t. IE- he makes sure to have a secondary exit at his own line of work. Dakota is always ready to run. Pretty much all of this is instinctual.

My bet is Dakota’s original timeline wasn’t the happiest or safest place, and the down spiral started with the Mississippi Purchase. Now that he’s fixed things, Dakota has found himself with the time and ability to just relax and chill and be happy, and he’s not taking a second for granted.

  • The first time Jim finds Joanna on the bridge of the Enterprise is when she’s barely 10. It’s her first time on board, and she slipped away from her father’s office to look in the bridge instead. It’s largely empty, since they’re docked in York Town, and everyone is enjoying their time off. Except Bones, who’s always working. Jim is no different, except he gets surprisingly little done in a work day. “Hey, Jo,” he says, and Jo smiles. “Hi, Captain Kirk,” she says, and Jim huffs. “You can just say Jim, that’s enough. What are you doing here?” “I wanted to see the Bridge,” Joanna says, “I’m going to work here some day, so I wanted to see it.” “Really?” Jim asks, “what do you want to be?” “Captain,” Joanna replies, “or a pilot.” “Bones hates both of those,” Jim says, “good choice. You want to sit in the chair?” He barely finishes his sentence, and Joanna is in the chair. She almost presses the buttons there, looking at Jim for permission, and Jim simply shrugs in response. After all, what’s the worst that could happen?
  • Two months later, he still can’t open a Comms channel without duck noises echoing through the corridors. Whatever Joanna did to his chair, she’s a very good prankster.
  • The second time they’re on the bridge is 2 years later. He’s about to lock down the Bridge for the night, but then he hears those quiet sniffles, and he finds Joanna under Chekov’s desk. “Hey,” Jim says, crouching down in front of her, “what’s the matter, Jo-Jo?” “I’m staying here,” she replies, and Jim frowns. “What do you mean? It’s not a comfortable floor to sleep on, and no one will be here til morning.” “I don’t want to go back to York Town. School sucks, and dad will be gone for years.” “We’ll be back in York Town as often as we can,” Jim says, sitting down next to her, “and I’ll keep an eye on your daddy for you.” Joanna huffs at that, but Jim reaches out a hand to her. “C'mon,” he says, “lets sit in the chair and pretend we’re fighting Klingons.” “You’re so lame, Jim.”
  • When Joanna is 14, Jim is no longer just Jim. Not to her. He’s the cool uncle, without even really being an uncle. Hes more of a stepdad. Dad’s boyfriend. The one who rides motorcycles and takes Joanna with him despite Bones telling him not to, but uncle Jim has a nicer ring to it (and she flat out refuses to call him dad). They see each other on the bridge, but this time on more formal circumstances. Jim agreed to let school kids roam the ship so they can have a tour, and it just so happens to be Joanna’s class. “Hi, Uncle Jim,” Joanna calls out to him when her group makes it to the bridge. She looks a little smug at the other kids, who are perplexed to find out that Jo’s “Uncle Jim” is actually Jim Kirk. She’s definitely bragging, and Jim let’s her. “Hey, Jo, want to sit in the chair again?”
  • “Why are we here?” Bones asks Jim, “we’re on the bridge every god damn day, let’s enjoy a bar on the plaza!” “But look at the view,” Jim says, pulling Bones towards the window, and they overlook the plaza together. Kind of. The docking stations don’t have the greatest views at all. “You have a penthouse downtown,” Bones says, “with a pool on the roof garden. That’s a view. This,” he gestures outside, “barely classifies as such.” Jim laughs, arms sliding around Bones’ shoulders. “You’re a beacon of positivity, Bones.” He leans in to kiss him, but Joanna groans at the sight of that. “Gross.” “Jo,” Bones says, turning to look at the girl curled up in a blanket on Jim’s chair, “what are you doing here?” She hesitates, briefly, and then sighs. “Jackson broke up with me,“ she says. Both Jim and Bones are at her side instantly, and Joanna feels much better when the three of them settle on the floor in front of that big window. “You’ll be fine,” Bones says, running a hand through her hair and hugging her tight, “who needs a guy named Jackson anyway? And you’re going to the Academy soon. You won’t even remember him next year.” Jim’s a little less subtle. He’s on the other side of her, also holding her tight, but instead of sugarcoating things, he looks at her, dead serious; “want me to punch him in the face?”
  • It’s become a habit by now. There’s at least one night he finds Joanna sneaking on to the Bridge, looking out at the terminals into York Town plaza. She’s seventeen now, and looks so much like her father, it’s almost eerie. “Hey,” Jim says, walking over to the window to stand next to her. “I got accepted,” Joanna says, turning to look at Jim with the biggest grin on her face, “I’m gonna go to the Academy next month.” “That’s great!” Jim says, pulling her into a hug, “why are you here, then? You should be celebrating!” “I’m worried dad’s gonna be disappointed, since I’m not in medical.” “Are you crazy? Bones is going to be proud no matter what you choose to do in life,” he says, “come, let’s go celebrate, the three of us.” “Can I sit in the chair for a bit, first?” “Fine,” Jim says, “but for the love of God, don’t change the sounds.”
  • “Seriously, Jim, I’m going to diagnose you a workaholic or something. And still you get no work done!” Bones tells Jim when they’re on the bridge. York Town is quiet this time at night, only a few people still stroll the plaza from what they can see. “This is just our little spot, you know?” Jim says, and Bones huffs. “No, I don’t know. Are you okay? You seem more jittery than usual.” “Hmm,” Jim replies simply, and then; “ I was just thinking, you know? We’re also not getting any younger-” “Yeah, you’re greying,” Bones interrupts him, and Jim briefly relaxes when he feels Bones’ hands through his hair. But then he narrows his eyes. “What do you mean? No I’m not. It’s summer blond, just lighter than usual.” “What summer? We spend most of our days in deep space!” “Shut up, oh my God. Why do I want to marry you?” He groans, and Bones tenses instantly. “What?” Shit. “What?” Jim repeats, throwing Bones a nervous smile, “is that bad?” “As far as proposals go,” Bones says, “this one is pretty terrible.” “Oh my God,” Joanna calls out from the chair, loud enough to startle both of them, “you guys suck, get on with it. I didn’t spend the last few weeks looking at rings with Jim for such a lame proposal.”
  • Sulu’s temporary resignation is a pretty big blow. He’s leaving to spend time with Ben and Demora, taking a year to explore different planets and enjoy each other’s company before they’re too old to do so, and before Demora leaves for the Academy. Jim understands, but it still sucks. He’s learned to blindly rely on Sulu’s skills and presence, and Sulu is one of his best friends . He’ll miss him dearly. Jim sits in the captain’s chair quietly, looking up when the doors slide open. “Sup, Uncle Jim,” Joanna’s voice rings, and Jim smiles. “Hey, Jo-Jo. What are you doing here? We’re about to take off,” Jim says, and Joanna huffs. “Dad was right, you are terrible at reading reports.” “Hey,” Jim says, “this is your other dad you’re talking about. A little respect is due after so long.” “I’m the new pilot,” Joanna says, and now that Jim takes the time to look at the girl who walks towards the window. Command gold t-shirt, because she refuses to wear dresses. “You’re going into deep space with us,” Jim says, a small grin on his lips, “oh, your dad’s gonna love this.”
Whatever you need (Mingyu)


A dom mingyu smut where you find him masturbating in the shower and he sees you watching, forcing you to join him? If possible could you please include orgasm control/denial, overstimulation, spanking and dirty talk? Thank you sooo much xx


» You find Mingyu masturbating in the shower; he sees you watching, and you join him. Dom!Mingyu, orgasm denial, overstimulation, spanking, dirty talk.

(I’m not too confident with the dirty talk so if you guys feel like there’s something icky about it or just generally room for improvement, please let me know ♥ - Scooter)

It was a much-needed lazy Saturday that you had been counting on to help you recover from a stressful week, and by the end of it you were glad to notice that it mostly had. You had had some work to do for university, but you had refused to as much as dress up for that, and therefore had happily typed away with nothing but a loose nightie on.

Your boyfriend, Mingyu, who you also lived with, had had a quicker assignment to do as well as some futsal practice, so for him it wasn’t as much of a lazy Saturday, but to him it had still been enough, and besides, futsal helped him relieve stress even more than just sitting back did. He was still glad that he would be back home by 4pm and had the rest of the day to relax and enjoy your company, however.

A bit towards the evening, nearing 6pm, you had just gotten an assignment done and stretched in your seat, a happy smile taking over your facial features. You were done, and knowing that the next day would also be one of relaxation, you were incredibly content.

Then you tilted your head a little: you hadn’t seen Mingyu for a while, although you knew he was home, and considering that he had nothing to do, it was odd that he wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

Confused, you got up and walked to your bedroom, where you clicked your tongue at the pile of clothes on the floor. “How many times do I need to tell him…”

You grabbed the pile while grumbling quietly and made your way to the bathroom - only when you were at the door did you realize that he was showering, which you had missed when you had been immersed in your assignment. That made you frown, too, however: Mingyu wasn’t particularly the type to spend long times in the shower, yet now he hadn’t left it for an abnormally long time - that you knew.

It wasn’t rare for the two of you to do something else in the bathroom while the other showered, whether it was brushing your teeth or doing your skincare routine, so you didn’t hesitate to open the door and enter the steamy room.

Before you could say anything to announce your presence, however, you could nearly feel your ears twitch at the sounds that were mixing with the water hitting the floor.

Grunts, hisses and quiet murmurs, and unmistakably, the sound of Mingyu desperately jerking off; you’d never not recognize how it sounded when his fist would get to the very base of his cock.

And, feeling arousal already starting to form inside of you as well as wanting to make sure you weren’t wrong, you quickly put his clothes into the laundry basket and moved the shower curtain a little so that you could see Mingyu.

There he was, his side facing you, his eyes shut and the top of his head resting a bit against the wall while his fist moved on his length desperately, his slightly defined abs contracting under his gorgeously tanned skin. You let your eyes fall lower, and felt your mouth water at the sight of his cock, hard and awfully inviting as he stroked it.

With the sight alone, you knew there was hardly a way to turn back, and you had not intended to moan, so hearing the sound leave your lips regardless caught you by surprise.

Surprised by the sudden noise, too, Mingyu opened his eyes and turned to look at you, his mouth open.

“Y/N?” he asked, a bit dumbfound, but recollected himself when he noticed that your eyes were locked on his cock, which he was no longer stroking, and you were obviously unable to avert your gaze. Grinning, he tilted his head to the shower. “Come on, join me.”

You were still unable to get a word out, but he was determined to get you in, so with a chuckle, he reached for your hand and pulled you into the shower corner. Yelping at the water hitting you, you pouted as you looked up at him, your cheeks awfully warm.

“Now my nightie is wet,” you mumbled, standing under the shower, but swallowed hard when you felt Mingyu’s hands on your thighs, sliding up to your hips while lifting the hem of your nightie.

“You sure it’s just your nightie?” he asked suggestively with a toothy grin on his face, and you felt your cheeks heat up even more at the remark.

He wasn’t wrong.

Chuckling to himself, Mingyu pulled your nightie over your head and reached to place it on top of the laundry basket before returning to you; you were glad he didn’t mention your lack of underwear.

“For how long were you there?” he inquired, his hands on your hips again, and looked down at you with hooded eyes.

You tried to think straight, but it was so difficult with his erection pressing against your lower stomach and your pussy aching with need as it continued getting wetter; feeling your nipples harden distractingly hardly helped, either.

“Just a few seconds,” you answered truthfully, your voice barely a whisper, and stared into your boyfriend’s intent eyes. It had always been way too easy for you to just get lost in them, and that moment was no exception.

The right corner of Mingyu’s mouth tugged upwards. “Just a few seconds got you so hot and bothered, baby girl?”

You shivered under his touch at his words, as well as his cock starting to grind against you a little. “M-Mingyu, your cock is–”

“I know,” he cut you off with a smirk and leaned down, his lips nearly brushing against yours. “You want it, don’t you? My cock… deep in your pussy…”

Allowing your eyes to fall shut, you got your arms around Mingyu’s neck and decided to just let go, no longer holding your arousal back, and nodded as you leaned against him. “God, I really do.”

He leaned down to kiss you deeply, and during the kiss he gently led you to the wall behind you, the tile cool against your back, and slid his hands up on your body until he could roll your nipples under the pads of his thumbs.

Breaking away from the kiss for a second, Mingyu grinned. “It really does amuse me that you get so turned on from me masturbating.”

Quirking your eyebrow, you smiled playfully. “You would feel the same way if it was me, so don’t even try.”

“That doesn’t mean I can’t find this amusing,” he said with a smirk and leaned down to kiss you again. As his tongue danced with yours, you felt up his upper body, mainly his shoulders and upper back, and tried to not focus on his hard-on rubbing against you, which just might’ve been the most difficult thing you had ever had to do.

Breathing heavily, Mingyu slid one of his hands down on your body, caressing every bit of your skin that he could.

“Wanna know what I was imagining, baby?” he asked huskily, and you could only hum while nodding, moaning when his finger came in contact with your clit, already a bit swollen. “You and how good you look when I fuck you. God, Y/N, I love seeing the pure pleasure on your face, the reactions in your body, and how well your pussy takes my cock…”

Your hips bucked against his finger instinctively, and you moaned at the picture he was painting into your mind, all the while massaging your clit with some of your juices that he had caught from your entrance. “T-that sounds really good, Mingyu.”

“Hmm, it does?” he hummed lowly and leaned to your ear while one of his fingers slid down to your entrance, pooling with your arousal, and slid it in. “Wanna show me how well you can take my cock?” You nodded desperately and moaned when his finger started moving inside of you, but Mingyu smirked: he had other plans first. “You’ll get to show me soon enough, baby girl.”

Before you had managed to ask anything, he had already gotten on his knees in front of you, adding a second finger to your pussy while leaning closer, until his lips could lightly wrap around your sensitive bundle of nerves, which had your back arching.

Fuck,” you whimpered, fighting to keep your eyes open just so that you could see Mingyu, his eyes hooded yet sharp as he stared right back at you while massaging your clit with his tongue, two of his fingers pistoning in and out of you viciously. Seeing him like that only turned you on more, and you found yourself nodding encouragingly while getting a hand into his hair. “That feels so– ah– good…”

Mingyu’s eyes curved as he grinned, and feeling some very familiar reactions of your body, he shut his eyes and focused on making you feel good.

“You taste so good, baby,” he said appreciatively and curled his fingers a little, which had you pushing even harder against him, and licked your clit relentlessly, sucking on it with the utmost gentleness every now and then. The more it went on and the more his fingertips grazed your sweet spot, the closer you were to the edge.

It didn’t go unnoticed by Mingyu, not even close, as he could feel the familiar clenching of your pussy around his fingers and hear the delicious moans that only rose in pitch with every move of his fingers and tongue.

Determined, he began pushing his digits deep into you at a fast pace while eating you out just as eagerly, desperate for your release, and you barely even got enough time to enjoy how amazing it all felt when you were already releasing around his fingers, your mouth open in a fairly loud moan and your fingers tangling in Mingyu’s hair.

Mingyu chuckled and slowed down, pulling his head back but keeping his fingers going, now at a slower pace.

“At least the neighbors won’t need to wonder what we’re doing, huh?” he asked teasingly, and you could only purse your lips at his remark, slightly embarrassed. Mingyu shook his head and got his fingers out of you, licking them clean before standing up again. “You’re cute when you’re embarrassed.”

You snorted and rolled your eyes playfully while linking your arms behind his neck. “Is there a moment you don’t think I’m cute?”

His grin widened, and his cuteness was in great contrast with the hard-on pressing into your stomach. “Nope.”

With that, Mingyu leaned down to kiss you deeply, and it was as soon as your lips were connected that his cuteness was shaken off, and the sexy, dominant aura filled him again. You could feel him push you a bit harder into the wall, his tongue sliding into your mouth to play with yours as his hands roamed around your body almost demandingly.

You whimpered at it all, your mind clouded by pleasure, and you could already feel your pussy pulsate with need - despite having just come, it clearly wasn’t enough, which you thought to be a good thing considering Mingyu clearly wasn’t done with you. Mingyu got his hands on your ass and kneaded it while grinding against you slowly, grunting against your lips when his cock rubbed into your skin from a particularly good angle.

“Are you ready for me, baby?” he asked huskily and sighed contently when you nodded desperately. “Good, because I really need that pretty pussy of yours…”

A moan left your lips: there was something in the way he spoke that turned you on to no end.

Not much later, Mingyu was turning you around, and you sighed as your breasts were met with the tile wall, cold against your nipples, and felt his erection now rub into your lower back. Before you were able to say anything, he took a hold of his cock and led it between your slightly parted legs, thrusting between them a couple of times. You whined at the contact, and felt Mingyu breathe into your neck.

“I see you haven’t gotten enough,” he noted in a whisper into your ear, and you could feel him smirk. “My lovely, insatiable baby girl…”

“Your what?” you asked with a light chuckle, but moaned when you felt him align his length with your entrance and inch in slowly, a guttural moan coming from his lips.

Gosh, you feel fantastic around my cock,” he mumbled, his hands on your hips, and bit on his lower lip as he looked down at your ass, as lovely and inviting as ever. Licking his lips, he moved one of his hands to your ass. “It’s been a while since you last got your cute little ass spanked, hasn’t it?”

Swallowing hard, you couldn’t keep your pussy from clenching around Mingyu’s cock at the way his hand was moving on your ass nor at the memory of his words. “It has.”

“Too long…” he whispered and pulled his hips back, snapping them back forward at the same time with his palm landing on your ass, making your ass jiggle a little. You moaned at both of the sensations, the slight stinging on your skin only making the pleasure of Mingyu moving inside of you more intense. He raised his eyebrows at your reaction. “You like it when I spank your ass, baby?”

All you could do was moan in answer, and you turned your head around a little, so that you could see Mingyu from the corner of your eye. “More, please.”

His lips curved into a smirk, although the pleading look on your face did make him swoon in a way or two, and with that he leaned down to press a kiss to the corner of your mouth, his breathing heavy. “I’ll give you as much as you want.”

From there on he started thrusting steadily into you, his cock moving inside of you with ease and your warm walls hugging him tightly. Your moans differed in volume and pitch, but they all sounded just as utterly satisfied, although they were particularly so whenever Mingyu spanked you, soon creating a red area to your ass.

Both of you knew how weak you were for the slight bit of pleasurable pain caused by spanking when your skin was already stinging, so neither of you was surprised when you begged him for more; begged for him to let you come, all the while his palm hit your ass sharply.

Grabbing your ass harshly while fucking you just as roughly, Mingyu leaned to your ear. “You can’t come just yet, princess. Only when I say so.”

Whimpering, you lowered your head a little and shut your eyes tightly, holding back your orgasm as well as you could. It was difficult - painful, almost - because you could feel just how awfully tight the knot in the pit of your stomach was.

Mingyu didn’t seem to care, however, as he just continued thrusting into you, each thrust a bit harder than the previous one and making it all the more difficult to not come. Both of your ass cheeks were red by then, sensitive under his touch, and by then he had already stopped spanking you, too.

“P-p-please,” you whimpered, your whole body quivering as you put all of your will power to holding back your orgasm. Mingyu grunted and leaned down to kiss the crook of your neck.

“Alright, baby,” he whispered, his voice husky yet gentle, and hissed at the way you were clenching around him. “Come for me.”

He had barely even gotten to finish his sentence when you finally let yourself come, your mouth opening into a silent cry at the intensity of your orgasm. Still short of his own release, Mingyu continued fucking you through your orgasm, all the while you moaned and whimpered with how sensitive you were, nearly shying away from his touch.

“I-it’s too much,” you whined, but he didn’t budge; he knew your limits, and he knew it wasn’t too much just yet.

He continued moving, and by the time he finally released inside of you, you had already come a third time, after which you were shaking like a leaf and could hardly keep yourself up straight. You mind was clouded and you felt dizzy, but there was something incredibly satisfying in the way Mingyu pressed into you when he had pulled out of you, his hands now gentle on your waist and his lips soft on your cheek.

“Are you okay?” he asked, his voice tender and caring, and leaned his cheek against yours lovingly.

“Y-yes,” you said, your voice a bit shaky, and slowly turned around until you could get your arms around your boyfriend’s neck to provide yourself with some support, much better than the wall. “Just… sensitive.”

Mingyu chuckled softly and stroked your back slowly while just keeping you there, close to him. “Good thing you won’t have to do anything tomorrow. I don’t think walking is going to be too comfortable for you…”

Snorting, you nodded and looked up into his eyes. “Does that mean you’ll be pampering me?”

“Maybe,” he grinned, and you giggled, at which his grin only widened, and with the softest voice, he spoke and leaned his forehead against yours, “I love you.”

With a wide smile, you locked your lips into a kiss, after which you sighed contently. “I love you, too.”

Some time later, the two of you actually showered, and spent the evening taking it easy while enjoying each other’s company. Mingyu pampered you a lot, and with the slight, dull ache between your legs, you welcomed the cuddles, sweet words, massages and cups of tea gladly.

That night, you fell asleep happily cuddled up to him with his arms around you loosely.

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Reverse Batfamily Fic

Characters: Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Damian Wayne, Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain, Commissioner Gordon, Barbara Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth

Summary: The Batfamily goes trick-or-treating

“Bruuuuuuuuuuce!” Bruce immediately held his arms out and caught Dick.

“Dick, you know you’re not supposed to slide down the banister.” Bruce’s lips twitched as he tried not to smile.

“But it’s so fun.” Dick jumped out of Bruce’s arms and spun around, flinging his arms out. “Look at the costume Alfred made for me! Isn’t it the best costume ever?”

Bruce finally took in Dick’s costume and nearly scowled, just barely able to hold it back. Dick was wearing a Superman costume; he even had the signature curled hair on his forehead.

“It’s…great.” Bruce forced a smile on his face as Dick took off, holding his arms out and making whooshing sounds. Jason was the next to bounce down the stairs, wearing a Han Solo costume.

“Bang!” Jason aimed at Bruce. “You’re dead!”

Before Bruce could say anything, he heard a scoff at the top of the stairs and looked up to see Stephanie and Cass descending, each wearing the other’s costume. “It’s not ‘bang’, Jason! It’s ‘pew pew’! Everyone knows that!”

Jason rolled his eyes. “But that sounds so lame. It doesn’t nearly sound as badass.”


Bruce was ignored as Stephanie answered Jason. “Like ‘bang’ sounds any more badass?”


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“Pairings: Damian Wayne x sister!Reader, Batfam x batsis!reader

Requested by anon:  Hiiii can I request more Damian x batsis but she is 5 years old and can it be super fluffy just like the one of avengers assemble, I swear it was the cutest thing ever💗💗💗💗 it can be about Halloween and matching costumes or going to the park or him helping her with kindergarten homework just something really fluffy

I hope you like this anon, I struggled through this one. In the accountancy period. I write in school. I get in trouble. Who cares.

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astrid dane would have blended right in, if it weren’t for her veins.

they stood out like dark threads on her hands and at her temples; the rest of her was a study in white. so many tried to hide the fact they were fading, covering their skin or painting it up to look healthier. the queen over white london, did not. her long colorless hair was woven back into a braid, and her porcelain skin bled straight into the edges of her tunic. her entire outfit was fitted to her like armor; the collar of her shirt was high and rigid, guarding her throat and the tunic itself ran from chin to wrist to waist. […] below a gleaming silver belt, she wore fitted pants that tapered into tall boots (rumor has it that a man once spat at her for refusing to wear a dress; she’d cut off his lips.) […]

astrid had draped herself over one of the two thrones, her long thin body like taut wire under her clothes. sinewy, but far from weak. 

Throat-Punch Thursday (M)

Originally posted by the-xclan

Summary: Work has kept Y/N from taking care of her physical needs for far too long. After a particularly rough day, Y/N finds a release in her smirking, shirtless, delicious neighbor.

Pairing: Wonho x Reader

Genre: Smut, Oneshot

Word Count: 6,283

Warning: Neighbors!Wonho, sexual themes, mild femdom, spanking, profanity, drinking

A/N: Y/F/N = Your Friend’s Name

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let little kids be gay! little boys following their crush around like a puppy dog, sitting next to him on the bus every day and telling him silly one liners from the jokebook he bought just to be able to make him laugh! little girls sharing all their snacks from home with their crush, endlessly complimenting her on her new hairband/dress/shoes/backpack, bringing in dolls to play with and giving her the prettiest and least ratty doll, braiding her hair and holding her hand tight playing double dutch jumprope!

let kids defy gender roles and be gender non conforming! let little boys play dress up and love wearing that one tutu and stealing their big sister’s makeup! let little girls roll around in the mud and play alien secret agents and be shamelessly loud and bossy and rowdy and refusing to wear dresses! let little kids who know they’re not boys or girls find comfort in androgynous role models just like them, like their camp counselor who explained that they’re not a boy or a girl, and telling them that they might not be either! let them be indignant of the fact that all the clothing and toys made for kids is either pink and ruffly or blue and intense so they pick the most androgynous stuff they can and play a lot of really cool puzzle and board games, and maybe get something a little gendered if they want it because hey, some things are just cool!

let your kids be kids like they’re meant to be, pure and sweet and careless and rowdy and loud and exploring relationships with their peers and living their childhood the way that makes them happy and keeps them healthy! let your boys pick flowers for the kitchen and let your girls play football with the bigger kids and let them present themselves however the heck they want because your children are discovering themselves and growing and having fun and don’t push your ideas of gender roles and conformity on your children who have no concept of them, and who wouldn’t understand why a boy wearing a dress is bad but would believe it because their minds are impressionable and you told them, and you’re their entire source of information and right and wrong meter and mentor on how to relate to the world! you end up setting a bad path for your kid, whether they grow up and realize that they’re LGBTQ but you told them through ostracizing and side glancing kids who were strange and didn’t like the things marketed to their gender that it makes you turn out “you know….. *makes effeminate hand gesture*” and that’s wrong so they punish themselves for it and repress it and hurt themselves doing that, or they grow up harassing LGBTQ kids and making fun of them and contributing to the binary society they rejected as an innocent little child because you told them that that was okay.

let kids be kids be kids be kids and let them be who they are and teach them to respect other kids being who they are.


Caturday stream of consciousness. Almost all I have is selfies right now, because I’m really pushing hard to accept my physical self.

I envy those of you who are always perfectly made up and put together. I am a hot mess most of the time. I fall asleep in my makeup (when I wear it) more often than not. I hate my body or make peace with it depending on my current mood. Being ill isn’t helping. I have always verged on being intentionally undone, probably as a subconscious way of testing whether Nick would leave me if I weren’t attractive. He just kept on thinking I was, regardless of lack of makeup or dressing up. Neither aging nor weight gain could prevent him from loving me and finding me desirable. I don’t know what to do with that.

Also, I have apparently become one of those middle aged women that refuses to dress appropriately for my age and weight.

Unrelated (?), I saw a kid get baptized on a friend’s Instagram today. I immediately got palpitations and felt nauseated. Despite all reason, I still sometimes crave the safety of my lost faith. But I am constantly triggered by Christianity. It physically makes me ill. I don’t know how I could go back, even to a mainstream church.

Thank you, friends, for putting up with my idiosyncrasies. You guys mean a lot to me.

Trans Michael BMC //Intro

I had’t told anyone, except for my parents, that I was transgender up until junior year. I wouldn’t have told them if it wasn’t for the fact that they were the ones who had to change my records and ID. They don’t like the fact that I was trans, but they also don’t want my mental state to decline any more than it already had, so they obliged.

Before then, I had to tell every teacher that the name “Michelle” on attendance was just misspelled, and that my real name was Michael. I had been doing this since pre-school, after a geeky kid named Jeremy called me “Michael”, and I realized that the reason that I wanted my hair short, and why I refused to wear dresses was because I didn’t want to be Michelle. I wanted to be Michael.

It’d been 12 years, and somehow that geeky kid, who’s now my best friend, still didn’t know the truth. It’d had taken so much effort to get that far. Hiding binders, wearing baggy sweatshirts, and sneaking tampons and pads into the boys bathroom. There had been to many close calls to count. Binders breaking, lying about why there was no way that I could make it to that pool party at Chloe’s place, and almost bleeding through pairs of pants. But it’s all worth it. Jeremy was still my friend. I couldn’t loose him. I just couldn’t.

Victorian Femlock thoughts

-Watson constantly saying “it’s doctor, not miss” and yelling at everyone who says “do you mean nurse?”
-Holmes refusing to wear dresses during a case.
-Watson and Holmes going out of their way to attend suffragette advents.
-Watson playing with Holmes’ hair
-Holmes constantly trying to figure out the best solutions to periods.
-Watson having a really strong arm. Also she’s great and arm wrestling.
-Mycroft (who’s still male) using his power to help Holmes do thinks most Victorian women weren’t able to (opening a bank account, etc)


Requested by @head-of-hearts and @klarostark ! 

I finally get to write about the baby Targs again (!!). Baby Targs are literally my favorite things ever. Trying out a new pov! 

Rhaenyra hadn’t particularly wanted a younger sister. 

She already had one younger sibling and that was enough; she loved Daeron, of course, but he was a handful. He was loud and just constantly…there. He always wanted to play with her and always followed her around the Red Keep; when he didn’t think she was paying enough attention to him he would steal her books or try to take her play sword, which usually ended up with both of them getting in a shouting match. 

But then one day Mother and Father had sat her and Daeron both down in their solar and said that they were expecting another baby. Daeron had been overjoyed and she’d tried her best to smile and act excited, even though she wasn’t. She liked their family as it was; a boy and a girl and two parents. She didn’t like big changes-and another child was a big change. 

And then…six months later they’d stopped talking about it. Rhaenyra hadn’t been there when it happened; she’d been training with the Master at Arms in the training room when her mother had screamed. She and Daeron had been ushered into the nursery and they’d stayed there, scared, for the entire afternoon. They hadn’t fought, hadn’t talked, had barely even breathed while footsteps came and went outside the door. After a while Daeron had started to cry and she’d comforted him almost absentmindedly, remembering another time her mother had screamed like that because someone had stabbed Father and he’d nearly bled out all over their dinner table. 

By the time Jon came for them later that night, when the sun was nothing more than a golden ball of fire in the sky, they were both crying. He’d knelt next to them on the soft black rug and hugged them both close, and told them that their sibling had died (although Daeron asked how he or she could have died when she’d never been born in the first place). 

He was a boy, in her mother’s mind; they named him Edric and mourned him the way they would have mourned any other family member. It was strange, mourning someone she had never met before; it took a long time before Rhaenyra cried over his passing, before she really understood what she had lost. But there was something about it that did make her sad; a loss of potential, baby clothes that were hastily put in old trunks and shoved back into dark closest, something that should have been there but wasn’t. 

Her mother cried more often, and when Rhaenyra had bad dreams and Daenerys came to comfort her the Valyrian songs she sang were tinged with sadness. 

Then there was another pregnancy and once again they got excited. It felt like a new start-Father wouldn’t stop talking about how they would have a little brother or sister to play with, a rider for the light blue dragon Cyannis. Eventually Rhaenyra decided that she wouldn’t mind all that much either way, whether she had a little brother or a little sister. 

Although she kind of hoped she would get a little sister. Her aunt Sansa had recently had a daughter named Margaery and she was the sweetest thing; all of the cousins doted on her and she followed Rhaenyra around whenever she was at Winterfell and liked to play with her blonde hair. 

The baby was born too early. The Queen went into labor and once again Rhaenyra,  Daeron, and their cousin Lyanna found themselves in the nursery-but even though their Father smiled and told them everything was going well whenever he left their mother’s side to check on them his voice shook and he had whispered conversations in the hallway with Aunt Sansa and Aunt Arya in low voices that sounded distinctly worried. 

Lyanna gripped her hand so tightly it hurt, and Rhaenyra had squeezed back just as hard as if their grip was the only thing that could keep them anchored. 

Aemon was born with jet black hair and light blue eyes and Rhaenyra’s heart melted the first time she saw him. She was the oldest, nearly four; she was able to hold him first and she fell in love with him instantly-from the first moment he looked up at her, his mouth opening and closing in soft cooing noises. But his skin was all red and he coughed and hacked until she worried he would cough up something important, and when her parents exchanged glances they were filled with pain. 

They stayed by Aemon’s side all that day and the next and the next. He was very sick; maesters came in and out, but they could do little and less for him. She learned not to get her hopes up, learned to love Aemon fiercely while she had him and not think about what could happen to him if they weren’t careful. She fell asleep on Arya’s lap, her hand holding her baby brother’s. It was so small compared to her own, so pale. 

When she woke up, her little brother was gone. 

Two days later, there was a funeral in the godswood. She didn’t attend; even his name made her cry, for almost two years afterward. Aunt Sansa and Margaery stayed in the Red Keep with her; she cried and cried until she eventually cried herself to sleep. 

The next time she opened her eyes she was in her own bed and her Father was hugging her tightly. It will be okay. We’ll get through this. 


He didn’t answer; he just buried his head in her downy hair and held her as sobs shuddered through her body. 

They waited a year and tried again and this time Rhaenyra was determined that she wouldn’t get attached. That promise lasted for the entire pregnancy; she refused to talk about baby names, she refused to pick out clothing-dresses for a girl, doublets and breeches for a boy, all impossibly small-and she refused to think even to herself whether she wanted a boy or a girl. 

She wanted a living sibling. She could care less what gender it was. 

Finally the day arrived and her mother went into labor. Rhaenyra assumed that they’d be stuck in the nursery again but her aunt Arya took her down to the training room and they trained until she was too worn out even to worry. Then Arya told her stories, about growing up in Winterfell and the House of Black and White and how her parents had been (and still were) so in love that it made everyone ill. But in a good way. 

And then when they went back upstairs, still panting and covered in sweat…Elaena was waiting for her. She wouldn’t stop crying and she smacked Rhaenyra’s hand away the first time she touched her, but Rhaenyra didn’t care because she was perfectly healthy and beautiful. From that moment on she just wanted to protect her from the world, from whatever had taken Edric, Aemon, and her older sister Valaena (she hadn’t been born either). 

Time went on and she and Elaena were either thick as thieves or could barely speak two words to each other with fighting. Her younger sister annoyed her; they were nothing alike. Where Rhaenyra was shy and cautious Elaena was brash and impulsive and wasn’t afraid to let anyone know it. But Rhaenyra still loved her, especially as she grew-because she was alive. She hadn’t torn a hole in their family that could never be fixed. There were three rosebushes outside the Holdfast, not four. 

Yes, sometimes Rhaenyra couldn’t stand her younger sister-even when they got older. But she never wished, even for a second, even in jest, that Elaena had never been born. 

Change could be good, sometimes. And, as it turned out, Elaena was just what their family needed. 

I need some family/fluff stuff after last night’s episode. I mean, there’s a little angst but it’s not awful. 

Always taking requests! 

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matching couple costumes with benji and evan

• Evan didn’t want to dress up
• the last time he dressed up was in third grade and heidi made him wear a pumpkin costume
• he hates Halloween
• Evan hates to be scared
• Evan hates scary things
• Evan hates when people scare him
• Evan hates scaring people
• So Evan really does not like Halloween
• “babe, what about Mario and Princess Peach?”
• “no”
• “you be peanut butter, and I’ll be jam?”
• “I have a peanut allergy”
• “you be a baseball player and I’ll be a baseball!”
• “what?!? So I hit you?!? No!”
• he is so stubborn
• but he is too cute to be mad at
• then one day you’re snuggling, watching “UP” and it clicks
• so u guys dress up as Carl and Ellie!!
• it’s not scary, it’s a couple costume, and Evan loves “UP”!
• you guys go to a Halloween party at Alana’s house and everyone thinks ur the cutest
• you even put baby powder in Evan’s hair to make it white/grey
• the cutest

• this dork
• this fucking dork
• obviously only wants to dress up as something star wars related
• “but Benji, we did that last year!”
• “so?”
• “I don’t want to be Princess Leia again!”
• “why? You looked really good”
• “I wore a gold bra and a white skirt”
• “yeah, you looked good!”
• then he did his innocent little giggle and you punched him in the shoulder
• you really didn’t want to be Luke and Lei again
• but Benji REFUSED to dress up as anything other than Star Wars
• so you finally agreed to be R2D2 and C3PO
• you found a cute R2D2 dress and Benji orders a C3PO costume off amazon
• but the gold one piece was like skin tight and u could see pretty much every outline in his body imaginable
• his waist is so tiny lol
• anyways
• the bellas pretty much screeched when they saw u because you guys looked adorable