So I finally went through omgeverythingplease and here are things that I didn’t know
  • Bitty is OBSESSED with food. OBSESSED.
  • Boy has a *problem*
  • Like I know we like to headcanon that Bitty goes into some sort of media, but he’s more likely to become a food critic. Basically he’s more into the “baking” part of “baking vlog” than the “vlog” part.
  • Holster is a grumpy messy bitch.
  • For real, the team seriously debated who was grumpier: Jack or Holster
  • (for like, a hot second, before the answer became obvious)
  • (It’s Jack. Jack is the grumpiest)
  • Ransom and Bitty are very close friends. Close enough that Bitty chirps Holster that he’s being replaced via tweet.
  • Ransom and Bitty get PSLs from “ ‘Bucks”.
  • That is a quote. Eric Richard Bittle has called Starbucks, ‘Bucks.
  • (I bet he calls Target, Tar-zhay too)
  • This one was a bit more analytical: we found out about Jack coaching peewee via Bitty’s twitter
  • Bitty is the one who tells us that the Jack says the kids call him “Coach Z”
  • Because Bitty is the one who typed out the tweet, if the kids called Jack “Coach Zed”, he would have spelled out “Zed.”
  • Therefore we can assume that the kids called Jack “Coach Zee” and not “Coach Zed”
  • However this revelation by Jack was immediately followed by a debate over Zee vs. Zed. So who really knows?
  • I still don’t know how either of them pronounces “pecan”
  • More after the cut because this is getting long

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260 lbs ➡️ 150 lbs.
The picture on the left almost brought me to tears. It was the day of my sisters wedding. You can see the depression in my eyes. You can see my unhappiness, insecurities, utter hate for my body. I remember that day so clearly… I couldn’t wait for it to be over. Seeing family members and friends I hadn’t seen in years. Taking tons of pictures that would be framed, put on facebook. And there I was… Hating myself. The body I lived in. I didn’t want to see anyone. Yet alone people I hadn’t seen in so long. And take pictures? It was pretty much a nightmare for me. I remember avoiding shopping for a dress for weeks. My sister literally had to make me. I was convinced I could “lose a few pounds” before her wedding.. And I refused to go dress shopping until I had done so. Well as the day crept up on me… I had actually gained weight rather than lost it. And so there I was…. Unhappy, depressed, disgusted, angry, bitter. Thinking why is this happening to me? How did my life get to this point…

People ask me everyday how I did it. & especially how I kept going… even on the bad days.

‘Success is moving from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. ’
THIS quote. Throughout my weight loss journey.. and even now.. I continually reminded myself of these words. Why? Because there WILL be failure. It’s apart of the process… the difference is what you chose to do with it. You have to want it badly enough to push through the failures and endure the pain of change. Which there will be pain. And you have to be willing at any given moment… to give up temporary satisfaction for long term success.
Weight loss isn’t just about your physical self, it’s about changing your mind as well. If you can change your mind you can change your body.
I made up my mind ✔
Changed my mindset on how I viewed food and ultimately how I viewed myself✔
Stopped making excuses ✔
and NEVER let the failures keep me down ✔

Victorian Femlock thoughts

-Watson constantly saying “it’s doctor, not miss” and yelling at everyone who says “do you mean nurse?”
-Holmes refusing to wear dresses during a case.
-Watson and Holmes going out of their way to attend suffragette advents.
-Watson playing with Holmes’ hair
-Holmes constantly trying to figure out the best solutions to periods.
-Watson having a really strong arm. Also she’s great and arm wrestling.
-Mycroft (who’s still male) using his power to help Holmes do thinks most Victorian women weren’t able to (opening a bank account, etc)

Trans Michael BMC //Intro

I had’t told anyone, except for my parents, that I was transgender up until junior year. I wouldn’t have told them if it wasn’t for the fact that they were the ones who had to change my records and ID. They don’t like the fact that I was trans, but they also don’t want my mental state to decline any more than it already had, so they obliged.

Before then, I had to tell every teacher that the name “Michelle” on attendance was just misspelled, and that my real name was Michael. I had been doing this since pre-school, after a geeky kid named Jeremy called me “Michael”, and I realized that the reason that I wanted my hair short, and why I refused to wear dresses was because I didn’t want to be Michelle. I wanted to be Michael.

It’d been 12 years, and somehow that geeky kid, who’s now my best friend, still didn’t know the truth. It’d had taken so much effort to get that far. Hiding binders, wearing baggy sweatshirts, and sneaking tampons and pads into the boys bathroom. There had been to many close calls to count. Binders breaking, lying about why there was no way that I could make it to that pool party at Chloe’s place, and almost bleeding through pairs of pants. But it’s all worth it. Jeremy was still my friend. I couldn’t loose him. I just couldn’t.


Harry Masterlist found HERE 

To Enter to win tickets for Harry Styles IN Nashville TN, HERE

You met Harry when you were both nineteen, he was still in his touring stage with his band and you were completing university, you accidentally managed to meet each other through a mutual friend. To say the least, it was a little chaotic, so much was going on back then, but somehow, you and Harry managed to keep a tight friendship. 

You were there for him through everything, through the band breakup, the solo career, the media articles, the breakups, the nerves, the baby, everything. 

You sit in his kitchen sipping on the coffee you managed to pick up before swinging by. For a single Dad, he perpetually appears to have his house exceptionally tidy, with just a few toys lying around the spotless floor. You and he have had many conversations about whether he hires a maid, but he always denies having a maid. 

He sighs as he shuffles into the kitchen, his fingers running through his soft hair, his eyes resembling tiredness. “Rough morning?” You question, handing him your coffee— he clearly needs it a little more than you this morning. 

He gives you a nod, taking a sip of the coffee before taking a deep breath. “I love my daughter, I do, but sometimes I feel like I am drowning.” He keeps his voice low, his eyes glaring towards the staircase waiting for his little girl to come down. “She refuses to get dressed, she didn’t want to eat breakfast. Y/N, I don’t know what to do, I suck at being a Dad.” He continues, breaking your heart as he leans on the kitchen counter, his eyes settling to stare at the coffee cup. 

“You are not a terrible Father, you have done one hell of a job the last four years.” … “She has everything she needs and could possibly want, you love her unconditionally, you always put her first, give yourself some credit.” You encourage, loathing when he feels like he is a poor parent, truth be told, you don’t know how he manages to do everything,—play the role of both Mum & Dad—as well as keeping a career and not going stir shit crazy. 

He gives your a lousy shrug, not having any interest in believing your words. “Aren’t you meant to be in a meeting?” You challenge, remembering why you are sitting in his kitchen at eight in the morning. He nods, continuing to drink your coffee like he hasn’t seen caffeine in weeks. Truth be told, he probably has probably been strung out on caffeine. 

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A neurological/developmental evaluation in early April 1997, just before Adam’s fifth birthday, noted that Adam was an extremely active young child—he never slept through the night, continued to make up his own language, and reportedly did not like to be held, kissed or hugged. He was observed and reported to have odd repetitive behaviors and severe temper tantrums. Adam was reported, at times, to “sit and hit his head repeatedly.” He did not tolerate touch or textures and refused to dress. Teachers reported Adam was “very quiet during groups.
Sugar mommy

(A/N): I thought these two requests sounded super cute together!

Request: I would like you to write a Scarlett Johansson x female reader fic where the reader is a very feminine kinda girl who loves shopping and heels and everything nice and Scarlett loves to indulge her ;)

Could you please write a fic with Scarlett Johansson x fem!reader where Scarlett always calls the reader ‘princess’ and 'babygirl’ and treats her like a queen and it’s always in the press how cute they are and how in love the are :)

Warnings: none

Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x, @saradi1018, @holland-toms, @superwholockian309, @fly-f0rever, @capbuckthor, @sxph-t

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    “Wait (Y/N),” Scarlett tugs her lover back, pointing to a makeup store they ha yet to go in. “We haven’t checked this one out yet-" 

    "Scar, this is so sweet of you but the makeup here is so expensive and-" 

   "You like markup, right?” You bite your lip, eyeing the new Jeffree Star lipstick longingly.

    “Yeah,” you whisper, directing your gaze down towards your feet.

    “And I love you, right?" 

    "Well- I’d hope so," 

   "And I love to indulge the ones I love, right?” (Y/N) sighs, nodding their head a bit. 

   "Yeah you do,“

    "A few palettes and liners aren’t gonna hurt me,” Scarlett smiles, giving (Y/N)’s hand a gentle squeeze. 

    “I just get worried sometimes…”

    “Worried about what?”

    “I don’t know…maybe you think I’m a gold digger or something,” Scarlett chuckles lightly, lifting (Y/N)'a hand to press a kiss to her knuckles.

    “I’m offering you something simple like makeup and you’re refusing it, just like you refused that adorable dress I found," 

    "Scar! It was 450 dollars!" 

    "It doesn’t matter to me princess,” She whispers, pressing another kiss to (Y/N)’s knuckles. “I love to make you happy and if spending money is what makes you happy then so be it," 

    ”…promise it doesn’t bother you that my taste is so…expensive?“ 

    "I promise baby,” She smiles gently tugging (Y/N)’s hand to guide them into the store. “Just tell me what you want and it’ll be yours,” She smiles at (Y/N)’s nearly awestruck expression as they look around, picking up different makeup brushes and materials, to survey and inspect. 

   “Oh my god,” (Y/N) mutters as they pick up a certain eye shadow palette, nearly oozing at all the great colors. Scarlett smiles as she walks over, looking at the makeup (Y/N) had snagged. 

   “You may have to share with me, you have really great taste,” (Y/N) smiles, turning around to hug Scarlett tightly. 

   “I love you,” Scarlett smiles, gladly hugging them back. 

   “And I love you too,” She reaches up to run a hand through their hair, nuzzling her nose at the roots. “Now go buy these using my card and I’m gonna run to a shop a few places down, I have to buy you that dress,” 

  “Wait Scarlett-” But she was already gone, giving (Y/N) a flirty little wave as she walked out of the store, walking just a few paces over to enter the dress shop they had passed. With a smile (Y/N) turns to look at the makeup they were planning on buying, just some blush, a foundation or two, some highlights, one tube of Jeffree Star’s lipstick, and that kick ass palette. At any other store this would have been expensive but here it was outrageous with a little scoff (Y/N) sets the blush and foundation back, settling on the highlight, lipstick and palette. It was still going to be a lot, but not as much as before. With a gentle smile (Y/N) walks up to the counter, placing the items down. It may have just been imaginary but (Y/N) swore she could hear Scarlett in the store talking about matching heels for that dress…

   (Y/N) smiles as they try on the dress Scarlett had bought them a few days prior, including the matching heels and the makeup they’d bought that day too. They didn’t really ever say this but damn, they looked good. 

   “People magazine just dubbed us the cutest couple of 2017,” Scarlett smiles as she walks in the room, her eyes glued to her phone. “They even have a few pictures of us on that cruise-” Scarlett stops when she looks up, her gaze landing on (Y/N). “Baby girl,” She whispers, her smile growing by the minute. “You look so beautiful,” (Y/N) smiles shyly, looking down at their feet. 


  “Yes, really, god you look incredible-” She walks forward, taking (Y/N)’s face in her hands. “Man, I have really good taste,” (Y/N) smiles more, laughing softly. 

  “In dresses?” 

  “No,” Scarlett whispers, pressing a kiss to (Y/N)’s forehead. “In women,” 

HC MC showering and fainting in their apartment

well that happened to me like a few days ago I had a fever came out the shower got dizzy tried to go the bed but fainted on the way being naked. I hit my head on the door frame too. I was alone but  I somehow thought it be a interesting hc and I also wished they would be their lol.

Im a unicorn now

So For this MC is not with anyone yet but their some feels. Somehow the water was not working in that apartment so seven was saying you can go to one of the members to take a shower.

In the guys case Jaehee was way too busy to be in the chat where it was desired where to shower.

If anyone wants they can write that chat.

Let´s just pretend it makes sense

if anyone wants i can add unknown and v too


  • so you thought it would be good idea since zen  has probably no interest in you and he said he was going to  practice his lines anyway so no big deal
  • you stared to feel a bit sick but brushed it off
  • zen was really nice showing you how to set the temperature while flirting with you
  • you didn’t took him serious I mean he is an actor and he must be flirting with anyone
  • so you thought at least
  • so you started feeling dizzy in the shower getting out setting the water off wrapping a towel around yourself
  • the bathroom was so small you couldn’t risk fainting in here you thought you would made it to the couch but you didn’t
  • you fainted right in front of the bathroom door
  • Zen just heard a loud noise ~knight mode activated~  thinking you might dropped something so he  checked on you
  • but then  he saw you and panicked right away. Lucky their you woke up still hazy grasping on what happened
  • your towel meanwhile moved a bit to south you where to out to notice it and Zen was way to worried
  • you said it happens sometimes no big deal you felt feverish anyway so a bit laying would help
  • Zen was still super worried and despite you saying its not so bad he carried you to the bed
  • He noticed the towel had moved but tried his best to not look too much ~ ignore the beast Zen~
  • so you ended up in Zens bed but different then you ever imaged he was super worried still and refused to let you go home
  • Zen cooked for you and was really relived that you where pretty okay by the evening
  • could not get halfnaked you out of his head never mentioned what he saw but it seemt he became more serious towards you


  • He was a good friend and he thought it would be no issue at all to let a girl take a shower in his apartment ~naive Yoosung~
  • so you took his offer
  • he was more flustered then he thought as you arrived tried his best to not let it show kinda regretted his decision already
  • but then again it was nice to have you around
  • he prepared everything for you
  • you felt really dizzy in the shower turning it off wrapping yourself also the bath was way to small to faint in it so you stepped out
  • Yoosung seemly confused ~did she needed something why was she in  a towel +insert panic-blush here+ ~
  • but then bamm you where on the ground instant super panic attack by Yoosung.
  • He has none of this calling the ambulance despite you telling him you okay you just fainted you be okay
  • Yoosung was not listening he would not risk to loose you
  • at least he agreed to you dressing something while waiting  
  • After the medics said its probably no big deal but took you just in case anyway he was relived
  • He refused to let you drive alone and he stayed on your side the entire time after it was clear that it was nothing he finally passed out on a chair right next to you
  • he figured that you where more then his friend but it took him a bit to confess it


  • This made the most sense anyway you both are girls despite your feelings for her
  • you knew it was one sided so it was all okay
  • so you set everything up since she was so busy
  • and you started feeling dizzy you forgot the towel too -darn
  • you had no choice but go out naked
  • Jaehee just heard a sound she came to look what you broke ~she was super worried but wouldn’t say that~
  • she was panicking but stayed  calm enough on the outside checked your vitals ignoring the fact that you are naked on the floor
  • you woke fast back up hazy trying to grasp what happened Jaehee calmly explained you fainted
  • well you knew that already but thank you Jaehee she helped you to the couch so you could rest covered you up asap
  • you told her that fainting just happens sometimes to you so no need for a ambulance she is okay with it
  • letting you stay till you better and then over night
  • not really wanting to let you go the next morning was not saying anything over that to you
  • letting later hints drop of you moving in with her so she can make sure you are ok ~really smooth~


  • His penthouse is huge with two bathrooms and all that.
  • Much better then his offer to let you stay in a hotel you would feel awful to make him pay for that anyway.
  • So you arrived he was different then normal but you just thought he was uneasy around you
  • Jumin had someone prepare the bathroom for you
  • He fast excused himself to his home office you thought you annoy him
  • So you took a shower got dizzy and left the shower bathroom was huge but everything looked so expensive you don’t wanted to break Jumins stuff
  • You wrapped yourself in a towel and stepped out you managed to go in the living room before you fainted on his carpet
  • Jumin thought it was his cat but it was you
  • He was the calmest on the outside but we all know that was a lie inside he crumbled he felt your vitals a bit embarrassed at your quite naked state
  • Jumins was relived as you woke up quite fast.
  • You where hazy but you could tell him what happened
  • Jumin called a doctor to check on you anyway their was no option to refuse him.
  • Made sure you dressed proper
  • The doctor was agreeing to what you said but recommended you to take it easy
  • So you did in Jumins penthouse he refused to let you go back for the next 3 days
  • just to make sure you are okay ~because he would use all excuses to keep you their as long as possible~
  • After everyone telling him they call the police on him he finally gave in
  • Making sure you know how he feels about you by kissing you before you leave
  • well damm now you cant go ~plan succeeded~


  • you where sure it was not a good idea but you liked him so you thought it be nice to spend time with him ~i feel sorry for you already~
  • after he opened the door ~you  had to beg him to open it since you don’t know Arabic~
  • You had to prepare the shower yourself since he was busy ~and you distract him enough as it is~
  • So you take the shower and you get dizzy his bathroom is small so you have to open the door you wrap yourself in a towel and step out
  • Seven does not hear you falling but he does see it
  • wants to Run over in a instant but then he is relived as you move being really hazy and wobbly
  • Seven has no clue what to do so he freezes up somehow finds himself going over to you as you lay on the couch
  • he is acting like he has no clue what just happened you explain that you need to lay after you just fainted
  • you don’t need a doctor but he lets you rest you
  • Seven leaves the headphones down just in case you need something
  • brings you whatever you need. Seems annoyed but you see right threw him
  • Seven is embarrassed over your towel only outfit lets you dress in his room after you feel a bit more clear
  • lets you sleep in his sine you still wobbly by the evening
  • trys not to think on you sleeping in his bed on his pillow under his blanket ~fails hard~
  • somehow thinks its his fault
  • drives you back in the early morning from now on he will keep an close eye to the cctv out of security reasons
  • he is not worried about you at all ~lies~
  • will ignore his feelings for like 3 days and pretend its nothing

Prompt: nervousmemzie said to suitelifeofjughead: “I have a request Ronnie has a fraternal twin sister who is the opposite of Ronnie. She never got a long with her dad. She hates dresses and the homecoming dance is coming up. Ronnie and Hermione are trying to get her to go and wear a dress. She mentions a dinner party where she wore one and then changed causing dad to be mad. Her and Archie play flirt. Like they aren’t attracted to one another or anything. But she agrees to go with him. It’s a set up for her and jug because they like each other.”

“I don’t understand why you just can’t wear a dress!” Veronica is growing agitated by your refusal to go to homecoming wearing a dress.

”I don’t want to wear a dress, Ronnie! Why can’t you get that?” You’ve been having the same argument for the past week
For fraternal twins, you both were polar opposites; you had absolutely nothing in common.

Ronnie loved to party, get all dolled up, was a Daddy’s girl and hang out with her friends, you preferred to stay in, didn’t get on with your father, and draw or listen to your favourite Pink Floyd albums. You’d given a few of your vinyls to Jughead for his little sister.

“I refuse to go to homecoming of your not going to at least wear a dress.”

“Fine.” You say. “Then don’t go.”

“Why are you so stubborn?” She scowls.

“Why are you such a bitch?” You scowl back.

“Wow! Y/N, language!” Your mom walks into the room and asks what’s happening.

“Y/N is refusing to wear a dress to homecoming.” Ronnie says.

“How is that an issue, Ronnie?” Hermione asks her.

“Because, if she doesn’t want to wear a dress then I refuse to go.

You knew that your mom always took Ronnie’s side no matter what, this situation wasn’t any different.
“Why don’t you want to wear a dress, Y/N.?” She looks at you.

“Mom, I hate dresses. Why can’t I just wear a shirt and jeans?” You try to compromise.

“Because it’s homecoming?” Ronnie says sarcastically, looking at you like you’ve lost your mind. “Do you remember what happened the last time you didn’t wear a dress?”

You remember all too well the war that broke out at the dinner table between your father and you when he told you to wear a dress and you’d changed out of it halfway through dinner because it was uncomfortable.

“Go and put your damn dress back on!” Hiram had shouted across the table.

“No!” You shouted back.

Your mother and Ronnie had been silent, pleasing with their eyes for you to stand down and just get changed again.

“Y/N Lodge! I demand you put your dress back on or believe me girl, I will reign hell down on you!” He’d threatened.
In the end, crying, you had put the dress back on and ate dinner in an uncomfortable silence.

“Why can’t I just wear a suit, like the boys?”

“Oh, Y/N, That wouldn’t look good.” Your mom says, “You’re wearing a dress and that is final.”

You groan in anger, death staring Ronnie. “I suppose you win this round.”

“I win all the rounds.” She says smugly.

“Archie they were such assholes about the whole situation, Hermione took Veronica’s side as per usual.” You play with the straw of your shake; it was common for you to call your Mom by her name when you were around Archie. You felt at home with him and everything fit so well when you were together.

“They wouldn’t let you wear the suit?” He asks, solemnly.

“Nope. So I’m wearing the dress.” You sigh.

“Hey, look on the bright side, if the dress doesn’t look good on you, it’ll surely look good on my bedroom floor.” He winks at you.

“Is your bedroom talk as good as your flirting?” You reply, smoothly.

“Why don’t you find out?” He winks at you and you giggle.

There was absolutely nothing between you and Archie, you were close friends but often playfully flirted with each.
Archie liked Valerie and you had a crush on someone else.

“Do you have a date for the dance anyway?” He asks, taking a sip of his shake.

You shake your head, drinking your own shake.

“Why don’t you go with me?” He offers, smiling at you.

Your sweet, ginger best friend. “What about Valerie?”

“She’s playing the band with the Pussycats.” He says, “Fame is a double edged sword.”

“Aww, is Archiekins heartbroken?”

“Are you coming with me or not?”

You roll your eyes at him. “Sure, why not.”

It was the night of the dance and everyone was getting ready, Veronica was trying ti make you look somewhat decent, looking like a pageant queen herself.

You had agreed to wear the dress, it was in the shade of your favourite colour and reached just below your knees. When Veronica was finally finished, you didn’t really look like yourself, rather a much more dolled up version.
You would have preferred to go with the suit but you weren’t in the mood for fighting, so you laid down your weapons and agreed to the dress.

You walk down the stairs with Ronnie, she was going to Homecoming with Reggie, Betty was going with Kevin and you wondered who Jughead was going with.
As you headed to the lobby of the hotel, you noticed Jughead standing there, Archie next to him.

You both greet them, smiling and telling them hey look good; they return the compliments.

“Whose your date, Jug?” You ask, “I thought Ronnie was going with Reggie.”

“You’re his date.” Archie smiles.

“I’m what?” None of this is making sense to you.

“Well, I was too nervous to ask you myself so I figured that if I showed up the night of the Homecoming, you’d be less inclined to say no.” Jughead says, hands in his pockets smiling shyly at you.

You’re silent, not really sure what to say. You’re silently dying inside, Jughead Jones was too nervous to ask you to the Homecoming dance.

“I’d love to go with you,” You say, smiling.

He beams at you, flashing a grin, Archie explains that he was going with Valerie all along, he just wanted to help his friend out.
You take Jughead’s arm and head out to the limousine Hermione had provided.

“To be honest,” Jughead whispers as he walks beside you, “I wouldn’t have minded if you wore a suit or not. You would have looked equally beautiful.”

You have a feeling tonight is going to be the best night you’ll ever have.


A/N: I hope you liked it <3
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Mother's Day is Complicated

So, it’s Mother’s Day. I have a gift and a card that I purchased after spending too long in CVS. What am I going to write in it? I don’t have a clue.

I love my mom. She loves me. However, things are tense since I came out and moved out. She was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and told to lower her stress. I have caused her more pain, more stress, more worry. My Aunt told me I am going to kill her. Whoops.

I can’t give her what she wants. She wants a straight daughter who will marry a boy and give her grandchildren. They don’t keep that in stock at CVS.

I love the feeling of making my parents proud. It hurts so much to know that in their eyes, I have failed to meet the mark. I expected this, but it doesn’t soften the blow. I’m pretty sure they are ashamed of me now.

So what do I add to the card’s metallic script other than my signature, endorsing words some stranger wrote and mass produced. Part of me wants to apologize, but for what exactly? For not being the person that her baby-in-a-pink-diaper was supposed to be? For years of refusing to wear mother/daughter dresses, for being hard-headed, for wanting to seem cool in front of my friends and acting like a brat instead? I was a kid and I’m not really an adult even now. I have been inconsiderate and self-absorbed. I have taken her for granted.

But what has happened now, telling her who I am? Telling the truth? I can’t apologize for that.

I refuse to write paper-thin platitudes, but all of my heart-felt words are messy and complicated and uncomfortable. But they are honest.

I love my mom. She loves me. Let’s start there.

Omegaverse AU with Fon, Ryohei, and Bel.


You had been parading different dresses for Bel for hours now. You have been getting warmer and warmer the more he stared at you when you came out in a new outfit. His ginning did not let up, getting wider with each new outfit. You fidgeted every time he eyed you up and down, taking in the dress you told yourself.

Bel had preyed on you for months now. The alpha always seemed to be around every corner or in every shadow, staring at you with that ever present grin. The way he stares at him always gives you chills. You try to suppress your desire, why would an alpha like him give you a second glance. He was just messing with you, you told yourself, but at this moment as you stood in front of him in this beautiful dress you couldn’t help but get your hopes up.

“This one next.” He presented another dress to you.

“O-Okay.” You took the dress, not finding it in yourself to refuse.

You went to the dressing room to change into the dress, but stopped short as you pulled on the new dress. You felt unbelievably hot, you groaned as your body trembled. You were in heat. You thought you would be home by now, but Bel had stopped- took- you to try on dresses for some reason. You tried to concentrate on the dress and not the knot in your stomach or the preparation beginning to wet your panties, or how you could smell the presence of a strong alpha, Bel, from the dressing room. As if called upon Bel entered the dressing room, not caring if you were dressed or not, grinning. You spun around facing him; half dressed, pressing your back to the mirror. You tried to control yourself, panting, knees buckling, needing to be taken right now.

“Principessa.” Bel called closing the distance between you two.

You couldn’t hold back any longer and it seemed neither could he. You turned to face the mirror and watched his grin widen as he cut the dress off of you and ripped your panties off. You moaned as he entered you, thrusting  roughly.

“Finally principessa.” He groaned before biting your neck marking you as his.


 You yelled the loudest when Ryohei delivered the finishing blow to his opponent, winning the interschool boxing competition. The referee raised his arm signifying his victory and you screamed your approval. Ryohei grinned at you when he showed you the medal and you couldn’t help yourself and hugged him. The other team members looked on knowingly, the alpha team captain and the omega team manager, it was already assumed that the two of you were together and it would only be a matter of time until you were mated.

After the celebration you walked home together chatting about the competition, how it came so close for him to win. He smiled brightly at you yelling about how he had to get in the right headspace to pull off the finishing blow. As he spoke you became hyper aware of him, his shifting muscles, how safe you felt around him, his scent. You tried to shake it off nodding along with his story.

“And then I got him right in the chin!” He imitated the finishing blow enthusiastically. “It was so extreme!”

You smiled at him feeling a bit warm, “Yeah. I told you, you would win. You’re the best Ryohei-kun.”

He smiled at you in embarrassment scratching his nose a bit, “The best you think so [Name]?”

Your legs shook, “Yeah.” You said before feeling your legs give out. Ryohei, quick on his feet held you up before you dropped. He looked at you in concern.

“Are you okay [Name]?” He asked still holding you.

“Huh?” You felt hot now, and his grip on your arm felt so good, “Y-Yeah, must be the second hand adrenaline.” You panted, and he stood you up.

“Are you sure [Name]?” He asked

His scent was driving you crazy. You knew what was happening now. You were in heat. This was your first time in heat. You held onto Ryohei and looked up at him in confusion, fright and desire. He seemed to instinctively know what was happening when he saw the look in your eyes and was beginning to react to you.

“Ryohei-kun I think I’m-” You moaned a bit as his grip returned on your arm drawing you in tightly.

You stared at him as his eyes darkened with want. For the first time since you knew him, Ryohei was quiet. He silently hoisted you up and began walking to what you think will be a place to properly mate.


Gentle was the first thing that came to your mind when you thought about Fon. He was always around with a kind smile and a helpful hand; at first you were surprised to hear that he was an alpha. He didn’t seem to be one that could be rough at anything, but that’s what attracted most omegas to him; the promise of a different kind of alpha. You always admired his quiet confidence and compassion, but you kept your distance not confident that you’d be able to catch his eye.

It was the middle of your heat cycle; you had taken your suppressant, not letting your heat stop you from your daily routine. It was evening, after work you headed to the park that was usually empty around this time. It was a heavily wooded park, easy to get turned in if you were not accustomed to the layout; you went straight to the pond and smiled to yourself when you found him mediating near the pond.

You sat down a distance from him making sure to be hidden by a nearby shrub. You took in the alpha’s form and sighed in satisfaction. This was enough you told yourself. After about an hour you began to feel warm. You furrowed your brow and went into your bag for your suppressants, but came up empty. You began to panic.

“Of all the time to-” Your thoughts were interrupted by a calm voice.


You looked up, face to face with Fon. You looked back at where he was previously meditating as if you would still see him there then stared at him again like a fish out of water.

“F-Fon-san” You began getting warmer, and your preparation start to soak your underwear.

“You shouldn’t have come today [Name].” Fon told you staring intensely at you.

You gasped, ‘Today? How long has he known that I come here?’ You thought.

He smiled at you getting closer to you. You couldn’t control yourself any longer. You grabbed onto him, grinding against him in your haze of desire. Fon seemed to indulge you, lifting your face so that he could kiss you deeply, you almost didn’t feel the pill he passed off to you. You swallowed it, immediately feeling the warmth subside. You broke the kiss, blushing and apologizing profusely. He just chuckled at your reaction.

“It’s fine [Name]. We can do it properly next time.”

“N-Next time?” You questioned.

He gave another kiss that was rough and wanting. You stared as he broke the kiss turning to leave.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then [Name].”  

Word Count: A Whopping 4737!
Author’s Note: Let this be a lesson to you all about asking me for smut. You get 4200 words of exposition, and 500 words of the deed because I am desperately out of practice ;) This request came from @bkwrm523, who asked for “Bones/reader, he’s trying to win her over on the great outdoors, and she’s a city girl? Smut, if possible?” 
Warning: Smut. Eventually. After 4200 words.

You had never been so excited about shore leave. Three weeks, back on Earth, with no obligations or responsibilities. You’d already booked in to a spa getaway for the first week, and were looking forward to doing some shopping and indulging in some poolside R&R the other two weeks. It was going to be perfect. You ran your fingers through your hair, teasing the tangles out of the ends. If nothing else, getting a cut and colour was a luxury you couldn’t wait to indulge in. And maybe some intensive hydration therapy for your hands, dried and cracked and bleeding constantly because of all the handwashing in MedBay. You grabbed your PADD and a coffee off the replicator and sat down at the nurse’s station to check your messages. You had received the hotel confirmation for the second part of leave, but had yet to hear from the spa, and shuttles started leaving the Enterprise in less than two hours. You weren’t scheduled until the last shuttle, medical staff were always the last off, but you still had no confirmation of reservation. As you took your first sip of coffee, you scrolled through the messages that had come in overnight.

“Goddamnit!” You cursed, scanning through the message from the spa.

“What’s wrong, kid?” Bones leaned over the desk, an eyebrow raised.

“I had a week at a spa planned, and they’ve just,” you paused and scanned the message, “an hour ago, informed me they are overbooked and won’t be honouring my reservation.”

“Who goes to a spa on leave anyhow?” He asked. “From one sterile, filtered air environment to another? No way. You need some time in the great outdoors. Get some sun on your face, breathe some fresh mountain air.”

“That sounds horrible,” you deadpanned. Leonard had been raving about all his insane outdoorsy plans since shore leave had been granted. It sounded cold, uncomfortable and smelly, and you hadn’t been shy about saying it.

“I know for a fact you love the beach, Y/L/N,” he countered.

“That’s different,” you shrugged. “That’s coconut scented sunblock, and sand in my toes, and pina coladas.”

“It’s the same sun kissing your skin. The same breeze raking through your hair.” he smiled, a faraway look on his face.

“You make camping sound like a sexual experience,” you scoffed. A lazy smile pulled at his mouth and his gaze met yours and locked on.

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Papa Don’t Preach

Pairing: DeanxReader

Word Count: 1531

Warnings: Angst, unplanned pregnancy, angry/hurt Dean

A/N: Hello all! This is my entry for @whispersandwhiskerburn ‘s MUCH ADO ABOUT SPN Challenge   I got the letter F and the Shakespeare quote  “What’s gone and what’s past help should be past grief” (Winter’s Tale III.2). I hope i did this justice and to be honest i had a great time writing it . 


Y/N brought her fingers to her mouth, absentmindedly chewing on the tips of her nails. It was an awful habit, that she knew. It wasn’t like she did it all the time, only when she was especially nervous, or stressed. And at this moment she was most certainly both.

She paced inside the small gas station bathroom. Reluctantly, she had decided this was the best place to complete her task. She couldn’t take this back to the bunker, not with the brothers breathing down her neck. They always worried too much.

Y/N jumped as the timer on her phone went off, signaling the end to five minutes. She shut the alarm off and returned the phone to her pocket. Closing her eyes, she took a few deep breaths, willing her heart to stop racing. She felt lightheaded and nauseous and so scared.

“Jesus Y/N, pull yourself together.” Y/n whispered to herself. She opened her eyes, finally picking up the first test from the sink. She flipped it over to reveal two lines. Her stomach flipped and she reached for a second one; two lines. She combed through the last four and they all gave her the same definitive answer.

She was pregnant.

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It’s Halloween, Man

Originally posted by sugarfaeriemagic

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 864

Summary: The reader convinces Dean to go along with her couples costume idea. He doesn’t realize what he agreed to…until it’s too late

“Pleaseeee, babe.” You plead kissing Dean’s neck.

“Y/N…I know what you’re doing and it’s not gonna work this time.”

Yes it will.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You say innocently while you straddle him.

“You realize what you’re asking me to do, right? Like…it’s ridiculous!” Dean acts dramatically.

You lean in to kiss him and whisper in his ear, “I’ll let you do that thing you like…”

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Josh Dun Imagine A Little Push

Requested by @miadun17

“So, you should come to the concert tonight.” You narrowed your eyes at Brendon and scoffed at the idea. He rolled his eyes and you sighed.

“Look, I’ve been to practically every single concert you’ve done. What makes this one any different?” You asked, knowing exactly what he was trying to do. Brendon’s eyes widened and he feigned hurt.

“Why do I need an ulterior motive? Maybe I just want to spend time with you.” You gave him a knowing look and Brendon sighed.

“Fine, you caught me. Josh is going to be there and-”

“Are you every going to stop with this? Josh and I are good friends and nothing else. What is your obsession with us getting together?” You asked, throwing your arms wide. 

“You’d be great together and you know that. He just needs a little push.” You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t thought about dating Josh, but your relationship seemed to good to potentially ruin.

“I’ll come, but not for Josh or for you, but because I want to.” You ignored his comment and Brendon smirked.

“Keep telling yourself that.”

Brendon wouldn’t stop grinning as you walked into the arena and you eyed him suspiciously. Suddenly, he stopped and gave you a pleading look, which made you worried.

What’s going on?” You demanded and Brendon looked around.

“Look, Tyler and I have planned something out, to get Josh to confess, so just play along, ok?” He asked and you couldn’t refuse him. Brendon opened the dressing room door and you noticed that he was holding your hand.

“Tyler, Josh, hi.” You greeted them and Josh’s gaze lingered on Brendon’s hand holding yours. Tyler hugged you and he lingered slightly longer than normal. You realised the plan and sat between Josh and Tyler. 

“You look really good tonight (Y/N).” Tyler complimented you and Josh’s jaw tightened at the comment. You felt bad, but smiled and thanked Tyler. Brendon grinned and you knew it was working.

“Hey Tyler, why don’t we go get drinks for everyone.” Brendon suggested and Tyler jumped up, following Brendon out of the room. They had been making flirty comments throughout the evening and you could tell that Josh was annoyed. The door shut behind them and you turned to Josh. 

“Are you interested in Brendon or Tyler?” His voice was rough and he wasn’t looking at you. 

“No, don’t worry Josh.” You replied and as soon as you spoke, Josh’s lips crashed into yours and you quickly kissed back, but he pulled away all too soon. 

“I-I don’t know why I did that, I just got so jealous and-” You cut him off with another kiss and Josh practically melted.

“Don’t worry, I feel the same.” You reassured him. 

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I needed a little push.”

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