Cats celebrate Halloween almost everyday, although most of them refuse to dress up as they believe their natural appearance is “scary” enough. Cats trick or treat by knocking door to door and meowing until you pet or feed them. If you see any stray cats around your area please give them cat treat as it is a sign of respect.


May 30th 1431: Joan of Arc burned at the stake

On this day in 1431, in Rouen, France the 19-year-old Joan of Arc was burned at the stake. The peasant girl, who claimed that God had chosen her and gave her divine guidance, led France’s army to several victories during the Hundred Years’ War. This long-running war aimed to liberate France from English control and establish the French crown prince Charles of Valois as King, making Joan of Arc a national heroine in France. She famously defied many of the gender norms of her day, refusing to marry, and dressing as a man in order to cross enemy territory to reach Charles’s palace. Joan had no military experience, but successfully led French forces to victory in several battles, including in the city of Orléans However, Joan of Arc was captured by the English and put on trial for witchcraft and heresy, of which she was convicted. As was customary at the time, she was burned at the stake for her crimes. She was posthumously declared innocent and made a Catholic saint; this day is often celebrated to commemorate the remarkable story of Joan of Arc.

I'm a soldier, I don't keep sweet, be a trophy wife or mother children|| Closed


Alice played with the ring on her finger, it didn’t belong there. She was officially married when she sighed a paper an hour ago. Now she was going to meet her husband and move in with him.

She was unhappy about it, she refused to put on the dress her step mother laid out. She’d instead put on grey button up and black pants, combat, along with the black long black jacket and hat. It’s the same thing she’d of worn to go the base, for business. That’s all this was anyway.

i have this little headcanon that there’s a thedas equivalent to halloween and the origins crew decides to get together for the evening in fancy dress and the whole crew turns up dressed like morrigan
Trans man fired for refusing to "dress like a female" has filed a lawsuit

Tristan Broussard, a 21-year-old man from Louisiana, is filing suit against his former employer for firing him because he’s transgender. 

Broussard started his job at First Tower Loan, LLC in March 2014. His supervisor knew that he was trans and said she and Broussard’s other colleagues would have no problem with it. 

That tone quickly changed when the vice president of the company found out about Broussard’s identity and called him in for a meeting. 

When Broussard joined him in his office, the vice president handed Broussard a list of the “female dress code” guidelines and informed him that the Mississippi-based company’s corporate headquarters had decided to “draw a line” about Broussard’s gender expression.

“If you can comply that you’re female and you choose to dress as a female, then you can continue to work for Tower Loan,” Broussard recalled the vice president telling him in the NCLR video below. “And if not, we’re going to have to ask you to give your key back and go clean up your desk.”

Broussard’s suit, filed by the National Center for Lesbian Rights, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and two other law firms, asserts that his employer violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. He damn well better win. 

breaking news on dan and phil:

the post TATINOF-week is being spent roleplaying. dan refuses to get dressed and enjoys mauling phil, who is a brave adventurer attempting to explore dan’s cave. a gentle growl has been set up as a safeword. dan may or may not be pretending to be a bear mother in heat, and phil may or may not be wearing a draco malfoy costume. at one point, there was scissoring of houseplants.

true story.


i was informed i had to participate in that “6 selfies of 2k15” thing or i’d be disowned but i didn’t take a lot of selfies because, as you can see, i literally did not pluck my eyebrows the entire year so i had Limited Options™

So I wore this to school today
I am mad because I was sent to the office for 2 hours because my kneecaps are showing
My dress is the appropriate length (as stated in the code of conduct) so I was sent to the office for no reason
I was told I was dressed inappropriately and to change
I refused because I was dressed fine and did nothing wrong
It angers me how the dress code is made to basically attack girls

ok but Sadie’s Song is such an important episode because it shows:

- that parents can fuck up

- an anxiety attack

- a lesbian couple

- a girl refusing to wear heels, a dress, and makeup

- a boy happily wearing heels, a dress, and makeup

- everyone cheering him on instead of making fun of him

representation is so important