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My favorite parts of this whole meal thing are the lady in her skivvies at the next table and the host with a flower crown. PS-loving the story. PPS- Is Jules Dexter?

Hi nonny,

Yes. Sims in their undies are a thing in my game because I do a lot of cc purges and refuse to dress townies! Also, thank you for the compliment. Also, also, Jules is kind of like Dexter, except for the killing people part. 

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260 lbs ➡️ 150 lbs.
The picture on the left almost brought me to tears. It was the day of my sisters wedding. You can see the depression in my eyes. You can see my unhappiness, insecurities, utter hate for my body. I remember that day so clearly… I couldn’t wait for it to be over. Seeing family members and friends I hadn’t seen in years. Taking tons of pictures that would be framed, put on facebook. And there I was… Hating myself. The body I lived in. I didn’t want to see anyone. Yet alone people I hadn’t seen in so long. And take pictures? It was pretty much a nightmare for me. I remember avoiding shopping for a dress for weeks. My sister literally had to make me. I was convinced I could “lose a few pounds” before her wedding.. And I refused to go dress shopping until I had done so. Well as the day crept up on me… I had actually gained weight rather than lost it. And so there I was…. Unhappy, depressed, disgusted, angry, bitter. Thinking why is this happening to me? How did my life get to this point…

People ask me everyday how I did it. & especially how I kept going… even on the bad days.

‘Success is moving from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. ’
THIS quote. Throughout my weight loss journey.. and even now.. I continually reminded myself of these words. Why? Because there WILL be failure. It’s apart of the process… the difference is what you chose to do with it. You have to want it badly enough to push through the failures and endure the pain of change. Which there will be pain. And you have to be willing at any given moment… to give up temporary satisfaction for long term success.
Weight loss isn’t just about your physical self, it’s about changing your mind as well. If you can change your mind you can change your body.
I made up my mind ✔
Changed my mindset on how I viewed food and ultimately how I viewed myself✔
Stopped making excuses ✔
and NEVER let the failures keep me down ✔

“A Rare Instance of Seriousness” (1941)

One of Rebecca Goldstein née Barnes favorite photos of her brother James Buchanan ‘Bucky’ Barnes

This, along with many others was donated to the Smithsonian after Mrs. Goldsteins death in 1997

So @biklance​ and I like to yell about Voltron Christmas hcs…

  • So. Christmas with the all the paladins together.
  • Everyone had to explain what Christmas was to Allura and Coran who were confused and slightly terrified by the idea that a fat man comes down your chimney to give you suspicious gifts from the unknown.
  • Hunk dresses up as Santa. Lance gets really excited and is the first to sit in his lap.
  • Hunk starts choking on the white fluffy beard he has to wear.
  • They all force Keith to wear a red nose and pretend to be Rudolph because, “He’s the red paladin. It makes sense.”
  • Everyone wanted Pidge to be the elf. She flat out refused. Lance dresses as an elf instead and he gets really into it. He’s Santa’s helper how could he not be excited?!?!
  • Allura and Coran fall in love with Christmas traditions. They love decorating and they love the Christmas food and the festive mood.
  • Because of ^ they go really overboard with decorating the castle. Allura puts mistletoe e v e r y w h e r e. And anybody and I mean anybody caught under that plant will be forced to kiss by a very excited, sparkly-eyed Allura.
  • Lance tries to catch Keith under the mistletoe every goddamn chance he gets. He finally manages to do it and gets punched in the face by a flustered/angry Keith.
  • Shiro walks into the castle’s bathroom and finds garlands wrapped around the toilet. Then when he goes to shower, he finds a full-on Christmas tree in the shower. I told you Allura gets really excited.
  • There’s probably a Christmas tree in every frickin room. Shiro is utterly confused. They’re in space?? Where did the trees come from Allura h o w
  • Coran turns out to be the best. gift wrapper. ever.
  • Lance is the one running around belting “All I Want For Christmas Is You” at the top of his lungs. Hunk is his backup singer. Everyone gets serenaded. E v e r y o n e.
  • Pidge wears a reindeer antler headband every day, starting December 1st all the way until Christmas Day.
  • Hunk cooks the meal for Christmas Day. Everyone swears they saw a bit of heaven after finishing their food.


Halloween 2016 is the first Halloween Jace and Simon spend together as an official couple. Simon insists that they do couple costumes to the parties they’re attending on #Halloweekend, but Jace isn’t thrilled by the idea.

For months, Jace is very stubbornly refusing to dress up at all. Simon tries all the tricks in the book –– cooking Jace’s favorite meals, showering him with compliments and kisses, letting him choose what to watch on movie nights and what restaurants to go to for date night, but to no avail.

On October 23rd, Jace surprises his boyfriend with a candle lit dinner. After they’ve eaten, he leans over to kiss Simon and whisper, “Dessert?”

Simon is already getting out of his chair and heading to their bedroom when Jace stops him, barely containing his laughter. “Not that kind of dessert, babe.”

Instead he takes Simon’s hand and guides him to their living room. On the couch lies a neatly folded pile of––

“Oh my god!”

Simon rushes towards the couch and picks up a Spiderman suit. He runs the fabric through his fingers. Next to it is a Nightwing costume, as well as two t-shirts (one black, one blue) with the Superman emblem.

“Oh my god,” Simon says again. He’s cradling the suit in his arms as he turns to look at Jace, who is beaming at him.

“One for every party we’re going to this week,” Jace says.

“You’re kidding me.” Simon turns back to the costumes.

“Nah, I’ve been planning this for ages,” Jace says, walking up to his boyfriend and sliding his arms around his waist. “I wanted it to be a surprise but you were so damn persistent all year, I almost gave it away like twenty times.”

“I can’t believe you didn’t say anything. You’re so bad with secrets,” Simon says with a smile. He points to a pair of plastic vampire teeth that lies on top of the folded t-shirts. “You do realize I already have those, like, built in?”

“Well, those are for me,” Jace replies, “Not everyone has their own vampire teeth, Simon.” He grins. “I thought it’d be fun to, I don’t know, celebrate your vampire-ness. ‘Cause I know it’s been hard to embrace it.”

“You are so…. wow,” Simon says. His heart is bursting with love for Jace. He looks at the costumes for another few moments, and then he puts down the Spiderman suit and turns around in Jace’s arms to kiss him.

“You like it?” Jace asks, grinning.

“I love it,” Simon says softly.

He leans his forehead against Jace’s and closes his eyes. For a few moments, they stay like that. Silently holding each other and enjoying the moment.

After a few minutes, Simon plants a soft kiss on Jace’s lips, and then leans in to whisper in his ear.

“Now how about that dessert?”


John x Reader

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“This is ridiculous!” You huffed and refused to hold the wedding dress your aunt was holding out.


“You don’t have a choice you have to go through with it.” She scolded.


“Why exactly can’t one of the other girls be used to pay them off.” You snapped.


“We’re not using you to buy them off were…” She glowered at you when you interrupted.


“You’re not, is that why he’ll leave us alone if I’m married to one of them?” You dumped the dress on the floor and hurried out of the caravan and hurried off on your own.


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A neurological/developmental evaluation in early April 1997, just before Adam’s fifth birthday, noted that Adam was an extremely active young child—he never slept through the night, continued to make up his own language, and reportedly did not like to be held, kissed or hugged. He was observed and reported to have odd repetitive behaviors and severe temper tantrums. Adam was reported, at times, to “sit and hit his head repeatedly.” He did not tolerate touch or textures and refused to dress. Teachers reported Adam was “very quiet during groups.
“Behavior is Communication”

“Behavior is Communication”

This is something I see a lot from the Autistic community, I echolale it to myself now and then. It resonates because in my experience it’s true. And I find it’s applicable to both Autistic people and Allistic people, at least, as far as an allistic toddler is concerned. 

They are known as The Tiniest Person (in our house), I tend to refer to children as “tiny people”, being literal it’s a great way to divorce myself from the social concept that children are possessions, rather than their own persons. 

The Tiniest Person is a toddler, and they have recently been absolutely refusing to get dressed. It didn’t matter if getting dressed meant going to do something fun, they simply didn’t want to do it. They’d shriek and run around the house, at first giggling (for what toddler doesn’t like a good chase), and then almost crying (because they remembered that the chase ends in getting dressed). 

It goes without saying that when you’re in a hurry, this is stressful for both parties. Seems to me that The Tiniest Person exhibited the most distress. So to help solve the problem, I echolaled: “Behavior is Communication”. 

“Why is The Tiniest Person so upset about getting dressed?”

I have sensory processing disorder. So **my** first thought was to remove the tags in the outfit and try that. 

That wasn’t it. 

Next I wondered if maybe they just wanted to pick out the outfit. I lined out several options and sure enough, The Tiniest Person came over and chose something, they willingly got dressed, and off we went. 

Turns out, The Tiniest Person is a budding artist with an eye for color coordination. They didn’t approve of the outfits I had been choosing, and wanted autonomy over their body. I gave them autonomy, which respects them as a person, and they felt validated. Everyone won. 

As for my older child, DD (fake name), grocery store trips would be very difficult for the both of us, when they were a toddler. I have a hard enough time with grocery stores, and this was back before it occurred to me that I could wear sunglasses and ear defense! So DD had huge meltdowns at the grocery store. I thought it was “acting out” when I was younger, but I’ve sinse realized that it’s not unlike how I get when I’m overstimulated.

We don’t take DD grocery shopping anymore. Maybe once in a while, but it’s honestly not worth making a kid become that distressed, especially when they can be spared that by only one parent going to the grocery store. We know what they like to eat, and also there are some grocery stores where you can order your food online and pay for it, and come pick it up when it’s ready. That’s so rad and very autism friendly, I must say. 

TL;DR: If someone is having a hard time, try to find out what’s causing them distress, so you can fix the problem rather than punish them for having feelings. We parents need to teach our kids that it’s okay to ask for help, it’s okay to be upset, because we have their backs.  

Victorian Femlock thoughts

-Watson constantly saying “it’s doctor, not miss” and yelling at everyone who says “do you mean nurse?”
-Holmes refusing to wear dresses during a case.
-Watson and Holmes going out of their way to attend suffragette advents.
-Watson playing with Holmes’ hair
-Holmes constantly trying to figure out the best solutions to periods.
-Watson having a really strong arm. Also she’s great and arm wrestling.
-Mycroft (who’s still male) using his power to help Holmes do thinks most Victorian women weren’t able to (opening a bank account, etc)

Safe Driving (Thomas Jefferson X Reader)

Request!:  AU TIME! You LOVE Rocky horror picture show! You wanted to be brad and Janet with your boyfriend Thomas Jefferson, but he has never seen the show so he refuses. so naturally you dress up as magenta for Halloween! You two are at a Halloween party and you get hella attention from dudes, Jefferson becomes hella jealous and becomes a lil possessive of you ;-)

Paring: Thomas Jefferson X Reader

Triggers: Mentions of being drunk, protectiveness, ogling, drunk horny frat college guys, the eye sore we call John Adams, idk what else

Words: 1297

A/n- yeah we had a little too much fun at the end os this one but yO TWO FICS IN ONE DAY!!!!!


You opened the door to your apartment and walked in.

“Thomas? Are you ho-” You smelled mac and cheese from the kitchen. “Nevermind!”

You sniffed the air again. Something smelled off. Burning even…

You quickly walked to the kitchen and saw Thomas sitting at the dining table on his laptop. You then looked towards the oven.

“Oh, hey, Y/n, how was your day?”

“It was fine but, Thomas…. Babe… I think you’re burning your mac and cheese.”

“WHAT?!” Thomas jumped out of his seat and ran to the oven, trying to put the mit on at the same time. He opened the oven door and the burning smell got stronger. 

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    “Frozen Charlotte” doll with white satin dress, late 19th century.

    The little china doll has no joints in the arms or legs, so she is “frozen” in one position. The dolls were popularized by a Victorian story in which a girl was so vain, she refused to cover her beautiful dress up with a coat during a carriage ride home in the winter. When the destination was reached, Charlotte was discovered to be frozen solid. 

    This doll is wearing a white satin gown - possibly meant to represent a wedding dress - with a long train, edged in lace. Its somewhat clumsy construction indicates it was probably made by the child who owned the doll, likely from dress scraps. The doll’s feet are bare, which may indictate this was a “bathing baby” doll, instead of a dress doll, which often had painted feet and stockings.

A quote from ACOTAR

I refused Alis’s offer and dressed myself in another exquisite tunic—this one of purple so deep it could have been black. I wished I knew the name for the color, but cataloged it anyway.

Anyone ever notice that on just her second day in the spring court she wore something could probably be compared to the color or Rhys’ eyes? Or just a color to represent night itself? There was way more foreshadowing to Feysand than I thought (although some may not consider this real foreshadowing)