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I worship Aphrodite and I wish to do the same for Athena and Artemis but I'm not sure if it's okay to worship all three at once. I'm also not sure how I would do so. I already worship Aphrodite but I'm not sure if when I talk to her if she's listening or how to know if they're talking to me as well like everyone else seems to be able to do. Sorry, this turned into kind of a rant but if you had any tips or ideas I'd be glad to hear them. Thank you

Alright, so there is a lot in this ask, and I’m going to try and address all of your concerns, feel free to send another ask if I miss anything.

First and foremost, all of the Theoi can be worshiped together. Doesn’t matter which ones. Doesn’t matter if They have vastly different areas of influence. Doesn’t matter if They’ve had conflicts in the myths. The Theoi were historically worshiped together, and we actually have myths cautioning against refusing to worship one deity because of your worship for another. (note, this is in regard to actively shunning a deity, not to Them just not being a big part of your worship) So it doesn’t matter which of the Theoi it is, if you’re asking, “Can I worship X and Y at the same time?” The answer is yes. Always.

About adding more deities to your worship. It can certainly seem daunting at first, especially since a lot of us that started out worshiping one or two of the Theoi and added more over time got to the point where we had a full worship routine built around just one or two Theoi. It leaves you wondering how you’re supposed to fit the other Theoi into your worship and still have any kind of time. The good news is, it’s not as difficult as it seems. Offerings can be given to multiple Theoi or to all Theoi at once. you can easily include additional Theoi, simply by making note of Their connection to a Theos you’re already worshiping. For example, When you’re already praying to and honoring Aphrodite, it becomes easy to add a prayer in for Ares and to change the phrasing of your offering from “For Aphrodite” to “For Aphrodite, and Her children, the Erotes.” and now you’re worshiping more Theoi, without really adding any more time to your routine. I find it also helps to follow libations days, either historical ones or ones you’ve decided on so they fit your schedule and are relevant to your worship. Libation days let you make special note of one particular Theos on the same day every month. So, say that every day you give a libation “To all the Theoi”, well on the fourth of the month you could give libations specifically to Aphrodite, the sixth specifically for Artemis, and the third for Athene.

You can also build on your worship. You don’t have to dive in head first and add everything you can find for Athene and Artemis right away. You can begin with something like libation days, and adding Them to your prayers; and build your way up to including festivals and rituals specifically for either of Them. Worship does not have to be all or nothing, you’re allowed to worship some Theoi more frequently than others, you’re allowed to build a schedule that works for you, and you’re allowed to take your time when adding additional responsibilities to your worship.

Now, for the big one. I know tumblr make sit seem like everyone has a godphone and basically sits down to actually converse with the Theoi, but that’s no the case. I promise. I did a survey a while back on how people perceive the Theoi. Most people just get a gut feeling, and over half of the people who responded said they had only received messages and signs on occasion. Only 8% of the people who answered said they received messages and signs multiple times a month. That’s really not a lot.

What does that mean though? Well, it means that we can’t tell if They’re listening. And it means that either They aren’t talking to us, or we can’t hear Them most of the time. And that’s okay. 

It’s alright to not have proof, and to worship because you have faith. It’s normal to not have proof. Sometimes you just have to believe. And, I know it’s not an answer really, but I honestly don’t think it matters if the Theoi respond to us or not. The experiences we have, the changes we make in our lives, the ways in which we push ourselves to be better–those are all real, significant things, regardless of whether or not we ever get a sign from the Theoi.

He liked you best mouth wide open, but soundless. Eyes unblinking, but gaze lowered. There’s such a thing as being too down to earth, when you don’t know where your forehead ends and the ground begins. When your spine screams, but you refuse to move. Worship is most beautiful on its knees.
—  D.K.
Aztec Giants

In Aztec legends, during the first age or world, called Four Jaguar or Jaguar Sun, the world was populated by a race of giants called Quinametzin. The gods created them from ash and the giants fed on acorns. Some accounts say that they refused to worship the gods and were ultimately destroyed by raining fire. Other accounts say that Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca began to fight, the sun was knocked out and in his anger Tezcatlipoca sent jaguars to devour the  Quinametzin. Some of the Quinametzin are credited for building Tenochtitlan, the pyramid of Cholula, and other places throughout Mexico. It is said that their are four giants that hold up the sky in the age the Fifth Sun.

(pic - Codex Rios)

When the Spanish came they encountered giants. One was named Tzilacatzin who helped keep the Spanish at bay when they first landed in Mexico. The Dominican friar Fray Diego Duran said this: It cannot be denied that there have been giants in this country. I can affirm this as an eyewitness, for I have met men of monstrous stature here. I believe that there are many in Mexico who will remember, as I do, a giant Indian who appeared in a procession of the feast of Corpus Christi. He appeared dressed in yellow silk and a halberd at his shoulder and a helmet on his head. And he was all of three feet taller than the others, (Fray Diego Duran - The Aztecs).

And for the rest of that long night they let her sleep. Hours and hours of blessed sleep. The owl and the wolf and the nightingale slipped by for once with their passage unseen and unremarked, whilst Cersei dreamed a long sweet dream where Jaime was her husband and their son was still alive.
—  Cersei (A Dance with Dragons - Chapter 54)

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i refuse to believe RAS worships Betty that much when she wears the same bland ass ponytail every episode like if I was a writer i wouldn't allow my fave to look so boring in every ep I'd be specifying how much extra attention they need in wardrobe, did they ever see Gossip Girl? there's like 1001 ways to wear a pony tail and Betty uses one all day erry day

eh, anon, as much i’d like to support you here - i can’t. that ponytail is betty’s trademark and i’m kinda glad they all wear the same outfits. gossip girl was half fashion show, they lived on upper east side, these kids live in small town there is no way thry could afford the stuff serena was wearing…

as for the ponytail, i really don’t care. what i do care is veronica’s hair and the magic they could do with them.

Church and State

How are Church and State related according to the way of Jesus?  

Jesus challenged religious authorities who also happened to be agents of the Roman State.  

He challenged them to put compassion before legalities.  He was true to his Jewish tradition in doing this, just as the prophets before him were.

To be true to the way of Jesus, we followers should challenge laws that put legalities ahead of compassion in the area of immigration.  We should challenge proposals for tax policies and health care policies that lack compassion.  

We should challenge proposed policies that would allow discrimination of LGBT people on the basis of religion.  

So far all of these compassion-based positions sound partisan because they happen to coincide with the philosophy of one political party in our country.

The way of Jesus, however, is not partisan.  So let’s challenge the other political party to be compassionate.  To see the connection between big money and the suffering of people.  To refuse to worship big money.  To listen to the voices of those who are unemployed and feeling forgotten. To decry drone attacks and war in general, which always take innocent lives.

There’s plenty of room for compassion in every political party.  There’s plenty of work to do for followers of the way of Jesus.

Daily Tafsir of Ibn Kathir

The Command to worship Allah Alone and rely upon Him

Allah, the Exalted, says to His Messenger, Muhammad , `Say: O mankind! If you are in doubt about the correctness of that which I have been sent with the Hanif (monotheism) religion - the religion which Allah has revealed to me – then know that I do not worship those whom you worship besides Allah. Rather, I worship Allah alone, ascribing no partners to Him. He is the One Who causes you to die just as He gives you life. Then, unto Him is your final return. If the gods that you call upon are real, I still refuse to worship them. So call upon them and ask them to harm me, and you will see that they can bring no harm or benefit. The only One Who holds the power of harm and benefit in His Hand is Allah alone, Who has no partners.’

(And I was commanded to be one of the believers.) ﴿10:104﴾ Concerning Allah’s statement,

(And that you direct your face towards the Hanif religion) This means to make one’s intention in worship solely for Allah alone, being a Hanif. Hanif means one who turns away from associating partners with Allah. For this reason Allah says,

(and not be one of the idolators. ) This statement is directly connected with the previous statement,

(And I was commanded to be one of the believers.) Concerning His statement,

(And if Allah touches you with harm,) This verse contains the explanation that good, evil, benefit and harm only come from Allah alone and no one shares with His power over these things. Therefore, He is the One Who deserves to be worshipped alone, without ascription of partners. Concerning His statement,

(And He is the Pardoning, the Merciful.) This means that He is forgiving and merciful towards those who turn to Him in repentance, regardless of what sin the person has committed. Even if the person associated a partner with Allah, verily Allah would forgive him if he repented from it.

(108. Say: “O people! Now the truth has come to you from your Lord. So whoever receives guidance, he does so for the good of himself. And whoever goes astray, he does so at his own loss. And I am not set over you as a guardian.) (109. And follow what is revealed to you, and be patient until Allah gives judgment. And He is the best of the judges.) Allah, the Exalted, commands His Messenger to inform the people that that which he has brought them from Allah is the truth. It is a message concerning which there is no doubt or suspicion. Therefore, whoever is guided by it and follows it, then he only benefits himself by doing so. Likewise, whoever is misguided away from this message, then he will suffer the consequences against his own self.

(And I am not set over you as a guardian) This means, `I am not a guardian over you in order for you to become believers. I am only a warner to you and guidance belongs to Allah, the Exalted.’ Concerning Allah’s statement,

(And follow what has been revealed to you, and be patient) This means, `Adhere to that which Allah has revealed to you, and inspired you with, and be patient with the opposition that you meet from the people.’

(until Allah gives judgment) This means, `Until Allah judges between you and them.

(And He is the best of judges. ) This means that He is the best of those who pass judgment, due to His Justice and His wisdom.

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Hello. Can you talk a little bit more about that hierarchy thing of the greek pantheon that makes it disrespectful to worship the gods if they are not the main deities, please?

So the Greek pantheon has its own hierarchy with their own top deities that feather fall down in status. God likes to be the top deity. Greek deities don’t really see a purpose in “working with” someone unless they are part of their pantheon of worship. Why help a person that refuses to worship you. They are gods not coworkers. Some pantheons, like ones that bleed into the fae mythos and are known for doing deals, are ok to “work with” while not worshipping them.
That being said, if you try to hold a Greek deity below another deity who is not part of their own hierarchy then it is disrespectful to that deity because they aren’t being shown the respect of their station. To try to show them that status respect would be to lower the station of God which is forbidden as God is the highest.

Anything I left out? @soloontherocks

So…let’s talk about Missy for a second.

What does Missy do?

  1. Turns dead humans into killing machines (and is ready to do the same to the living humans), without remorse, in order to help the Doctor to achieve his goals (even if he refused).
  2. Essentially worships the Doctor.
  3. Sexually assaults without remorse.
  4. Willing to happily commit genocide to help the Doctor.

Okay…so what about the Eleventh Doctor?

  1. Brainwashes the entire human race into killing machines, without remorse, to help himself achieve his goals (to kill the Silents).
  2. Thinks he’s a god (i.e. worships the Doctor).
  3. Sexually assaults without remorse (even says ‘you have no idea how good that felt’ to Jenny).
  4. Commits genocide…to help the Doctor, and is happy about it.

So…either Missy is an anti-hero, or Eleven is a villain. They’ve committed the same crimes, after all, and act the same way about those crimes. They are, essentially, the same person. Neither one is any better than the other.


I’m always amused and a little bit taken aback when other Hellenes tell me they’re afraid of Dionysos, to the extent that they won’t (or don’t, as a general rule) call on him.  Everyone I meet seems to fall into one of two camps: they work closely, or have worked closely, with him, and are thus perfectly okay with him and what he stands for, or they’ve never encountered him before, have only heard stories, and are terrified of him.  (There are, of course, a few notable exceptions to this.)

I even received a message the other day from someone who said they were disassociating with me (unfriended me on facebook) because of my “connections to a deeply disturbing god.”


I do understand, I think, the initial fear of him.  He’s a wild god, and there’s I think a lot of confusion between him and Pan (who *I* don’t work with).  He’s a bringer of madness, his maenads engaged in everything that was “taboo” in society, and he will.  Push.  Your.  Boundaries.  My own personal experience aside, though, I still can’t quite grasp the refusal to associate with those who honor him, or the steadfast refusal to acknowledge him as a god.

Really, if you read the stories, the worst things happened to people who REFUSED to acknowledge him.  Yeah, some crappy things happened to his followers, too, but they were always, in the end, rewarded–unlike those who refused him worship or refused his godhood altogether, who were royally screwed.

So it amuses me when I encounter that mindset.  It also amuses me when I encounter people (like the aforementioned person) who assume that because I honor him above others, that I must be mad, perverted, wild and chaotic.  Anyone who knows me knows that I try my best to be pretty level headed, and Dionysos helped me OUT of madness, rather than leading me to it.

If I leave my grin behind, remind me
that we’re all mad here
and it’s okay.
Sun up, sun down the shadows hide me down in
Wonderland, Wonderland, nobody knows the way,
but if you find it in your dreams, you can
find it at your dayjob
somewhere south of Hell
Take the path to left or right with
just your gut to guide you
the story is not for anyone else to
Go down the rabbit hole and out the other side
you can’t go home in the middle of the
magic carpet ride
you gotta greet the sun before his
lovely daughter moon
you can’t forsake the journey for the
safety of your room
until you learn your lesson well.

–S.J. Tucker, “Cheshire Kitten (We’re all mad here)”


Endeavour | First Bus to Woodstock
DC E Morse & DC Ian McLeash

What’s in a name?

Charles - derived from the German name Karl which means “man” or “free man” in German or from the Germanic element Hari meaning “warrior”. Born by Charles The Great (Charlemagne).

Spencer Hastings - Spencer means “keeping of provisions” and as a surname has a noteable history to it. Hastings is a Shakespearean baby name for a boy meaning “Violent” with an inner desire in leadership and personal independence.

Hanna Marin - also from “Hannah” is a Hebrew name for “God’s gift to the world. Marin is derived from Mary and Marin County in California is an affluent area. Marin is a male name.

Aria Montgomery - Aria is derived from Ariel and means "lioness” in Hebrew or “air” in Italian. In Opera, Aria is a solo. Montgomery has different meanings depending on where it is used “there are many stories of its origin” (suspicious!?).

Emily Fields - Emily means “hard working” or “rival”. Fields is an obvious one.

Alison Dilaurentis- means “Little Alice” “famous fighter” “of sacred memory” “of noble kind” so again has multiple meanings. Dilaurentis means son of Laurentis (LORENZO)!?!?!

Jason - from the Greek name for “healer” ?

Ezra Fitzgerald - Ezra is a Hebrew name for “help”. Fitzgerald means “mighty spearholder’s son”. Fitz means “son of”. Not many clues here.

Toby - from Tobias meaning “good of God”

Caleb - meaning “dog”  which would represent him being loyal to Hanna.

Mona - Mona means “loner” and “who lasts forever”. She was teased for not having friends in the early seasons and her still being alive makes sense.

Mike - “humble”?

Jenna - from Jennifer which means “white enchantress” and “fair one”. The fairest of them all?

Wren - meaning “ruler”. Could this be a clue?

Maya - a derivative of Amalia - similar to Amelia in which Emily is derived from.

Ashley - supposed to have the inner desire for a stable, loving family with the need to work with others.

Lucas Gottesman - form of Luke which means “illumination” with the deep inner desire to achieve status, power and wealth. Gottesman means “man of God”.

CeCe - from Cecelia/Cecilia which means “blind”. The original name comes from Saint Cecilia who refused to worship the Roman Gods and was sentenced to die through suffocation but this failed and she was beheaded. Later names the patron saint of music. 

Melissa - means “honey bee” or “red rose”. It is also known to be the name of a Princess - she does think highly of herself. Melissa Hastings is an anagram of “Almightiness”. 

There are more names but these are probably the most important!

Many people complain that they don’t have time to do these extra acts of worship. We tell ourselves that our lives are too busy to make time for reciting Qur’an or even praying on time.
Simply put, if something is important to you, you will make time for it. A lack of time is self-delusion and simply an excuse to avoid worshipping Allah. In doing so, we only harm our own selves. Allah is not in need of worship, rather we need to worship Him in order to experience inner peace, contentment and true happiness.
By ignoring Him, and refusing to worship Him, we only deny ourselves all the benefits of being close to Allah, and we only deprive ourselves of His blessings.
—  Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar