refusing to worship

Oh. My. God. Guys I just thought about something.

It’s just another theory but we are meant to kill time until May…

In the Book, the Devil fell because he refused to worship humanity and kneel before it, right?

But what if Lucifer Chloe’s relationship goes so deep he would end to propose to her? Or even beg her for something?

He would kneel before her and even worship her ( not that he already does (when he’s not running away 🏃, like the big chicken he is 🐔)) .

Therefore, he would repent and redeem himself and get everything he lost.

And Chloe would be his redemption and it would be why she was put on Lucifer’s path.

Aztec Giants

In Aztec legends, during the first age or world, called Four Jaguar or Jaguar Sun, the world was populated by a race of giants called Quinametzin. The gods created them from ash and the giants fed on acorns. Some accounts say that they refused to worship the gods and were ultimately destroyed by raining fire. Other accounts say that Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca began to fight, the sun was knocked out and in his anger Tezcatlipoca sent jaguars to devour the  Quinametzin. Some of the Quinametzin are credited for building Tenochtitlan, the pyramid of Cholula, and other places throughout Mexico. It is said that their are four giants that hold up the sky in the age the Fifth Sun.

(pic - Codex Rios)

When the Spanish came they encountered giants. One was named Tzilacatzin who helped keep the Spanish at bay when they first landed in Mexico. The Dominican friar Fray Diego Duran said this: It cannot be denied that there have been giants in this country. I can affirm this as an eyewitness, for I have met men of monstrous stature here. I believe that there are many in Mexico who will remember, as I do, a giant Indian who appeared in a procession of the feast of Corpus Christi. He appeared dressed in yellow silk and a halberd at his shoulder and a helmet on his head. And he was all of three feet taller than the others, (Fray Diego Duran - The Aztecs).

And for the rest of that long night they let her sleep. Hours and hours of blessed sleep. The owl and the wolf and the nightingale slipped by for once with their passage unseen and unremarked, whilst Cersei dreamed a long sweet dream where Jaime was her husband and their son was still alive.
—  Cersei (A Dance with Dragons - Chapter 54)

So…let’s talk about Missy for a second.

What does Missy do?

  1. Turns dead humans into killing machines (and is ready to do the same to the living humans), without remorse, in order to help the Doctor to achieve his goals (even if he refused).
  2. Essentially worships the Doctor.
  3. Sexually assaults without remorse.
  4. Willing to happily commit genocide to help the Doctor.

Okay…so what about the Eleventh Doctor?

  1. Brainwashes the entire human race into killing machines, without remorse, to help himself achieve his goals (to kill the Silents).
  2. Thinks he’s a god (i.e. worships the Doctor).
  3. Sexually assaults without remorse (even says ‘you have no idea how good that felt’ to Jenny).
  4. Commits genocide…to help the Doctor, and is happy about it.

So…either Missy is an anti-hero, or Eleven is a villain. They’ve committed the same crimes, after all, and act the same way about those crimes. They are, essentially, the same person. Neither one is any better than the other.

Many people complain that they don’t have time to do these extra acts of worship. We tell ourselves that our lives are too busy to make time for reciting Qur’an or even praying on time.
Simply put, if something is important to you, you will make time for it. A lack of time is self-delusion and simply an excuse to avoid worshipping Allah. In doing so, we only harm our own selves. Allah is not in need of worship, rather we need to worship Him in order to experience inner peace, contentment and true happiness.
By ignoring Him, and refusing to worship Him, we only deny ourselves all the benefits of being close to Allah, and we only deprive ourselves of His blessings.
—  Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar