refuses to go home

Do not allow him to consume you. If he does not call, go to sleep. If he does not message, put your phone away and have a fantastic day anyway. If he acts distant when you are with him and refuses to tell you what is wrong, don’t wait for him, go home and do something you love. If he tries to insinuate you do not need your friends now that you have him, spend more time with your friends. If he tries to teach you a lesson through the silent treatment, ignore him completely.

If he plays with your feelings constantly, walk away from him. If he acts like your body is his entitlement when you are not ready, walk away from him. If he says terrible, unforgivable things and threatens to leave you after every argument, walk away from him. If he forbids you from doing anything you love, walk away from him. If he claims ownership of your accomplishments, walk away from him. If he demeans you or disrespects your being a girl and refuses to stop when you tell him it hurts, walk away from him.

I cannot stress this enough, you live for yourself first. He is a secondary character in the story of your life. Do not allow him to turn you into a secondary character in your own book.

—  Nikita Gill, Advice for Teenage Girls Finding Their Way Through Love.
The Cons of Your Sun Sign

Aries: You treat everyone around you like shit, you think you are better than everyone else, you are inappropriate in social situations. 

Taurus: You refuse to compromise and do what other people want to do, all you want to do is sit around the house all day and eat, it is like pulling teeth trying to get you to speak. 

Gemini: Everyone in your life is expendable, you are fickle with your emotions, you get people to tell you their most personal information and then you go and tell everyone about it. 

Cancer: You refuse to go out and never want to leave your home, you use your emotions to manipulate people, you cry at the stupidest shit. 

Leo: Your ego is as big as the sun, you constantly talk over everyone else, you throw temper tantrums when you are not getting attention. 

Virgo: You are the most judgmental sign, you think your ideas are better than everyone else’s, you think you are the smartest person in the room. 

Libra: You are bat shit crazy, you are territorial in your relationships, you insult people to their face and make it seem like they are the crazy one who picked the fight when they insult you back. 

Scorpio: You automatically assume the worst in people, you think everyone is trying to sleep with your significant other and go psycho jealous, you’re still plotting your revenge against that kid who stole your toy in the third grade.

Sagittarius: You will insult people to their face, you automatically assume your opinions matter more than everyone else’s, you are one pretentious bitch or bastard.

Capricorn: You are rude to everyone, you are boring as fuck but you think you are sooooooo interesting, when you talk everyone is looking for a way to get out of the conversation with you.

Aquarius: You think you are better than everyone else, you shove your perspective down other people’s throats, you have the worst god-complex of the whole fucking zodiac.

Pisces: You rely heavily on drugs and alcohol, you are the fucking baby that everyone has to take care of at the party because you are always so fucking wasted, you use other people for your own personal gain.

dunkirk || part four

(part one)

(part two) 

(part three) 


y/n’s always been there for harry, so why does he want to take little miss kendall jenner as his date for dunkirk’s premier?


“You’re being ridiculous, Y/N.” A huff slipped past your lips as you crossed your arms and slumped even further down the bench, refusing to meet Niall’s gaze. 

“I’m not being ridiculous. Just because I refuse to go home if Harry’s there doesn’t mean I’m being ridiculous.” 


“How did you even find me?”

“You and I both know you’d never stray too far away from home. Plus, you always come t’ t’e park whenever you’re stressed. And, uh - Y’know. T’e fans are like detectives.” Niall gestured for you to scoot over a tiny bit before sitting himself down next to you. “I know Harry’s being a prick, but I hate seein’ t’e two of you bein’ mad at each other. Not t’ mention, it’s never blown up t’is much before. And I know you’re really mad at Harry cos he wants t’ take Kendall to the premier, but if you could just come back and I’ll get him to-” 

“It’s not helping that you’re the one who came to find me instead of Harry.” You murmured, wrapping the coat tighter around yourself as you shivered slightly. 

“If you won’t come home for Harry, will ya at least come home for some hot cocoa? Just t’ warm ya up. Your nose is all red and your fingers look blue.”


“Thanks very much. Have a nice day.” Harry smiled, taking the bouquet of roses from the storeowner as he placed a couple notes in her hand. 

If he was going to get you to forgive him, he was going to do it right. With flowers, chocolates, and a big ol’ speech at the end. Thanks to the boys, he finally understood why you were mad at him. (Besides the part where he kicked you out of the house. He had a lot to apologize for.) He had been ungrateful, and yes, maybe he took advantage of you sometimes. He felt extremely guilty after his little chat with the boys, and he would have understood if you didn’t want to speak to him anymore. 

You had done so much for him, and supported him with everything, so now it was his turn to do something for you. Harry had already planned out exactly what was going to go down. He had gotten Niall to go and fetch you, so that would give him time to prepare. First, he would be there on his knees when you open the door. At this point, he really didn’t mind if he looked pathetic or not - All he wanted was his Y/N back. Afterwards, he get up from his knees and hand you the flowers. And then he’d go on with his speech, and then, he’d take you out for a nice dinner. Not to mention, he had also bought a couple gifts for you. Now, he knew he wasn’t going to win you back with just presents, but it was worth a shot. 

“This’ll work. This’ll work.” Harry muttered to himself as he dug through his pockets for the house key, being careful not to drop the flowers. He’d dress up in that tux you liked on him, and everything would be fine - God, he had fucked up really badly, didn’t he? Harry just wanted this to work out.


“Now, are you ready to go?” Niall rolled his eyes, watching as you picked the remaining sprinkles off your plate and popped your finger into your mouth. You guys were on your way back until you had gotten distracted by the donut store. You hadn’t eaten anything all night, but a donut probably wasn’t the most nutritious choice. You dragged Niall in there not only for a donut, but.. Well, you were nervous. What if things were just plain awkward with Harry now? You certainly hadn’t planned out what you were going to say to him. Should you apologize? Maybe you were the one who was being dramatic. It was just a premier, after all. But it was Harry’s premier - That was a big deal. 

“Can’t we get another one?” You smiled sheepishly, trying your best to stall as much as possible. 

“I know what you’re doin’, Y/N. I wasn’t born yesterday.” Niall snorted, reaching over and pulling the plate away from you. “I promise nothing bad is going t’ happen.” 

“But what if.. What if I made things weird? He probably knows I like him and, ugh, this is just.. I’ve never been in this situation before.. We should google it! Ask YahooAnswers or something.” You offered, Niall laughing lightly before shaking his head and pushing his chair back to stand up. 

“C’mon. Let’s go solve t’is problem. Are you coming or not?” 

“I’m sorry for not realizing how much of an idiot I was. I’m sorry for being an arse in general. I know I’ve been a shitty friend lately, and I really wanna make it up to yeh..” Harry trailed off, rubbing his hands together nervously as he paced back and forth by the front door. Where was Niall?? Or more importantly, where were you?? The confidence he had earlier was beginning to dissolve into nothing but doubt. This wasn’t going to work - You were a smart girl, a speech and a couple presents wasn’t going to woo you. On the other hand.. You were Y/N. Sweet, forgiving Y/N. 

“My Y/N.” Harry whispered to himself, his head whipping towards the door when he heard the doorbell ring. Odd. Didn’t Niall have the house keys? Oh, whatever. He snatched the bouquet of roses off the countertop and checked himself out in the mirror one more time before walking over to the door. His hand froze to the handle as he stared down at it. It was now or never, right? “Let’s do this.” He breathed out, clearing his throat before opening the door. 

“Before you say anything, I-” Harry immediately cut himself off when he realized it wasn’t you who was at the front door, it was- “Kendall?” 

“I should apologize, right? I mean, I was a little mean. And I didn’t explain everything to Harry. Maybe I should have hinted more instead of completely shutting off.” You shrugged, sticking your hands in your pockets again as you and Niall walked through the neighbourhood to the house. 

“I’m not going t’ interject. I give terrible advice, love.” Niall snorted, waving you off. The both of you rounded the corner, closer to the house. “I’m not going to say much, but I know for sure Harry’s got somethin’ planned fer ya. A big surprise, he said.” 

“A big surprise, huh? The last time he said that he came back with short hair.” You laughed lightly, walking into the driveway and- “…?” 

You froze as you saw someone none other than Kendall pulling Harry into a tight hug and planting a kiss on his cheek before chattering about something. Harry was holding a bouquet of roses, and he was wearing a tux, and- This was what you came home for? To see Harry and Kendall, and rub it in your face to confirm that yes, he was definitely taking Kendall Jenner to the premier. 

“Certainly a surprise.” You snapped, immediately u-turning and heading back to the park. You knew it was a bad decision to come back. 

Y/N- Y/N, wait!” 

Rising Sun--Josh Dun Imagine

Soulmate AU where soulmates have matching tattoos. Part 2 Coming Soon.

Y/C= your city

TW: Mild Mention of Past Abuse 

read at your own risk and stay safe |-/


(Your POV) 

It had been a long day, and by long day you meant days. You had just finished a quadruple shift, almost 48 hours, at the local music store you worked at because your asshole of a boss refused to let you go home after he fired the high school boy you used to work with. He finally let you go home after 40 hours on your feet. 

You get back to your apartment and threw off your heels, stripped out of your (really short) skirt, and took off your tight shirt, which your idiot boss makes you wear because ‘they make your ass look great and a great ass and hot body attract customers.’ You shivered as you remembered that conversation the day you got hired. Yes, your boss was a pig, but you needed the money. 

Exhausted, you fell onto your bed ready to sleep for two days, but your phone rang. Sighing, you picked it up. “Hello?”

“Y/N hi! It’s Stephanie.” Stephanie was your best friend in high school, but you slowly drifted away in college. Still you meet up once in a while if you ever seem to be in the same town, but what could she be calling you about now? 

“Stephanie, hi what can I help you with?” 

“You still work at that old music shop in Y/C right?” 

“Yeah why?” What could she possibly be up to?

“Good ‘cause I have a friend who has a show in the next town over, and he was hoping to get new sticks and some records. Will you be working tomorrow?” 

“Yeah Steph I will, but I don’t see why they can’t just go to a store to their town.” 

“He’s kinda shy, really doesn’t like new people, so I was hoping that I could send him to you, sure he doesn’t know you, but since you’re my friend I was hoping he would at least be more comfortable.” 

“Okay Steph, what time will he be over.”

“Like 8 am.” You could tell she sounded sorry that it was so early, but really your boss was going to make you get there at 7:30, so it was really no big deal.

“It’s okay Steph, I’ll have to be there early anyway to open, so it’s no problem.”

“Eeeee thanks so much girlie make sure to call next time you’re in the area. Kisses, bye.” she hung up. 

You looked at the clock. 9:00 pm. You were so tired, but you hadn’t eaten since 10 pm the night before, so you gathered the last of your energy, slipped on some skinny jeans and a sweatshirt, and walked out your door. After the short elevator ride, you stepped onto the street heading toward the taco bell around the corner. 

You arrived and walked in, ordered your usual, and stood off to the side waiting for your order. The bell above the door rang, signaling another customer, yet at the same time you were walking to the counter to collect your food. You bump into the poor guy, and your food goes flying, landing on the floor and spilling its contents. “I’m so sorry” you said as you stooped to pick up your fallen food. “It’s been a really long day, and I didn’t see you.” You were exhausted, and the long day on your feet caused tears to form. The guy leaned down and helped you pick up the rest of your now inedible meal. 

He set his hand on your wrist, creating a warm fuzzy sensation on your left wrist. “Hey it’s okay.” He smiled, and your heart stopped. He was beautiful. A nose ring glinted despite the shadow from hood. He smiled revealing a set of perfect, white teeth. His warm, brown eyes made you feel all warm and fuzzy. He looked you in the eyes, as you held back tears. “Rough day?” 

“Ha yeah you could say that.” You smiled, keeping back the tears. “I just got back from a 40 hours of work at a place where my boss only keeps me around to dress like a slut, so he can leer at me all day.” You don’t know why you shared that, but you trusted the stranger with pink hair, gauges, and a nose ring. 

“Ooh rough. At least let me buy you another meal, so that you don’t starve.” You didn’t want to take him up, but you were starving, and you spent the remaining cash in your wallet to buy the food that ended up on the floor so why the hell not.

“Alright.” After he bought you food you parted ways, you walking home, and him heading to the hotel two blocks away. 

You walked back into your apartment, finished you food, and showered. After you were clean and fed, you laid down in your bed, and gently rubbed the tattoo on your left arm. The fuzzy sensation the stranger had created had only increased since you left the taco bell. You ran your hand over the small sunrise tattoo on your left inner arm until you fell asleep.

You woke up to your alarm blaring at 6:30 am. You shower and get dressed in the black skirt, low-cut top, and high heels. Grabbing a piece of toast, you run out the door. You get to the music store at 7:15 and get ready for opening at 7:30. You spend the first half hour restocking records and setting up instruments for lessons.

At 8:00 am on the dot the bell rings. You decided to give the customer some space while you finished hanging the record above the register. You stood on a stool placing a Twenty One Pilots’ Blurryface record on the shelf above the register. Little did you know that the customer was standing behind you while you stood a few above him in a tiny skirt with nothing underneath but your lacy underwear. 

“Excuse me I’m looking for Y/N” He cleared his throat, scaring you. Your heel slipped off the top step and you fell backwards only to land on something soft and moving and… breathing? You open your eyes to find warm brown eyes and a nose ring glinting back at you. 

“Oh my god I’m so sorry.” You quickly stand up and steady yourself on your heels. You hold out your hand, and help the guy up. “Yes I’m Y/N what can i do for you. Oh my god you again?” 

“Oh hi. You’re Y/N?” 

“Yep that’s me and you are?” 

 “The name’s Josh, Stephanie’s friend. She said she called you?” He looked at the floor and put his hand through his pink hair, tugging slightly, a nervous habit. 

“Oh yeah she did, said you needed some sticks and some records cause you were on tour in the next town over.”

“Yeah my band mate and I have a show in the other town, and I needed some new things.” 

“That’s cool what are you looking for?” You walked out from behind the register making sure your skirt covered your ass. After helping him pick up a new pair of sticks and a few records, you walked him back to the register. 

“I couldn’t help but to notice the Twenty One Pilots you were hanging up earlier.” 

“Yeah you a fan?” You smiled as you continued to ring up his items.

“You could say that.” He pulled his hair again. “I’m.. uh… I’m the drummer for them.” That’s when the glass shattered.

“Oh my God you’re Josh Dun!” He took a step back startled by your out burst. “Sorry sorry I’m just a huge fan of your music. I don’t understand how I didn’t recognize you.” 

“It’s okay.” You handed him his things, and he stopped dead in his tracks. “A tattoo? You don’t seem like the type.”

“Oh” you glanced at the sun tattoo on your wrist, the strange tingling warmth was back. “I’m not really. Just the soul mate thing. Apparently there’s someone out there with the same tattoo that was ‘made just for me’ but I don’t know. It’s hard to wrap my mind around.” Truth is you hated to think about that little tattoo, and what it meant. You spent years searching for the other person with that same tattoo, but you had found dead ends or abusive relationships. You’d given up searching. Maybe love wasn’t for you. 

“It’s interesting.” You snapped out of it at the sound of Josh’s voice. “I like it. It’s simple.” He looked back at your face. “Hey we have a show tonight about 20 minutes away would you like to come?” He tugged at his hair again, something you found quiet endearing.

“I’d like that.” You exchanged numbers and emails, him promising to email the tickets and backstage pass to you.

“I’ll see you tonight yeah?” 

“Definitely.” With that he walked out the door, your tattoo burning and tingling more than ever before. What was wrong with it?


(Josh’s POV)

I was freaking out. Legitimately freaking out. It took all my energy to not panic in front of Y/N. I pulled out my phone and called Tyler. 

“Josh where are you man we need to soundcheck?”

“Ty, man, I’m on my way back from the music store twenty minuets away. Remember?”

“Yeah, so why’d you call?”

“Tyler I think I just met my soul mate.”

“Wait! What? Dude explain.”

“Okay so you know how my friend Stephanie told me about this really great music shop?” 


“So after the bus arrived last night, I hopped in a cab over here to find the store, so I wouldn’t get lost and miss soundcheck.”


“Thanks, but not the point.” I took a deep breath. “Anyway, so on my way back to the bus, I stop at a taco bell…”

“Of course”

“Shut up. Anyway I get inside and am about to order when this really cute girl bumps into me and spills her taco bell.”

“Dude, the taco bell”

“I know, Ty. As I was saying. She lets me buy her more taco bell..”

“And they say chivalry is dead.”

“Tyler c’mon man let me finish.” I let out an exasperated sigh.

“Sorry. Go on.”

“Okay, so I thought she was cute, and was so angry that I forgot to get her number, but I go into that music store this morning, and she’s working there. Turns out she’s a fan, but as she’s handing me my stuff, I notice her tattoo. It’s the same rising sun tattoo that I have on my left arm.”

“That’s sick dude did you tell her.” 


“Josh man really?”

“I know, but I invited her tonight.” 

“That’s great, dude. Make sure you ask her out tonight.” 

“Whatever, dude.”

“Oh and Josh, I have to meet her.” 

“Sure Ty.”

By the time I arrived at the venue, I was thrown right into soundcheck, my nervousness only be quelled by the internal warmth from my tattoo. 

if mon-el changed “just to get into kara’s pants” then why did he not just leave and go back to daxam? Why didn’t he go back to being served on and being spoilt? Why didn’t he go back to daxam where he could get any woman he wanted? Why did he refuse to go with his parents and demand they send him back home? Why would he want to refuse to take the easy option anymore and want to be a hero? Why? Why you ask? Oh yeah because it’s a load of crap and we all know it

Welcome To The Family

You had only spent one night at Harry’s since you had started dating. It wasn’t what you expected. Louis had shown up half way through the movie Harry had put on with a case full of beer. Contrary to what the world believe, the guys still hung out when they could, but busy schedules often made that hard to do. Although Louis offered to leave the two of you to your date, you both insisted he stay. You hadn’t really met any of Harry’s friends yet and he seemed eager for you to get to know his best mate.

The night passed easily. You laughed and drank way too much beer. Harry refused to entertain the idea of you going home alone and since Louis had taken up the couch, you found yourself in under the covers next to Harry wearing one of his shirts.

“No funny business, scout’s honor.” Harry mumbled against your lips and he cuddled closer to you after turning off the lights. You knew he wouldn’t try anything. Your relationship was new and still in the getting to know each other stage but you felt at home and comfortable in Harry’s arms.

You woke late in the morning with the sun was already high in the sky. You laid in bed just watching Harry sleep for a few minutes before you decided to make a late breakfast for the boys. Harry didn’t stir as you slid out of the bed and pulled your jeans on and slipped your bra back on.  You tiptoed down the stairs and peeked in the livingroom. Louis was, as expected, still sprawled out on the couch, soft snores leaving his lips.

The kitchen proved to be empty, so you snuck out to the store to get some supplies, grabbing Harry’s keys on the way out so you could get back inside. Deciding to enjoying the brisk December air, you walked to the store. You were quick and found yourself turning the corner back to Harry’s home after only 20 minutes. You were surprised to see three people crowded around his gate. At first, you thought it was fans hoping to get a peek at Harry, but as you got closer, you recognized one as Steve Aoki. You knew he was obviously friends with Louis and by connection, Harry, but you never expected to see him at 10am on a Sunday outside Harry’s house.

“I… Um… Hi. Can I help you.” You say softly behind them. They spun around and looked at you. The two girls were beautiful. One had bubble gum pink hair and the other’s was a soft shade of lavender. The taller of the two girls furrowed her eyebrows and turned her head to the side as she studied you and took in the shirt you wore. You blushed realizing you were still wearing Harry’s Hot ‘N Hard Kiss shirt. When you first woke up, you didn’t see a reason to change, but now, you are wishing you had. “I’m assuming you’re here to see Harry, or maybe Louis?” You gestured towards the gate in front of them.

“I’m sorry. How do you know Harry?” The girl with the lavender hair asked. You held up Harry’s keys and unlocked the gate for them.

“I’m Harry’s…” You paused, not sure how to explain it. “We are friends.” You answered, with a slight questioning tone to your reply. “They both had a lot to drink last night, so I doubt either one heard the bell.” You chuckled and led them inside and unlocked the front door. You pointed the visitors in the direction of the living room to wake up Louis. The girls introduced themselves as Lottie, Louis sister and their friend Lou. When you introduced yourself, Lou smiled brightly and said, “Oh, so you are Y/N. I’ve heard quite a bit about you.” Before following Lottie to wake up Louis, leaving you blushing behind them.

A few minutes later, Steve joined you in the kitchen. He said the others had all bounded upstairs to wake up Harry. You smiled softly thinking about the surprise Harry was about to get. Pulling food out of the bags, you began preparing brunch, just for a few more people than you expected. You were glad you got a lot of food, thinking you would be setting Harry up for a few days or, in the case, just one unexpected brunch party.

“Let me help you.” Steve said. You agreed, passing him fruit and a cutting board to start chopping fruit up. You found Steve friendly and easy to talk to. You were quick to admit that you were a fan of his and blushed when you told him you listened to his music on your daily runs.

It didn’t take long for the rest of the group to stumble down the stairs and into the kitchen. Harry came straight to you and wrapped his arms around your middle and kissed you neck, whispering good morning in your ear before turning to greet Steve and swipe a piece of fruit.

The doorbell rang, causing Harry to look around at the smiling faces. “Expecting guests?” He asked Lou who just shrugged. He laughed and went to answer the door. He came back with a couple that looked familiar to you. You were pretty sure he was one of Harry’s band mates and his girlfriend, who was obviously pregnant. You smiled when Harry introduced you.

“Liam, Cheryl, this is Y/N.” He didn’t place a title on you, not friend nor girlfriend, as you were something in between and that was ok. Liam seemed to take notice you your shirt as well and smirked as he shook your hand. You barely got through introductions before the bell rang again. This time, it was Niall. He didn’t wait for Harry to introduce you. He greeted you with a hug and then asked your name. He fell into conversation with everyone crowding around the entrance of the kitchen as you continued to make food.

Soon enough, the bell rang again. Harry threw his hands up with a laugh, but before he could go answer the door, his sister, Gemma let herself in. She greeted Harry with a hug before making the rounds to greet everyone. She spotted you at the stove and smiled widely. Harry had introduced you two a few days ago at lunch and you clicked instantly.

“Y/N. I didn’t know you would be here. Hey!” She greeted you with a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. Over her shoulder you saw Liam studying you again. You could tell he was trying to piece together who you were to Harry and within this close knit group of friends. Harry made his way back over to you and wrapped his arms around your middle from behind and nibbled your ear.

“Quite a get together you are having, Mr. Styles.” You joked, leaning into his embrace. He chuckled in your ear.

“More like Lou is having. She is infamous for these surprise drop in dinner parties. First time she has popped up with one in the middle of the morning though.” He laughed. You looked at Lou and found her already watching you two. She winked before turning back to her conversation with Gemma. Harry shook his head against you.

“Well, food is ready.” You gestured for him to help you move food into the dining room and everyone else soon followed suit, grabbing plates of food and drinks. The sense of belonging between everyone was strong and you had a smile permanently etched on your face. Harry had his arm around the back of your chair as he laughed with Louis and Lottie next to you. You felt someone touch your arm and you looked over at Liam next to you.

“Welcome to the family.” He winked before shoving another forkful of food into his mouth.  

“Thanks.” You blushed before looking back up at Harry and found that your heart swelled a bit at the sight of his beaming face. Harry was an amazing guy on his own right, but the family that came with him made him that much more special. He sensed your eyes on him and turned to look at you. He matched your smile before leaning down and stealing a kiss.

“I’m glad you’re here this morning.” He mumbled against your lips before pulling away. You were too.


If Sherlock was the cuddle/Affectionate drunk-

I should not have let John take him out drinking but “oh no (Y/N) he can watch himself.”


I pause my movie and start to walk to the door, opening it i didnt expect to see a exasperated John and a……ok what the hell am i even seeing.

“Hey (Y/N)”

“Hey John…..what ha-”

“he kinda drank too much and is kinda drunk….by kinda i mean alot and he wont stop huging me and people are looking at us weirdly and he refused to go home so i brought him here.” John says with in one breath. I can tell he doesnt know what to do, especialy when Sherlock is hangong off his arm giggling….giggling? “people are definantly gonna think things about this” i thought while giggling.

“ Alight lay him on the couch.”

“Thank you (Y/n)” says John as he lays Sherlock down, and trying to get his arm from his drunken friends grip.

“No problem.”

“if things get out of hand you have my number. He says while heading out the door. After i shut it i look back at the giggly Sherlock sitting on my couch. "What am i going to do with you Sherlock.” i think as i sit on the floor next to the couch and un pause my movie.

“W-what are you wat-watching.” Asks a drunken sherlock who was trying to sit up but fell back down.

“The Avengers:Age of Ultron.”

“Whats it about?”

“Tony gave Siri a body and it got its period for the first time”


It was silent for a while, untill i felt a hand grab my arm. I look up to see sherlock trying to pull me on the couch.

“sit with me.”

“i can’t.

"but why” he whined….he whined??

“your taking up the whole couch by laying on it Sherl.”

“then lay with me.” He says making me blush.

Startled i was unable to form words and he decided to take advantage of that and pull me up with him. I was tryign to get out of his arms but he just held on tighter, i was close enough to smell the alchohol on his breath.

“thats better.”

“Sherl why.”

“I wanted cuddles” he says as he nuzzles his face into my hair. Well im already here so screw it, Sherlock wins. And with that i fell asleep next to a drunk sherlock who seems too really want affection when drunk.


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Working for AOMG could only be described as an experience. There was never a dull moment no matter where you were.  You could be at the office, working an event, or even just hanging out after work and the AOMG family would find some way to liven up the evening. You loved it, of course, but there were moments when too much was too much.

After a week of going out with the AOMG artists every night, you couldn’t take any more. You needed a break to catch up on your work as well as your sleep. So when Hyuk Woo pouted at you and begged you to join him, Ju Kyung, Hoody, and Kiseok for dinner, you had to decline.

“I’m going to hang out here and get some work done. Then, I’m going home to get some sleep,” you refused with a laugh as he pouted.

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(best burrcules headcanon ever) Aaron never once took a day off, or a break, or a vacation. If he did, it wasn’t willingly. Even those days he felt like breathing would make him lose the breakfast he forced down, he would refuse to go home. One week though, George gets a call from Aaron, who tells him that he’s taking a whole month to go to Ireland for Christmas with the dude he’s been with for a year and a half.

God’s Ways

This post has been some months in the offing. I’ve been wrestling with how to address such a personal encounter. Nevertheless, I will try because I think this story illuminates a very important point. 

I left the church and my parent’s home at 18. I refused to go on a mission, my parents refused to pay for college, and I was beyond done with their whole way of life. During the last year I lived with them we fought almost daily. My mom and I didn’t speak to each other for nearly two years leading up to my leaving. Things were very tense. They mounted a vigorous campaign to get me to stay, go on a mission, go to BYU - the usual TBM bullshit. I took myself out of the equation. 

While the fighting was intense we never directly addressed “the church” or “religion” or “faith.” My parents just sort of assumed I still believed and I let them go on assuming it because it was easier. I was dealing with enough self-doubt and internal change and I didn’t want to manage their reactions to such a revelation. Sure, it was a cop-out and I still feel a little shame to this day of not telling them straight out that I didn’t believe the church was true and that I didn’t believe in god. That remained unsaid. 

Jump forward nine years - now, or to be precise, January 20th, 2017. That’s right: Trump’s inauguration day. My parents just happened to be in town to attend the funeral of a family friend (Not just any friend. This guy was the second counselor to my dad when he served as Stake President. A complete asshole who appeared to be the kindest, sweetest person, but every so often the veneer would crack and you could catch a glimpse of the snake underneath). My parents called me and asked if we could go to dinner. I said yes, as things had been going fairly well between us for some time - cool but cordial. 

I made the mistake of watching the inauguration right before I left for dinner. I knew I shouldn’t have. In the car, I kept telling myself over and over again: don’t bring it up. Be nice and polite and just get through this. So much for that. 

Things were going nicely until… yep, I brought up Trump. I couldn’t help myself. I was terrified. I was having hours of conversations with friends who were terrified  - about deportation, about discrimination, about the rise and tacit approval of the alt right. I was pretty keyed up. So I told my mom and dad just that: that I was really worried about the future of our country. 

My mom and dad shifted in their seats. My dad explained that while they hadn’t voted for Trump, and didn’t like him personally, he was the president now and our responsibility was to follow him. I pressed the issue, saying that our loyalty as citizens is to fight injustice, not to accept it should it gain power. Then my dad looked me right in the eye and told me that it was “god’s will” that Trump is president. 

I hit the fucking roof. You’re telling me that god wants his children to be terrified of their leaders? You’re telling me that god wants hate and fear to rule his “chosen nation?” My dad shrugged and said, maybe it’s his way of hastening the second coming. 

At that point it all came out. I told them their religion was bullshit, a lie. I told them I was a proud atheist. I told them I look on it as a duty to seek truth and decry those who promulgate lies, like the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints. Needless to say, dinner didn’t end well. 

I cannot abide the self-righteous, hypocritical stances of the church and its followers. This is not philosophy we’re playing with here, this is people’s lives. Real lives. Not some test simulation before the real work of the afterlife begins. 

It’s been months and the thought of this conversation makes me physically sick to my stomach. Something’s broken between my parent’s and me. For good. And it is good. Because it’s based on truth. Honesty. I don’t want people in my life who care more about their belief-cloaked privilege than other people. I’m done with it.  

Authority Issues pt. 6

Professor Barnes x reader

Notes: smut, fluff, teacher-student relations, angsty

Tags: @directionerssalute @minaphobia @jjlevin @starstar1012 @amf71010 @felteppsters @stephvera @wxnchestervevo @styleswift1989 @captainbitchjerkassbutt @denialanderror @angel–radio @a-small-independent-princess @hip5t3r-m3rmaaidd-biitchhh 

Summary: You wait for hours at the police station for Bucky to be released, your friends help you through it, as they always do. As if things couldn’t get any worse; some one might be on to the blissful secret that is your relationship with professor Barnes. 

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Maybe I've Always Been More Comfortable in Chaos (3/3)

A gift for Alex @speedforcelesbian from @inksmudge.

The walk to their apartment is silent, but how she and Barry refuse to let go of each other the entire way speaks volumes.

At home, she lays down on their bed in her nightclothes, vacantly staring up at the ceiling, contemplating how almost twenty-four hours ago, she had been laden with worry over Barry’s nightmares, oblivious to his reliving her ruthless murder every time he closed his eyes.

The mattress caves in slightly as Barry sits beside her, clad in sweats and a T-shirt, still cautiously observing her like he had ever since the revelation. She doesn’t take her eyes off the ceiling when she queries for the third time that night:

“How long until it happens?”

She feels his fingers intertwine with hers.

“Five months,” is his calm reply. He squeezes her palm for added measure.

She closes her eyes. At least she’d make it to twenty-eight.

Barry lets go temporarily to circle the back of her hand with his thumb, clearing his throat.

“You know, a wise journalist once told me to stop beating myself up about my previous mistakes,” he initiates.

Her eyes flutter open. As much as Iris thinks she doesn’t want to listen to a pep-talk right now, no matter how well-intentioned she knows it is, her chest constricts at this small touch of lightheartedness, and she finds herself wanting him to continue. Of course Barry would know how to capture her attention in the most Barry-like way possible.

“She told me I couldn’t keep constantly going over the what-ifs and the why-nots,” he continues, recalling what she told him weeks ago in the Speed Lab.

“I would take that a step further, and apply it to the future.” It’s evident that he’s choosing his words thoughtfully. “If guilt isn’t going to change the past, then fear isn’t going to change the future.”

Iris turns to him reproachfully. “You aren’t afraid?”

His eyes shine faintly. “I’m terrified, Iris,” he admits. “And if I’m scared, I can only imagine what you’re going through. What I’m trying to say is that it’s okay to be afraid, but I don’t want you to surrender. I don’t want you to let this dictate your life. The future isn’t permanent, what I saw isn’t guaranteed to happen…”

“You seemed to think it was,” she counters. “Otherwise you wouldn’t have been haunted by it in your sleep. Otherwise you would have told me about it earlier. Even in the Time Vault just now, the way you were looking at me-I could tell you believed I’m really going to be killed.”

She studies his face. “So what changed?”

He’s still surveying her during his swift intake of breath.

“What changed,” his speech is throaty, but resolute, “is that I saw you in distress. I saw you in tears. I saw you hurting.

“And that…that tore me apart Iris.” He looks away briefly, quivering quietly, as though suppressing a sob, before facing her again.

“I can’t stand to see you like that. I won’t see you like that. I’ll be damned if you’re reduced to that, moving forward in fear, and tiptoeing your way through life. Nobody deserves that, especially not you.”

He grows louder and more steadfast with every sentence. He’s speaking rapidly and vehemently, as though his mind is moving a mile a minute, which Iris sometimes believes to be true, while his mouth struggles to keep up.

“I swear on my life, as both The Flash and as Barry Allen, that anything or anyone, any meta, any Speed God,” he practically spits the words, “that thinks they can do that to you, thinks they can hurt you, thinks they can scare you away from reaching your full potential, from living your life, from being yourself, that thinks they can rid this world of Iris West, will be proven wrong.

“I won’t let you die, Iris,” he declares, with a hint of finality that she detects is more for him than for her. “But if I let you give up, I will be letting you die.”

That hint she can tell is for her.  

She isn’t stunned after such a statement from Barry, but his fortitude and fierce defense of her is promising. She isn’t sure if she’ll survive five months from now, but she is sure that Barry would sooner give up his own life than let anything touch her or taint her sense of wellbeing. Of this she’s certain because she would readily do the same for him

She still can’t promise definitively that his words alleviate all her worries. It’s a foreign feeling, to be at this level of unease, even with Barry right next to her, uttering words of solace, holding her hand.

Iris isn’t used to it. Barry was her comfort, her safety, her light. If Savitar took that from her without actually killing her, what did she have left? She might as well already be dead.

Her eyes well at this realization, and though her vision is hazy, she can still make out the moment his features flood with sympathy.

“Iris…” he breathes.

“Can you hold me?” she sobs, echoing his request from last night. “Now that everything’s changed.”

She understands now what his grim words to her yesterday meant. Everything had changed. Henceforth, nothing would be the same. She would be conscious of every move she made, every word she spoke, every path she took, wondering if it would lead her away or closer to death. Perhaps there was some benefit in Barry keeping this from her, but her journalistic integrity calls for truth, no matter what the stakes, no matter the torment they might indue.

Barry reaches across her to turn the bedside lamp off. Consistent with her appeal, and with every night since his nightmares emerged again, his arms encircle her, only this time, there are no secrets between them, there is no pretending, only the two of them basking in each other and in whatever time they might have left together, starting with tonight.

She isn’t sure whether minutes or hours pass, is only cognizant that she doesn’t slip into slumber, despite glaring at the white of Barry’s T-shirt as he holds her close. She resolves herself to a restless night, hoping this is only a one-time occurrence and not something she should come to expect until she dies. She’d like to rest peacefully before she’s forced to rest permanently at Savitar’s hands.  

“Mhmm,” she chuckles lightly to herself at her dark humor, briefly glancing up from her focus on Barry’s shirt to his face. To her surprise, she discovers that he’s just as awake as she is.

His gaze is too intent while he searches her face. In the black of the room, his eyes shine distinctly, two fallen stars that landed in her bed. She’s trying to read him, but figures he’s attempting to do the same to her. Maybe he was confused by her unexpected snicker, or perhaps heartened by it.  

They appear to be competing in a staring contest until Barry’s lashes flutter.

“Ha,” Iris points out, her voice subdued after a period of silence. “You blinked.”

Barry doesn’t laugh or even crack a smile, instead leans forward, catching her tongue between his lips, sucking gently.

The quiet is deafening other than the wet sound of his mouth moving against hers. Iris opens her lips hungrily, welcomes the desire for him, welcomes the opportunity to prove Savitar wrong, to show that she could still revel in Barry and find amenity with him, in spite of what was coming or what wasn’t.

She supposes Barry might be contemplating what she is as he moves from her lips, to her neck, to her navel, until he’s finally baring her thighs.  

He spreads her wide and she closes her eyes at the move, grateful for darkness, but also desperate for enlightenment at his touch.

“Are you still afraid, Iris?” he murmurs from beneath her. She shivers at the feel of his warm breath, like tangible evidence of his compassion.

She shakes her head, her hands searching for him until they find the tousle of his hair.

“Not of Savitar.”

He hesitates, and she can discern that he’s not sure if he believes her. Her fingers curl against his head, assuring him.

“It’s true,” she insists, shifting slightly in anticipation of what was to come. “I’m not afraid of him anymore, but…”

He blows softly on her exposed center, and Iris shudders again.

“But?” he whispers.

She inhales, her breath shaky and tattered, and even though he’s the one bowing, she’s the one confessing.

“I’m afraid of not being with you.”

He rewards her honesty with his mouth, which consumes her flesh like luxury.

As she lifts her hips to meet his strokes, she figures if she gets to experience this type of bliss with him every night until her assumed death, let Savitar come for her. She’s already felt heaven and it’s under his tongue, although this confirms that hell would be anywhere without him.

He licks her soothingly while she floats, and as her euphoria gradually wanes, he doesn’t break contact without pressing a final kiss between her legs. He slowly eases back up her body to draw her nearer, until they’re practically lined, rib-to-rib.

 “Then you’ll never have to be afraid,” he swears. And finally, for the first time that night, his words fully console her.

Author’s note: Like I said, you were one of the first fanfic writers I came across for The Flash/WestAllen fandom, so it’s really rewarding for me to do this. I love your stories and I only hope you love this one too!

Make You Love Me

This is me shamelessly jumping on the Lucien-loves-apples train, basically. A simple Mating Bond take on @acotarshipweek‘s prompt 4 for elucienweek: Betrayal / Loyalty. 

Summary: Elain has been trying to convince Lucien that he is worthy of being her Mate for months now. Yet every time she offers Lucien food, he refuses to take it. Finally, Elain decides to go big or go home.


There is no end to war.

After every battle, there is a next, no matter how distant or insignificant it may be. There is always war. For a coward like him, this is unforgettable.

Feyre has taken Nesta with her to defend Miryam and Drako from the threats they accidentally called to them. They left Lucien to hold the fort in the Spring Court. Just before Tamlin sacrificed his life in the battle against the King of Hybern, he officially made Lucien the next High Lord. It’s a strange situation. His father sure isn’t happy about it.

He hasn’t got used yet to the fact that he gives the orders now. That he can make changes. He wants to. He is fond of the traditions of the Spring Court, but some of them are outdated and frankly offensive. Therefore, Lucien spends most of his time in the library, surrounded by paperwork, or meeting with advisors and complaining Fae.

Or thinking about Elain.

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unafraid ; (mafia) kim minseok


fear makes the wolf bigger than he is.


my bts demigod au series its just like the exo series but w different gods is coming soon and i have so many links to add to the previous chapters of this story but these are all tomorrow things so have this until then (@i-am-a-death-dealer @melyyexo @suedetonkin)


i | ii | iii | iv | v | vi | vii | viii | ix | x | xi | xii | xiii | xiv | xv | xvi | xvii | xviii | xix | xx | xxi


swearing, use of guns

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anyway i can’t beLIEVE that dennis walked up to mac and said, “i’m bored. hey! let’s go dancing!” and mac didn’t immediately take him up on the offer what kind of character assassination wait actually i guess the only thing gayer than mac taking up dennis’s invitation to go dancing would be mac refusing dennis’s invitation to go dancing in favour of staying home and watching real housewives so never mind

Do not allow him to consume you. If he does not call, go to sleep. If he does not message, put your phone away and have a fantastic day anyway. If he acts distant when you are with him and refuses to tell you what is wrong, don’t wait for him, go home and do something you love. If he tries to insinuate you do not need your friends now that you have him, spend more time with your friends. If he tries to teach you a lesson through the silent treatment, ignore him completely.
If he plays with your feelings constantly, walk away from him. If he acts like your body is his entitlement when you are not ready, walk away from him. If he says terrible, unforgivable things and threatens to leave you after every argument, walk away from him. If he forbids you from doing anything you love, walk away from him. If he claims ownership of your accomplishments, walk away from him. If he demeans you or disrespects your being a girl and refuses to stop when you tell him it hurts, walk away from him.
I cannot stress this enough, you live for yourself first. He is a secondary character in the story of your life. Do not allow him to turn you into a secondary character in your own book.

— Nikita Gill, Advice for Teenage Girls Finding Their Way Through Love.

8 Renaud @renaudcr7 UTOPIA
You have my heart, keep it safe / Bucky Barnes

The three times you gave presents to Bucky and the one time he gave you his heart.

After T’Challa found the cure for Bucky and he was (seemingly) free from his “Winter Soldier” self, Steve decided to take his old friend home with him. The Super Soldier lived in a tiny apartment in the west of the city and though it wasn’t even half as luxurious as the famous Stark’s Tower, Steve had everything he needed.

The first month was a challenge to Bucky. He lived every day in fear of becoming the cold-hearted killer that he was before.  He was scared of hurting people and causing pain to everyone, including himself. That’s why he stayed at home and refused to go out. Of course, going out, breathing the fresh air, seeing the surprisingly pure beauty of the world sounded tempting indeed, but he was scared that maybe the voices of the demons that were living in his head would be louder than the melodic chirping of birds or maybe the faces of those whom he had killed would be clearer than the happy faces of children playing around and chasing butterflies. He was scared that even the brightest and the warmest ray of the sun wouldn’t be able to keep him warm. Well, maybe sun couldn’t, but you did.

1. It was March 4th, Bucky’s birthday (you knew about it because Steve had told you). You weren’t sure if he remembered it though. But anyway, thinking that everyone deserves to be happy and to feel loved on their birthday, you decided to bake a mini cake for Bucky. And here you were in front of his front door, after 2 hours of blood and sweat, with a chocolate cake in your hands. Steve had told you that Bucky felt really uncomfortable around people so, being the amazing person that you are, you put the cake on the floor, right next to it you put a tiny note, then you rang the bell and left immediately.

To say that Bucky was surprised when he saw the cake will be an understatement. He picked up the note and read:

“Happy Birthday, Bucky! I hope you’re not allergic to chocolate or else this will be pretty awkward (more awkward than it already is). Hope you’ll like it    - Y/N (I love next door)

And that was the first present you gave him, the first step to his heart.

2. A lot of things changed after that day. The day after Bucky’s birthday you found a piece of paper on you doorstep with a simple “thank you” written on it. And that was the first of the many. Almost every day you would write short letters to each other and leave them on each other’s doorsteps. At first the letters were really short and awkward but with every changing day they became longer and more personal. He would write you about his life back in 40’s, about his family and Steve. You would reply with some interesting (and sometimes embarrassing) stories from your childhood. In his 9th letter he wrote about his newly found obsession, the movie “Great Gatsby”. And being the amazing “friend” that you were, you bought him the book, and with your 10th letter, you put in in front of his door.

And that was the second present you gave him, the second step to his heart.

3. The third present was different because you gave it to him personally, while looking in his eyes. It was a difficult day for Bucky. Steve had left for a mission, leaving Bucky alone with his demons which seemed to be really aggressive and loud that day. You were woken by Bucky’s heartbreaking screams. Without thinking you put on your sweater and rushed to his apartment. The door, strangely enough, was not locked. You entered and, following the sounds of his muffled cries, found him in his bedroom, on the floor, with his head in his hands, sobbing. Carefully, trying really hard not to scare him, you went near him and quietly whispered his name. You gentle voice seemed to calm him down a bit. He looked up at you.


“Yeah, it’s me. Are you okay, Bucky? Do you need anything?”

You helped him get up and guided him towards his bed. He began telling you about his nightmares and having fought them yourself you knew exactly what would help him. After tucking him in, you excused yourself and went to your apartment for the 3rd present. It was a mixtape of all the songs that helped you during your hard days.

And that was the third present you gave him, the third step to his heart.

The next day you woke up to the sound of your doorbell. When you opened the door, you found a small present, a mixtape from Bucky:  “You have my heart, keep it safe”.