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Sherlolly Appreciation Week, Day 5- The Abominable Bride

Hello again! I was kind of excited to try this theme because I actually never wrote anything at all to do with TAB since it aired over a year ago. Tbh, I wasn’t terribly inspired by it at the time. But that’s another story lol. Now I was happy to try! So although this isn’t technically canon, it also doesn’t conflict with the canon of that episode. It could certainly fit if you’d like it to…I know I would. :)) 

A War He Must Lose

“Going somewhere?”

The deep echo of Sherlock’s voice in the back alley caused the small woman to halt and slowly turn. Once she was facing him, he could see the fear in her eyes. It occurred to him that she was afraid of him and that cut him deeply.

“Suppose I’m not anymore,” she said bitterly. “You’ve come to stop me, I assume?”

“I have,” Sherlock admitted.

She nodded. “And is the whole of Scotland Yard out front then? Waiting to take me away?” she asked through grit teeth.

Sherlock approached her slowly, again noting her trepidation. “No, Molly.”

Her lips parted in momentary shock. “Y-you know…you remember.”

“Of course I remember, yes. Do you really expect that I wouldn’t recognize a childhood schoolmate who happened to have the same last name and unmistakable eyes as a rather short and slight, but supposedly male, doctor at Bart’s hospital?” He raised a brow.

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Hi! Could you do headcanons where the main five Free! boys and a Buizel!Reader? Yep! Its a Pokemon crossover!

Hello! I gotta admit I’m actually not very fond over the Pokemon crossovers… I’ve received a few and since I’m not quite interested in the show or games I’ll keep this short…


Refuses to catch you with a pokeball. He claims the best way to train a pokemon is to keep them free and train them without restrictions. He’s very fond of you and treats you nicely.

Makoto, Rei and Nagisa:

Will probably treat you like any other pokemon, but since you’re their strongest they’d train you well and make sure you’re able to give it your all in every battle.


Focuses more on training and wants to see you develop your strengths. Winning is his top priority and he will go full lengths to get you to your full strength.