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I wish those same entertainment news outlets who hyped Dylan being in the 6b premiere and showing up to SDCC would have shown as much enthusiasm about Posey hitting a huge milestone in his career by directing his first ever hour of primetime television. Not only does he have a producer credit, but he’s got a director credit, now. That’s newsworthy imo.

I like Dylan, but it just makes me sad how unfairly Posey gets treated in comparison. 


Cream Magazine behind the scenes clip of Diego’s photoshoot, featuring adorable Fiona. Too cute for life :)


The debut album by The Velvet Underground was released on 12 March 1967 and was almost universally ignored by critics and the record-buying public at the time.

Financed by Andy Warhol (who is listed as the album’s producer, although he had little involvement in the actual recording of the album), the 4-day recording sessions cost between and estimated $1500-$3000 ($10,000 - $20,000 in today’s dollars). While many involved insist that John Cale actually produced the album, Cale credited Tom Wilson.

Due to the controversial (for the time) subject matter of the songs, the label didn’t promote the album, radio station’s wouldn’t play it, and magazines refused to carry ads for it. To add more problems, Eric Emerson, another Warhol Factory member, sued over the unauthorized use of his (upside down) image on the back cover and demanded payment. Instead of settling the suit, all albums were recalled from stores and a black sticker affixed over Emerson’s image until a new cover without Emerson could be printed.

The band ended their relationship with Andy Warhol shortly after the album’s release, fired Nico (although the band continued to write material for her, and play on her solo records), but continue to work with Tom Wilson.

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Historical figure flirting with Wyatt, Wyatt flirts back and Lucy gets jealous

Thanks for the prompt anon!

So this is a pretty ambiguous time. The movie being made that I mention is released in 1956, so I guess its set then. I was also going to do a big explanation about why they were still time travelling (as this is set post Rittenhouse) but then I figured that bc the prompt didn’t call for it, I didn’t have to. 

Kind of briefly explicit, but I didn’t want to do full smut without it being in the prompt in case a prompt-er doesn’t like it.

hoping my feelings, they would drown read on ao3!

A deep pit settles in Lucy’s stomach. She crosses her arms tightly across her chest, and turns her body slightly to focus on something just over Wyatt’s shoulder in the far distance.

She hears a tinkling laugh and grinds her teeth. Beside her, Rufus nudges her sharply and glares.

“Stop it,” Rufus whispers fiercely.

“Stop what?” Lucy grumbles, bitterness on her tongue as the blonde beauty rests an arm on Wyatt’s forearm and leans towards him.

“Being so obviously jealous,” Rufus says back quietly, and smirks at her.

Lucy glares at him, then the ground, then at Wyatt flirting with Marilyn Monroe, then back at Rufus.

“I’m not jealous,” Lucy whispers back harshly.

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Title: Support Beam
Author: knowyourrights
Artist: Idjitsaviors
Rating: Mature
Pairings: Dean/Cas
Warnings/Tags: Underage (kind of), High school AU, set in the 80s, Party scene, Comedy, Drama, Questioning sexuality, Angst, Childhood best friends
Posting Date: 10/31/2017


Time: A Friday night, 1983
Place: A New Jersey suburb

This is where it all happens. This is where Cas’s story starts. 

He’s seventeen, and he’s about to fall into a world of sex, pain, euphoria, neon lights, love, drugs, fear, partying, danger and dirt.

And Cas swears he’s going to stay grounded in reality through all of this, and he is lying.

Because if you’re going to fall, you need to get off the ground at some point.

- - -


Dean is clinging to the roof that sticks out from under my window, his feet slipping on the loose shingle that should have been replaced long ago, just like my lamp. His nails dig into the wood lining the glass panes, while his other hand taps desperately at it.

“Come on, it’s freezing out here!” he says, as he notices that I’ve pulled the curtains back.

I pull the window up, the cold hitting me in an instant, and, with great difficulty, Dean slides through and lands in a heap on my bedroom floor. Before I close the window, I glance out at the yard. Right by the roof that Dean was standing on stands a birch tree, which I assume he climbed to get up here. Ten feet back, our fence stands, and behind that, a house identical to ours, and another wall ten feet back, and so on. The same house, and the same ten feet go on for miles. If I’d never been to Toronto when I was twelve, I would have thought that they were the only houses in the world. They all look the same, with minor differences only visible if you squint. Some have neater yards. On some the paint is more chipped. Some, you need to turn and look the other way when you pass them, because kids from your school live there, and their hollow eyes make you never want to visit their homes, because everyone knows what’s going on.

It’s a lot like that.

My yard’s empty, since it’s a cold Fall and we’re too old for any purpose that it served before. I remember, when I was younger, Dean and I would spray each other with water pistols, while Sam begged to join in, and Hannah, who was having a “rebellious” phase, sat with a magazine and refused, then shouted at us whenever she got sprayed.

I close the window and turn to face my best friend, who’s now standing up and has taken it upon himself to put on one of my sweaters.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

Dean gives a smile and shrugs. “I don’t know. I was bored. You live close.”
Despite being almost 5 months younger than me, Dean’s inches taller. Sandy brown hair tumbles over his forehead, growing out from a crewcut. Freckles sprinkle his face and his green eyes glimmer with mischief.

“It’s eleven at night, Dean.” I fold my arms, pretending that I’m not happy to see him.

“Come on, Cas. Don’t you want to show me your blueprints?” He gives a wicked grin, knowing I won’t be able to resist the temptation.

“You’re a total loser.” I say, as I pick up my sketchbook, because Dean knows how to use my weaknesses, and I know that the kid will be the death of me one day. Maybe not directly, but I know that when I finally hit the ground, it’ll be because of him and his persuasion.

10 Star Trek Episodes To Help Get Us Through Election 2016

As I, like so many of us, continue to reel from the shockwave caused by the results of our 2016 presidential election, I find myself reflecting a lot on my favorite television franchise of all time: Star Trek. Through its many incarnations, the show has greatly impacted my life. I was 5 years old when The Next Generation premiered, and I have fond memories of watching it with my father, humming along to the theme song together every week. I’m so grateful that it became a part of my life well before I was old enough to know or care that it was a show for “nerds.” (It’s more widely embraced now, but when I was 13, I wasn’t exactly bragging about my extensive VHS collection of episodes I’d taped off the TV.)

Star Trek taught me about justice, equality, and the importance of having tolerance and respect for all people. (It also taught me that we’re all going to get to wear our pajamas to work in the future, but that’s beside the point.) There’s been much conversation and debate regarding show creator Gene Roddenberry’s vision, but one thing that’s certain is that he had a vision of hope for humanity. And I think it’s thanks in part to Star Trek that I’m now conditioned to hold on to that hope - for better or for worse.

But there is no hope without education and awareness. That’s why I wish I could make some of these episodes required viewing. They may be works of fiction, but the lessons are very real and relevant.

And so I present to you, “10 Star Trek Episodes to Help Us Get Through Election 2016.” Episodes that serve to teach, instill hope, and generally remind us how not to suck.

*I’ve certainly left a number of great and relevant episodes off this list. That’s bound to happen when you have six television series that add up to 726 episodes spanning 30 seasons. Feel free to chime in and add your favorites in the comment section.

10. “Remember” Voyager

While Voyager is transporting some Enaran passengers back to their homeworld, chief engineer B’Elanna Torres starts to have vivid dreams of herself as a young Enaran woman wrapped up in a forbidden love affair with an Enaran man who is a member of the “Regressives.” The Regressives were a group who rejected technology and were eventually exterminated. B’Elanna realizes these are not dreams but actual memories being shared with her by one of the Enaran passengers. It turns out the Enarans have covered up the truth of this horrific holocaust for decades. This cautionary tale reminds us that when we do not know our own history, we are often doomed to repeat it.

I also like this episode because I’m a big B’Elanna Torres fan. Half human, half Klingon, B’Elanna was often torn between her two cultures and struggled to accept and find peace with all parts of herself. (Totally relatable to an angsty teenager.) But she could also kick ass and was super smart. She and Captain Janeway were proud Nasty Women.

9. “Demons”/“Terra Prime” Enterprise

Enterprise often fell short of its potential, but these two episodes live up to it. Captain Archer has gathered a group of all-star aliens for a summit to work out an alliance, but an isolationist group wants to put a stop to it by diverting some comets and aiming them towards Earth. This episode does a nice job calling out the awfulness of bigotry. There’s an interesting line from the Andorian Ambassador, “Earth men talk about uniting worlds, but your own planet is deeply divided. Perhaps you’re not ready to host this conference.” With our own society currently being so fragmented, it can feel all too easy to give up. But we have to continue to strive to bridge the gap.

8. “The Outcast” TNG

This episode supporting LGBTQ rights takes place while the Enterprise is on a mission helping an androgynous race called the J’naii. Commander Riker works closely with a J’naii named Soren. The two become close, discussing life without gender distinctions, and Soren eventually confesses to Riker that she identifies as female. But specific gender identification is considered sexual perversion in the J’naii culture. The two become intimate and once discovered, Soren is arrested for it and sentenced to “psychotectic” conversion therapy.

I was ten years old when this episode premiered, and I remember it making an impression on me. I guess I hadn’t really considered the ideas of androgyny, gender fluidity or homosexuality much up to that point, so the episode both raised my awareness and taught me the importance of tolerance.

7. “Past Tense Part 1 & 2” DS9

I’m going to confess right now that Deep Space Nine is my favorite of all the series, and this list definitely favors the show. You’ve been warned.

In this two-parter, Sisko and part of his crew are transported back in time to Earth in the year 2024. In this not-at-all-distant future, the United States has rounded up the poor and homeless and forced them to live in the “sanctuary districts.” While trying to get back to their time, the crew must preserve the timeline. They’ve arrived right at a pivotal moment, the eve of a revolution that finally makes the United States deal with all the social issues it’s been sweeping under the rug for a century. This revolution must happen, even if it means one of the crew must die.

When this episode first premiered over 20 years ago, this future seemed unimaginable to me. Sadly, it seems frighteningly plausible today. It can be far too easy to ignore things that don’t touch us directly. This episode reminds us to stay vigilant and step up to help those less fortunate.

6. “The Drumhead” TNG

When a Klingon traitor is arrested for spying on the Enterprise, it sets off a witch hunt for other feared saboteurs. Eventually even Captain Picard finds himself under investigation by Admiral Satie, a woman driven by paranoia. But the biggest victim of this investigation is a young crewman named Simon Tarses. Through manipulation, he’s tricked into confessing that he lied about his ancestry. His grandfather is actually a Romulan, not a Vulcan. Gasp. This episode taught me more about McCarthyism than any history class I ever took. Power and paranoia are a dangerous combination, even when we start out with good intentions.

5. “Homefront”/“Paradise Lost” DS9

When a bombing at a Federation conference on Earth kills 27, it is revealed that a Changeling is responsible. The Changelings are a race of shapeshifters who can take any form, which is terrifying for obvious reasons. Fear about a potential invasion of Earth causes Starfleet to call in Sisko and his crew as security experts since Odo, the chief of security on Deep Space Nine, is himself a Changeling. Odo expresses concern over how he will be received by the humans of Earth given the current situation. Chief O’Brien tries to make him feel better by telling him nobody could blame him for the actions of his people. And Odo is basically like, “Wanna bet?”

Eventually, Martial Law is declared, but when there’s no invasion, Sisko starts to suspect there’s more going on here. It turns out Starfleet’s Admiral Leyton has been planning a coup to remove the Federation president.

This episode came out in 1996, more than 5 years before 9/11, but it is eerily prescient in predicting how humanity often responds to terrorist threats. Once again, we are given a cautionary tale about letting fear and paranoia control us, lest we destroy paradise all by ourselves.

4. “Far Beyond the Stars” DS9

I love that Star Trek deals with an issue head-on in this episode. It’s not a metaphor for our own culture, it’s a reflection on our actual history. Captain Sisko finds himself having visions where he lives another life as Benny Russell, an African-American science fiction writer in 1950’s New York City. In this reality, he finds himself interacting with human versions of the DS9 crew. Kira plays a fellow writer who has to use a fake name so that readers won’t know she’s a woman, and Dax plays a ditzy secretary who’s smarter than she lets on. These characterizations add some small side commentary on women’s rights to the episode as well.

When Benny’s magazine editor refuses to publish his stories about Captain Sisko, a black commanding officer of a space station, passionate arguments break out. Eventually they reach an agreement, only to have the company pull the entire issue, preferring to take the financial loss that month rather than publish Benny’s story. Throughout the episode, Sisko’s son, Jake, appears as Benny’s friend Jimmy. Jimmy is shot and killed by two cops because he was supposedly caught breaking into a car. Benny is then savagely beaten by those cops for protesting the injustice.  

This episode is set in the 1950s. It aired in 1998. I write this in 2016. How beyond awful is it that Jimmy’s story, specifically, reads like a headline from today’s newspaper? And while discrimination in the workplace today may not always be as blatant as what Benny experienced, we’re lying to ourselves if we think it isn’t still happening. We still have a whole lotta work to do in this department.

3. “Duet” DS9

So, quick background here. Deep Space Nine is a space station that was built by a race of aliens called the Cardassians. It’s positioned near a planet called Bajor. The Cardassians built the station during their occupation of Bajor, where they basically turned the Bajoran people into their slaves and made them live and work in labor camps. When the series begins, the occupation has just ended and Bajor is getting back on its feet with some help from the Federation, who takes over the station.

In this episode, a Cardassian named Marritza arrives on the station suffering from a disease that indicates he worked at one specific Bajoran labor camp. Major Kira, a former member of the Bajoran resistance, is determined to convict the man of war crimes.  She helped liberate this particular labor camp and knows the kinds of atrocities the Cardassians committed there. First Marritza denies having the disease. Then he says he was just a filing clerk at the camp. Eventually a photo is discovered that shows this man is not Marritza but Gul Darhe'el, the leader of the camp who was also known as the “Butcher of Gallitep.” Marritza finally admits he is actually the Gul, but inconsistencies in his stories and those of others lead Kira to discover he is NOT the Gul. I know, confusing, but also very exciting twists and turns.

In the end, the man is Marritza, just a lowly file clerk with a super guilty conscience. Desperate to make amends for the atrocities he allowed the Bajorans to suffer, he wanted to be discovered and punished as the Gul.

In this episode, Kira must confront her own racism. She has every right to be mad, but she realizes that lumping all Cardassians into the same group is completely unfair. For an episode that’s over 20 years old, it’s still a pretty compelling and relevant hour of television.

2. “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” TOS

In one of the most famous episodes of the Original Series, Captain Kirk and the Enterprise encounter two vessels. Aboard one vessel is Lokai who is a fugitive being hunted by commissioner Bele in the other vessel. The two aliens are from the same planet, but Lokai is from a slave race with one half of his body being black and the other half white. Bele is from the master race, and his skin is half white and half black - the reverse of Lokai’s skin. The two groups have been engaged in a race war for years, and thanks to their extraordinary powers, Bele has been chasing Lokai for 50,000 years. Eventually the aliens force the Enterprise to take them back to their homeworld. Once they arrive, they discover that their people have been totally wiped out. They destroyed themselves due to their crazy racial hatred. When Bele and Lokai realize they’re the only ones left, they start to blame each other for what happened. The two continue to fight, presumably to their own demise.

So, yeah, let’s not let it come to that for us, shall we?

1. “Darmok” TNG

“Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.” It’s one of the most famous lines from The Next Generation. It also sounds like total gibberish. It is. And that’s kind of the point.  

When a group of Tamarians basically kidnap Captain Picard and forcibly strand him on a planet with their captain named Dathon, the two have a heck of a time communicating. The universal translator is pretty much useless because, although it can translate the literal words being said, the Tamarians speak entirely in allegory. Without the necessary cultural background knowledge, Dathon’s phrases initially confuse Picard. When Dathon says, “Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra” and throws Picard a knife, Picard misinterprets and thinks it’s a challenge to fight. Later, the two men realize a beast of some sort is stalking them. As they work together to defeat it, Picard starts to understand the meaning of Dathon’s phrase. It’s a reference to a story of two warriors working together to defeat an enemy - a story of cooperation. Sadly, Dathon is critically wounded in their fight against the beast. He was willing to sacrifice himself in order to build a bridge of communication between the two cultures.

As individuals and as groups, we yearn to be understood. It’s what helps pave the way to cooperation, acceptance, and even friendship. Goodness knows communication and understanding don’t always come easy, but they can literally mean the difference between war and peace, life and death. Gene Roddenberry and I think peace is worth the effort.

In 1961, after her near death illness and tracheotomy, Elizabeth agreed to be interviewed by Look Magazine but refused to be photographed. Douglas Kirkland was the Look photographer: “I told her I was new with the magazine and she could imagine what it would mean to me if she would let me photograph her.” And she agreed.

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Quick 3 sentence, Terry begins to enact his plan to reunite Bruce with the Batfam. 1st on the list is Damian, and Terry tries to introduce himself. Damian already knows about him, having investigated the new Batman shortly after his debut. He is deeply unimpressed with Terry's attempts to appear out of the darkness to speak with him, mainly because he heard him coming 3 blocks back. :)

Continuation of this.


The man didn’t match the description, Terry decided, watching from above, hopping from rooftop to rooftop as the man walked down the sidewalk.

This wasn’t the terrifying Wayne heir who refused to give magazine interviews. This wasn’t a man raised by assassins, trained under two Batmen.

This was a dad. This was a father carrying a sleeping baby down the street, walking home from a late night cough medicine run.

And the sigh was a surprise. The pause under the streetlamp was a surprise, too. But what was most surprising of all was when the man turned around, apropos of nothing, and stared right up at Terry.

“Are you going to introduce yourself?” Damian asked, effortlessly shifting the baby on his shoulder, repositioning the bag on his opposite elbow. “Or are you just going to follow me for another three blocks?”

china machado is a legend like harper’s bazaar refused to print her photos and then dick avedon threatened to break contract and stop photographing for the magazine unless they published her images and then she became the first non-white model on the cover and then after three years of working as a model with avedon exclusively, she became senior fashion editor and eventual fashion director of the magazine that refused to let her photos run in the first place like gag

Reminds me much of high school. I did not do much notebooks, because the teachers explained what was already stated in the mandatory-to-buy textbooks anyway.. So my bag *only* consisted of that many many textbooks (otherwise we would get punished not to bring them), one folder, several notebooks and exercise books that the teachers made it really mandatory to have, and the lifesavers: a bunch of stationery, mainly colored pens, highlighters to highlight important points in the textbooks and post-its (ranging from the actual brand to random cute Korean post-its) to write any additional information from the teachers. And my colorful planner that I got from a magazine (I refused to use the school-issued planner, yep for some reasons they made us buy but they were big and heavy, needed to save my back from all those extra weights, and well.. they were just so plain HAHA).

Anyway. Most of the time when people tried to borrow my notes, I would decline and some would frown upon it. How could you not having any notebooks? (my grades were not bad, I think people assigned it to heavy note-taking.. and tuition, which I did not attend, and completing exercises which I did for the subjects that I liked heh.) Well, if you wanted, you could check my textbooks and post-it notes. They would counterargue by saying that the teachers had summarized for us. I still chose to just highlight those points, the advantage being I just need one book to refer to during reviews. This in turn helped me much in uni..

Have I ever mentioned that one teacher scolded me for studying? Well I think it was kind of rude to do that as I was reading up other parts of the textbook when she was talking in front of the class. She shared the class with another teacher and the share was 1 part her to 2 parts for the other teacher. She taught the proper lesson for maybe one quarter or one third of the allocated timeslot, and spent the rest of the slot chatting or “preaching” about how to behave as a girl which she had repeated for many many weeks (if you have not already known, I attended an all-girls high school). I got bored with it (INTJ me! *insert sarcastic laugh here*) and read up the parts taught by the other teacher. She anyhow found out and threatened to stop her “sermon”. And the whole class, enjoying their time off studying, of course sided with the teacher and also scolded me for not paying attention and studying (other parts of the textbook) instead. For once, I thought that it was better if she asked me to get out of the class instead which I think I would have done gladly and gratefully, partly as a symbol of protest of the lack of proper teaching. Sadly she was my CCA teacher in charge and I am quite sure her MBTI contained an F so it might tensed up the relationship for some time if I walked away.

Memories exist because you existed, don’t they?

Written at four o'clock in the morning,


AU:The wait is over Harry & Louis explain it all” reads the cover of Attitude’s latest issue. The famous British gay magazine had an interview with two members of the biggest boyband on the planet right now, and the fans and the press want to know exactly what Harry and Louis actually talked about. Even though the magazine refused to give any further details, they released the cover of the following issue as a sneak peek. The two boys look quite cuddly as a matter of fact; Louis is practically sitting on Harry’s lap as the curly haired boy slips his hand underneath his partner’s arm to hold him really close.


Cover: Not too long ago, the new drama series <Best Couple> officially finished filming for broadcast. From an idol with a refreshing image who gradually grew into the roles of being an actor, he is even eye-catching in variety shows like <Be the Idol> and <Star Escape Room>. Zhou Mi takes on the world as an all-round outstanding celebrity, proving an
equally gorgeous and exciting solo.

Q: In the new drama with Lee DaHae, your character “Yan XiCheng” was a person who worked hard to fulfill his “celebrity dream”, is the similarity between the character and yourself high? Zhou Mi: My character in the drama is quite lucky, because he was discovered while herding sheep. I was scouted on my way to university, The way we debuted was the same, but only that he debuted as an actor and I debuted as a singer.
Q: Thinking back, what’s the thing you miss most before debut? Zhou Mi: The competition days. Because during university, I went to Zhuhai to compete. That time, I thought about quickly coming out with an album. I was by myself during those times, so it was hard work. But I could sing the songs I liked during that time. Thinking back, that time was the most unstressed and happy.
Q: Through the exposed on-set pictures, a lot of netizens think you and Lee DaHae are really compatible. As an acting senior, did she teach you any acting techniques? Zhou Mi: Actually this drama was shot really rushed. Before filming, we didn’t have a lot of time to communicate on the script. But after filming started, when we rehearsed together, she really took care of me. Since it was my first time filming in Korea, there was a lot of things I’m not use to, she would tell me what I should do. We have a good understanding of each other.
Q: In real life, what kind of girl do you think is your “best couple”?Zhou Mi: I think a considerate girl has the most charm. Girls all like considerate boys, we are the same (smile)
Q: Even though this is an inspirational drama, it is also a romantic comedy, in real life, do you think you have a high humour index? Zhou Mi: I think it’s quite high. But my humour is best displayed while interacting with familiar friends in a relaxed environment.
Q: You also take on jobs as an MC, are you normally a “chatter box”? Zhou Mi: I don’t think so. Even though I am an MC, in private, I usually warm up slowly. If it’s meeting for the first time, I don’t talk a lot. But if it’s with good friends, I will let myself go more.

Q: On Weibo, fans also gave you fan support. What are their existence to you? Zhou Mi: They are my “warming pad”. Because we were filming at Gangwon before, it was really cold there, it’s quite hard filming int he winter. But because of their fan support, my heart felt really warm.
Q: If you were in a relationship, would you mind wearing couple clothes with your girlfriend? Zhou Mi: Probably not when we are out, then it will be too conspicuous. But I would probably be alright to try in private.
Q: Up until now, which part of life do you think you are at? Are you already met with your parents rushing you to get married? Zhou Mi: Probably not rushing to get married, but because my parents can’t take care of me, so they want me to get a girlfriend. The entire last year, I met everyone as a solo artist. Right now, my focus is still on my career.
Q: Before your performance was really eye-catching in Stars Escape Room, what was your most memorable segment? Zhou Mi: This show has a segment called “Speed Quiz” to test reaction time. I realized that a lot of questions were from elementary school textbooks, this brought up a lot of memories from going to school back then. I thought it was really amusing and resonating.

Q: In a certain interview with you in the past, you mentioned you wanted to “learn to be alone”, it seems like you can manage yourself pretty well? Are you good at cooking as well?Zhou Mi: I am quite good at managing myself, in terms of cooking, I recently just found out I have a talent in it too. (laughs) Sometimes I would go to Jia and Fei’s place and they would be the ones cooking for me. But most of the time when I return from work, I really feel like having some Chinese cuisine, so I thought of trying to cook for myself. Then I went online to look for recipes, the first time I tried, I succeeded right after, thereafter I got more confident in my cooking skills. Tomato egg, fried mollusks, pepper beef and flavoured pork are some of the dishes I’ve ever cooked and they were tasty. (laughs)
Q: Jia, Fei and yourself were hosts for <Idol True Colours> that is really popular. As an MC, what kinds of guests left an impression on you?Zhou Mi: When we are recording shows, two kinds of guests are usually the most memorable for us. The frst being guests who are more reserved, while the other are guests that never stop talking. (laughs) I think being an MC means having to be able to accept every guest as they are and be really prepared.
Q: Your first album <Rewind> got a lot of attention, are there any plans for a second album? Do you have any plans to hold a Fan Meeting (FM)?Zhou Mi: The new album is already in the making. When I released <Rewind> I already thought of holding an FM but subsequently due to the ways my schedules were arranged, I really had limited time left and could not do that.I have always wanted to do those unplugged LIVE SHOW, so I hope that for the next album I could go onto more promotional activities back at home in mainland China.
Q: You had stunning renditions when you did the variety show <Be the Idol>, who do you wish to have music collaborations with?Zhou Mi: I hope that I can more opportunities to work with Chinese musicians. Previously on the set of <Be the Idol> I worked with Khalil Fong. I think he is someone who has a lot of ideas. I hope to have more chances to work with him.

Interesting Q&A:01 If you could change a weakness into a strength?I love shopping way too much, there are too many items at home that I have no space for new ones anymore. But I don’t stay in bed and refuse to get up, usually my manager doesn’t have to worry about this, but I kind of wish my manager would come and wake me up. These two things should be exchanged.
02 Describe who Zhou Mi is with an adjective?Diligent
03 If Jia and Fei both fall into the water?I will first watch how far they can last. But maybe they would say, you jump in too, let’s all die together (laughs)
04 If tomorrow is Doomsday?I will go home and be with my family
05 If you receive a call from fans?In the past I really received and answered calls from fans. Because I don’t really know how to refuse (laughs)

Magazine scans by 傾聽周覓_Listen_For_Mi
Translated by @Vanet9 and @TsweetYumi for @SunshineZhouMi

From “The Refusal of Time”
by William Kentridge, made for documenta13
Kassel (Germany), 2012

Collaboration with @filterkaffee
Concept inspired by @cyrilberthaultjacquieruniverse