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if you're doing the 7kpp ask meme, i'd love to hear about 7 and 8!

Okay.  So this is late, and it’s not even done.  But it was getting… y’know.  Long-ish, so I think it’s best if I do this in two parts.

I guess I  got a little carried away.

This is the story of a Court Lady’s parents,  Dhorée the palace apothecary and Silla the military intelligence officer and nobleman.

4,630 words, pairing: Corval!mc’s parents, general rating except for some language

Note: Lady Renn isn’t the mother of any of the princes or Sina; she’s an AU wife of the emperor I guess.

Part Two Here

Part One

It began small.

A courtier grumbled casually at the Emperor’s table over imperial taxes, and the courtier’s favorite servant spent three days violently ill.  A visiting dignitary found themself mysteriously and increasingly weakened over weeks, until, finally bedridden, the Empress generously sent her own favored apothecary who miraculously cured their illness.  A snide grand princess made a remark towards the Emperor’s wife, and at a garden party found herself so overcome with admiration and need for a mere guard, that she quite made a fool of herself.  The aftermath of artworks of fine slippered feet sticking akimbo from shrubbery were quite amusing.

Dhorée had not protested to these requests the Empress made of her these past three years.  After all, it was merely the nature of her profession.  An “apothecary” serving in the Corvali court could hardly claim a weak stomach.  No more than a kite could be without wings.

And so, Dhorée stood silent at the Empress’s side as she and the newest wife of the Emperor traded pleasantries.

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Oh maybe a strain was able to take away yata's homra powers like no aura no nothing and even the homra mark disappears and to make him even more depressed this is post mikoto and totsuka's death and he feels like the most pathetic & weakest person alive, refuses to leave his apartment, is super self loathing, maybe self harm/suicidal if you think that's not too ooc & maybe Anna finds a way to contact fushimi (pre reconciliation) and tells him to please help misaki it can only be you sorta thing

So if this is pre-reconciliation then maybe it happens in that gap between the end of S1 and MK where poor Yata’s already suffering from a lot of depression and isolation, he’s desperately trying to hang on to the ghost of Homra even though it feels like everything’s slipping away from him, like his place to belong has been shattered to pieces and all he’s got left are small bits of memory like his tattoo and his powers. Then one day Scepter 4 is out chasing this really dangerous high level Strain who has the power to completely nullify the powers granted by a King, like this Strain can neutralize clansmen completely and it’s really only Kings who can handle him. Scepter 4’s on high alert but Homra doesn’t know anything about what’s happening, since they’re basically disbanded at this point and Kusanagi’s out of the country anyway so there’s not really anyone that Awashima can remain in contact with. Yata’s out skateboarding miserably around the city when he accidentally runs into the Strain without noticing it. A few minutes later he passes the Scepter 4 blockade and for a moment locks eyes with Fushimi, Fushimi immediately looks away because he just can’t handle how upset Yata looks right now and of course Yata just keeps going because it’s not like Saruhiko’s going to help him anyway.

Yata ends up going back to his apartment and maybe he fell off his skateboard at some point so he’s a bit muddy and bruised and decides to take a shower. He heads into the bathroom and pulls off his shirt and just freezes, staring in the bathroom mirror as he realizes that his Homra tattoo is gone. Yata starts to lose it a little, at first he’s all ‘no way…’ and he starts just yelling that his tattoo can’t be gone, like it disappeared for a minute when Mikoto died and all the lights rose into the sky but then it came back, it was there and it can’t be gone. He tries to use his powers to show the universe he’s still a member of Homra but those don’t work either and I think that would be a huge blow to Yata on top of all his other losses, like the one bit of Mikoto he was still holding onto is gone. He ends up calling Kamamoto, voice shaking as he asks about Kamamoto’s tattoo and powers and gets the confused reply that Kamamoto’s powers are still there and he’s pretty sure his tattoo is too. That would probably be the biggest blow to Yata right there, the sudden dreaded thought that only he lost his powers, like here he’s the one holding on tighter to Homra’s legacy than anyone and suddenly he’s left with nothing, abandoned in the biggest way he can imagine and Yata just curls up on his bed in despair repeating Mikoto’s name over and over again.

Meanwhile Fushimi’s busy still trying to track down the Strain when he gets a call from Anna. Fushimi almost doesn’t answer the unfamiliar number but something makes him pick it up anyway and he hears Anna’s voice as urgent as he’s ever heard it, telling him to go find Misaki. Fushimi starts to argue like I’m not part of Homra anymore and Misaki is my enemy but Anna is insistent, she feels something terrible is going to happen if Fushimi doesn’t go to Misaki right now. Fushimi tries to tell himself that he doesn’t have to do anything but he finds himself running off anyway towards Yata’s apartment. When he gets there the door is unlocked and for some reason that gives Fushimi a chill, memories floating back of unlocked doors and the reasons why, and he finds himself calling Yata’s name as he steps inside the apartment. He finds Yata lying in a heap, maybe with burn scars on his arms because he thought that maybe if he put his hand into some fire that would like jump start his powers but all he did was injure himself. Yata’s lethargic from lack of food and sleep but he’s still surprised to see Fushimi, who just feels this rush of a hundred emotions that he can’t even name as he grabs Yata by the shirt and demands to know what the fuck he’s doing.

Yata just laughs bitterly and says that Fushimi was right all along, Homra’s worthless and dead and Yata’s the most worthless of all, even abandoned by Mikoto’s legacy. He tells Fushimi that his powers are gone and the tattoo is gone, gone like Mikoto and Totsuka and Fushimi himself because obviously there’s something wrong with Yata that makes people kick him out of every place he’s ever thought he belonged. Fushimi realizes what must have happened and starts to tell Yata it’s a Strain thing but Yata’s still stewing in depression and misery and finally Fushimi just grabs him and holds him close, repeating his name as he says that Yata’s stronger than this, Yata belonged in Homra more than anyone else and he’s an idiot if he thinks no one cares about him. Yata’s so confused by Fushimi being caring towards him but he can’t stop himself from clinging to Fushimi a bit as Fushimi awkwardly tries to admit that he doesn’t want to see Yata hurt without actually saying it. Eventually he is able to get across that this is a Strain power and temporary and that helps a bit, like Yata’s able to recover himself some. Once Yata looks more okay Fushimi goes to leave and Yata tries to stop him, wondering why Fushimi actually came to help him and Fushimi just mutters that Anna asked him to and don’t expect this again, we’re still enemies as he walks out of the apartment and doesn’t let himself look back.

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  • Game of Thrones: *shows Jon Snow's lifeless body on the cold, hard ground*
  • Me: Okay so when is he gonna get up?
  • GOT: He dead.
  • Me: Sure he is. So when is getting back up?
  • GOT: You're not listening. He's totally dead.
  • Me: Okay. Whatever you say.
  • GOT:
  • Me:
  • GOT:
  • Me: So when is he getting back up?

I’m posting a theory, whether people see or not, I don’t mind. I don’t think Quicksilver is dead. In the beginning of the movie, Agent Hill was explaining to Cap about his fast metabolism. Now, maybe that speed can help in his healing process. I mean, they brought Coulson back and he had injuries just as bad. Maximoff can’t just keel over like that, in my opinion. He played a bigger role than that in the comics, and in the Amazing Spider-Man cartoon series (where Neil Patrick Harris played SM), Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch survive. So.. In conclusion, I’m pretty sure they’re just keeping him at bay and will surprise us in the Infinity War. I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT BEAUTIFUL SPECIMEN IS DEAD.


Women’s Appreciation Week. Day Sixe: Unfairly Treated Female CharacterM

Here today, I remember this, I believe, from Tennyson: “We are not now that strength which in old days moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are. One equal temper of heroic hearts, made weak by time and fate, but strong in will. To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

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