refuse to accept they are out of the senshi's lives after this

PGSM Reinako Headcanon

Feels like it’s been some time since I made any Reinako post, so here goes something different - my headcanons - in no particular order!

1. Artemis is the biggest Reinako shipper.
In fact he remembers Mars and Venus’ closeness in the past life, which was why he tried to stop Minako from getting too attached with Rei at first because he didn’t want Minako or Rei to suffer when Minako’s death approaches. But when he realize the distance is doing more harm than good, he went to Rei for help, hoping Rei could reignite hope in Minako.

2. Hino Risa supports Reinako.
It was on Risa (may she rest in peace)’s anniversary that Rei and Minako first met - what are the chances that Minako would visit the very same church on the same day that Rei went to visit her mother’s grave? I’d like to think Risa has something to do with it from above, thinking her daughter’s too lonely and too sad and needs a partner. ;D

3. Rei’s decisions has everything to do with Minako.
Rei initially followed the past life mission because she thought it’s the right thing to do, but once figuring out Minako’s obsession with the past life is stopping Minako from facing her illness, Rei rejected the past life. She would continue fighting, for peace, for her friends, for Minako, but not for the past life. But once Minako passed away, Rei re-accepted her past life, especially rising to her role as Minako’s second-in-command, now becoming the leader in Venus’ absence, because fulfilling their past life mission is what Minako would’ve wanted. She carries Venus’ dying wish with her, and for that reason she was able to also summon Venus’ dagger in the final battle.

4. Venus intentionally did Mars’ pose in Special Act
Venus did Mars’ pose during the battle against Mio in the Special Act on purpose because she thinks Mars should’ve been there. It serves to honor her earlier words, echoing that Rei is there in their hearts – more importantly, in Venus’. For the same reason, she was able to call Mars’ dagger to her.

5. They fought and kissed
So why were Minako and Rei so awkward at Usagi’s wedding? I imagine Minako visited Rei at the hospital after their final battle with Mio, and they had an argument, Minako berating Rei for her recklessness, and Rei justifying why she did her investigation without backup. Somewhere between the shouting fest, Minako - being terrible at communicating her own feelings (lets face it, they both suck at it), kissed Rei to shut Rei up and show Rei how much she cared beyond friendship. It was a heat of the moment thing, and the others barged into Rei’s hospital room to visit before they could really talk about the elephant in the room. Hence, the awkwardness at Usagi’s wedding.

6. Makoto and Ami ship it!
Okay this is very self-explanatory - I mean, look at the shared knowing gaze between the two of them at Usagi’s wedding after Rei and Minako bumped into each other! Though, my headcanon is this started sometime during their high school years. Makoto had the hunch first, told Ami about her suspicion, and then with the new information, Ami confirmed and agreed with Makoto. They both ship Reinako. Sneakily, they both actually witnessed the kiss in Rei’s hospital room from the door, and before things got out of hand, decided to barge in for fear their leader and second-in-command would hurt themselves.

7. Usagi the matchmaker seals the deal
Usagi didn’t really put 2 to 2 together until after her wedding, where she sees Rei and Minako becoming really close with each other. Afterwards, she started making excuses to create situations where Rei and Minako are forced to spend time alone with each other, and eventually Reinako officially happened.

8. Rei only plays the piano for Minako
General PGSM headcanon - like her manga counterpart, Rei also plays the piano. It’s something her mother taught her as Risa was a pianist, and after Risa’s death, her father took out the piano from their home because he couldn’t stand the remembrance. Not long after, he left Rei at the shrine. On some days when she knew the music room is empty, Rei would secretly play the piano after school to remember her mother.  Even before Rei and Minako became a couple, Minako one day found out Rei could play the piano, and in typical Minako fashion, bribed persuaded Rei to play for her. Since then Minako often had Rei help her with singing practice, and forming melodies for her new songs.  Rei never admits it, but secretly enjoys sharing something of her mother’s with Minako.

9. Rei’s favourite Minako song is “I’m Here”
Rei doesn’t tell Minako she secretly listens to all of Minako’s songs and memorizes all the lyrics.  She doesn’t tell she dislike the songs with past life references - which is more often than not unfortunately -, and loves it when Minako sings from her heart.  “I’m Here” is Rei’s favourite, because it’s one of the first songs she hears Minako singing her true feelings, on how she wanted to live, her fears and hope.  Rei especially love the lyrics where Minako says “If I’m able to be reborn someday in the future, With a smile as big as I can make, I’ll be by your side.” She loves it because she hears that song, and remembers how Minako came back to life after the final battle, and true to the lyrics, Minako was often by her side, and Minako was happy when they are together hanging out. What she didn’t know was, while Minako wrote the song with the Senshi, Luna and Artemis in mind, Minako did thought of Rei the most when writing and singing that song.

10. Minako’s math tutor: Hino Rei
Once their friendship stabilized and the two of them got closer, Rei found out Minako has terrible grades especially with math and science, and she offered to help. Minako took the offer with something extra in mind - less studying, more snacks, and more sleepovers.  Minako would often sneak into Rei’s room at the shrine in the evening after work, bringing dessert with her to share, and ask Rei to help her with math homework or to study for a quiz, and intentionally draw the study sesh long so Rei would just tell her to stay over that night for fear of Minako’s safety to travel home or to the hotel so late - not that Minako doesn’t kickbutt on her own and would also have Artemis with her - but Rei just cares and Minako finds it sweet. Minako was more than happy to stay and sleep in the extra futon Rei set up for her.

11. Archery's the new sexy
Like her manga counterpart, Rei joined her school’s Kyudo (Japanese archery) club once she got into high school. She excels at it and easily became her school district’s no.1 archer. Minako expects it knowing Mars was the best archer ever in the past life, but doesn’t tell Rei that. What she tells Rei though, is she wants to evaluate Rei’s performance and make Rei promise to invite her to every competition. When Rei challenged Minako’s intention and refused to do so (because Rei was just too humble and finds letting her friends cheer her on when she wins embarrassing), Minako then challenged Rei if she’s afraid of being caught losing. We all know how well that would settle with Rei’s pride… So Rei ends up inviting not only Minako, but the rest of the Senshi to all her competition, and wins every single time. Minako would always tell Rei her approval of Rei’s exceptional performance, but never tell Rei she finds Rei in traditional Japanese kyudo getup very sexy.