Imagine Loki hiring you as his manager while he slowly takes over Midgard again. You are to manage his PR, his daily schedule, and you also are his guide to everything Midgardian. He doesn’t make it easy for you, though. He causes trouble, doesn’t listen to your advice very often, and in general, annoys and intimidates you. He is the God of Mischief after all, and you are the nearest target available to him. You suffer through his antics because he pays well and also, you don’t know what might befall you if you refuse him. He is kinda scary after all.

However, slowly, his mischief towards you becomes more intimate in nature. Your attempts at dating suffer weird setbacks, you aren’t allowed any leaves, and Loki crowds your personal space way too often. You have no idea how to deal with this side of him, but he sure knows how to push all your buttons. Secretly, you like the attention, as you do find him devastatingly attractive. But you desperately want to keep everything professional and try to ignore it. It all comes to a point where he grows strangely possessive of you and you can no longer push it under the rug. And then, one fine day, you find yourself in his embrace, seduced and compromised, wondering how the hell did you end up here.

As a feminist I find it very offensive that femininity means you can’t be taken seriously. I refuse that. I insist that women should have a choice to be as feminine as they like, as they want to be and still be taken seriously. You don’t have to wear oversize suits to be taken seriously. My suggestion perhaps is that men should try wearing high heels. I think it’s a good idea. High heels help you with your posture.
—  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Every Wehraboo

“The Tiger II, aka the Königstiger, aka the Super King Tiger, aka Emperor Awesomeclaw Space Battletank Who Is My Fursonawaifutulpa, was the best tank of the war. Its armor could withstand a direct hit from Fat Man and Little Boy simultaneously, and its KwK 43 main gun destroyed an American and Russian division with one shot, at the same time. Every time. It didn’t need any petroleum products, which is good because Germany didn’t have any when it came out. It ran on pure Unicorn Vomit, a triumph of German engineering.”


“Ceux qui parlent de révolution et de lutte de classes sans se référer explicitement à la vie quotidienne, sans comprendre ce qu'il y a de subversif dans l'amour et de positif dans le refus des contraintes, ceux-là ont dans la bouche un cadavre.”

  • Traité de savoir-vivre à l'usage des jeunes générations

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