Imagine that you’re one of the castle’s chefs. One day, Loki finds his way into the kitchen and asks for a very specific foreign dish from the head chef. This task is delegated to you, since you actually know how to make it. Loki, upon tasting the dish when it is sent to him, demands to meet you.

He asks you many questions about how you made it, and is delighted to find that you have the foreign nation’s form of magic. Yours is specifically with cooking, which also blends into anything that can be categorized as “cooking,” like making potions. This leads you you being volen-told into making several questionable things as Loki’s personal chef.

Over time, you get used to him and befriend him, and he you. One day, he asks you to make a love potion; you outright refuse due to a past trauma. He’s upset and angry, not listening as you try to explain; you leave his quarters to encounter Thor, who immediately demands you to be his chef due to his sibling’s insolence.

Loki goes to find you after your argument only to hear Thor’s offer. Shenanagains ensue as Loki tries to get you to forgive him and remain his chef, while Thor urges you to become his personal chef.

Imagine Loki hiring you as his manager while he slowly takes over Midgard again. You are to manage his PR, his daily schedule, and you also are his guide to everything Midgardian. He doesn’t make it easy for you, though. He causes trouble, doesn’t listen to your advice very often, and in general, annoys and intimidates you. He is the God of Mischief after all, and you are the nearest target available to him. You suffer through his antics because he pays well and also, you don’t know what might befall you if you refuse him. He is kinda scary after all.

However, slowly, his mischief towards you becomes more intimate in nature. Your attempts at dating suffer weird setbacks, you aren’t allowed any leaves, and Loki crowds your personal space way too often. You have no idea how to deal with this side of him, but he sure knows how to push all your buttons. Secretly, you like the attention, as you do find him devastatingly attractive. But you desperately want to keep everything professional and try to ignore it. It all comes to a point where he grows strangely possessive of you and you can no longer push it under the rug. And then, one fine day, you find yourself in his embrace, seduced and compromised, wondering how the hell did you end up here.