refurbished iphones

advice needed!!! 

problem: i need a new phone and i have no money

solution: yay, get a phone on a payment plan! 

except… apparently it’s not that easy. my service is a $60/month prepaid at&t thing. from what i understand on at&t’s (less functional than tumblr) website, similar service on a contract or w/e would cost me like $20 more/month, PLUS the cost of the phone financing. ??? 

i don’t hate the idea of a contract or whatever if it’ll get me a phone, but i am sure af not paying more than i pay now for worse service (at&t is known for that tho tbh). 

anyone else have an idea? 

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A little controversial, but which one do you think Bucky is? Apple? Samsung? Android? Windows? Another? What about Steve, Sam, and Natasha? (No Stark Tech or Pym Technologies allowed, only real life brands.)

Full disclosure, I’m an Android user, plus my actual headcanon is that they use Stark tech because, honestly, researching computers and phones is one of those necessary evils that come around every few years, but it Bores.Me.To.Tears.

But for the sake of discussion and all that…

I’m only going to address Bucky and phones, because, see above, I’m NOT a tech-head and I have no idea what the benefits vs shortcomings are of Mac vs PC, nor do I have much knowledge even about phones at the moment because I’ve been using my HTC1 M8 for about 2 years now and praying it lasts 5 more, so aside from what I’ve heard in the news about the Note 7′s blowing up, the HTC U11 looking glorious, and that a new iPhone will be coming out eventually, I’m happily clueless.


I do have Thoughts™ on Bucky’s phone choice… and it does come down to that: choice. Because choice is a Big Thing for Bucky.

If Stark tech didn’t exist, I think Bucky would be an Android guy (again, not sure which phone so keeping this discussion on a very general level), mostly because of the matter of choice and cost. Bucky’s very much a product of the Great Depression. I headcanon him as a penny pincher in many ways, though he’s also canonically VERY generous, like dropping a thick roll of cash in the cup of a homeless vet on Christmas kind of generous*…

… so he’s no Scrooge, just very thoughtful about how he spends his money. I see him turning a little pale at the cost of iPhones and being more than a little frustrated that there are no less expensive options (because even used/refurbished iPhones are hella expensive). So he’d check out Android and even if the OS is a little fussier, he’d see the myriad choices of phones, including cheap flip phones, and appreciate not being limited to only one option. (He’s had enough of being limited to only one option…)

There’s also the matter of the “keeping up with the Joneses” reputation of iPhones. Bucky couldn’t care less about that, so that aspect of the iPhone user base might turn him off iPhones.

As for Sam, Nat and Steve… I can’t say other than I hope that at least two of them have iPhones so that there can be epic and hilarious ongoing Discussions and Debates about the merits of each (none of which I will write because I don’t want to do the research required, so go free, plot bunny, to whoever wants you).

*panel is from the Winter Soldier: Winter Kills issue, which should be required reading for every Bucky fan, because it lays out so much detail about the man he becomes post-HYDRA.

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Who tf falls in love with a toaster thats her fault not mine

imagine half of the population dissolving n u find out it’s bc wanda’s dumbass loved a guy who prob has the inner workings and complexity of a single refurbished iPhone