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Eyes closed, you took a deep breath.  No matter how many times you stepped onto this stage, there was always something electrifying about those first moments between when the music began and you truly started to sing.

You loved music. You always had.  You loved the way you could use music to pull feelings up from the depths of your soul, to share those feelings with everyone around you, the way you could use music to make them feel what you felt.

The job as a singer in a jazz club in London was like a dream come true.  You didn’t care that it barely paid anything at all - it paid enough to keep a roof over your head and food in your stomach and that was more than you’d ever hoped for.

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Day 10 – In a Band

Pairings: Eren/Mikasa with Briefly mentioned Levi/Hanji & Connie/Sasha, Shingeki no Kyojin

Rating: T (Language)

Words: 8318

Inspired By: Drive By (Train), Holding Out For a Hero (Jennifer Sanders),  All to Myself (Marianas Trench)

Notes:Basically this AU week and my 30 day of AUs is my excuse to write all the stories I’ve had in my head for ages. I always really liked the idea of one of them being a celebrity and the other just being so completely dense to that, unknowingly making a very good impression. I tend to make Mikasa the calm and collected one and Eren the one who fumbles a bit more so I thought it’d be fun to reverse that here ;3 Title is from “Drive By” by Train. It was also brought to my attention that I doubled up one of the characters roles whoops. I tried to fix it but I’m at work so I had to do it on my phone. In case I missed anything, Annie is the roommate and Sasha is the stage manager haha

But That One Night Was More Than Just Right

Great. This was just great. As if Mikasa wasn’t already late to lunch with her always punctual brother and sister-in-law. As if it wasn’t already like 100 degrees outside.As if she didn’t take a short cut that led her through the middle of nowhere. Her car just had to break down now of all times.

Mikasa had her head against her steering wheel as she tried not to watch smoke fizzle up from under the hood of her car. She pawed over at the passenger’s seat where her bag was, waiting till she felt the familiar shape of her cellphone. She lifted her head just a bit as she brought her phone to her eyes to find the nearest tow service she could and maybe call Levi and admit she’d be late. The sight nearly made her throw her phone through the windshield.

“No service? Are you fucking kidding me?” she whined a loud. This was ridiculous. What was next? A farmer with an axe coming out of the corn field she was next to and start beating on her car? Mikasa was fairly certain this day couldn’t get any worse.

With a sigh she pushed open her door and stepped out in the hot and humid summer air. She pulled off the nice blouse she was wearing, leaving her in just a tank top and shorts and leaned back in the car to pop her hood. She knew approximately two things about how to fix a car and that was how to change a tire and how to change her fluids. Hell, she wasn’t even sure Levi knew anything about cars, not that he was here to help or even knew where she was to look for her when she didn’t show up for lunch.

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