hohoho i finally did it after saying i was going to forever

since this is my first time doing commissions this will probably end up being modified later on after i figure stuff out more

fetish art also counts as nsfw

if you commission me to draw a rowlet the price will probably be lower than the normal colored price but i’m not entirely sure about how much it’ll be yet

i’ll be giving myself up to two weeks to finish any single commission just to reduce stress, but for the most part they shouldn’t take nearly that long

ill take payment beforehand and refund if i’m unable to complete the drawing

if you have any other questions either email me or send me an ask on @kundroid so i don’t spam this blog too much

for the time being ill just have 5 slots open because i’m not sure how this’ll go and i don’t wanna get overwhelmed

i’ll reblog the post and say so when there are no more slots left

smol giveaway time

okie dokie im doing a small giveaway since i just got my tax refund & i have another one coming!


-steam gift card worth $50usd


-must be following @adamjensensexual (me) as this is a giveaway for my followers (dont just follow for the giveaway & unfollow after, thats rude lmao)
-reblog as many times as you want
-likes dont count but you can bookmark this post
-no giveaway/sideblogs

giveaway ends april 1 12 am pst

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'd like to have some advice? I commissioned a piece off an artist in maybe late December and decided to check in early February, but I haven't received any reply at all despite the user clearly being active on their blog. What would be the proper ettequite for addressing this? I have rather limited funds so I don't exactly want to constantly have to regulate my spending on food and the such in order to maintain the money to pay the price of the art (a decision made in more stable times.)

I would say if they haven’t answered email to message them on their blog. It’s extremely rude of an artist to not offer a refund if they aren’t able to finish your piece– or in your case, to keep you waiting and hold out on the money.

If it comes to a certain point, you shouldn’t have to wait anymore and should just let the artist know that you can’t wait on them anymore and need to cancel your commission. 



I’m trying to get rid of these last few cosplays that i’m never going to wear again to make room for new ones!

My measurements are: 35-30-39
My height is : 5'6"

Shipping is a flat rate of - $6. if it’s more, I will let you know. It’s totally ok to say no to buying if the shipping ends up being too high. I won’t be offended!

*Note: these cosplays are all a little smaller than my measurements because I wore them 1-2 years ago. They’re in great condition, I just gained a lot of weight since then!*

Madoka Kaname - $50 (ON HOLD UNTIL 2-25-17)
-Dress top / floofy, hoop skirt bottom
-soul gem
-neck bow
-hair bows
- ***no shoes or wig***

Hakone Yumoto - $40
-Poofy pants
-lasso thingy
-***no shoes or wig***

Love live! Rin Hoshizora idolized sailor awakening -$70
-coat (wrapped around waist)
-Price reduction: I forgot to add that there are some errors on this cosplay! One of the shoulder pads doesn’t snap so it needs new snaps, and there is a hole on the glove that can easily be resewn. I’ll take pictures if requested

Oikawa Tooru - $30
-Uniform (shorts are short on me but band is elastic)

I can provide real time photos or old photos of me wearing them. I probably can’t put on madoka or yumoto, but i could wear oikawa or rin.

any questions or interested to buy please pm me!
Paypal only - no square cash or direct deposit

Willing to haggle, possibly


One of the most boggling things i’ve found about working in retail is how much power and influence customers seem to think i have…… a lady came up to me yesterday and said “i’d like to show you this.” She pulled up a picture on her phone of a wilted salad that she’d bought so of course I was like “Gosh, I’m so sorry! If you just go right over there to Customer Service they can refund y-” and she interrupts me like “No, no, I don’t want a refund, I just wanted to show you.”

((Like??/. ?? What? are you trying to accomplish, ma’am? Are you trying to make me feel guilty? in which case i would like to inform you my self worth is in no way connected to the quality of my workplace’s lettuce))

Then she continues “So you can do something about it.”

Madam. Dear, dear customer. I am a cashier. Do u think this phone next to my register has a direct line to the Whole Foods CEO? Am i in personal correspondence with the state Salad Quality coordinator ? Would you like me to inform the grocery staff that the natural decay process of lettuce is unacceptable? Should I reverse time so that your salad is fresh once again? Who does this lady think i am. What power does she think i wield. who am i

from @nctudose on instagram - “Article: the full story of Taeyong’s scamming past
source: instiz
✔️He sold items online and sent bricks afterwards?
This was not the truth❗️
This is a screencaps of people who wanted to start a bad rumor against Taeyong.
“The important part is that he didn’t go on reflection. People sent him money and he sent them bricks. He was an iljin that was famous at school and he was known to harass people on a daily basis.”
✔️The most famous story was how he sent bricks instead of the figurines. In the first scandal, after shipping the goods out, the purchaser expressed his/her discontentment and asked Taeyong or a refund (which he repaid) so it wasn’t a scam. He never sent out any bricks.
Aside from these stories, there were also people saying how he sent empty boxes and that he took the money and disappeared. But again, there was only friction between the purchaser and Taeyong. Taeyong said that he would meet the purchaser at another time at Sindorim to give him/her the missing parts. It wasn’t a scam.The only true story was that Taeyong sent defective Gundam toys but people only paid him a small amount. The other two stories (the brick one and him running away with the money) were made up by people cherry picking facts from his Gundam scandal.

After his scamming scandal spread out, SM made him apologize and wrote an article about it. He then went on reflection.
✔️Taeyong sent a note to the victim filled with swear words
This was not sent to the victim❗️
The notes containing profanity is a separate case from the ones seen above. These are notes that one of the café member sent to Taeyong. Basically, they were both kinda insulting each other and had an online quarrel. But people who said that Taeyong sent these notes to the one that received bricks which was false.
✔️He has been blacklisted because of his scams so he made several IDs
This was not the truth❗️
Even if Taeyong had 4 different IDs (hssarang98, julyfirst1, i55052 & 1021kms), it wasn’t true that it was because of his scam and he wasn’t blacklisted. The reason he made 4 different IDs was because 2 of the IDs were related to him sending profanity notes and that one of his account’s business was halted. ”

I found this on instagram. I hope this clears something up

shit man my tax refund came through and it buzzed my phone and I had like 3 hours of sleep but now I’m UP. I finished paying back some people who helped me move namely pastel AND paid off the end of my student loan AND I get paid tomorrow (granted most of that goes to rent but I still get to pick up food, mmmmm). I’m way not out of debt or anything yet but it still #feelsgoodman. …. Except now I’ve only had 3 hours of sleep, I have to work tonight, and I’m still U P. … shit.

Santa’s hat rematerializes after lucky charm fixes everything. Picking it up, Ladybug recognizes it at once and runs up to Santa to ask how he got this hat. Santa explains that a really nice boy named Adrien gave it to him when his own hat froze, and that Adrien showed him so much kindness when he was having a bad night. Ladybug is overwhelmed with affection and expresses out loud what a great guy Adrien is. Chat Noir is standing off to the side, silently crying tears of joy.

Then Santa mentions he should give it back to Adrien. Ladybug seizes the opportunity and offers to hand it back for him. Suddenly, Chat Noir realizes what’s going on and has to run back home to beat her to his room. Cue Ladrien balcony scene.

dailysakuraiba #1-100 | subtlesakuraiba #83 - vsa 【2017.02.16】

Valentine’s Day Celebration Day 2: Unknown : Bittersweet

Dark chocolate or milk chocolate.. why not both?

2nd day for an event held by @mysticmessimagines. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone ^^


“I did prank him several times to get his attention but…”

“He’s just so… Stubborn about his belief that ghosts don’t exist.”

“Also I can’t do such thing, trust me, I tried.”



current slots taken: 15/15

will draw anything, but i reserve the right to deny specific requests if they cause me great discomfort or contain offensive subjects (for example the swastika, hatred towards minorities etc), or if I deem it beyond my abilities. you may rerequest if denied as long as you pick a subject I can agree on. I am largely accepting of subjects as long as the aforementioned doesn’t apply.

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