I jist thought that your followers might wanna know not to order from this dude. He owns FTMconnect and he scams people and fucks people over and is also a huuge racist.
I myself am nonbinary but i know people who have gone to him for supplies and been fucked over n not refunded. And hes pretty shitty.

This didn’t happen at my theater, but at another one in town, and it was a few years ago.
There was a group with tickets to an R rated movie, and they looked like they’re in their mid teens, so the ticket taker asked for ID, as is policy. Everyone had their IDs but one, and he starts to get aggressive. A manager steps in to offer a refund, and the kid suddenly takes a swing at him, hitting him square in the chin. The manager stumbles backwards and the kid runs off. The manager ended up with a broken jaw, the kid was on the run fire a few months, and ended up in jail for assault. And it wasn’t a normal theater. It was a bargain theater. The guy went to jail for assault over $3, which would have been refunded anyway.

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Jenna, what evidence do we have that John's therapy appointment was missing ten minutes?

Hey! <3 John says at the beginning of TFP that after Eurus apparently shot him with a tranquilizer, his appointment “still had 10 minutes left” and Sherlock jokes about getting a refund. From there, I speculated here and here that we’ve not actually left those 10 minutes (just like we didn’t leave Sherlock’s “4 minutes” on the plane in TAB)- we’re still in that moment of John getting shot, but with a real gun. 

One time I had a lady purchase a bunch of office supplies from me. I told her the total, confirmed everything with her and finalised the purchase, but as soon as I was done she snatched the receipt and went off the the corner to read over it carefully. After a few minutes she came back and said “this notebook says it’s $2 but you’ve charged me $2.50!!“ 

I apologised to her and explained that I wasn’t authorised to do the refund and would have to call a manager. She huffed and puffed about having to wait (meanwhile there was a queue forming behind her). Eventually the manager arrived and began the refund, and explained to the lady that we would have to keep her original receipt (we were a small business and almost none of our transactions were digital) but the lady started freaking out saying that these items were for her boss and she needed the receipt. So the manager basically said “you can have the receipt or you can have the 50c refund” but the woman refused to leave without both.

I had to leave my busy register and go to the office to photocopy this woman’s receipt all so she could get 50 cents back and by the time I’d gotten back she had decided she was tired of waiting and left without it anyway!

I had my 2nd scuba class today, today was the first time in the pool with all our gear. I completely panicked for a little bit because I couldn’t breathe through my nose in the mask and I really felt uncomfortable, I did not like that. So that happened for a little bit and I thought “oh great I will never be able to overcome this and I will need a refund and I will fail and be sad.” Eventually I kinda overcame it. Overall, I had a great time and I call my first time being a success!

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i work at a supermarket & this old man was buying bread at about 5:30pm & it scanned higher & since i was still in the transaction i just price modified it & he was shocked he didn't get it for free so i explained in this situation this is what we normally do. so he took the bread & left. then he came back at 8:30pm with some retail scanning codes printed off from the internet explaining he should have got the bread for free & made me read it. i had to do the refund. the bread was $2.

This man had NOTHING better to do…?


I had just about $100 left in my Goody-Japan balance from some auctions I’d lost and decided to just spend the rest of my balance instead of going through the process of trying to get it refunded.  

Here’s what I got for $100! I'm extremely excited about the Aibo and BN-1 and decided to get a cute Tamagotchi too since I had a few dollars left over. Still have to pay shipping and some fees, but I’m hoping that I can get everything shipped over in one box to keep costs low as possible.

Selfie Project Day 19

Muggle Clothing

Stressed man. Things are looking up but the passed few days I’ve had tires slashed, a company refused to offer me a refund on a product that I didn’t purchase (because they had super duper fine print) and I’m stressed out about my friends going into DC this weekend.

But for right now I’m warm in bed with a kitty cat head butting me and putting for attention. I got some praise today at work and I’m looking for opportunities to move up. I have people in my life that I’ve and support me will play board and card games with me (even when I continue to crush them) so I’m taking a page from. I try Python and trying to look on the Bright Side Of Life.

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What sort of supernatural bullshit?

All kinds, my friend. Alllllllllll kinds…. From demon-y things, to ghosts, to fuckin’ faeries–I want a goddamn refund on this whole ‘adulthood’ bullshit. Like, oh, “only kids believe in that stuff! only kids are affected by that stuff!” meanwhile I’m sitting here thinking about my completely normal childhood–outside of the trauma and constant moving around and poverty–and now my absolutely wacky adult life. 

Like, “oh hey guys i saw a ghost at Beta today” “haha yeah that’s fred. he got pissy when they painted over the mural they made in his honor a decade back” “o chill, i’ll put some flowers out over where I saw him” is an example of, while not a common conversation for me and friends to have, not a very unusual one, either. I have to look at my life sometimes and just go… ??????

Santa’s hat rematerializes after lucky charm fixes everything. Picking it up, Ladybug recognizes it at once and runs up to Santa to ask how he got this hat. Santa explains that a really nice boy named Adrien gave it to him when his own hat froze, and that Adrien showed him so much kindness when he was having a bad night. Ladybug is overwhelmed with affection and expresses out loud what a great guy Adrien is. Chat Noir is standing off to the side, silently crying tears of joy.

Then Santa mentions he should give it back to Adrien. Ladybug seizes the opportunity and offers to hand it back for him. Suddenly, Chat Noir realizes what’s going on and has to run back home to beat her to his room. Cue Ladrien balcony scene.