"History does not repeat itself; it merely rhymes."

In the 1940s, after the fall of France to the Nazis, many Americans concluded that Nazi spies posing as Jewish refugees were flocking to the US, leading to radical immigration reform and security barriers. So, are we witnessing history replay itself now with the Syrian refugee crisis?

Image: Boarding at Hamburg Harbor. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.
Refugees Learn What Separates Russia From Cologne

A group of male Russian took them aside to educate them that Cologne is 2,500 kilometers south of here.The refugees tried to flee but were quickly captured by the Russians.
The refugees allegedly groped and harassed women in a similar manner as the assaults in Cologne on New Years Eve.
The refugees had previously been ordered to leave Norway for bad behavior and tried their luck in Russia.
Police arrived to break up the fight but locals report that they threw a few punches at the refugees before arresting 33 of them.
Eighteen refugees were in such bad condition they had to be take to the hospital.


Mouhani, Rima, Samuel, Fahad, Laleh, Jasmine, Darien and other babies among the 37 infants the Australian government is deporting to Nauru
Australia (2016)

These are the kids of refugees, many from Iran and the Rohingya community of Myanmar.

Buzzfeed News reports:

Moubani was born at Royal Darwin Hospital in December 2014 and is currently residing in community detention with her parents in Australia.
She and her parents are the lead clients in a High Court challenge to the controversial Australian offshore detention network.

If Moubani’s lawyers win in court tomorrow, the government’s practice of sending asylum-seekers to Nauru and Manus Island will be deemed illegal.
If they lose, hundreds of asylum-seekers who are currently living in Australia with newborn children are expected to be deported within 72 hours.

Among them are 90 children – some of whom attend local public schools – including 37 babies like Moubani who have been born in Aussie hospitals, on Australian soil.

Depressingly, the High Court decided the detention was legal, and the deportations are going ahead. Oh, and there’ve been instances of the sexual abuse of children there too. No staff have been charged. 

(Hard for me to throw stones. Singapore doesn’t accept any refugees. :( )

One Moore Bookstore, a small shopfront on a busy street in downtown Monrovia, represents many firsts. Though there are stores here that sell text books, this is the first selling books purely for reading pleasure. And its owners publish some of the only books aimed at Liberian children. The bookstore is a rare place where kids might hear a story read to them just for fun.

In this poor West African nation wracked by war, poverty and most recently Ebola, reading is not something people generally do for pleasure. Kids read when required in school, but Liberia still has one of the world’s highest rates of illiteracy.

That will all change if the owner of One Moore Bookstore has her way. Wayétu Moore, 30, is a Brooklyn-based author who fled Liberia with her family when she was 5. She opened this book store here last year. And she’s been publishing books for Liberian children since 2011.

The Former Refugee Behind One of Liberia’s Few Bookstores, Where Children Can Read About Themselves
Fisherman nominated for Nobel for rescuing refugees

“What did I do? I didn’t do anything,” asked Emilia Kamvisi, an 85-year-old grandmother from the Greek island of Lesbos, when she heard she’d been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Kamvisi’s flash of fame came after she and two friends, ages 89 and 85, were photographed bottle-feeding a Syrian baby last autumn, as they helped refugees who had survived the treacherous boat journey from Turkey.

Four months later, she is among three people nominated for the Nobel Prize to symbolically represent the “behaviour and attitude of Greece, organisations and volunteers towards the huge refugee crisis.”
Pepper Spray illegal, use "The Force" instead: Finnish Police releases absurd Rape Defense Video
As a response to the exponential increase of Rapes and Gang rapes of Finnish women with the influx of so-called "refugees", The Finnish Police of Oulu have r...

Now why hasn’t someone here thought of the “raised palm with a mitten on it” defense?
Kos, locals, protest, relocation camp

Residents on the island of Kos in Eastern Aegean Sea and the municipality of Sindos in Northern Greece vehemently oppose the establishment of Hot Spots and Refugee camps.

In Kos, a group of hot spot protesters clashed with police on Saturday. Clubs, teargas and even “unbelievable threats” ended in the arrest of a local protester.

video: riot policeman is heard sayging “We’ll F*** you all!”


Gut-wrenching photos show the violent clash between Neo-Nazis and pro-refugee protesters

On Saturday, a group of fascist nationalists were waiting for anti-fascist protesters at a service station in Maidstone, United Kingdom. The neo-Nazi group allegedly started attacking the protesters’ coaches, throwing objects and punches, smashing one of the windscreens and even reportedly drawing a swastika in blood on one of the busses. Their salute captured in several photos was deeply disturbing.

‘’Χτες το βράδυ σε κάθε γωνία στα εξαρχεια υπήρχαν κουκουλοφόροι με καδρόνια. Ξέρετε γιατί; Για να προστατεύσουν αυτό το μωρό (και άλλους σαν αυτό) από τους νεοναζί (τουρίστες όπως τους αποκαλούν τα ΜΜΕ και ντόπιους) που βγήκαν παγανιά και μαχαίρωναν όποιον έβρισκαν μόνο του με σκούρο δέρμα. Την επόμενη φορά λοιπόν που θα πείτε κάτι για τους κουκουλοφόρους σκεφτείτε πρώτα αν αυτό αντανακλά κάποια δίκη σας εμπειρία/ άποψη ή την άποψη των ΜΜΕ. Γιατί πραγματικά την ηθική αυτών των κουκουλοφόρων δεν την βρίσκεις ούτε στον ποιο ευυπόληπτο πολιτη. Και κάτι άλλο, το υπέροχο αυτό μωρό (όπως μας είπε ο πατέρας του) που μας γεμίζει φιλία και αγκαλιές και μας δίνει ότι καραμέλα έχει πάνω του, όσο ήταν στο Μαρόκο όταν κάποιος τον χαιρετούσε έβαζε τα κλάματα.. Αλλά εκεί.. στην κατάληψη στέγης μεταναστών στα εξαρχεια, νιώθει ασφάλεια.. Καλή μας μέρα, εύχομαι κάποιος να σας κάνει μια τόσο ωραία αγκαλιά σήμερα!’’

Αυτοί είμαστε!

You know what’s so funny (not) about the whole “refugees are raping European women and stealing everything” rhetoric? It’s the fact that that the ancestors of these same bigots who don’t want to help the hopeless invaded my country and so many other countries, raped our women, stole our land and resources. I’m sorry, but like, if you want to talk about violence, maybe you should ask your grand-father? If my mom’s aunt was alive, she could have told you about that one night 60 years ago when she was kidnapped by the French, tortured, raped, and forced to spend 3 days in a dark cell WITH dead bodies. You know what happened to her after that? She lost her mind and spent the rest of her life out of this world until the day she died. Or maybe I should tell you about my grandmother and her friends who used to literally cover themselves in cow shit just so that European soldiers would feel disgusted and not rape them. Or the millions of Algerians who were forced to flee their OWN houses and leave their lives behind just to survive. Guess what, these stories and worse have happened all over the third world. It’s happened in Syria, Iraq, Tunisia, and many more. You CANT talk about violence when you have one of the filthiest histories in the world. I’m not saying every single Syrian refugee is an Angel, but the fact that you are choosing to stereotype millions of people, many of which are older men, women, and children, shows astonishing ignorance..And let’s face it, if we talk about rape and sexual harassment against women, I’m pretty sure white men and ALL men in general are just as guilty. Europe wasn’t crime free before the war in Syria. Stop putting the blame for everything on the “other”.