i’m unfortunately too busy to participate in gemsona week but i wanted to make a gem oc anyways since i’ve always wanted to make one!!

i based her off of botryoidal hematite though she usually goes by “bo”!! her weapon is a chakram that can come back to her and while she would usually use it for long distance it can be used in close combat too 

she’s a very studious gem more focused on words than action, happier observing for hours and staying silent rather than participating and talking to others. she’s very finicky and kind of rude especially if she’s bothered when she doesn’t want to be 

her outfit also has a bunch of eyes which sometimes mirror her expressions


All right, here it is finally. The ref sheet for Spazz!

(my sonamy kid for the new ones)


-His bangs are not stiff, you can stylize them no problem. They can either both fall on his face or be flipped all way back. If you feel like having some fun with them well…GO AHEAD ! Have fun my friend ! 

-His bottom quills are shorter so they look like they don’t point up as much as the others.

-His peach belly has the shape of a water drop.

-He never takes off the rings on his wrists. He got them when he was a kid and loves them with a passion. If you really want to piss him off you know what to do, but I don’t recommend messing up with those.

-His blue highlights can vanish depending on his mood. Thats another thing you can have fun with.

If you want to know more about him you can check on my blog using the tag Spazz The Hedgehog. <:


i’ve been trying to give more attention to characters i haven’t picked up in awhile!! its surreal to compare this lineup to one i drew nearly two years ago 

eddy is a mechanic who works with prosthetics (the one she has is her first, kept out of sentimentality), alistair is an alien disguised as a historian, and chant is a kid who really likes buttons and is raised by the two of them


finally finished a refsheet for my new fursona in between commissions!! (with name help thanks to sam)

peanut is a baku, a creature that eats nightmares and dreams. their pink mane and fluff changes colors and patterns depending on the dream or nightmare they eat

also the tip of their trunk and their tail can move like a hand and likes grabbing things, usually textured objects or food

their personality is basically me embodied in a strange furball

Jumping on the sonamy kid bandwagon with this little dude I created when I was…Well when I was a THIRSTY SONAMY TEENAGER. 

His name was Spazz, and still is so far since I can’t think of anything better.

Dark fur with lots of blue highlights, he’s shy around girls. Not Sonic-shy, more like hides his face and leaves awkwardly kind of shy. He gets into fights alot too, with other dudes. Ow the edge

Since I’m not quite the “fan character person” I have no idea if I’ll ever draw him again, depends mostly on you guys. If you like him I’ll prob draw more, you can also ask him stuff if ya want and I’ll reply with a drawing ! 


here’s a character who’s a few months overdue for a ref! this is orwell, he’s a dentist and also wyatt and pi’s uncle

orwell’s a pretty emotional person as well as an extreme empath. as a kid he was so easily affected by the emotions of others he would have fainting spells which his parents mistook for health problems. he took up the family job of dentistry because his parents figured it was a stable job that didn’t require him to go outside often if it all. 

orwell is a pretty all around cheerful guy and is very good in his profession! he’s very sensitive to the pain of others and is always attentive to make sure his appointments involve as little discomfort as possible

background and empath issues aside, awhile ago his sensitivity attracted a demonic presence which latched onto him. he was exorcised by a professional brought in by his nephew

the pieces of the demon that remained on orwell never died or went away. the demon functioned like an amoebic force, so the other pieces gradually grew into small organisms separate of the demon

they don’t do much harm, except for at sudden times he may develop rows of teeth or smiles sharp enough to cut silence. at least teeth is orwell’s profession

i’ll probably post more of him soon considering i’ve drawn a lot of him

This is a character of mine! The backstory of how she got created is ridiculous! It started with my friends and my shenanigans in Minecraft on the server! Endi'ebro, Otomars and Lotars were endermen that spawned in our house and their textures looked like they have tuxedos! And there, bit by bit we kept picking up mobs that created a whole household.. So I had to come up with giving them a Mistress! The others became Demons and shapeshifters XD I am looking forward to being able to RP them someday… So if anyone would like to (Though I bet NOONE cares…) I’m always open for it!


since i already posted a small headshot of him in an ask i figured i’d finish off his ref to introduce him properly!! at least to everyone else, sam knows about him already since she helped me work out final details with his look

This is Arnau and he’s a knight of sorts, although he spent a good deal of years being a blacksmith and making armor for other knights. Then one day he decided he wanted to be one of those knights, made his own armor and closed shop to travel. 

Although Arnau comes from a lineage of knights he doesn’t go out of his way to be one. He just hates conflict and if he stumbles across someone starting it he’ll be the one to end it. 

Arnau has a friendly demeanor that would be best compared to a really nice but gigantic grizzly bear that doesn’t know its own strength.

Besides knight lineage, the only other thing passed down to him from his ancestors is incredibly large memory loss and vivid dream recollection. Although Arnau isn’t a tyrant the same couldn’t be said of his earliest ancestors, who did enough to garner unfavorable attention from a deity. He doesn’t like to go into it further other than saying he was “Cursed with unfortunate heredity.”

He best recalls memories when there’s an object he can strongly associate with the event, which is why he carries around a bunch of different assortments inside his armor. Sometimes his dreams are so vivid that if they’re less nonsensical he gets very confused as to what did and didn’t actually happen.

He’s currently traveling around with Monahan, who is a doctor and his boyfriend, and is Sam’s character!!

alt outfit refs for Cyprian the snake prince i made awhile back bc sam (she doesn’t have tumbl yet ) wanted a ref of them

all of Cyprian’s outfits have to do with snakes at all times always

p.s. i hope it’s obvious the frilly wedding outfit was made by a certain head seamster/part-time swordsman who if allowed will go all out with frills on outfits for people/friends he likes