Rumbelle action figures

They sure will be getting a lot of action, lol.

I’m SO excited to see them - and what sorts of positions I can put them in, lol.

We should all take photos of the positions we put them in and post them……..

Rumbelle accessories that I want:


That’s all these two need, lol


7 Refrigerators - K3000 Fridge - volume 1

You are a young and hipster Sim and you want your kitchen to smile. Better : you are an original and your kitchen is outdoor. In any case, you need one of this brand new K3000 Fridge. Modern design, same old cold. You can have something more artsy or abstract. We are good in any settings !

It is the perfect match for the Spaak Counters, always in the minimalist style.
Our designer is already working on more to come :D …

This object doesn’t override anything, works fine in game, and is a modified mesh of a Maxis object …

Made with Sims4Studio and S4PE
Size : 3,3mb
Expansions : Base Game
Category : Buy > Appliances > Refrigerators
Price : 3000§

download here

anonymous asked:

imagine if the Dog Residue Inventory Virus became widespread. see, someone working with Alphys inventoried one of the dog husks. and it just. spread. frisk has to make an official statement that no, alphys didn't create it, sorry, they picked up the first Dog Residue.

13 days after outbreak.

Nobody is able to pick anything up.

They are all holding too many dogs.

Society grinds to a halt. Anarchy descends. Human civilization as we know it becomes no more. The monsters are blamed and kicked to death.

Frisk RESETs.

leonamccoybones asked:

Samantha sits in the kitchen "Gramma, can I ask you something" she says looking at Gramma Tracy

Grandma Tracy automatically goes to the refridgerator a pulls out an icy bottle of water. She opens it and passes it across the kitchen counter to her granddaughter.

“Of course you can, Sam. What’s on your mind?”

anonymous asked:

Paranoia! Muse becomes extremely paranoid about Denmark sneaking in and stealing all of his semlor. It is February, after all. (Sorry if this is too silly, omg. You can ignore it if you want to.)

Betta’ check tha refridgerator… an’ put a lock on it…

(( Ooc: Oh haha no it’s perfect xD I assume you meant for the whole of February so, people do interact with me so we can have a fun time~! ^^ ))

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he had trudged all the way back home for nothing. it was typical,
out all day working hard only to come back home to be greeted by
the pale light and cold embrace of an empty refridgerator. he couldn’t
be bothered to wait for takeout and the convinience store was close
enough from his apartment to walk so he put in his headphones and
sulked to the store. it wasn’t as cold as this last year. one foot infront
of the other he reached the store and headed for the microwave meals
aisle- he couldn’t cook for shit. he should have made a list. he picked
up a box of mac n cheese and went down to look for milk, only to 
bump into the redhead when looking at the cooking instructions
on the box.

oh, sorry.” he looked up, tired green eyes settling on the face of
the assaulted stranger- only to see that she wasn’t much of a stranger
at all. well she was. kinda. he hadn’t seen her since high school. 
what were the odds?

hael? shit. its adam. uh, adam faulkner? wow, how’re you doing?”

Our refridgerator starts to beep if you leave the doors open for too long but since an open fridge is my only source of light during my super secret late-night snacks it’s really like the little shit is trying to rat me out

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‘a moment of weakness’ // for Connor :3

…– ❝You can’t fuckin do this, Martine! You don’t just get to walk back in….❞ Connor’s voice trailed off, because explaining to Martine why she wasn’t getting back their daughter (no, his daughter, Martine only wanted Anna now because her ‘other life’ was gone and she was bored…) was like talking to a fucking brick wall. And he didn’t want to upset Anna or Sariya, both were asleep on the couch in the den, Anna had dragged ‘mommy Sare’ into a Supernatural marathon earlier. And being pregnant apparently made Sariya crave naps… And Connor was NOT dragging her into this shit. Because it was too nasty for her, too much stress.++

…– He’d hung up the phone - slammed it into the reciever more or less- and he’d just started to break down, swearing and pacing and stopping to lightly punch their refridgerator when he heard Sariya in the doorway and turned to look at her. ++

…– He went to her and pulled her against him, doing his best to hide the panic and the anger as he kissed her forehead, breathing in deeply. She calmed him down a little, and he asked quietly, ❝I didn’t wake you up right?❞++

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Pyrrha/Coco - Cappuccino, Neo/Penny - Freezer/Refridgerator (this one I'm not very sure on), Reese/Weiss - Whiteboard

Thank you Taylor!! They’re all so adorable, I especially love Cappuccino ❤️

// So in case I forgot to actually post it:

Yesterday around 3 PM, a snowstorm blew a transformer that connected to my neighborhood. National Grid said they’ll fix it at midnight tonight. A bunch of stuff in my refridgerator is gonna spoil possibly, and I’m on my phone, but I hate posting on the phone so replies will wait until at least mid day tomorrow because I want to game…

Coke Vented machine refrigerator wrap sticker Man cave, Game room

Coke Vented machine refrigerator wrap sticker Man cave, Game room

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Refrigerator Undercounter Refrigerators – The New Must-Have In Modern Kitchens Easy DIY Chalkboard Paint Refrigerator Tutorial Northland 60″ Refrigerator
Great use for an old refridgerator!

Glass Door Refrigerators: Ideas for a Transparently Brilliant Home. has more refrigerator ideas.

Coke Vented machine refrigerator wrap sticker Man cave, Game room

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