refreshing as hell

High Water|| J Swazz SMUT


It was a typical night. I was chilling at the house with my best friend Swazz…who I happened to live with…and happen to kinda have a crush on. Like who wouldn’t tho. Like if you just look at him. I’d fuck him in a heart beat.
Anyway we were sitting in the living room and Swazz finished rolling up another blunt for us. I grabbed my cup only to notice it was empty. I rolled my eyes. I grabbed Swazz’s cup and took a sip of his drink. He lit the blunt and took a few hits before passing it to me. I took a few hits… The house soon becoming a hotbox of smoke. The smoke made me really warm so I took off my hoodie…leaving me in my cami and shorts. I look at Swazz who staring at me and biting his lip.

“You know what sounds really good besides good.“I say.

"You…” I hear him say under his breath.

“What?” I play dumb.

“I don’t know you tell me what sounds good” he says. I stand up,pull off my cami and walk over to him and lean down to his ear.

“A nice warm…shower” I breathe out in his ear. I stand back up and take a few steps and look back at Swazz who’s watching me intently. I take of my shorts and watch his eyes light up and he coughs. I then prance away to the bathroom. I got the water started and then I heard the door close. A smirk grew across my face. I turn and see Swazz eyeing me up and down. I bite my lip. He makes his way over to me and pushes me against the wall and kisses me roughly. I moan into the kiss.

“Ya moan for me baby girl” he says. He continues kissing me when i move my hand down to his pants and start palming him. His hand goes to wrist.

“No” he says groughly. I look at him.

“No?” I ask with attitude. He nods. He goes back to kissing me. Kissing along my jawline, landing at my neck and sucking on my sweet spot. I start palming him again. His hand smacks my ass.

“What did I say” He says rough. I smirk. His hands don’t move from my ass…massaging were he probably left a bruise or two. I stand on my tip toes a little…hitting his already hard member on the way up.

“I need you” i whisoer almost breathless. His hands grab a good grip at my ass and he pulls in closer hitting his dick. He runs it against me.

“G-go get in the shower” he orders. I nod. I start taking off my panties.

“No. Leave everything else on…I’m gonna make you scream” he says with a serious face. I smirk biting my lip. I nod. I get in the shower and feel the water hit my skin. It was refreshing as hell. In no time I was pushed against another wall, Swazz holding both my hands above my head. He kisses me roughly. My lips were probably swollen as hell.

“You need to listen to me…understand” he says. I nod. He let’s go of my hands. His hands go behind my back unhooking my bra and taking it off. He roughly grabs at my breasts and kisses and sucks on them. I grab at his hair playing with it.he makes his way down to my panties. He kisses along the edges. I start to get inpatient. Swazz looks up and sees my inpatient face and smirks. He goes back to kissing. His hands roam up my body while I feel his bite at my panties slowly dragging them down with his teeth. I feel myself dripping and aching for him. I need him. His hands leave my body and he stops biting at my panties. I look down and see Swazz rip my panties in half throwing them out of the shower.

“Those were new!!” I pout.

“I’ll buy you new ones” he says.

“But you don’t even go in Victoria secret without a girl and as far as I know the last time you did you had a girlfri-” then he slips his lounge along my clit.

“Fuck” i breathe out.

“I’ll make you a deal” he moves away from my heat. I nod.

“If you be my girlfriend ill go there and you can pick them out” he says. I think about it for a second. Did he just ask me to be his girlfriend. I’m quickly snapped out of my thoughts when his tougne hits my heat again. I grab and grip at his hair. He swirls his lounge around making my legs become weak. He grabs my legs and holds them. Then he moves away from my heat again. FUCKING tease.

“Sounds fair” he says. Then he pushes two fingers into me.

“Yes!” I scream out. He smirks. He stands up…two fingers still inside me and comes up and kisses me. He pumps faster.

“Swaz-” I feel myself start. He removes the two fingers. He pulls both of us into the water. I hold on to him as I’m not steady.

“Might wanna enjoy standing in the shower…you won’t be able to for a day or two” he smirks. I moved my hand down his wet muscley body and land at his member. I grab at it and pump it. He let’s it happen. I remove my hand…making him mad. He pushes me against the wall again.

“You don’t get to do that princess ” he says.

“You did it to me” I purse my lips.

“Well…now your introuble.” he says groughly nipping at my earlobe. He lowers himself..hands behind my knees and then he lifts me up. With no warning he slams into me slamming against the wall.

“Fuck!” I scream gripping at his shoulders. He pumps faster…my back running up against the steamy wet wall.

"Shit” he moans. “Swazz…I’m…” “Me too..let it go baby girl” he moans deeply. I feel the knot in my stomach tighten and then all of a sudden it releases. “Swazz!” I scream. Swazz continues to ride out my high and then he cums. He rides his out then rests his head on my shoulder. “Holy fuck” he says. He let’s me down and he gets out of the shower. I was confused as he walked out the bathroom. I felt hurt. Then he comes back in with a few more blunts. He steps back in and pulls me into a kiss. I turn off the shower and let the water fill the tub. Swazz smiles. He sits down and drags me down with him. He pulls me into him and I lay on him. He pushes the wet strands from my face. He gives me a blunt and we sit in the tub just smoking. “This is…amazing” I say lowly. “Well now that your mine…it’s gonna happen more often.” he says swinging an arm around you holding you close. You smile.
Unpopular opinion

I don’t want Mickey back if it’s only to be with Ian. Don’t get me wrong I was aboard the Gallavich train for a long time, hell I started the show because of them. But, seeing Ian grow as a person, being secure in his sexuality and mental health, having a stable job, helping save people. That’s refreshing as hell. Even without Trevor or Caleb or anyone, Ian’s moved on. Their last episode together proved that Ian is in a different world now. Sure they made out, had sex and Ian was close to running off into the sunset with Mickey but that’s not who he is now. That would’ve erased a whole season worth of character development and things are better this way.
Plus: Mickey is on the run from the cops, he can’t give Ian the normal life he deserves. No matter how badly we want them to.

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Hey! I wanted to say that I found H&H Roman Company through your blog and that I read it and that it is literally so cute!!! The concept is cute, the couples are cute, and I had a great time reading it! So thanks for giving me a refreshing pause in the hell that is finals week at my university :D


And good luck with hell’s week! You can do it  \(^○^)人(^○^)/ remember summer vacation is soon!!!!

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Hey I see youre getting some shit, but as an ace and aro person I really appreciate your support. Im not cis or het(obviously not the het part), but I know ace/aro people who are heavily excluded from the lgbt+ community because of this. Thanks for shinning a light, showing some positivity... cishet ace/aros usually dont get much support in the lgbt+ community and its refreshing as hell you know my ace/aro cishet pals aren't completely pushed out in some peoples eyes. Hope ur having a good day ✌



So I was watching LazyTown and I know that’s not a good starting sentence but please

Just a casual character that vaguely looks familiar…wait what

Guys, this guy looks has the same color eyes, same lines, same nose shape, and same jawline as Mr. Tin Foil

I’m not sure whats more depressing the fact that I recognized him, that I’m watching LazyTown, or that his life has gone so down hill since the filming of this

The same maker of this iconic video in Pyros channel was in LazyTown (or at least a doppelganger of him)

I don’t know for a fact if it is him but my god. He sure does look like him

Please tell me what you guys think after watching it

Also if you need a refresh on who the hell Mr. Tin Foil is to the Pyrocynical Community here ya go

((OK, I want to write at least a little tonight. 

It’s hot here, and the week has been a long one. I made myself a light, Desperation Cocktail ™ aka use what I have around. Turned out not too shabby. Peach Schnapps and St. Germain, that’s elderflower liqueur, ducklings, two limes, one lemon, a dash of coconut water and a dash of raspberry lime flavored seltzer. Refreshing as hell and swell as a motherfucking bell. 

Time to turn on some noise machines and sip and write until I’m cross-eyed and need to draw instead.

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alluka wearing purple overalls and pink gardening gloves with flowers on them and a sunhat (with her hair tied back)

she’s so deep in concentration in working on her garden that killua has to say something like three times for her to hear but he brought her a lemonade (he doesn’t help because he’s no good at it and she kicked him out like the first day but he watches her sometimes, and she doesn’t always remember to take care of herself in the heat) (it’s either premade lemonade or made from a packet or something but it’s cold and refreshing)

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Aah, so nice to take a break from writing smut to wash off your sins at 5.30 in the morning.. I feel so refreshed

u won’t be refreshed in hell i heard it’s quite steamy