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GOT7 Dark Past

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  • you found the ‘A’ teasers by pure accident
  • it popped up on your suggested videos by accident and you’re like ???? then you clicked on it
  • you couldn’t believe t h i s was your sweet, cute boyf
  • you had to replay it a couple of times, cringing just as much w/ each replay
  • no clue how to reveal you finally knew what his fans meant by noodle hair
  • everyone else’s teasers had distinctive lines whilst his was just 'come with me’
  • THEN an idea hits you
  • you’re p close with his stylist, you talked w/ her when you were on set and mark had to go for his shoot
  • so you hit her up and asked her for a favor
  • and she DELIVERED
  • next time mark took you to a photo shoot set, you told him you’d meet him there
  • he doesn’t see you when you first walk in with his exact outfit from the teaser on
  • everyone knows what you’re up to n they can’t hold in their laughter
  • jackson almost blows the surprise by squealing real loud but jinyoung shuts him up
  • when it’s mark’s turn to be photographed you’re the one who gets him
  • he doesn’t up from his phone when you walk in
  • then you grab his wrist and tug,
  • “A…Come with me…”
  • he looks up, sees what you’re wearin
  • falls out of his chair n onto the floor, wigglin his feet as he laughs in disbelief
  • can’t look at you the entire shoot or else he bursts out into laughter and goes red

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Okay but for real

can we talk about the amazing body positivity and diversity WWE is literally FULL of

i mean we have little tiny gals who are built AF

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and we have tall, curvy ladies who will mess you up and look amazing doing it

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and we have ladies with adorable kid-friendly aesthetics who are there to have a good time

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and then there’s the hardcore punk gals who are NOT messing around

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we have your conventionally pretty ladies

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and your impressive AF ladies 

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and even adorable-as-hell ladies you will never see coming

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and you will never ONCE hear an announcer (male OR female) say a word about these women’s bodies or appearance or rude euphemisms or anything even remotely of that nature

no–instead, the announcers can’t say enough about how amazingly talented these wonderful women are, their impressive athleticism, their heart, their fire, their drive. not what they find attractive about these gals or how much they like watching them or any number of other less complimentary things

they talk about the things that make these women athletes. what makes them the best of the best. what makes them FIGHTERS.

like i don’t even care what you think about WWE or if you think it’s silly or fake (which, duh, it is) or whatever else

if you don’t think this is refreshing as hell then i’m sorry but you’re wrong

Enjoltaire Highschool Teachers AU
  • Enjolras is the Economics and Social Sciences teacher in a Parisian highschool
  • Grantaire is the new Visual Arts teacher who’s replacing the old one who retired
  • Some classrooms, including Enjolras’, are being renovated, so they give Enjolras a room in the Humanities part of the high school, which is right below Grantaire’s classroom
  • On the second day of class, Enjolras gets interrupted by Mozart’s Queen of the Night, which is HARD to ignore, but he resumes his lesson like nothing happened, though classical music keeps playing from the ceiling
  • At lunch that day, he sits with his teaching buddies and someone he hasn’t met before sitting between Joly (Biology) and Bossuet (English)
  • “Some asshole was blasting music through the walls, what the fuck, who does that?”
  • “Oh that was me. I’m the new Visual Arts teacher. Local Asshole, apparently”
  • Grantaire likes to play music, anything from classical to metal to pop during his classes, to inspire his students and immerse them in art of every kind.
  • Enjolras can’t stand it. He’s pretty cool as a teacher, goes on rants and makes learning easy for students, but music is REALLY distracting. His new colleague really pisses him off
  • Plus they have to do a damn project together about advertisement and marketing to heighten their students’ critical thinking about society and all
  • Long story short, Enjolras thought he’d hate working with Grantaire but… it’s actually… really fun to work with him? He always has unexpected, outside the box ideas? It’s refreshing? As hell?
  • They end up kissing in the art room during break and stammer through the first minutes of their next clases because their minds are elsewhere

@createdbytinyaddiction Here you go lovely :)

7. You’re really cute and it’s ruining my life because I think about kissing you all the time.
39. A: Babe, I’m not grabbing your boob, I’m grabbing your heart.
      B: That’s my right boob though.
      A: Babe.

Today was a rough day - you woke up very early in the morning, because Wanda asked you to help her with her training and you basically spent the whole morning with her, but the result was worth it.

“Thank you for helping me today ______, I really feel more confident now that you showed me those techniques” - you smiled at Wanda and gave her a quick hug, reassuring her it’s all good and that she did great, despite the difficulties in the beginning. “Don’t forget we’ve to go at Tony’s apartment around 10 o’clock tonight” - you told her, while heading to the showers.

Tony planned this little “event” last week and you were all going. It’s not something unusual for him and besides, his parties are always so much fun.

You quickly skipped towards the showers and took your clothes, glaring the shower head because it spat some cold water on your head and it made you slip and almost fall on your butt.

It was so hot outside, so the water felt refreshing and nice.
“Where the hell is the shampoo?”- you mumbled to yourself, with a pout. Furrowing your eyebrows, you remembered earlier today when Steve walked past you with a smirk and smelled odly familiar and somewhat…flowery? 

So he used your shampoo and didn’t even have the dignity to put it back on it’s place. Unless he used all of it! Well, then you’ll use his cologne instead of your deodorant, or even better - his razors.

You chocked on some water in your laugh and glared at the shower head for the second time, just when, apparently all the warm water had run out and you suddenly turned into in ice cube “What the hell is wrong with this water?!”


“So _____ where’s the lover” - Tony asked, giving you a glass of margatita. You took it and brought it to your red lips - “I don’t know, havn’t seen him all day. He’s probably hiding, because he used all of my shampoo and knows I’ll have my revenge on him soon or later”. 

You laughed with Natasha for a while, she talked with you about Bruce and his obliviousness about her flirting. But then you felt two strong arms wrapping themselves around you and sqeezing you from behind and then a nose nuzzling in your neck.

You turned around and looked at the mischievous man you love, whose smile sped up the rhythm of your heart instantaneously.

He bent down, obviously for a kiss, his hand ready to cup your cheek, but in one swift motion, you just took the glass of whiskey from Clint’s hand and placed it in Steve’s (no need to mention Clint wasn’t thrilled about it, but oh well, he’ll find himself another glass.).

You twirled aroud your man, and looked at him as he took a sip from the glass, then placed a hand on his chest, trying to look all seductive, with a little side smirk placed on your cherry lips.

He tried to catch you in his arms, but you were faster. Reaching out you ran your hand through his silky, blonde hair. “Wow, isn’t your hair shiny and soft”- You said half smirking at him, half trying to pull off a serious face. 

“Captain America showering with a flowery shampoo and walking around with glitter in his hair, mmm so sexy!”- you exclaimed, desperately trying to hold back the laughter and waved your hand in front of your face, as if you needed some more air, because of how sexy he was.

Steve however just looked at you in such amusement and then put one arm around your bare shoulder, swinging his glass, which was in his other hand. “Well babe, I think we both have to come to the conclusion that everything looks good on me, even your shampoo.”

You couldn’t help it and you just laughed at his cheesy comment, but just as you looked up at him to strike back with a comment of your own, you felt his hand getting dangerously close to your brest, brushing against it a few times and then just casually grabbing it. Yea. Captain America just grabbed your boob, in front of everyone, no shame at all.

You raised your eyebrow and just looked at him again “Did you just squeeze my boob?”  - your voice sounded like you were in such disbelief and at the same time such amusement, like who is this guy?
He looked around, kind of as if thinking what to say and then smiled from ear to ear Babe, I’m not grabbing your boob, I’m grabbing your heart. - “That’s my right boob though”
He brushed off your comment with a swift motion of both his hands and a little mischievous smileBabe.  

You shook your head and just brought your hand to your face, laughing in your palm “How are you such a dork Steve Rogers?” - his eyes glittered with excitement and he leaned down a bit and then…ticked you. 

Yes he did. Yes he did.

You gasped for air and jumped a bit in the air, stumbling on your heels and almost falling, for the second time today, but he caught you and bent you down, just like in the old romantic movies. “ You’re really cute and it’s ruining my life because I think about kissing you all the time.”

Oh no, this man and his sweet, cheesy lines get you every time. You just chuckle and blush, you can’t even look away from him, from his smiling face, from those blue, bright, capturing eyes. You bite your lip and stare at his orbs and with a wide, happy smile you ask- “What are you waiting for then?”

alluka wearing purple overalls and pink gardening gloves with flowers on them and a sunhat (with her hair tied back)

she’s so deep in concentration in working on her garden that killua has to say something like three times for her to hear but he brought her a lemonade (he doesn’t help because he’s no good at it and she kicked him out like the first day but he watches her sometimes, and she doesn’t always remember to take care of herself in the heat) (it’s either premade lemonade or made from a packet or something but it’s cold and refreshing)

High Water|| J Swazz SMUT


It was a typical night. I was chilling at the house with my best friend Swazz…who I happened to live with…and happen to kinda have a crush on. Like who wouldn’t tho. Like if you just look at him. I’d fuck him in a heart beat.
Anyway we were sitting in the living room and Swazz finished rolling up another blunt for us. I grabbed my cup only to notice it was empty. I rolled my eyes. I grabbed Swazz’s cup and took a sip of his drink. He lit the blunt and took a few hits before passing it to me. I took a few hits… The house soon becoming a hotbox of smoke. The smoke made me really warm so I took off my hoodie…leaving me in my cami and shorts. I look at Swazz who staring at me and biting his lip.

“You know what sounds really good besides good.“I say.

"You…” I hear him say under his breath.

“What?” I play dumb.

“I don’t know you tell me what sounds good” he says. I stand up,pull off my cami and walk over to him and lean down to his ear.

“A nice warm…shower” I breathe out in his ear. I stand back up and take a few steps and look back at Swazz who’s watching me intently. I take of my shorts and watch his eyes light up and he coughs. I then prance away to the bathroom. I got the water started and then I heard the door close. A smirk grew across my face. I turn and see Swazz eyeing me up and down. I bite my lip. He makes his way over to me and pushes me against the wall and kisses me roughly. I moan into the kiss.

“Ya moan for me baby girl” he says. He continues kissing me when i move my hand down to his pants and start palming him. His hand goes to wrist.

“No” he says groughly. I look at him.

“No?” I ask with attitude. He nods. He goes back to kissing me. Kissing along my jawline, landing at my neck and sucking on my sweet spot. I start palming him again. His hand smacks my ass.

“What did I say” He says rough. I smirk. His hands don’t move from my ass…massaging were he probably left a bruise or two. I stand on my tip toes a little…hitting his already hard member on the way up.

“I need you” i whisoer almost breathless. His hands grab a good grip at my ass and he pulls in closer hitting his dick. He runs it against me.

“G-go get in the shower” he orders. I nod. I start taking off my panties.

“No. Leave everything else on…I’m gonna make you scream” he says with a serious face. I smirk biting my lip. I nod. I get in the shower and feel the water hit my skin. It was refreshing as hell. In no time I was pushed against another wall, Swazz holding both my hands above my head. He kisses me roughly. My lips were probably swollen as hell.

“You need to listen to me…understand” he says. I nod. He let’s go of my hands. His hands go behind my back unhooking my bra and taking it off. He roughly grabs at my breasts and kisses and sucks on them. I grab at his hair playing with it.he makes his way down to my panties. He kisses along the edges. I start to get inpatient. Swazz looks up and sees my inpatient face and smirks. He goes back to kissing. His hands roam up my body while I feel his bite at my panties slowly dragging them down with his teeth. I feel myself dripping and aching for him. I need him. His hands leave my body and he stops biting at my panties. I look down and see Swazz rip my panties in half throwing them out of the shower.

“Those were new!!” I pout.

“I’ll buy you new ones” he says.

“But you don’t even go in Victoria secret without a girl and as far as I know the last time you did you had a girlfri-” then he slips his lounge along my clit.

“Fuck” i breathe out.

“I’ll make you a deal” he moves away from my heat. I nod.

“If you be my girlfriend ill go there and you can pick them out” he says. I think about it for a second. Did he just ask me to be his girlfriend. I’m quickly snapped out of my thoughts when his tougne hits my heat again. I grab and grip at his hair. He swirls his lounge around making my legs become weak. He grabs my legs and holds them. Then he moves away from my heat again. FUCKING tease.

“Sounds fair” he says. Then he pushes two fingers into me.

“Yes!” I scream out. He smirks. He stands up…two fingers still inside me and comes up and kisses me. He pumps faster.

“Swaz-” I feel myself start. He removes the two fingers. He pulls both of us into the water. I hold on to him as I’m not steady.

“Might wanna enjoy standing in the shower…you won’t be able to for a day or two” he smirks. I moved my hand down his wet muscley body and land at his member. I grab at it and pump it. He let’s it happen. I remove my hand…making him mad. He pushes me against the wall again.

“You don’t get to do that princess ” he says.

“You did it to me” I purse my lips.

“Well…now your introuble.” he says groughly nipping at my earlobe. He lowers himself..hands behind my knees and then he lifts me up. With no warning he slams into me slamming against the wall.

“Fuck!” I scream gripping at his shoulders. He pumps faster…my back running up against the steamy wet wall.

"Shit” he moans. “Swazz…I’m…” “Me too..let it go baby girl” he moans deeply. I feel the knot in my stomach tighten and then all of a sudden it releases. “Swazz!” I scream. Swazz continues to ride out my high and then he cums. He rides his out then rests his head on my shoulder. “Holy fuck” he says. He let’s me down and he gets out of the shower. I was confused as he walked out the bathroom. I felt hurt. Then he comes back in with a few more blunts. He steps back in and pulls me into a kiss. I turn off the shower and let the water fill the tub. Swazz smiles. He sits down and drags me down with him. He pulls me into him and I lay on him. He pushes the wet strands from my face. He gives me a blunt and we sit in the tub just smoking. “This is…amazing” I say lowly. “Well now that your mine…it’s gonna happen more often.” he says swinging an arm around you holding you close. You smile.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering, do you have any favourite slbp fics that you like? Would you mind sharing them with us :D

okay so i do a rly bad job and i need to reblog fics more often (which i plan to change in the coming future) so i don’t have all the ones i remember liking a lot on hand??? i had to search thru my likes and fic authors i follow and i’m Horrible at this foRGIVE ME

but anyway here are some Personal Favs that should def be recognized and u should all go read things by these lovely ppl–there are links to all of them here!

I generally tried to do one per author so that way this list wouldn’t get Overwhelmingly Long but these are just a couple of favs LOL

“I won’t be the one.” by @fooljshgirl​ ( MC/Saizo ) - Short and sweet, but kind of encompasses what I like reading for about Saizo. He has this desire to love but never really shows any way that he wants to overcome his own issues to pursue it in the game, so the idea of him “playing pretend” and then eventually cutting ties always seems right to him for me. fooljshgirl does very well here with using traits Saizo already has to push the quick narrative, and it’s very effective.

Cries and Whispers by @hajeema ( Kotaro/MC ) - I love Kotaro/MC on principle but this fic hurt me in all the right ways man lmfao… Very fluent in the way Kotaro is and paints the grief of waiting rather eloquently without ever quite telling you if there’s a happy end in sight–which makes Kotaro’s inevitable return all the more relieving. A good, wholesome fic that still acknowledges how broken Kotaro is, but that he’s still so capable of loving someone.

A Precursor to Trust by @quincette​ ( Nobuyuki/MC ) - Listen, Nobuyuki is Problematic As Fuck and I love him dearly for it–but I don’t think anyone’s quite hit the gap in power dynamics between him and the MC here the way quincette has and guys it’s so good LMFAO. Then again, she tends to do a good job in making MC act more in a manner of her station in many of her fics, but it just shines wonderfully here, too (and it’s refreshing as hell). Nobuyuki is also perfect here with the right balance of both his shadier intentions and his genuine sincerity in his feelings.

Balance by @midorikaze ( Umeko/MC ) - I’ve never had my love for Umeko indulged before and yet midorikaze manages to give me the sweetest most lesbian maids I’ve seen in my life and it makes my heart soar LMFAO. There’s such careful observation between the two of them–Umeko’s dainty touches against MC’s more calloused fingers–that all lead up to something soft and gentle and kind and just… sobs… I love this pair… 

Just Deserts by @mikawa-province ( Ieyasu/MC ) - Listen, I could drown myself in Ieyasu hurt/comfort/angst stuff, but I can never resist some actual fluff in this man’s direction–all with some underlying suggestiveness, because I also love when Ieyasu blatantly decides to show off LMFAO. mikawa-province does a lot of great Ieyasu fics, actually, but this one is just a personal favorite–sweet and simple, but hits all the Feel Good stuff I like for this character.

The Strategist by @small-and-nerdy ( MItsuhide/MC ) - Another fairly short one, but it does all it needs to because Mitsuhide content is Horribly Scarce and it’s wonderful to read him be both calculating and intentional with his approach to MC. Mitsuhide is a wonderful gentleman, of course, but it’s always nice to see other sides of him and small-and-nerdy is always willing to deliver all the Mitsuhide Goods I desperately need in my life LMFAO

… Alright this is just a spare few for now–there’s definitely more, but I gotta get ready for work ASDLFKMASD;FLA BUT PLS GO READ THESE THEY’RE GOOD AND I LOVE EVERYONE ON THIS LIST AND THERE’S A LOT MORE THAN JUST THESE SIX OK LOL

So after a year of not publishing anything, at all, I’m gearing up to finally post the next chapter of Crosshairs I’d written a year ago. I’ve been writing a lot, despite not posting anything, bouncing between projects as my muse directs me, and getting shit done. That will probably come soon! And… everyone will probably need a refresher on what the hell was actually happening since it’s been that long

So without further ado, a peek:

Olivia started awake, her whole body jumping up to a sitting position in one second flat. Her heart galloped in her chest and she instinctively reached out for her sidearm, to combat that threat that lingered in the fog of her still half-asleep brain.

Dread lingered in her veins like honey and unease swooped through her like a tornado. She saw but didn’t see the world around her. Gritty rocks, no lights, the world a backdrop for the visions of the beacon co-mingling with her own nightmares. Every face that died was Kelila or Jill or her parents. Every scream was the one that haunted her footsteps when she was sixteen and running for her life. The world was silent but her ears roared with sound.

It wasn’t until a leg twitched against hers, followed by a soft sigh of minor sleep disturbance, that her own sleep-addled brain finally made the distinction between reality and dreams.

One: she was fine. There were no immediate threats, the camp had not been breached, and no one was hovering over her with a knife. The only other soul awake was Wrex, standing a few meters away at his guard post, who spared her a glance before returning his eyes forward. His expression as unreadable as ever.

Olivia fervently prayed she hadn’t whimpered in her sleep prior to waking.

Two: the leg that had now sprawled over hers belonged to Kaidan Alenko. Out cold and radiating heat like a furnace. Which led Olivia to…

Three: she was not on her sleeping pad. In fact, her sleeping pad was one foot to her left. Not that it was much different from the ground they slept on, providing only sufficient insulation against cold temperatures - something her envirosuit was already doing, negating the need for even that meager level of accommodation. Kaidan, however, was warm. She could feel it through the soft parts of her suit. Olivia spared a glance past Kaidan and was assured to see even Williams had drifted closer to the Lieutenant. Not quite off her sleeping mat as Olivia clearly had been, but enough to reassure Olivia that her sleeping intentions had been pure of heart.

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Unpopular opinion

I don’t want Mickey back if it’s only to be with Ian. Don’t get me wrong I was aboard the Gallavich train for a long time, hell I started the show because of them. But, seeing Ian grow as a person, being secure in his sexuality and mental health, having a stable job, helping save people. That’s refreshing as hell. Even without Trevor or Caleb or anyone, Ian’s moved on. Their last episode together proved that Ian is in a different world now. Sure they made out, had sex and Ian was close to running off into the sunset with Mickey but that’s not who he is now. That would’ve erased a whole season worth of character development and things are better this way.
Plus: Mickey is on the run from the cops, he can’t give Ian the normal life he deserves. No matter how badly we want them to.

and the rest is silence | Jae [oneshot]

But just because Jae keeps his head down doesn’t mean his ears aren’t listening.

And The Rest is Silence | flangst | ~5.2k words | for anon

request: if requests are open can I suggest something? How about a jae fluff angst scenario, where the oc is also in jyp but they never met before, yet their mutual friends keep telling them they would get along well(same taste in music, great at playing the guitar,…)even tho their personalities are polar opposites. She’s more introverted with a really bad sense of humor. How will their relationship blossom? i’ll leave that to you

a/n: sorry this took so long! but i hope you like it anyway. any feedback is greatly appreciated <3
(requests are always open, except for the drabble game, but it might take a while because i can’t write that fast ;;;___;;;)

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