refreshing as hell


So I was watching LazyTown and I know that’s not a good starting sentence but please

Just a casual character that vaguely looks familiar…wait what

Guys, this guy looks has the same color eyes, same lines, same nose shape, and same jawline as Mr. Tin Foil

I’m not sure whats more depressing the fact that I recognized him, that I’m watching LazyTown, or that his life has gone so down hill since the filming of this

The same maker of this iconic video in Pyros channel was in LazyTown (or at least a doppelganger of him)

I don’t know for a fact if it is him but my god. He sure does look like him

Please tell me what you guys think after watching it

Also if you need a refresh on who the hell Mr. Tin Foil is to the Pyrocynical Community here ya go


WORTH SEEING: Guy wakes up in wrong house.
It’s refreshing as hell to see this not end in violence. 


Brief step-back.

Hi everyone. :) 

I’m just writing this up to say that I’m going to be taking a brief step back from tumblr for the time being. I may still check in every now and then and reblog things here and there, but I was able to be really honest with some friends today about this fandom not being much fun for me as of late.

I’ll be transparently honest and say there are some mental health things that I struggle with. Whenever those things rear their ugly head, it’s my responsibility to practice self-care and do what I need to do to look after myself. That’s part of being an adult and sometimes I’m not so good at it. But I preach it a lot, so I’m going to practice what I preach. 

There have been quite a few anons I’ve gotten about general life advice— bullying, sexuality, relationships, etc. I’d really like to encourage all of you, and let you know that I’m still here and I’m still in your corner. If you need anything at all, please don’t hesitate to send me a message and I’ll respond when I see it. 

For the rest of you, and for general Larrie questions and current events, some of my wonderful friends would be more than happy to answer questions and keep up with y’all while I’m on break. They are Sarah ( saracha33), Clare ( bearmustard), Beth ( bethaboolou), Jen ( zenlikejen), Andy ( glitterlarents), Benton ( stunning-stylinson), and Jay ( jawsandhobama). Please treat them with the same amounts of respect and consideration that you treat me and remember that they want to help but it may take them a bit to answer.

You’re all the best and I love y’all very, very much. Be back soon!

At some point earlier this year I had a silly thought that I was going to get the month of May off. I was unfortunately waitlisted for Acen back in December after more than two hours of refreshing application hell. And Fanime, well I never know when or if they’ll open their artist alley reg. Some time after completely giving up on going to acen this year I was offered a table for Acen. Some time later I was offered a table for Fanime as well. So now my month off is gone and now find myself in super con prep mode for both. 

I have an art show panel for Acen hope to have one for Fanime as well.

Hell wages a war of distortion. It seeks to make the most destructive things look tantalizingly desirable. It seeks to make the most wonderful things look unbearably boring. It seeks to make the most trustworthy things look unreliable. It seeks to make the one true fountain of joy look like a dry well, and a broken cistern look like a spring of refreshment. Hell makes even hell look entertaining.
—  Don’t Follow Your Heart