Did some clicker training with Rudi yesterday. Did some manners refreshing, crunch refreser and we also started our painting behaviour. 

I used the handle on my hoof pick because i forgot to bring the paintbrush. Started out just targeting it and clicking for anything like opening her lips and mouth or nibbling it. It took her exactly 2 minutes to figure out that i wanted her to hold it. She’s too damn smart. The only problem is that when she figured this out, she was so happy about it that she wanted to put the whole thing in her mouth and i was too scared to let it go incase she swallowed it :’) Not sure how to prevent her from going that, but i will tie a rope to it next time just in case haha. Also gotta figure out how to teach her to actually use it. Will probably use the lid of her tack box as a “canvas” and teach her to touch the brush to it. 

I am a bit weird arent i..?  Next im teaching her to play the keyboard!


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