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anonymous asked:

Does your sloppy joe theory still stand? Even after all these events?

People need to understand something:

My take on the lunchline dilemma is not “OMG SLOPPY JOE MEANS LUCAYA 5-EVAH!!!1!!!1 😍😍” Anyone who’s been reading my blog for a while ought to know by now that’s not how I operate.

Once again, my take on the lunchline dilemma is as follows:

(1) It is a sly but also blatant-once-you-catch-it allusion/callback to BMW 2x11 ‘The Beard,’ an episode in which Cory and Shawn liked the same girl (Linda). You can twist the Rubik’s cube on this parallel-wise in several ways. You can put the girls in the Cory/Shawn position with Linda (Lucas) between them AND you can put Lucas in the Shawn position (caught between the blonde, Linda, and the brunette, Stacy, who both like him), AND you can put Farkle and/or Maya in the Cory position of “not supposed to be a threat.” Character parallel refraction at its finest.

(2) Michael Jacobs point blank stated forevvvver ago that BMW “Easter eggs” are clues to what’s going to happen, and the pilot spends a decent amount of time making a to-do about the lunchline dilemma, which is a callback to the episode described above.

(3) Putting #1 and #2 together, it’s VERY clear what the lunchline dilemma callback to ‘The Beard’ was hinting at in terms of what would happen in the future. And happen it did (although whether Farkle ultimately turns out to be a real threat or not remains to be seen pursuant to an S4). Whether they’re absolutely done playing the whole switcheroo out also remains to be seen (Cory and Shawn effectively trade the girls off in that episode although ofc it’s a little different since they’re being pigs about it whereas the situation on GMW is more complex & nuanced because it’s a long-running arc rather than a single episode), but it’s pretty clear that the lunchline dilemma callback was telegraphing quite a few things which have indeed come to pass on the show.

So, yeah. I think it’s pretty damn clear that MY particular take on the lunchline dilemma absolutely, unquestionably stands. The potential significance of Lucas’s lunch choice specifically is entirely secondary to the overall story hint in terms of the “two best friends like the same person”/“boy caught between a blonde and a brunette”/“cory (Farkle and/or Maya) isn’t supposed to be a threat” stuff.

Bonus: BMW 2x11 was written by Jeff Menell, one of the original writers/producers who came back for GMW.