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These politics are national, revolutionary and social and these new facts which the native will come to know exist only in action. They are the essence of the fight which explodes the old colonial truths and reveals unexpected facets, which brings out new meanings and pinpoints the contradictions camouflaged by these facts. The people engaged in the struggle who because of it command and know these facts, go forward, freed from colonialism and forewarned of all attempts at mystification, inoculated against all national anthems. Violence alone, violence committed by the people, violence organised and educated by its leaders, makes it possible for the masses to understand social truths and gives the key to them. Without that struggle, without the knowledge of the practice of action, there’s nothing but a fancy-dress parade and readaption, a few reforms at the top, a flag waving: and down there at the bottom an undivided mass, still living in the middle ages, endlessly marking time.
—  Frantz Fanon

Ain’s Hamel Navy Officer

I’ve waited 6 months for Ain Hamel Navy Officer avatar and I finally got both capes… I’ll have to think about whether or not I want to buy another top to reform it. BTW Salvatore Gaia hair is bae

All my male characters own a HAO cape now lmao Add/Ciel/Ain…

I was going to wardrobe these immediately but I need to like calm down first lmao…………… Best part is I didn’t have to sacrifice my +11 ammy to the Gods. Now I just need a good looking black hair for Ain and I’ll be good to go.

am i the only person who is uncomfortable with the term REG.. (if you arent familiar, it mean reactionary exclusionist gatekeeper). like, ace discoursers calling lgbt folks “reactionary” at all is kind of fucked up in my opinion!! how are lgbt folks opposed to social reform?! on top of that gatekeeping is not your term to use. all we want is for straight people to stay out of our community. im not gonna get into ace discourse here now cause its 11pm but like! you acearo folk need to calm down a bit!! youre not being fucked over that badly just because a group of people dont want you to push yourself in!! 

Classic Rock and Blues Asks

1. Favourite Riff?

2. Favourite Guitar Model?

3. Favourite Musical Decade?

4. Favourite 60s Band?

5. Favourite 70s Band?

6. Favourite 80s Band?

7. Favourite 90s Band?

8. Favourite 2000s Band?

9. Favourite Album?

10. What was the greatest year for music?

11. Fenders or Gibsons?

10. Favourite Guitarist?

11. Which side of the Atlantic (Britain or America)?

12. Rosewood or Maple Fretboards?

13. Greatest “1 album” bands?

14. Crosby, Stills or Nash?

15. Favourite Rolling Stone?

16. Favourite Guitar Solo?

17. Who have you seen live?

18. Greatest modern blues/rock guitarist?

19. Favourite drummer?

20. Favourite Bass Player?

21. Favourite Keys Player?

22. Favourite Male Singer?

23. Favourite Female Singer?

24. If you could own one famous guitar?

25. Favourite Beatle?

26. Favourite Singer Songwriter?

27. Electric or Acoustic?

28. Dylan, Electric or Acoustic?

29. Band you wish would/could reform?

30. Top 3 dead musicians you wish you’d seen?

31. Most underrated guitarist?

32. What would your first piece of advise be to new guitarists?

33. Big venues or small venues?

34. What posters are on your walls?

35. Vinyl or Digital?

36. Most Overrated Guitarist?

37. Which song do you wish you’d written?

38. Which concerts do you wish you’d seen?

39. If you met your hero what would you say to them?

40. Flatpicking or Fingerstyle?

41. Open tunings, yay or nay?

42. Favourite classic blues song?

43. Pick a King, Freddie, BB or Albert?

44. Who’s the most influential guitarist?

45. If you could play any song?

46. Who’s music has taught you the most?

47. Best cover of a song?

48. If Clapton is God then who’s Jesus?

49. Why did you start playing your instrument?

50. Favourite Eagle?

51. Favourite Les Paul Player?

52. Favourite Stratocaster Player?

53. Hollow bodied guitars, yay or nay?

54. What youtube comment really bugs you?

55. Best person you’ve seen live?

56. Best musician’s autobiography you’ve read?

57. Band you’d most like to see?

58. Favourite Stones’ Album?

59. Favourite Beatles’ Album?

60. Favourite Eagles’ Album?

61. Favourite Led Zeppelin Album?

62. Favourite Led Zeppelin Member?

63. What band do you not listen to enough of?

64. What band is your guilty pleasure?

65. What is your opinion of (insert bandartist)?

66. What is your opinion of (insert guitarist)?

67. Beatles or Stones?

68. Clapton or Hendrix?

69. Favourite ex-yardbird?

70. Favourite driving song?

71. Favourite Cream Song?

72. Jack White or Dan Auerbach?

73. White Stripes or Black Keys?

74. What bugs you the most about your favourite artists?

75. Is Blues dead?

76. Who would be in your ultimate band?

77. Who do you wish had collaborated on a whole album?

78. Favourite cheesy but brilliant song?

79. Favourite love song?

80. Greatest solo career?

81. Which musician have you learnt the most from?

82. Worst musician’s autobiography you’ve ever read?

83. Best greatest hits album?

84. What song is stuck in your head?

85. What song makes you cry every time?

86. Telecaster or Stratocaster?

87. SG or Les Paul?

88. Favourite Telecaster Guitarist?

89. Favourite SG Guitarist?

90. Favourite Firebird Player?

91. What’s the most unusual guitar you’d buy?

92. What’s your earliest classic rock or blues memory?

93. Best music documentary you’ve seen?

94. Best live concert video you’ve watched?

95. What band t-shirts do you own?

96. Own anything signed?

97. Do your parents like this music?

98. Where would you most love to play a gig?

99. If you could attend one festival?

100. What’s the thing you last learnt on guitar?

Send me asks please :)

Emily Fields in the Books

In the books Emily is a tall ginger (well strawberry blonde) and has blue eyes. Her nickname is Em. She is youngest sibling and has one older brother and two older sisters. 

She is really and shy but where’s shirts with puns on them. In her middle school days she was in love with Alison Dilaurentis and became best friends with her. After her disappearance Emily became very depressed and alone especially because she was in the closet. Her family is very conservative which made coming out extremely difficult.

Three years after Ali’s disappearance her body was found and Emily had a stalker, A. Emily starts developing feelings for the new girl Maya but wants to keep quiet. Her boyfriend, Ben, sexually assaults her but Toby Cavanaugh saves her. She decides to start dating him and over her secret girlfriend Maya. Toby and Emily go to the Foxy dance and Em is led to believe Toby is A and she escapes. The following morning Emily learns about Toby’s suicide. 

A exposes Emily’s sexuality after she goes to the police. Her family is upset and even more upset that Maya is black. Emily is forced to join a reforming program called Tree Tops or move to Iowa. She chooses Tree Tops. The program doesn’t work and her parents force her to move to Iowa. She makes out with girl who looks like Ali there named Trista and the runs away. After her family pleas on tv for her return she does. Emily and Maya get back together but when Trista visits Maya finds out and they break up. A is revealed as Mona who dies. 

Emily starts going to church and develops feelings for a boy named Isaac. They lose their virginity together, but afterwards his mom scares Emily away. Emily thinks she sees Alison during a fire in Spencer’s woods which they believe was caused by a second A. This A sends Em to an Amish community where she learns that the body found may not be Alison’s. 

The DiLaurentis family reveals their secret daughter Courtney who was sick. Emily and Courtney become really close and Courtney confides to her that she isn’t Courtney. She tells her that she is actually Alison.  Em tries to start a relationship with Ali but she doesn’t seem interested in her. 

Alison has a party with Emily and their friends and traps them in a room with Ian’s dead body and Melissa. They get a note that reveals Alison killed Courtney who was the “Ali” they were friends with. She also reveals that she is the second A. Trying to kill them by setting a fire the girls escape, but Emily stops to speak to Alison. Then on her way out she leaves the door open. The police believe Alison is dead but Emily doesn’t think so.

During the summer Emily hides at her sister Carolyn’s dorm to have a baby. She got pregnant with Isaac’s baby. The baby is a girl named Violet and Emily gives the baby to the Baker family. When she was looking for a family to give Violet to she considered Gayle Riggs who was going to pay her. She thought Gayle was a little crazy and decided to return the money. Sadly A took that money leaving Gayle to think Emily robbed her. Also Gayle was the mother to a girl Emily and her friends thought they murdered during the spring break before summer. A ends up killing Gayle. Emily and her friends find out they did not kill Tabitha, Gayle’s daughter, but A did. Emily tells her family about Violet and they shun her.

On a school cruise Emily meets a girl named Jordan Richards who snuck on board. Jordan accepts Emily’s past and they fall in love. Emily finds out Jordan’s real name is Katherine Delong or also known as “The Preppy Thief”, who has committed major thefts and on the run. Jordan invited Emily to runaway with her and almost does then the FBI show up and Jordan flees. The next day A starts a fire on the cruise ship and the Emily and her friends are stranded on a small boat. A rescue team finds them.

After the cruise Emily’s parents promise to be there for her. She also gets a postcard from Jordan from Thailand who promises her they will meet again. To find more about A, who is believed to be Alison, Emily goes to the mental institute Alison and Courtney went to. It’s called the Preserve. Emily meets Iris who knew Ali. Iris forces Emily to let her stay with her so Emily can get answers and tips. During prom Iris goes missing and the girls tell the cops about A. Emily tweets Jordan that she is alright. Suddenly the cops arrest the girls for the death of Tabitha.

The cops believe that A is all in their heads. While waiting their trial they are rejected from all their colleges. Emily’s family has completely disowned her and after a fight with her sister her mom has a heart attack. Her mom is okay but her family blames her. During their graduation they are not allowed to attend Emily attempts suicide. Her friends save her. 

On a hunt for Ali they find a house. Inside is Nick who Emily knew as a different name. He was her friend while she was pregnant. Ali and Nick lead them downstairs and theirs poison in the air. Emily knocks out Nick and Ali tackles her and she hears a loud bang a blacks out. They are all okay and Nick is arrested for Tabitha’s murder, but Ali escapes.

Emily’s family is constantly making up for their mistakes which is uncomfortable for Emily. Emily gets a letter from Jordan who is in jail and Emily plans to visit her. While swimming Ali attacks Emily and Ali escapes again. Emily and Jordan meet again are still in love. When Emily goes to see Jordan again she finds out that Jordan was killed. 

Emily thinks Ali killed Jordan. She starts sleeping in her closet and hurting herself. She decides to drive to a little cabin where the girls think is Ali’s hideout. Earlier they had installed cameras around the house to look for Ali but Emily forgot. Emily takes a bat and smashes and breaks everything inside the little house. The girls find out about what Emily has been doing the next day when they all sleepover at Emily’s. The next morning they are arrested for the murder of Alison.

Ali had made the little house look like a murder scene and there was proof of Emily smashing it all. Suddenly they are the most hated people in the country. While doing their final attempts of sleuthing before the big trial Emily decides to fake her death to find Alison. 

She finds Alison in Florida hiding with her mom. Emily is almost killed by Ali but the cops come and they are able to figure out everything. When Emily returns her friends are delighted to see her and released from prison. 

Finally Emily is able to live her own life and away from A. She becomes a surfer and is happy with a girlfriend and lives in California. SHe isn’t close with her family because of how they have treated her these past years. Emily is finally healthy and happy. 

Spencer Hastings’ Biography

Alison DILaurentis’ Biography


Title: Amaranth(P.17)
Pairing: Peter Pan(OUAT) x Reader
Warnings: Abuse mentions, cussing, dark themes, smut.
Author notes: Requested by Anon: ‘There are no queens in Neverland. Just me.’  
Summary: A Demigod makes a deal with The Evil Queen to get away from the curse and ends up in Neverland. Peter Pan is not impressed with the female on his Island, but when he realizes she might just be as dark tempered as himself, he might just change his mind. After all, there aren’t any Queens in Neverland.

Originally posted by midstorm

Gaining Henry’s trust was simple and quick, my story in his book was missing a lot of pages and so as far as he was concerned I was just a bit of a trickster and despite what Regina tried to tell him, he’d play no part in it. According to Henry, there was no way I could have been worse then the Evil Queen. The poor soul. 

My father hadn’t returned since his warning about Peter, but I still kept the stone he gave me in my pocket in case I needed to make a fast escape. Which I would eventually, Regina and the others held an equal distaste for me and I’d still been able to avoid Rumplestilskin, though I didn’t think that would last very long. 

I slid past the doors of granny’s and headed down the streets, my eyes casting looks around as people scurried about, chattering in fear and worry. Emma, Henry’s real mother, and Snow White, or Mary as she was called here, had been pulled into a portal that took her into the magical realm of the enchanted forest. 

A part of me was amused by the entire situation, but another part was more then a little nervous about what Emma might discover about me while she was there. 

Henry was a wreck, wondering if she’d come back and my plan was to console him before making my escape back to Neverland before they figured out a way to bring Emma and Snow back. 

I was about to round the corner to the mayor’s house when a nearby door opened and someone reached out to grab me, pulling me into the building. I growled, ripping myself away from the person, prepared to fight as I sent them a seething glare. 

My eyes narrowed on Rumplestilskin. 

“What are you doing here, demigod?” He sneered, pointing an accusing finger at me. “There is no good reason for you to be in this world.”

I scoffed a laugh. “You wanted me to cast this stupid curse and now you’re mad that I’m here?”

“No.” His lip turned up in an unhappy smirk. “I knew the queen would come back for the curse, I knew she’d take your deal and send you away.” 

I laughed again. “Went through all the trouble to keep me out of this world? Why? It’s magicless and boring. What use is a place like this to you?”

“None of your concern.” He stepped in closer to me. “Henry is my concern though…What do you want with him?” 

My eyes shifted to the Dark Ones and I pondered telling him about Neverland, I wondered if he knew of Peter Pan. I shrugged, deciding it wasn’t his business. “I like making new friends, Rumple.” I gave him a cat like grin. “You know that.” 

“Leave.” He said, pointing at my pocket. “Use that stone in your jeans and go back to wherever it is you came from.”

I mocked a hurt look, placing my hand over my heart. “I thought we were friends, Rumple. You once told me you trusted me, you know?” 

His eyes stayed cold and distant, the dark smirk still on his features. “I don’t trust anyone. I trust you even less, I can smell your fathers magic on you. You aren’t the same trickster you were in the Enchanted Forest…You’re darker now.” 

“And the Dark One doesn’t like that?” 

“I don’t like thinking someone could be more powerful then I am.” He retorted quietly, placing a finger to my chest and pushing me lightly. “You will leave now. You know I have many ways to kill a half-God…And I will, Dearie.” 

My eyes shot away from his, Rumplestilskin didn’t bluff. I nodded. “I’m sure I’ll be seeing Henry soon any how.” I smirked. “He’s quite the key.” 

Before Rumplestilskin could question what I meant I tugged the stone from my pocket and smashed it to the floor. A dark red smoke slid from the broken object and wrapped around me before pulling me into the stone like a portal. I felt the collar fall to the floor as I disappeared. 

Originally posted by pan-imagines

He felt the familiar presence appear on Neverland before her feet actually touched the surface. She could have been in the sea a hundred miles away and he’d have felt her. A smirk played at his lips as he looked up from the pan flute in his hands and finally stood up. “Felix, keep an eye out…I have something to attend too.”

It had been many years since he’d seen her, since she’d taken the game from his hands. She cheated. He hated when people cheated. 

A growl passed his lips as he slid through the trees. She was on his turf again, she was back in his game and now it was his turn. This time, he wouldn’t let her get away. A part of him had missed the demigod, another part of him would like to rip her to pieces. 

He wasn’t sure what part of him was stronger. Peter assumed he’d know when he caught sight of her. He’d either force her back to camp or he’d kill her. 

He was nearing her, he could feel it, his grin seemed to brighten…Until it disappeared. His grin as well as the feeling of her on his Island. She was gone. 

He snarled. How the hell was she gone?

My father gave me excellent advice and I wasn’t about to throw it away. My mothers powers were still in me, just as his were. I knew her power better then my fathers and since it seemed like I had only left Neverland a few weeks a go, it was easy to draw magic from here as well. 

I knew this place better then I had when I arrived. I could hide myself from Peter Pan, maybe not forever, maybe not even as well as I wanted too, but I could do as much as possible for now. 

With my mother’s powers of nature and the magic from the Island I ghosted through the trees like a sly mist before reforming a top a large branch. I used the same abilities to mask myself from the Island, or better yet, from Peter. 

Eventually I might show myself to him, but for now, I needed to see if there was even a small part of him that might still feel something towards me. Something that might help keep me alive. 

My eyes cast upwards until they caught sight of a hawk in the air, shutting my eyes I focused my energy into the creature until it was like I was looking through his gaze. 

I felt myself fall down from the sky and into the trees, the wind under the wings of the bird until I was just outside of Peter’s camp. The animal landed on a branch and cocked it’s head to the side. I watched and listened. 

Peter came back into the camp a few moments later, looking angered as well as confused. Felix stood from his spot at the campfire and made his way over. “Something wrong?” 

“Very.” He replied, but he didn’t seem like he planned to elaborate on the subject. 

Felix cocked a brow. “What is it?” 

“She’s back on the Island.” He said softly and I felt a shiver of fear slide down my neck. “Or at least she was. It was like her presence just vanished.” 

The blond didn’t seem to believe it. Peter Pan knew anyone who was on his Island, he knew exactly where they were. How could he now know if she came or went? “Are you sure you’re not just–”

“Imagining things?” Peter sneered, giving a half-ass laugh in the direction of his right hand. 

Felix nodded. “Sorry.” 

“She’s here.” He said, ignoring the apology. “Send a few Lost Boys out. We’ll keep them moving constantly, switch them out during shifts. She’ll turn up eventually.”

The blond didn’t respond, only giving a curt nod before making his way to the camp to dish out the orders. I snapped my concentration away from the hawk, standing so I could leap from the branch I was on to another. I stayed off the ground, keeping quiet and away from the camp until I could find a secure place to stay for now. 

It would take a few days for the Lost Boys to scope out the wh
ole Island. I just had to keep myself moving as they did.

Quellon’s Heir

“IRONMEN, you have heard my horn. Now hear my words. I am Balon’s brother, Quellon’s eldest living son.” – Euron Greyjoy

Of Quellon Greyjoy’s four adult sons, it is Euron who most resembles him. This might seem like a strange thing to say, given that Quellon was by all accounts an uncommonly decent, well intentioned and sensible lord, and Euron…isn’t any of those things. But Quellon and Euron share one major commonality in that they’re both top-down reformers, rulers who have made a determined attempt to overthrow the dead hand of the Old Way and substitute supposedly superior foreign ways in its place. In fact, when their reigns are compared side by side, one is struck by just how much Euron seems a dark echo of dear old dad.

Let’s begin with Lord Quellon. Quellon’s edicts restricted reaving, abolished thralldom, and through taxation attempted to discourage the taking of salt wives. He imported maesters and ravens by the score and faithfully carried out his obligations to the Iron Throne. His personal life was one long rebuke to the Old Way, cumulating in his marriage to Lady Piper under the watchful eyes of the Seven. All these reforms and symbolic gestures were made “in hopes of forging stronger bonds between his own domains and the rest of the Seven Kingdoms” (World Book 191). In short, he was attempting to gradually discard the Old Way and make the Iron Isles more like mainland Westeros. And he was able to accomplish all of this not because he converted his subjects to his point of view, but because “few dared speak openly against him, for he was known to be strong-willed and stubborn and fearsome in his wroth” (World Book 191).

Compare with King Euron. Euron is scornful of the Red Kraken/Dagon tradition of reaving and is instead attempting a much more ambitious and strategic form of warfare. He is steadily replacing thralldom and salt wives with Essosi chattel slavery. He has brought Qartheen Warlocks, R'hllorite magic, and Unsullied-like slave soldiers to the Iron Islands. His whole life is one long blasphemy against the spirit and pieties of the Old Way and he has expressed his intent to “wed the dragon” Daenerys Targaryen (FfC Victarion II). In short, he’s attempting to gradually discard the Old Way and make his “small, noisy folk” more like present-day Essos and ancient Valyria. And he’s accomplishing all of this post-Kingsmoot by being so intimidating that literally everyone (save the Reader) is afraid to go against him.

Though he’ll likely never admit it, Euron learned quite a bit from watching his father.

Nasdaq hosted the “Inside Look at Tax Reform: A Conversation with Top Tax Policy Staffers on the Hill” web seminar on May 30. There, two of Congress’s top tax policy staffers, Barbara Angus and Mark Prater, shared their insights on the status of the overall business rate, border adjustment taxes and interest deductibility. Watch a replay here:

Amethyst Reformation

This moment in “crack the whip”:

looks like her old form from the episode “Reformed”:

Im pretty sure that moment when amethyst reforms and you see the split second of her old form, its probably because she was in such a rush to reform and help steven and connie that she she almost fudged her reformation, on top of the fact that she’s probably trying to control her emotions after being called weak.

Bernie Being Bernie

Bernie Sanders on CNN discussing income inequality and his plan to fix it for the working class. “Since I’ve been a mayor, a congressman, and a senator I’ve been working for working families and the middle class. For the last 40 years the middle class in this country has been disappearing, people are working longer hours for lower wages and yet almost all of the new income is going to the top 1%.”

CNN then asks the pivotal question, “Hillary Clinton says the same thing, why Bernie Sanders and not Hillary Clinton?” That is definitely a good question and Bernie hits it out of the park. “I’ve known Hillary Clinton for 25 years, I like her and I respect her. I’m running for families and the middle class, not against Hillary Clinton. People have to look at the record. I have voted against every disasterous trade agreement and I’m helping lead the effort against the Trans Pacific Paternership which will mean the outsourcing of more good paying jobs to low wage countries. People have got to look at Secretary Clinton’s record.“

Sanders then discussed some of the finer points of his economic policy. Namely breaking up the big banks and tax reform. On top of that he introduced his ideas on FREE college education. Which is a necessity for the future prosperity of American society and democratic society in general. From there he briefly glosses over his political record and changes the focus of the interview to his fight against Climate Change. Which he feels is a paramount issue in American politics.

Sanders is the real deal. He has a consistent record across the board and truly fights for the average American. Be on the look out for our in depth look at Bernie’s Economic policies, a smaller part of our on going in depth look at Bernie and his positions. Which will be based on his voting record and publicly pronounced positions over the years. Bernie Sanders 2016!

Pattern Play

How to mix prints like a style pro

Don’t you wish you could wear all your prints together without looking like you got dressed in the dark? With our guide to mixing prints, you can wear your favorite patterns in ways you never knew existed. From floral on floral to stripes on stripes, see how street style stars and the biggest faces in the fashion world mix their prints to perfection. 

Stripes on Stripes

Update your styling techniques and pair your stripes together, no matter which way they’re headed. Wear horizontal striped tees with pleated vertical stripes like Bat Gio or for an effortless-casual look, wear similar-colored stripes in different directions, all at the same time.

Marie Deuñas Jacobs in stripes at NYFW ss15.

Giovanna Battaglia in a Reformation top and Marco de Vincenzo skirt at NYFW ss15.

Striped Shirt

Striped Boxy Tee

Vertical Striped Top

Floral on Floral

Combine your floral pieces and create a unique arrangement like blogger Susie Lau in brightly colored prints. Or raid your closet for anything of the same color to create a monochrome look worth replicating. 

Susie Lau at NYFW SS15. 

Florals at Stockholm Fashion Week Fall 2014. 

Floral print skirt

Floral print blouse

Sister Jane Black Flower Blouse

Patchwork Prints

When you can’t decide on which two prints to combine, just choose ‘em all! Rocking a look like below takes talent, but with the right designs and colors, you can definitely make it work. Patch together florals, plaids and dots in similar hues for an eclectic, photo-worthy ensemble.  

Fashion Week goer in Milan wearing a Marc Jacobs top, Suno skirt and Proenza Schouler shoes.

Faux Fur Skirt

Pencil Skirt

Cord-embroidered Skirt

Art on Art

Art prints are still huge this fall, so look to some of our favorite style stars to see how they style their outfits. The key to making two different patterns look good together, is either sticking with pieces within a collection or wearing complimentary tones like Hanneli

Elena Perminova in Burberry at 

Hanneli Mustaparta at Paris Fashion Week SS 2015.

Helmut Lang Skirt - Terrene Jersey Print

Meteor Print Silk Blend Top

Patterned Dress

Dots on Stripes

Leandra Medine knows a thing or two about taking fashion risks, making pretty much anything she puts together oh-so-right. For not so obvious inspiration, wear stripes as your basic with a bold, printed bottom. 

Leandra Medine, blogger of Man Repeller, at Paris Fashion Week SS15.

button-down collar shirt

Spring Ahead Skirt

ASOS Polka Dot Peg Pants


amethyst is not corrupting. 

the weird part of her regeneration was just her phasing through her past ‘big arm’ form from ‘reformed’. (on top of this, we learned in ‘monster reunion’ that corruption is damage from the diamonds, not something that happens on its own. she couldn’t have been corrupting anyway.) 

all gems phase through their past forms when they are regenerating. i’ve given pearl phasing through her 80s form when she regenerated in ‘steven the swordfighter’ as an example.

she phased through the big arm form when she regenerated for the last time in ‘reformed’, too: 

shes perfectly fine.

  • Stephen Colbert: And I'm mad! I'm mad that Obama is delaying immigration reform because he stole that idea from the Republicans. They've had the idea of putting off doing something about immigration reform for over a decade!
  • 2013 John McCain: The point is that what we need to do- move forward with immigration reform.
  • 2012 John Boehner: We've got to do a comprehensive immigration reform plan.
  • 2011 Eric Canter: We've got some plans to unveil some changes to the legal immigration system in this country.
  • 2010 Leslie Graham: We're gonna release a document soon about our way forward on immigration.
  • 2009 Mitch McConnell: We're open to looking at immigration reform.
  • 2008 John McCain: Immigration reform will be my top priority because we have the obligation to address a federal issue from a federal standpoint.
  • 2007 President Bush: Let us have a serious, civil, and conclusive debate so that you can pass and I can sign comprehensive immigration reform into law.
  • 2006 President Bush: The debate over immigration reform has reached a time of decision.
  • 2005 President Bush: We must pass comprehensive immigration reform.
  • 2004 President Bush: Immigration reform is a very important agenda item.

Industrial-Retro Home

Wood beams, exposed air conditioning ducts and undressed wood give an industrial air to this gorgeous kitchen located in Barcelona, Spain. A large glass, with plants in the interior, as a greenhouse, creates a separation between spaces, which leads to one of the bedrooms.

Reformed from the top down, this beautiful house in Barcelona, Spain, spotted, maintains its noble essence with dazzling interior design and architecture and great distribution of spaces. Interior designers Daniel Pérez & Felipe Araujo, from the studio Egue y Seta were in charge of the project, transforming the home completely while still preserving some of the historical features. They maintained the height of the ceiling, restored the wooden beams and chose a vintage flooring pattern.

Bed linen colors and vintage pieces adds personality to the bedroom, where the extraordinary luminosity of the walls highlights, by contrast, with the light and dark of the flooring.

The original design of the home was articulated through a corridor, which now revolves around a large kitchen, occupying one third of the area on the ground floor. The new distribution contributes to creating more spaciousness and blurs the boundary between public and private spaces. The living room and bedrooms remain open to filter natural light throughout the home. Even the master bathroom, which is inside the bedroom, has a glass partition with plants inside to add privacy but enables light to penetrate the space.