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Klaine Fanfic Masterpost

*keep in mind, this will update


Go Your Own Way:

Little Numbers:

If I Die Young:

The Walls Keep Our Secret:


Love’s Arrangement:


One Night at the End Of The World:

More Than Words:

All The Other Ghosts:


100 Days:

Underneath Your Clothes:

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You:

Two Years Later:

A Hotter Touch, A Better Fuck:

McKinley Halls:

Without My Wings:

Something Unlikely:

The Sidhe:

In The Key Of Us:


Who You Gonna Call?:

Behind The Curtain:


Carry Me Home (Tonight):

Stuck in Reverse:

When You Read My Mind:

To Save a Life:


An Accidental Chance:

Swingsets & Sandboxes

The Warblers From Youtube:

You Still Know My Coffee Order?

Dalton Reform School for Boys:

A Change of Heart:

Where There’s Smoke:


It’s Something Unpredictable:



Chances Are (An Accidental Chance sequal):

Syrup and Honey:

All My Insticts:


Of Our Hands:

Three Wishes:

Where You Belong:

We’ll Fly This Place:

A System of Touch (and Gentle Persuasion):

A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes:

Terminal Velocity:

You Could Be Happy:

27 Suits:

Top Shelf Sundae:

Hail to Whatever You Found in the Sunlight That Surrounds You:

Lying & Falling in Love: an Experiment:

Obnoxiously Sexy:


For Which I Have to Howl:

Shining Through:

When a Heart Breaks:

Virtually Indistinguishable:

Stop Loss:

You Found Me:

The Lonely Warbler:


Rebel Without a Cause:


A Whole New World:

The Perfect Brother (Prequel to AWNW):

Tea Party Thursday (Anderberry siblings verse):

The Untimely Brother (Directly after AWNW):

Final Prison (GYOW verse):

Long Overdue:

Swept Away:

Just A Touch:

Can’t Lose You:

20 Year Old Lover:

Dude, Where’s My Tent?:

To Love Your Enemy:

My Christmas Special:

A Lucky Man’s Charm:

A Change of Heart:

He’s just a bad boy:

Unconventional Prince Chaming:

Second Chances:

Can It Work?:

Hoping for the impossible:


Fire With Fire:

Can’t Lose You:



Where We Went Right:

One More Night (Could Turn into Forever):

DA Fight Club:

Ten Cent Blues:

Bad Enough For You:

The Story of How Kurt Took Blaine’s Virginity:

Sex Education:

In My Place:

Angel in a Red Vest:

The Boy Who Came To Stay:

(Ride Sequal) Gemini:

Not Exclusive:



Teach Me What You Know:


Once in a Blue Moon:

A Far Better Thing:


Stop Loss:

Once Upon…:

Flood the Skies and Blur the Darkness:

He’s Cheer Captain and I’m on the Bleachers:

The Art Of Losing Yourself:

We Were Never Meant To Be:

You’re Always On My Mind:

Everyone has secrets:

Not Exclusive:

Sketchy Relations:

Things I Cannot Change:

Troubled Souls:

Need For Speed:

One-shots & Drabbles

The Next Day: Facebook:

(No Name) (Comfort!Klaine, very sweet):

Morning After:

For You I’d Wait:

(No Name) (Blaine finds out Kurt is a Cheerio, he also notices how different and hot he looks. They share a kiss by a fence):

Like Home:


(No Name) Kurt getting cyber lucky with Blaine:

Sleepy Head:

We are such stuff as dreams are made on:


(Push sequal) He’s Sin and Secret:

Like I’ve Never Seen The Sky Before:

All Sins Are Attempts:

(No Name?) awkward first time:

Being Seen:

And We’ll Figure It Out, Together:

I Could Get Used to This:

Tequila Translation:


Tics (GYOW EU):

When It’s Time (GYOW EU):

A Year in the Life (GYOW verse):

Before the Paint Dries:

Accio Love:

Every Time You Move (I Get A Little More Show):

we’re gonna make you pop-u-lar:

What Can I Get:

(No Name):

(No Name) (Kurt finds out Blaine swears a lot and it really turns him on):

When My Eyes Beheld An Eerie Sight:

Something Due Any Day:

Not So Different After All:

Spin The Bottle:

Kiss Cam:

Your Song:

Too Hot:

You’re Pretty Attractive:

The Lonely Prince:

Rush Hour:

(No Name) (BJ on couch, Kurt’s trying to do his homework)

Hurry Up and Slow Dance:

The First Time, Continued:

Filling In The Gaps (series of one-shots of missing scenes):




That Look:

Study Break:

A Different Kind of Study Break:

The Calender Boy:

It Started With a Phone Call:

The One in Which Kurt Catches the Bouquet:

Klaine: How They Met (series of one shots of how klaine could have met):

Do Over:

Artsy Detention:

More: A Sequal to Artsy Detention:

It’s a Deal:

(no name) (daddies!Klaine PrinceEric!Blaine)

That’s Not Fair:

(no name) (the first time blaines sees kurt sleeping in fully naked)

Body Heat:


Never Have I Ever:

Teenage Dream:

Tonight (We Are Young):


Whistle, I’ll Be There:

I’d Rather Be Restless:

(no name) (kurt reassures blaine he has nothing at all to be insecure about):

The Pitfalls of Puberity, or How Even NYADA Students Are Oblivious:

Broken Promises:

(no name) (prompt: reaction fic for 5x17 where kurt and blaine turn into horny little exhibitionists when they go to their favorite gay club. aka semi-public frottage):

(no name) (peterpan!kurt):

(no name) (famous au where kurt and blaine are on a talk show and kurt finds out about blaine’s crush on him)

10 Minutes Seemed Like 30 Seconds:

Maybe We Could:

(no name) (kurt doesnt like the visual of porn but he likes the sound so blaine jerks him off to it)

Blaine + Kurt:

I knew you were trouble:

Still So New:

My Favorite Place To Be Is the One Where You’re Next to Me:

Be Calm:

You Kiss Me, I’m History:

Peachy Keen:

Belong To Me:

It’s About Time:

When the lightning strikes, I’ll protect you:

If I lay here:

Say What You Say When You’re All Alone:

No More Mr Nice Guy:

Untitled GKM cheerio!Kurt/badboy!Blaine:

Gosh your lips look delicious:

You are now pronauced long-distance fiances:

first sleepover:

Kid!Klaine, blaine has a cute crush on kurt

prompt: kurt’s first time giving a blowjob


Prince Charming:

(no name) (klaine play seven minutes in heaven!):

(no name) (Kurt and Blaine live in the same apartment building and meet when Kurt accidentally gets some of Blaine’s mail):

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