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Korra is seen heading to the prison where she is told Kuvira is being held at. After she came back with Asami she went to go see Kuvira. They were still discussing on what they will do with her and restore order in the Earth Kingdom after what she has done. Despite many of the soldiers standing down there were still those loyal to her that are still fighting.

She heads inside the facility where she is kept in a wooden cell. Hovered off the ground and only a wooden bridge to help get to her. She walks along it and finds Kuvira inside. “Um, hey. How are you doing?”

Korra really wished she had come up with a better way to start off her conversation with Kuvira.


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An internal groan shudders its way through the scientist’s mind. Whilst his surprise had been genuine, his comment hadn’t been in the interest of gaining any of the food - eating was something he could’t bear at the best of times.

Still though, Mata clearly went to the effort. It’d be simply improper to just turn his nose-cavity up at it. A first forkful is gathered up, being brought slowly to his mouth. If he’d been wanting to give off his lack of enthusiasm, the expression on his face was definitely the right way about it.

But what comes is a marked change - first gentle expansion of his sockets, then full on surprise. It was sensational, enough that he could ignore the discomfort of manifesting a stomach.

Hmm… This is actually… Quite delectable. Where did you learn to cook like this? ” 



A shout comes from behind Mazikeen, as Sulla phases into existence. Seems that little altercation from earlier was just too much fun to let slide!

“ I thought you might be sad, since you have essentially become the king’s pet, unable to leave him for long periods. So I brought you a gift!

On the workbench to the front of the other scientist, Sulla places a formless hunk of scrap metal.

“ I have absolutely no idea what it is, but it came from an extremely interesting timeline!

I had such fun there.

Friendly Bonding

What is it that you do exactly, Bill?

The scientist airs the question, not looking round at the triangle. Instead, his gaze is firmly on the flowing magma hundreds of feet below, as his legs dangle over the edge of the CORE’s superstructure.

It’s his contemplation area, where they are right now. Nobody else knows how to get there, but someone as enigmatic as Bill Cipher? Well, naturally he was going to invite him out.

Even all that you have told me of yourself, I still cannot quite grasp what drives you. What is your purpose, what are your goals?

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Children are a blessing, one for which we should all be grateful.

The delicate smile on his face speaks volumes as to his feelings on this matter. For although he would never admit it, beneath his stiff, uptight (and occasionally unfeeling) exterior, Sulla harbours a soft spot for children and the potential that they hold.
Have you decided on a name? What kind of monster are we expecting to come of this pregnancy?