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How much of it do you remember? Of your time before falling into the CORE.

It was an innocent enough question on the surface of it, but when asked between Gasters?

Well, it took on an entirely different meaning. The question might have been vague, but it was clear what he was asking;

Do you remember the things you have done.

anonymous asked:

So what kind of caste abolitionist are you?

like…the kind that doesn’t want castes anymore?

specifically i want the out-of-caste income cap gone, i want caste-swaps or caste transfers legal, i want mixed-caste relationships/marriage/kids and ppl with cross-caste talents normalized in the media, and i dont want all this ~ooh lets do a controlled trial~ dancing around bc we know that if the people in power dont like the results of the ~controlled trial~ then they’ll make it look like a failure.

if we had enough land for an extra country lying around somewhere id want caste abolitionists to settle it and have a casteless society but we dont have that

eventually i want castes to disappear but like thats not going to happen overnight.

@thebrokenlabnerd || Cont.

[TXT] - Yes, I am in the lab. What is the matter?

If one could convey irritation through simple text, then his message would be steeped in it - Nothing irked him quite so much as improper speaking of this calibre, or indeed, texting when the other was at such a close distance. 

Exceptions could be made on this occasion, however, due mostly to how busy he was with the tinkering and how loathe he was to leave something unfinished like this.

@transmettaton || Cont. (X)


An internal groan shudders its way through the scientist’s mind. Whilst his surprise had been genuine, his comment hadn’t been in the interest of gaining any of the food - eating was something he could’t bear at the best of times.

Still though, Mata clearly went to the effort. It’d be simply improper to just turn his nose-cavity up at it. A first forkful is gathered up, being brought slowly to his mouth. If he’d been wanting to give off his lack of enthusiasm, the expression on his face was definitely the right way about it.

But what comes is a marked change - first gentle expansion of his sockets, then full on surprise. It was sensational, enough that he could ignore the discomfort of manifesting a stomach.

Hmm… This is actually… Quite delectable. Where did you learn to cook like this? ”