Dog Rescues Tennis Ball from Crevasse

Oliver, a Golden Retriever from the Boston, MA area, has rescued a family of five tennis balls that had fallen into a crevasse that opened up near his house. 

“The snow has been so bad here this winter that we’re starting to see a massive ice sheet form in the backyard,” said Oliver’s roommate James McCalla. “It’s dangerous out there – you never know where the ice might split open. It’s three feet deep in most places. Sometimes even three and a half.”

According to McCalla, Oliver noticed that tennis balls at the bottom of one crevasse while out on “walkies.”

“He didn’t even hesitate,” said McCalla. “He just dove right in and rescued the balls. He’s a hero, if you ask me. They’d have been out there until spring if not for Ollie.”

Local media is reporting that the tennis balls are now resting comfortably in Oliver’s doggy bed.

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so since i’m really sick right now, i can’t stop thinking about sick!neil

  • so it’s summer after the foxes first won the championships
  • Neil comes down with the flu or a really bad cold because his body’s still trying to heal his wounds from the Nathan aftermath so that makes him a little more prone to getting sick
  • plus when Neil was on the run, he never really bothered with getting a flu shot
  • and if anyone’s going to randomly get sick in the middle of the summer, it’s Neil
  • so Neil ends up getting sick, but he keeps on insisting he’s fine, because let’s face it, Neil could be on his deathbed and say he’s fine
  • all the foxes decided to stay at the school that summer because it’s the last one that the girls will have with everyone there and Kevin wants the team to start training harder since they’re the new champions
  • despite being sick, Neil is trying his hardest to make it to their afternoon practice
  • of course, Andrew is following right behind him, making sure Neil doesn’t accidentally hurt himself/make himself sicker and trying to get him to skip the practice
  • Neil makes it out to the parking lot before he has a really bad cough fit and ends up on the ground
  • Andrew finally tells him to go back to bed since he’s obviously sick. he takes a step closer and asks, “Yes or no?”
  • Neil being stubborn and convince that he’s fine says “No.” - one of the only times he ever tells Andrew no - and continues to try to crawl over to the car so he can go to practice
  • Andrew rolls his eyes and tells him he’s being an idiot but leaves him be
  • Neil ends up having another coughing fit before admitting that he might not be fine after all
  • Andrew is all like “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you, you asshole. Yes or no?”
  • Neil says yes this time and Andrew picks him up and takes him back to the dorm
  • from then on, Andrew is basically the doting boyfriend, taking care of Neil while he’s sick, like taking his temperature, making sure Neil drinks enough fluids, making sure he takes his medication at the right times, etc. 
  • but of course, Andrew is still Andrew, so he still throws out insults, like calling Neil an asshole every time he has to refluff his pillow for him or telling Neil to shut the fuck up every time he coughs
  • unfortunately Andrew has other obligations and can’t stay with Neil all the time
  • so once Kevin forces Andrew to come back to the practices, someone else needs to look after Neil
  • the only other person Andrew trusts in Renee, so she promises to take care of Neil for him
  • of course, Renee kind of gets everyone to help out in secret
  • and Neil’s just sick and he feels a little out of place because he was so used to always be on his own and having to always take care of himself, but he has a family to love and take care of him
  • later on when Andrew or any of the other foxes get sick, Neil returns the favor and takes care of them
Day 17: Mittens Finally Makes It to Basecamp

According to a post to her Instagram page, intrepid explorer cat Mittens has apparently made it to basecamp alpha at the foot of the couch. She embarked on the climb from the kitchen a couple of weeks ago and has been documenting the journey on social media. 

Her post read:

“Finally made it. The view is incredible. Air is thin. #basecamp #climbing #adventure #catlife #aventurecat #kittyklimb #explore #neverstopexploring #lifeisgood #views #goals #elevation #exploreclub #catswhoclimb #goforit #keepclimbing #tentlife #lovelife #inspiration #intothinair #meow #catsofinstagram #climbersofinstagram #adventuresociety #hiking #hike #getout #getlost #goexploring #amazing #keepgoing #sportoflife #tabbytime #wilderness #intothewild #livefortheweekend #awesome”

She hopes to summit the couch later this week.

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Wikileaks Document Dump Reveals Secret CIA Raccoon Spy Program

Wikileaks has released a trove of documents containing details of CIA hacking tools and surveillance initiatives, among them, a top secret domestic spy program code named RocketEars, that enlists raccoons as listeners.

Security experts and journalists have been poring over the cache of leaked documents, collectively known as “Vault 7,” since Tuesday. Many explain security exploits used in consumer electronics like iPhones and Samsung TVs, which can be used to spy on targets. But the raccoon program is particularly strange.

“No one would ever suspect the raccoon rummaging through your backyard trash is working for the CIA,” says Dennis O’Conner, a security analyst and former consultant to the U.S. intelligence services. “It’s a perfect secret program. But what we don’t understand yet is how the raccoons communicate their surveillance back to base. They’re not the most reliable reporters.”

The Fluffington Post will update this story as it develops.

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Move Over, GPS: This Sheep Is a Professional Backseat Driver

In the gig economy, Uber, Lyft and TaskRabbit are ubiquitous brands. But Flock is trotting up on their heels. And a few enterprising sheep have been able to make a living as freelance backseat drivers.

“Let’s say you forgot your car GPS,” says Henry Erstwhile, a spokesperson for the up-and-coming app. “Just open Flock and find a sheep near you who can hop into the back seat. Tell her where you’re headed and she’ll bleat the way.” One “baa” for a right turn, two “baas” for a left.

It may seem a little counter-intuitive at first. If you have your smartphone in hand, why not use a navigation app rather than go to the trouble of loading a sheep into your car?

“Admittedly there are still a few kinks to work out,” says Erstwhile. “We’re hiring more engineers.”

Industry analysts estimate Flock is already worth $12 billion.

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Hedgehog Heiress Funds Art Museum

Calico the hedgehog, heiress to a vast toilet paper tube fortune, has announced plans to build a new art museum in Philadelphia, PA. 

The museum has been designed by famed architect Rem Koolhaas and will feature artworks by all the great hedgehog masters. It will also contain a special wing of artifacts from an ancient tribe of Māori hedgehogs.

“Calico has been a collector for years,” said museum curator Alison Kerny. “She’s amassed this amazing collection, but had no way to share it with the world. At the same time, most museums aren’t really designed for hedgehogs. They’re just too big.”

Calico’s museum is slated to open in 2017.

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Cat Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ In Property Damage Case

In court proceedings held Wednesday morning, Taco the cat entered a plea of “not guilty” on charges of negligence and vandalism connected to the destruction of a dinner plate in December of 2015.

The plea came as a shock to many following the case, as investigators had long been in possession of compelling photographic evidence depicting Taco standing over the shattered plate with what some have described as a “frantic” look on his face. The prosecutor in the case submitted the photo at the hearing today.

“It’s entirely circumstantial,” Ronald Eisley, Taco’s attorney, said at a press conference held shortly after the plea. “Just because my client was near the scene of the incident has no bearing on whether he is responsible for it, and we intend to fight these charges all the way to the highest court if we have to.”

Mr. Eisley did not respond to follow-up questions from press.

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New HGTV Home Makeover Show Out-Foxes the Competition

HGTV debuted its new lineup of home renovation shows this week, and one offering is already standing out from the pack.

Out-Foxed is where two couples switch apartments for three days and remodel one room to surprise the other,” John Arrman, an executive producer at the lifestyle network tells The Fluffington Post. “Oh, and it’s hosted by a crafty fox.”

That host is Juniper, a long-time veteran of the reality TV space, who was snatched up by HGTV when her contract at The Food Network was not renewed.

“It’s already showing strong ratings right out of the gate. I think a lot of that has to do with Juniper,” says Arrman. “Her fans are very loyal, and we’re excited to have her in the HGTV family.”

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Puppies Now Available for 2-Day Shipping With Amazon Prime has made puppy purchases eligible for 2-day Prime shipping, according to a press release from the online retail giant.

“Our customers have wanted this for a long time, and we’re excited to bring it to you,” said Amazon director of communications Marshall Tippit in the release. “Say you had a bad day at work or you’re feeling lonely and need a pick-me-up. Just add a Frenchie to your cart, use our fast check-out system, and you’ll have a pup licking your face in no time.”

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CIA Identifies Suspect In Russian Hack of U.S. Election

The alleged Russian hacker behind the leak of thousands of Democratic National Committee documents in July has been exposed, thanks to some crafty counter-espionage by the Central Intelligence Agency.

“Our cyber warfare specialists have reverse-engineered a data cache and recovered an image from the hacker’s webcam moments before the attack,” said CIA director John Brennan in a statement on Tuesday. “The suspect appears to be a Doge.”

But the identity of the Shiba Inu is being hotly debated in the intelligence community.

“Facial recognition scans are still inconclusive,” says Herman Caufman, a technology consultant who has a number of defense department contracts. “It’s a little insensitive to say it, but a lot of Shibas look the same – at least to a computer.”

The algorithms have surfaced two possible identities of known Russian cyber criminals: Malinov Nikolayevich and Kirigin Fyodor (Fedya) Filippovich. But intelligence experts warn these matches are only about 60% conclusive.

“There’s a strong chance he isn’t even in our databases,” says Caufman. “While this is a huge lead in the investigation, there’s probably a lot more of good old fashioned spying to be done.”

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