DailyQuickie: I have a headache :( Time for a Tennis Ball Massage!

I LOVE massage. I mean, if I could get a massage for 3 hours a day, every single day. Happily would! But, since it would be tough to be productive on such a luxurious schedule, I use a tennis ball to give myself a massage… for 5 minutes a day. Place the ball under your barefoot foot. Put most of your weight on it. Slowly move the ball around from toes to heel. If you feel any tender spots, hold the ball there for a few moments as you try to break the knots up under the weight of your body. Since your feet are said to be mirrors of your entire body, doing a reflexology treatment with a tennis ball is almost like getting a daily full-body massage. Almost. Still, it’s delicious!


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Which Style of Massage is Right For You? Tailor Your Massage to Your Health Concerns

Getting a massage is something that most of us enjoy, but seldom do. Part of the reason for this is that many people view massage as a luxury, and something that is easy to put off for special occasions. But did you know that massage is actually a powerful form of preventative medicine?

With consistent massage, you can drastically reduce your risk for serious stress-induced health conditions like heart disease, asthma, diabetes, depression, and even Alzheimer’s disease, among others. No one can deny that massage is enjoyable, but the point is that it is also much more than a simple leisure activity. In our fast-paced society, it’s easy to put your health on the back burner. Massage is an activity that can make a real, long-term difference in your health and is also a wonderful experience. There are many great reasons to book an appointment.

Are you ready to start seeing a massage therapist more regularly? Get the most out of your time on the table and target your visits to your specific needs. Check out our list below where you can determine which form of massage is best for what your personal health goals.

Symptom(s): Everyday Stress

Massage choice: Swedish massage

Swedish massage is great for patients who simply want to unwind. It uses a variety of techniques to relax muscles by applying light, moderate, or deep pressure to muscles and bones. This form of massage is known to increase the range of motion at joints and promote blood circulation to the heart.

Symptoms: Headaches, Insomnia, Injury Recovery, and More

Massage choice: Shiatsu

Shiatsu massage incorporates aspects of Japanese massage, traditional Chinese medicine, and Western anatomy. Shiatsu is generally performed on the floor and uses pressure that is applied through the fingers. The patient rests on a padded mat rather than a table.

Symptoms: Muscle Tension and Tightness

Massage choice: Thai massage

Thai massage is a great choice for athletes and dancers as this technique involves a significant amount of stretching. The bodywork is performed on the floor and involves a lot of yoga-like poses. Often called the ‘lazy man’s yoga’, Thai massage can loosen and stretch your body in the same way that a vigorous yoga class can, but in a much more restful manner!

Symptoms: Illness, Lower Back Pain, Built Up Tension

Massage choice: Tui Na

A form of Chinese manipulative therapy, Tui Na is often combined with other forms of Chinese medicine such as acupuncture and cupping. Tui Na is a hands-on body treatment that uses Chinese Taoist and martial art principles to bring the body to balance. Do you love when a massage therapist digs in to those shoulder muscles at just the right spots? Tui Na is for you.

Massage Suggested for Cancer Patients: Reflexology

Reflexology involves the physical act of applying pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion. It is based on a system of zones and reflex areas on the feet and hands that is thought to reflect a map of the body, with each part of the feet and hands in alignment with a specific organ. The premise of reflexology is that it is a targeted practice that can affect all areas of the body with reflex responses. This type of massage improves circulation throughout the body.

Lymphatic massage is another excellent form of massage for cancer patients. Massage therapists trained in lymphatic massage use techniques that gently palpate the lymphatic system to help healthy drainage of toxins in the body, and to promote healing and the immune system.

Curious about other massage modalities? Want to learn more about these ones? Don’t miss our article about all forms of massage!

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