reflex spray

Once a week, Hux found himself in the communal refresher. It wasn’t that he didn’t like his private one, or that he wanted to show his subordinates he was ‘relatable’ or something. In fact, he wasn’t exactly sure why he did it. Yet every week he went.

As he stood under the harsh spray of the water, he closed his eyes. The voices of the officers echoed off the walls as they spoke to one another of trifles and petty arguments. None of them looked his way or attempted to converse with him. In a way, Hux enjoyed this, because for once he didn’t have to actively think about anything- he could just listen.

All at once, the men around him quieted and he heard the wet slaps of their feet walking out in a hurried unison. He didn’t have to open his eyes or even guess as to why this strange event would happen.

“Ren.” He said, without turning around.

“General. It’s almost as if you’re Force-sensitive, knowing when I’m in the room without looking.” Stars, Hux swore he could hear the smirk in his stupid baritone voice.

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  • bokuaka where bokuto decides he’s going to be a GREAT SENPAI and walk akaashi to the train from his first official volleyball practice, except akaashi doesn’t see him coming and pepper sprays bokuto when he slings an arm across his shoulders out of nowhere
  • akaashi is MORTIFIED but bokuto is just totally impressed with his quick reflexes (after the pepper spray has been washed out with their combined water bottles, that is)
  • bokuto eventually wrangles akaashi into agreeing to stay after school the next day to help bokuto practice his spikes once it’s clear that akaashi is determined to make it up to him somehow, despite bokuto’s protests that he’s FINE, REALLY, ACTUALLY ONE TIME KUROO ACCIDENTALLY PUNCHED ME SO–
  • anyway. bokuto never sneaks up on akaashi again, tho he does tell the story to literally anyone willing to listen while akaashi hides his face in his hands in embarrassment, which bokuto actually finds pretty cute, so he tells the story even MORE,
  • “haha yeah i knew akaashi was going to be a great setter ever since he pepper sprayed me–” 
  • “bokuto-san, stop
  • “it happened so fast, too!”
  • please