spadefish  asked:

yooo, your art is super amazing!! I saw your requests are open, if you have time i would really love to see m!robin in your style!!

Aaaa thank you so much!! And YES OFC MY BOY
Only had time for a sketch (that I got too invested in anyway HAHA) but I hope you like! ^^

Let’s tip the scales!! My last character is none other than Robin from Fire Emblem Awakening! He has dread fighter class because that’s what my avatar had (although he had brown hair, like me) . Well, that’s it for my 10 favorite FE characters list! Hope you guys liked it! :D

Welcome to Chrobin Week 2018!

Here we are, for another week of Chrobin! Thank you to everyone who submitted prompt suggestions! We had a difficult time narrowing them down to just seven. 

Special thanks to @ticcytx for the amazing artwork! <3 

Here are the prompts:

  • October 14: Celebration
  • October 15: Twins
  • October 16: Corrupted
  • October 17: Outrealms
  • October 18: Books
  • October 19: Legacy
  • October 20: Happily Ever After 

Feel free to interpret the prompts however you like. (Examples include: Twins could be Twin Robins or Twin Morgans… Outrealms includes the Smash universe… Corrupted includes all the angst your little hearts can conjure up…)

You can post on your own blog or submit to this blog. Please remember to tag #chrobinweek2018, and explicitly state on your post what day you’re posting for. (The search function on tumblr isn’t the best, so adding the tags will greatly help us find your posts!) We’re really looking forward to what you guys will bring to the Dragon’s table this year!

For more information, feel free to send asks to/visit the blog, or harass one of our mods: @dancerladyaqua, @everythingandthemoontoo@ingrimasname and @sarai377.

Please reblog and spread the word! 


On a day like any other… The Shepherds were patrolling the land of Ylisse. Suddenly, they found themselves lost in an unfamiliar forest. They came upon a prince and princess… Twins who hailed from an unknown land. As heroes chosen by the Shield Of Flames, the Shepherds joined the twins on their journey. An adventure to defeat an evil dragon.