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HR Giger in his dining room in his home outside Zurich, where he sits with a burnt effigy of himself. From a 1986 issue of NewLook magazine, accompanied by the following text:

I find the macabre to be singularly exciting,” says Hans Rudi Giger. The winner of an Oscar for his creepy production design of Alien, Giger, a master of the horrific, has transformed his dining room into a mausoleum. Surrounded by his hideous creations, he likes to receive guests while wearing a mask.

Other designers have a tendency to envision interior architecture as a reflection of their innermost obsessions. It’s certainly evident in the case of Swiss artist Hans Rudi Giger, who won an Oscar for his production design of the sci-fi thriller Alien. Giger lives near Zurich, in a house whose shutters remain tightly closed. He wears only black, which matches the walls of his inner sanctum. The place has all the gaiety of a crypt.

Giving his grand tour, Giger displays a properly sepulchral comportment. He points out various skeletons, which seem to be the dominant decorative motif. “Oh, yes,” he remarks, “the market for morbidity has risen sharply.” Giger’s tastes have not always been shared by his romantic partners. One wife left him long ago.

Giger claims that ever since his childhood, when he was surrounded by skeletons in the family pharmacy, he has been hearing voices. He is used to them now and knows what precautions to take. Each room in his house has at least two emergency exits. The shower stall has three: one to the wine cellar, one to the basement, and one to the bedroom. The Giger bedroom is a sort of hermit’s cave lined with his books, drawings, and paintings against the blackness. Here he spends wakeful nights devouring macabre and grisly literature. Once he feels sufficiently disturbed, he seizes his airbrush and splatters his nightmares onto canvas. Such expulsions of his personal demons have made him wealthy indeed.

Speaking in the soft Grisons dialect, his face hidden behind a mask of perforated sheet metal, Giger calls his guests to the table. The table is made of glass and human skulls and is piled high with meat and bones for the snacking. One dines surrounded by the host’s original paintings: rotting corpses, gaping wounds, bloodied freaks, monsters, and scenes of unbearable agony. “Diabolical, isn’t it?” chuckles Giger. “Have some Chianti?”

the prince of the playground / a kara & mon-el playlist(listen)

i. ugly heart (g.r.l.) ii. really don’t care (demi lovato) iii. alphabet boy (melanie martinez) iv. mama knows best (jessie j) v. suga mama (fifth harmony) vi. bills, bills, bills (destiny’s child) vii. you gotta not (little mix) viii. the worst (jhene aiko) ix. same old love (selena gomez) x. f*** apologies (jojo ft. wiz khalifa) xi. you’re such a (hailee steinfeld) xii. on my mind (ellie goulding) xiii. survivor (destiny’s child) xiv. irreplaceable (beyoncé) we know (fifth harmony) xv. boy (little mix) xvi. how ya doin’? (little mix) xvii. going nowhere (little mix) xviii. advice (kehlani) xix. reflection (fifth harmony) xx. obsessed (mariah carey) xxi. shake it off (mariah carey)

BONUS: xxii. knew better (part two) (ariana grande) xxiii. don’t hurt yourself (beyoncé)

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Why do you think Jake was running away from Dirk and complaining about him? I just can't imagine what was happening in his head to do such things, also I have a hard time believing that Jake loves Dirk romantically although I want to. I've been reading your analysis and I'm still not sure.

So remember when this was going on:

While Grandpa was off doing…fucking this:

Jake’s fundamental problem is the same as Grandpa’s: Escapism. In Grandpa, that misery and desire for escapism seems to grow into outright delusion–the guy seems plain old not that in touch with reality.

That’s how Jake operates when he has problems he doesn’t like and he doesn’t want to do better. Jake runs away because Dirk is needy and suffocating–the dude ain’t perfect, and he’s not any better at talking about his problems than Jake is because he likes to pretend they don’t exist by subsuming them into his (fake as shit) hypercapable persona.

But Dirk was needy and suffocating in the first place at least partly because Jake had already hurt his feelings pretty badly several times over, and led Dirk to believe he was most likely straight. Jake is aware of this!

But Jake would, in all things, prefer to resolve his conflicts in a way that doesn’t require him to acknowledge or address any way he might have possibly fucked up or hurt his friend’s feelings. That’s why neither of them can make actual progress on improving their relationship–Jake is as willfully ignorant about the core of their issues as Dirk is willfully burying them to keep up his front. And neither of them will likely talk about how Jake really felt about Brobot or about the whole AR situation for that exact same reason. Jake is busy immediately trying to forget any of that existed or could, in fact, have been parsed as a problem. Dirk is terrified of hearing Jake’s real answer. 

My friend Sburb (who I mysteriously can’t tag?? sorry about that) made a really good point about Jake’s planet–Xenon. Xenon can be used as an anesthetic, numbing one’s perception of the world, and that lines up with Jake’s modus operandi perfectly. It’s not that Jake doesn’t like Dirk, but that he is deeply terrified of confrontation and numbs himself to any possibility that may require it. Like, it’s no mistake that Jake’s innate sense of happiness and ignorance ramp up in intensity PRECISELY to match the most depressing thing he’s confronted with–Erisolsprite. Jake knows how miserable and angry Erisol is on some level, but acknowledging that would be really sad and require Jake to do something probably uncomfortable! So he doesn’t, and he pretends there isn’t a problem instead. Like. Really aggressively.

After like SIX MONTHS of enjoying Dirk’s company despite all these issues on BOTH their ends, long past the point when people who weren’t teenagers who don’t know what they’re doing would have sat down and said “Ok there’s definitely a problem here, let’s talk about it,”–yeah, all these underlying problems stress Dirk out enough that he gets to be too much for Jake and he runs away. Where he goes right on thinking about Dirk all the time, subjecting Jane to long rambles about him, and when Caliborn comes calling Jake spends his time making comments like this:

Which is A) Trolling Caliborn to some extent and really fucking funny, I love you Jake, B) Indication that Jake is now a lot more comfortable positioning himself as mlm than he was when talking to Jane, and C) That last one is obviously a reference to Dirk that Jake is making intentionally. Jake is, again, sharper than he’s given credit for. He knows what classpects are and he’s spent six months in a session where there’s exactly four of them. Even while running away, Jake is still making comments about Dirk that would absolutely be flirting if he were talking to the guy himself, and still largely thinking positively about him. 

Jake running away doesn’t reflect his feelings for Dirk. It reflects his obsessive need to avoid confrontation, and his willingness to believe anything he can tell himself to avoid it. 

speaking of Delilah’s self-absorption and need to be important, I also think it’s interesting how titles of her paintings shift their focus depending on Delilah’s relationships with the subjects. Let’s take a look at the inner circle.

Luca, His Eyes On Me” reflects his obsession with Delilah and curiously lacks any comment on her impact on him. Almost every other title talks about meaningful, impactful change Delilah brought to a person - “I Am the Ruin of His House,” “Her Heart, I Bathed in Poison”, “Her Face is My Smile”, etc. Yet she doesn’t seem to care about her impact on Luca besides the fact that he watches her every move. He is obsessed with her, he covers the entire city in incredibly expensive banners with her face on them, he spends nights in her bedroom, he makes musicians play day and night in front of her silver statue and fantasizes about said statue coming alive and visiting his bed. It shows how little he understands of her or her magic, but he is devoted nonetheless. The Heart says that Delilah “thinks about him sometimes, but only as someone might think of a favored pet.” That’s all Luca Abele is to her, and she is just not interested in what he is aside of him being ready to lick her boots and fight a war on her behalf.

“My Fires Burn within Breanna’s Marrow” is something different, it’s not about superficial adoration, it’s about her inspiring and loving Breanna Ashworth, literally being the fire that gives her life. It’s much more personal and devoted, it implies permanent connection on both sides, not the one-way impact like the other paintings. Delilah’s effect on Breanna is profound and unparalleled, she was her freedom, her love, her salvation, her goddess and her revelation. She knows everything about Breanna down to her marrow - and owns it too. There’s also an underlying context of Arcane Bond between them, we can see from her letter how thankful Breanna is to Delilah for opening her connection with the Void, how excited she is to feel “the strange winds” of it. And this is why when you take away Breanna’s magic, Delilah abandons her. From Delilah’s point of view, her flames within Breanna died out.

Interestingly, it’s the ONLY two paintings that have names in their titles. Everyone else is “he” or “she” (or “craftsman”, but we’ll get to the science goblin next). It’s two of the most devoted people in her life, the only two she reached from the Void, the only two deserving of names. Even if she doesn’t care about Luca as a person, he worships her wholeheartedly, and it is what Delilah ultimately wants from people, so he still is more valuable to her than others.

In contrast, “I Look Upon the Craftsman” doesn’t just lack a name in the title - it lacks even a pronoun, which *every* other painting gets. Even the goddamn tree is “she”. “Craftsman” is distant and impersonal. It also lacks an active action, an impact - “look upon” is observational, curiously passive for Delilah who yearns to leave her mark on people. She and Kirin Jindosh are obviously not close. They basically use each other in a mutually beneficial way. But for Delilah, the most important thing she wants from people is worship. And Jindosh is not going to worship her, he states plainly that he doesn’t even care who’s the Empress. He also wants to solve her, like he does with everyone else (his painting is the only one staring back uncomfortably) and Delilah does not appreciate this. In her letter to him, we see that he asked her about the Void and her connection, and Delilah puts him in his place - she says that wonders of the Void are innumerable and she witnessed them, but he doesn’t have a slightest hope of imagining them. She tells him to be content with seeing slightly more than common people. Basically, she tells him that gifted craftsman is all he’ll ever be. Delilah is wary of Jindosh, resentful for not being able to affect him, and looks down on him for his limits within the common world.

I Regard Her, Within and Without” is different. It’s also distant, but though “regard” and “look upon” might seem close, they are not similar. “Regard” implies not only observation, but also respect. There’s also an underlying sense of Delilah’s power over Hypatia, - “Within and Without,” - we know that she is controlled through Luca Abele. But “Regard Within and Without” also translates a fascination of all aspects of Hypatia. There’s sadly absolutely zero shown interaction between them in-game, but Alexandria Hypatia is obviously not someone who Delilah sees as mundane. 

Rewatching the vampire diaries and I fail to believe anything about Delena was genuine. Firstly, Damon’s love for Elena is really just a reflection on his obsession with Katherine. He wanted to be with her for over a hundred years but as soon as she rejects him, she’s a slut. 

In Founders Day Elena was dressed up in period clothing, looking a lot like Katherine and he was taken back by that after claiming ‘Elena is not Katherine’ when talking about how Katherine was out of the picture,  he wasn’t going to turn his attention to her. 

I mean, how angry he is at Katherine just shows how obsessed he is. When Elena asked about him seeing a future for them, he tells her a future since the first time he saw her but the first time he saw her, he called her Katherine.

Also, the fact he wouldn’t give Nadia Katherine’s body to take back to Bulgaria and actually buried it in the tomb because that’s where she was meant to be, is just another example.

For Elena, It seems like she only went out with Damon because she couldn’t handle being a vampire (besides being sired). She said this about Stefan:

But there is no evidence of that. It seems more likely that Elena herself felt like a broken toy and she couldn’t be with Stefan because he feels too much, too much guilt. She didn’t want to be judged or feel miserable for her mistakes as vampire which is probably why she lost her ways and morals through her relationship with Damon.  She didn’t want to be in a relationship where she had to think.

And as her relationship developed with Damon, the more upset she got about Stefan moving on. She didn’t want Stefan to forget about their relationship:

But in Season 6, she begged Alaric to compel her to forget about Damon…

She hated the idea of him and Rebekah:

Her reaction to finding out that he slept with Katherine:

Deep down she feared losing him forever.

She also seemed to dedicate her human life to Stefan (when she had lost Stefan forever), studying medicine despite never showing any interest in it beforehand, she actually told Stefan she wanted to be a writer in Season one whereas he wanted to be a doctor before he turned. 

In the finale she called her life ‘epic’ (a Stelena word) and said that she owed everything to Stefan, right in front of the place he’s buried. Which is why it would make sense that she married Damon, the person Stefan cared about the most.  

Nothing about their relationship seems to be sincere.

@plotsandpromptsforall (story starter prompt: your shadow is growing jealous of your reflection)

Vanity and jealousy. Two words that go hand in hand like scornful lovers. People believe that one cannot exist with the other, that if you are vain you cannot possibly be jealous of another. But of course this is not the case. You can love the way you are, think everything about you is better than anything you would ever see on anyone else until that day you are faced with that one person. The person who twists your beauty into something ugly and moves your obsession onto them. A tale as old as time that has existed for as long as human beings have walked the earth. However humans are not the only creatures that feel these emotions, who are so consumed by them that they act impulsively and without thought of consequence.

There was once a girl called Lily. A girl so undeniably beautiful she broke hearts before she even understood her own. Her hair was thick and embodied midnight with purple hues that shone brightly during the summer and rested royally against her pale skin during the winter. Her features were full and large, so soft that she only every received the gentlest of touches. Her physical beauty was without comparison and was only rivalled by the beauty inside her. Her compassion and capacity to love. She lacked both vanity and jealousy but inspired much.

But this story is not about her.

This story is about two creatures very close to Lily. Creatures who had been with her since the day of her birth and would remain so even after they could no longer co-exist.

The first creature was Lily’s shadow. A free spirited creature that glided across the ground in a flight of ecstasy. A creature that took pride in how it’s shape would change throughout the day, never remaining the same at any time, constantly cycling through minute changes. She loved when the sun was at it’s lowest and her limbs would stretch to impossible lengths and let her touch things that would otherwise be beyond her reach. She equally loved when the sun would rise high into the sky and her form would shrink, almost wrap in on itself to become something indistinguishable. She loved how she could meld with the shadows of other objects and almost become a part of them. More than anything she loved how Lily would giggle when she manipulated her. When Lily would play with her and pretend she was flying, small giggles tumbling from her lips. Or when the girl would use her shadow’s hands to transform them into different animals. Most importantly she loved Lily.

The second creature was Lily’s reflection. A creature that mimicked her beauty so perfectly. A creature that revelled in existing in a disembodied world that was an imitation of the girl’s, was warmed by how close it made her feel to Lily. She loved how the two were always in sync, never once breaking their connection. She loved the compliments the girl would shower her with or take her time to make sure her reflection looked her best. She loved how the light could almost transform her features, how Lily would transform them as she grew. More than anything she loved how Lily would spend hours with her, dressing her up in different clothes until they found the right ones. When Lily would make the light as bright as she could in the room and chase away her shadow so that it was only the two of them. Most importantly she loved Lily, also.

For the first few years of Lily’s life both creatures existed in a state of peace, understanding that they both made her happy in different ways. Her shadow never got jealous of how Lily would sometimes make her disappear so that she could focus more on her reflection. She never got jealous because secretly she liked how she could never upset Lily. She would never show her signs of age or wear. Never hold onto scars to mar her perfect beauty. Lily’s shadow took pity on her reflection because she had to deal with the pain she would sometimes bring the girl they both loved. 

Lily’s shadow was never jealous until the day the girl left the light on a little longer than usual.

It was a regular day with both the sun and Lily’s bedroom light keeping her shadow away but she waited patiently as the girl went through a multitude of clothes before finally deciding. Her shadow waited where she couldn’t be seen knowing now was the time she would be allowed to swoop back in. But this time Lily didn’t switch off the light. Instead she sat on her bed to read a book, periodically opening a compact mirror to check her make up. Making sure her reflection was perfect whilst ignoring her shadow. 

This happened many more times. Soon Lily did not even acknowledge her when she was in the room. No matter how tall she grew or how small she shrunk, how many different shapes she forced herself into for the girl, Lily didn’t see. Instead she continued to focus on her reflection, not obsess but enough for it transformed into neglect for her shadow. Lily was growing up and leaving the world of make believe behind and entering a world of endless mirrors where she would be judge.

The jealousy Lily’s shadow felt for her reflection seethed inside her until it became something much worse. It burned into a searing hatred every time Lily’s reflection caused her to cry. Every time it couldn’t be as flawless as her shadow had always been. She convinced herself her actions were because she loved the girl more than anything. That Lily’s happiness was more important than anything but of course it wasn’t Lily’s happiness she was thinking of.

One night, whilst Lily was asleep, her shadow crept without permission and broke every mirror in her house. Taking pleasure in knowing her reflection could not exist when Lily was unconscious and therefore could put up no fight. When morning came and the sunlight revealed the treachery that had occurred during the night, her shadow waited for Lily to return to her and thank her for ridding them of the thing that had kept them apart for too long. But this didn’t happen.

By destroying Lily’s refection, her shadow drew from her the one emotion she was trying to put an end to. She watched Lily fall to her knees and cry at the broken pieces of the other creature. Tried uselessly to fit them back together. Her shadow didn’t understand and was further angered when Lily returned home from work that day with a new mirror. Setting it upon the wall where the last had been, almost mocking her shadow’s hard work.

Lily’s shadow repeated the destruction of the night again. And again. And again, again, again until Lily finally gave up. The girl’s shoulders shook with such sorrow but her shadow no longer cared. She had come to hate the girl almost as much as her reflection, hating how one mimicked the other. Her shadow paid no attention when the girl went into her bathroom, dragging her shadow along with her. She bounced around the walls as Lily ran a bath, not noticing how the girl didn’t bother to check the temperature of the water or remove her clothes before she stepped into the tub.

Her shadow only noticed when Lily’s head sunk below the water where she couldn’t follow and never resurfaced. The girl’s shadow had no voice nor could she leave a room without Lily’s permission so there was only one thing she could do as the girl faded. All she could do was look at the broken shards on the floor where she could see the girl’s refection crying. Realising her jealousy had destroyed her reflection beyond shards and caused herself to fade away.

~ from the mind of my alter-ego Sophia Sparks

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TESLA!!!         🎉🎉🎉

Today we celebrate the birth of a beautiful woman, talented writer, and all around amazing person, Tesla, aka @bovaria. Tes, you were one of the first writers I followed after changing my blog to reflect my Marvel obsession. I was brand new to reader inserts and I just fell in love with all your stories. You are without a doubt one of the biggest reasons why I started writing myself and I will be forever grateful for your inspiration and kindness. I feel incredibly lucky to call you my friend. I hope you have the most spectacular day, my dear!! ❤️❤️❤️

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                       ABOUT THE VERSE!

Faith has always come easy to man long before Christ, it was in the deepest part of their empty stomachs, the darkness in their souls, stuck in the cracks between survival & greed. Gods & mythological creatures exist because people believe in them. Immigrants to America brought with them their spirits & gods, creating them, giving them life. The power of these mythological beings has diminished as people’s beliefs waned over time as sky scrapers replaced the trees, when shopping centers multiplied as quickly as churches.

New gods have arisen, reflecting the American obsessions with media, celebrity, technology, & drugs, among other vices. & while the new gods flourish, the old ones begin to fade from existence. Gods die. & when they truly die they are unmourned & unremembered. Ideas are more difficult to kill than people, but they can be killed, in the end. The ones of ancient ruins have fallen, those still kept in hearts & minds of the few live in a harsh world, starving for prayers in hope of regaining what they once had. 

                                     But a storm is coming & the air smells of war….


1.  This group verse is inspired by American Gods, if you can’t tell. ( you do not have to read the books or watch the show to be able to join! )
2.  Open to all fandoms! Oc’s & Multi’s welcomed!
3.  IC drama is greatly wanted but please guys, no OOC drama.
4.  Pick a side! 10 spots for Old Gods, 10 for New Gods & 10 for mortals & other creatures!
5.  Not all Gods are rich & famous anymore! Please keep that in mind!
6.  With saying that though, you can make up your own God if it’s a New God!
7.  Activity checks are NOT a thing. This verse is just for fun, do not feel pressured.
8.  A bio is needed. So that it makes plotting easier! ( preferably within a week from joining. )
9.  There will be triggers highly present
10.  Track our tag ( gv. ) a storm is coming when accepted & follow members!  
11.  SUBMIT THE APPLICATION HERE! Message me or Sochie if you have any questions! 

                     THE APPLICATION IS BELLOW!

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can’t take a joke

I always double-check the front door after I shut it. I look in the mailbox every time I pass it. I wipe the stovetop after each use. I wash my hands enough that they’re dry and cracked. My backpack is always a little too full; I’m always a little too prepared. It isn’t always clear (to you) why I do these things, and they probably seem odd or funny. I’ve certainly been told they’re odd or funny. “You JUST did that,” or, “isn’t that backpack heavy?” Sometimes, even: “You’re so OCD.”

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I have observed that many of us tend to run away from people who really want our attention or to be with us. Instead we often crave to be with those who are ignorant and don’t care as much about us. Just like you are trying to escape those seemingly obsessed and overprotective people in your life, you maybe playing that very role in someone else’s. This thesis is aligned perfectly by the law of universal balance.

Super duper late Witchsona! This year I’m a BATTLE WITCH. Definitely reflective of my recent obsession with D&D. 

Click here to see it animated!

I had help designing it during the stream. It was a fun, collaborative experience! Will be posting a time-lapse of the stream later this week. 


Karamatsu Girls (and Boys)! We all need touch-ups throughout the day. And while we may not be as vain as our resident reflection-obsessed brother (or are we?), making sure your hair isn’t doing something crazy or that you have nothing stuck in your teeth is important. These little pocket mirrors hide away great in pockets and purses for those impromptu little check-ups that you’ll want throughout the day.

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