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Forgot your anniversary - Got7

This was requested by @got7iscool thank you so much for requesting and I hope you enjoy!! Also I may have gotten a bit carried away so they are kinda long oopsie. <3

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You and your expensive dress, perfectly done hair, manicured nails, and pristine makeup that took you hours sat alone in a booth for probably 30 minutes to half an hour waiting. The thought of being stood up on your anniversary never even occurred to you. Mark couldn’t have forgotten. Mark knows better. But after the minutes continued to tick by and the waitress asking if you were still waiting and the multiple sympathetic looks you were fed up.

You took a few dollars out of your clutch to give to your exceptionally patient waitress on the way out. As the host pushed open the door for you, you ran into the man you were just waiting on. He had flowers, red roses to be exact.

“Okay before you scream and kick at me just let me say I’m tremendously sorry, the guys wouldn’t let me leave the studio till we finished the song. I’m so sorry, I love you so much and I didn’t do this on purpose. God you look so beautiful and I know you waited here forever and I-I know this won’t fix everything but I ran past this flower shop and these just looked to good to resist.” Mark sincerely apologizes and hands them to you.

The host looks at you to make sure you’re okay and he could leave without fear of you being hurt. You give him a small nod and he goes back inside to resume his duties.

You grasp the flowers from his hands and a small sigh of relief leaves his mouth. You lift your head up slightly to look at him and his hand cups your cheek softly.

“I love you. I’m sorry.” He gently kisses your forehead and you feel a small smile creep onto your lips.

“I love you too. Are you hungry? I know of this amazing restaurant and it’s super close.” You joke making both of you giggle, he wraps an arm around your shoulder as you head back through the doors.


You meticulously placed blue and white tissue paper over the opening of the gift bag, making sure it was packaged absolutely perfect. You spent weeks planning and ordering this gift for Jaebum for your 2 year anniversary today. You wanted to surprise him with it at work so after dressing up in your nicest sundress and nude strappy sandals you made your way to JYPE. The secretary knew your face by now and instantly let you through without any trouble. You practically skipped your way up to the studio where they were currently working on a new album for the next comeback. The bright yellow and blue of your dress reflected your peppy attitude, it radiated into the studio as soon you opened the door.

“Y/n!” Jackson stands and hugs you tightly.

“To what do I owe this surprise?” Jaebum looked at you with a smirk and you tilted your head slightly.

He must be feigning confusion.

“Oh don’t play dumb~ it’s our anniversary!” You pinch his cheeks and feel him freeze under your touch.

“Y/n…let me explain.” Jaebums voice was steady as he motioned for the other boys to leave.

“You-you forgot?” If he hadn’t known you so well he wouldn’t have heard your voice tremble, but he does, and he did.

“I’m so sorry Y/n, there’s no excuse that can fix this.” His voice was serious, he knew he messed up.

Jackson suddenly walked back in and messed with the soundboard and before either of you could yell at him he left. Your eyebrows furrowed as a sweet familiar piano tune filled the room along with the purest voice you’ve ever heard. Jaebums.

JB’s voice softly sang lyrics to your favorite song, My Answer by EXO. You sat down on the couch and he watched you with careful eyes as you started swaying along with the music. He sang it for you. He recorded the piano for you.

“Listen, I don’t expect this to change anything-“ You cut off his ramble with a kiss.

“Shut up JB, it’s okay. You’re allowed to forget things you have a huge career and a lot of pressure on you. That was really sweet of you to record that song for me, I love you.” You kissed him again and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“I’m gonna make it up to you tonight baby, just wait.” He pulled away for a mere second before connecting your lips once again in a passionate kiss.


Jinyoung never forgot anything. Never. Not even your parents anniversary date which was still fuzzy to even you sometimes. So when he didn’t come home for your anniversary dinner date you were concerned. You picked up your phone and dialed him, he answered in the first ring which calmed your rapidly beating heart.

“Hey baby what’s up?” He answered the phone cooly.

What’s up? What’s up??

Just wondering when you would be home for our dinner, our anniversary dinner. Remember?” You made sure to put the emphasis on anniversary.

“Oh-oh my god. I’ll be there in 10 minutes. Oh my god I’m so sorry.” Jinyoung’s voice was full of stress and genuine guilt as he realized what he had done.

“See you then.” You hung up and ran your fingers through your hair.

Of all the things he remembers, your five year anniversary isn’t one of them. You shimmied out of your nice dress and kicked your heels back inside your closet and climbed into bed. You shoved your face into the pillows and curled up into a fetal position. Some time later you heard the front door open and close then your bedroom door creaked open. You heard his light steps on the hardwood floor as he slid out of his sneakers and gently laid down next to you, obviously thinking your asleep.

“I’m sorry baby, I love you so much. We just finished a song today and the guys wanted to celebrate. I’m so so sorry, I’ll do anything you want.” Jinyoungs soft voice contaminates any negative thoughts you might’ve had about him.

You turned over to face him with raised eyebrows and he smiled at you, feeling a wave of relief over the fact that you didn’t seem too upset about his slip up.

“Anything?” A smirk grew on your face and he knew he was in for some trouble.

“Anything baby, just let me know.” He nods and you tap your chin for a moment.

“Start cleaning babe, I’ll tell you when to stop.” You kiss his cheek and push him out of bed.


“Y/nnnn~” Jackson’s drunk whiny voice was on the other line.

You scoffed at him, first he doesn’t call telling you he’s going out, totally forgets it’s your anniversary, and on top of all that, he has the nerve to drunk dial you.

“Where are you?” You started pulling on flat shoes instead of the stilettos you wore for the dinner he forgot about.

“Ahh uh- jaebummie where are-“ “Hey, Y/n its JB I’m really sorry for causing you trouble. We are at the Octagon club just off Gangnam-gu.” Jaebum cut off Jackson’s voice and for that you were kinda thankful.

“Did he happen to mention it was our anniversary?” Your curiosity gets the best of you as you step out the door.

“Oh my god, no he didn’t. Y/n I’m sorry I wouldn’t have let him-“ “No worries bummie, not your fault. I’ll be there in a few.” You cut off the rambling boy with sweet intentions as you started the car.

When you arrived at the club you saw Jaebum holding up Jackson and you could visibly see both of their ears perk up. You unlocked the door and got out to help him strap Jackson into the car. You kissed Jaebums cheek and told him thank you for taking care of your boyfriend.

You turned your focus back on the boy who totally, 100%, without a doubt forgot it was your 3 year anniversary. About 5 minutes from home was when Jackson finally spoke.

“Jagi? Did I forget something? You look dressed up.” His words slurred together but you could decipher enough.

“Yes Jackson, you did.” You sighed and pulled into the driveway.

You helped him up and into the house, changing his clothes and laying him on his side in the bed. You were far too upset to sleep in the same bed so you grabbed a sheet and your pillow to head to the couch.

In the morning Jackson felt a heavy pounding in his head and his heart when he realized you weren’t in bed with him. When he saw you on the couch it dawned on him what he had done.

“Baby? I’m sorry I’m so so sorry.” Jackson wakes you up by shaking you lightly till your eyes flutter open.

“It’s-its fine jackson.” You stretch and he shakes his head no.

“Get ready whenever, I’m gonna make breakfast and I’m taking you shopping. I’m gonna spoil the hell out of you because you deserve it.” Jackson was already making his way to the kitchen before you even had time to react.


Youngjae never forgot special days, he would wake you up with breakfast in bed and a pretty flower laying on the tray. Then he would give you a small gift and take you out to your favorite places. But today, nothing. You woke up and he was gone, not in the kitchen, living room, or the office. He couldn’t have forgotten right? Right?

You decided to not make a big deal of it and make yourself breakfast, you settled on a waffle and some orange juice. You sat at the breakfast bar, absentmindedly scrolling on your phone.

Eventually you finish your food and take a shower, hoping by then he’s back home, ready to celebrate your anniversary. But when you got out, he still wasn’t there, he did text you however.

Good morning babe, figured you’re up now. Went to the studio for the day text me if you need anything. Love you

You re-read the words “for the day” over and over, he really didn’t remember. You sighed and typed a variety of messages before deleting them. You decided on a simple “okay love you”.

Hours passed, mindlessly watching Seinfeld and Friends reruns on some channel you landed on. You were hurt that he forgot but chalked it up to the upcoming comeback and the creation of new concepts. It was around dinner time when you assumed he’d be home soon, you started making dinner after tidying up the apartment.

You were halfway through dinner when the front door opened and a small golden retriever puppy trotted in with its tongue out making you giggle. You knelt down and turned the puppies tag over to look at who the owner might be and engraved into the metal you see: I’m sorry, happy 2nd anniversary xx

Your eyebrows furrowed until Youngjae walked in with a guilty look on his face. He remembered. “I’m so sorry Y/n, I don’t know what happened. I lost track of the days and I’m sorry. I hope he can make up for all the stuff we missed out on doing today.” Youngjae picks up the puppy and wraps an arm around your waist.

“I forgive you, what’s his name?” You kiss his cheek and pet the puppies head.

“Deuce?” Youngjae asks and you nod with a giggle, letting the punny name roll off your tongue.


You waited patiently for him to return your calls and texts while you sat alone at a two person table in your favorite coffee shop. You hadn’t even ordered yet and a familiar waitress set your regular order down on the table.

“Thank you.” You smile kindly at her and she returns the smile before tending to other tables.

You and Bammie visit here very often, at least once, sometimes twice a week for a year. You both thought it would be very reminiscent if for your one year anniversary you had a date here. But someone seemed to forget this special day. You dialed his number once again and put the phone up to your ear. It rang before a very out of breath bambam answered.

“I’ll be right there I’m so sorry please still love me. I-I got caught up with the guys and when I realized what day it was…God I’m so sorry Y/n. I’m almost there! Please wait!” Bambam stuttered and breathed heavily on the other end, leaving you to just say “Okay”.

Not a minute later bambam walked in looking very disheveled and his silver hair was all over the place but the smile on his face was blinding when he saw you. You noticed a small blue bag in his hand and raised your eyebrows.

“We agreed on no gifts Bammie.” You said as he set the bag down in front of you, taking a seat in the empty chair.

“Well after your shitty boyfriend forgot I figured it was fine. I’m sorry again.” He kisses your forehead and you couldn’t help but smile.

He watched you take the tissue paper out one by one until a long royal blue velvet box was left at the bottom. You picked it out and moved the bag and paper to the side. You lifted the box open and gasped when you saw the gorgeous silver and diamond studded necklace.

“Do-do you like it? I’m not trying to bribe you, I was running here and I passed a jewelry store with that in the window. I had to.” He stood up and his hands picked up the necklace to help put it on you.

You moved your hair to the front as the cool silver landed on your collar bones and bambams fingers fumbled with the clasp.

“I love it bammie, thank you.” You turned around and kissed his lips.

“I love you Y/n, I promise not to forget again.” His voice held a certain sincerity that let you know he was 100% serious about this.


You tapped your bare foot impatiently as you stood in front of your front door, just waiting for him to come home. He forgot your anniversary, your 2 year anniversary to be exact. You wore your favorite skintight black dress with matching stiletto’s for about an hour until you accepted that he totally forgot about the dinner you two had planned together.

Fed up, you picked your phone up to dial his number just as the door opened revealing him. He crept in the door, shrinking inch by inch as your gaze never let up from him. You couldn’t help but see and smell the take out in his hands, you cursed your stomach for growling and pulling a chuckle from him and you.

“Baby…I know no amount of apologizing will fix this but I’m so sorry. Here, you’re probably starving.” Yugyeom sat the food down in the kitchen and took out utensils for you.

You sat at the table with your best poker face as he watched you open your container and pour it into a bowl. As you were slurping the noodles he chuckled again and wiped the mess off your face.

“Did you bring this thinking it would make everything better?” You question him and he nodded shyly.

“Umm kinda? But I really am sorry, I’ll make it up to you I promise.” Yugyeom smiled but quickly put on a serious face knowing you were upset.

You cursed yourself once again, this time for not being able to resist the giant in front of you. You leaned forward to kiss him and when he leaned in you slapped the back of his head.

“Ah!” “You deserved that, don’t do it again.” You cut off his whine and scolded him before leaning in once again but actually connecting your lips this time.

Dating Kim Namjoon would Include

Could you please do a f(x) what would dating Luna and a BTS what would dating Namjoon be like, sorry if it’s too much just Luna will be fine then xx please keep writing, literally all your posts are amazing not just your exo ones xxxx

Note: Ah you’re so sweet! I have posted dating Luna would include –> here. So, this is the Rap Monster version. I hope you will enjoy! 

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used. 


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  • How does it feel to date the most amazing, handsome, smartest man in the whole of South Korea?
  • Amazing
  • Let’s start with that rapping talent
  • Him singing and rapping to you around the house at the most random times, sometimes he’s being seriously sexy and other times he’s rapping about the noodles you just made him for lunch??
  • But it reflects his passion, especially when you hear him rapping in the recording studio which tbh is the most beautiful sound in the world
  • Him going on tour a lot and working like crazy but always finding time for you because he loves you and nothing means more to him than making sure you feel supported and loved
  • Dates whenever you have the chance 
  • Or just hanging out around the house and having a good time
  • Like one minute you could be deciding on what film to watch
  • The next you’re making popcorn and hot chocolate with whipped cream to go along with it
  • Namjoon understanding how the relationship must strain on you sometimes and always being there for you 
  • Him telling you that he loves his fans but that you should always stay away from the anti’s 
  • Especially the ones that hate on you
  • But aside from being all supportive and loving of you
  • You still have no jams
  • Him liking to be your “knight in shining armor”
  • Like this bitch will purposefully put things on high shelves and put all his washing in the pile to make it heavier so he has to help you around the house
  • But like, he tries to be helpful
  • Though he ends up breaking half of the furniture 
  • Don’t even bother looking at that new table set because 9/10 it’ll last about two hours in your household
  • Him being a klutz but always replacing things or ringing Yoongi to come over and fix things before you get home
  • Him being a little bit protective over you
  • Especially when you’re around the other members because they have no chill and annoying their leader is way too much fun not to tease you.
  • “You’re looking fine today, {y/n}” 
  • “As her boyfriend, I suggest you shut up, Jungkook, or I’ll cut your man parts off before you even know what they’re for.” 
  • Him showing you around his work space
  • And recording you singing if you’ll let him

Night Time

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  • Long nights talking about the significance of the universe and how life is meaningless
  • But like, you’ll live your meaningless lives together 
  • Because together, your meaningless life seem a little bit more meaningful
  • Namjoon taking you out in the car to drive around in the night because he knows that you love it
  • Him taking you to restaurants at night when there isn’t many people around and he loves spending the time with you and not worrying about being caught by the press or fans. 
  • Stargazing together
  • Namjoon telling you the names of the stars and constellations in the sky and it’s somehow soothing 
  • But sometimes he just wants to lie in the mattress with you under the duvet 
  • Sometimes innocent 
  • Sometimes not so innocent 
  • But always loving. 
Haunted House- A BATIM Fic

I saw a post about this on @doodledrawsthings feed and I couldn’t help myself. My favorite ink demon and my favorite holiday? Together? It was too good to pass up! That being said apologies in advance to all the lovely people named Mick out there, it just sounded like the douchiest name I could think of while I was writing, but it is not a reflection on you. Once again this takes place in Doodles’ Hell’s Studio AU. Some mild swearing, but that’s about it. Enjoy!

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Make It Official

Donghan + the way for anon

“five, six, seven, eight, and final position!”

You stared at your reflection in the mirror of the dance studio, proud of yourself for having gotten through the choreography perfectly. Next to you, Kim Donghan was panting slightly, a huge grin on his face.

The two of you were known for your amazing duo dances and completely in-sync chemistry, which some people chalked up to the insane amount of sexual tension between you two.

“Nice work, (y/n),” Donghan said cheerfully as he clapped you on the shoulder, fingers lingering for a moment too long before he headed over to where his things were strewn on the studio floor. You rejoined your own friends, body automatically going into the moves to properly stretch your body.

“Geez, (y/n), you two really just need to, you know, do it already,” Momo, one of your good friends at the studio, chuckled as she watched you. You just smiled at that.

“Seriously,” Chungha sighed, “you two are like the gods of duo dance; I wish I had someone like that. You two are practically dating, anyways, so you might as well make it official.”

It wasn’t like you’d never thought of asking Donghan out. The two of you clearly liked each other, if the flirty remarks and winks during practice were any sign, but honestly speaking, you’d been too scared of sacrificing your strong, albeit strange, friendship with him.

“You down for getting milk tea?” Donghan came up to you, sports bag slung casually over his shoulder. You nodded, gathering your own things before saying goodnight to your friends. Whenever you had practice, it was tradition for you and Donghan to get milk tea afterwards.

“You know, I overheard what Chungha said,” Donghan commented, looking at you over his honeydew milk tea.

“Hm?” You met his gaze, mouth full of boba.

“About us practically dating,” he continued, eyes still trained on you. You felt your heart speed up. “She’s right, you know, we might as well make it official.”

You grinned, tilting your head. “I don’t think the proper way to make it official is to just say ‘let’s make it official’, you know.”

Donghan groaned playfully, rolling his eyes, “fine, (y/n), will you go out with me?”

“Yes,” you replied, grinning even wider, “yes, idiot, I’ll go out with you.”

Jimin Scenario: Touch.

Request: Hey, Where She’s a ceramics student, love her work spend hours at the studio, jimin her bf want to experience what make her late coming home, he attempt to make a pot but didn’t work, so she show home how to make it right, but meanly it was all about the closeness & touches that made the experience the best. Maybe with kiss at the end or something. Pot of love.   Thx             

Genre: Fluff / Romance

Jimin rushed to greet you when he heard the sound of the door, you were just taking out your jacket and scarf when he threw himself at you and caught you between his arms.

–I thought you’d found another boyfriend to keep him company already – he said after kissing your lips, you giggled and wriggled a little between his arms but more playfully than anything, so Jimin started to place little kisses all over your face while you laughed and hugged him back.

–I would never Jimin… oh stop, not there – you laughed even louder when Jimin started to kiss your neck, he knew you were ticklish and sensitive there so he just took advantage of it. –Jimin! –

–Can’t protest – he said, biting a little on the edge of your jaw and stealing a deep kiss from your lips. –You promised you weren’t arriving late today again and what hour is it? –

He raised an eyebrow at you and you looked bashful, with a little smile on your lips. You brought your hands up to caress his hair and pecked his lips. –I know, I know, but I was working in that vase I told you, the exhibition for the end of the semester is soon Jiminie, I have to get it all perfect –

–And what about me? – Jimin attempted a pout but failed midway and cracked with his laugh. –You’re coming home so late Y/N, I worry you know? Should I start picking you up from now on? –

–It’s alright, you must be tired from work – Jimin hummed into your next kiss, holding you just a little tighter.

–You are tired too baby – he said after inspecting your face, you knew you had deeper dark circles these days, that you tried to cover with makeup but Jimin was observant and you couldn’t really conceal the tiredness from him.

–You know how I am Jimin, I just love it, what can I say? I’m guilty of that – you laughed softly, resting your head on his shoulder, it was comfortable to be hugging each other at the receiver, you’d only seen each other briefly at morning, shared breakfast and nothing else since then besides a few messages. –You should try it, maybe you’ll fall in love with it too–

–Or I could fall in love with you more – he said wiggling his eyebrows in a weird way that got you laughing and shoving him away playfully.

–You’re so cheesy – you said half heartedly because you loved Jimin, everything he said and did. He just laughed it off, coiling and arm around your waist and pulling you closer to walk with you towards the kitchen.

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My Idol: Part One

My Idol
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My Idol is a South Korean competitive reality dating game show. It currently airs on Wednesday nights on Jae-bummer’s blog. First broadcast in 2016, the show offers the opportunity for a lucky fan to go on seven blind dates with seven idols. The idol plans the date with the show throwing in specific missions to complete during the day. At the end of the initial dates, the show opens up an audience vote to decide what three idols will move on to the second date.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - 
Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Part 16 - Part 17 - Part 18  - Part 19 - Part 20 - Part 21 - Part 22

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New Dance (M)

He’ll be the death of you and he knows it.

Hoseok X Reader

Word count: 3,032

Warnings: Smut (kinda dirty) and horse jokes

New Dance

“God, I hate you.” Your fingers danced along the rim of the porcelain sink, knuckles clenching around the edges as your forehead fell dully against the surface of the mirror. Your eyes were closed, eyebrows knitted, though in your distress, the corner of your lip was turned. Amazing, really. You found amusement in the very feeling of hatred that brought a tightening to your chest. Your eyes fluttered open, glaring daggers or short swords or fucking katanas into the very orbs you despised most. 

You see, the thing with eyes is… they allow you to SEE things. See many things, truly. And when you see certain things, you may end up feeling certain ways. Ways you’re not meant to feel. You blinked once, twice, backed away from the mirror before teething your own bottom lip until it was bleeding. Smiling, softly chuckling, WOW YOU SEEM LIKE A MANIAC, you opened the door and left, muttering, “I fucking hate you so much.” 

You were talking to yourself, by the way.

 Back in the studio, you willed yourself to continue what you had been doing before your sudden escape to the restroom. Hoseok met your eye briefly, curiously, surely wondering why you had gone… but you looked away. IF ONLY YOU KNEW

It was his damn fault. You were great friends with all of Bangtan, having been their wardrobe specialist for nearly three years now. It also helped you were in their age range, and that only brought you closer to the boys. You were definitely closest to Hobi, though. With all you had in common, it was no wonder you two were always confused as being best guy friends since elementary. Dammit, you’re not a guy, but you all got along as though you were. 

Hoseok, JHope, Hobi, Horse, whatever you preferred to call him, you considered him to be your closest friend… until being in the same room with him had you heaving. Actually, this is the first time it’s happened. You had to excuse yourself in the middle of their practice for a new dance. 

And the feeling you had was sudden and questionable. Behind them, you were assisting with music controls, but you could see their reflections in the studio mirror before them. And that one move… J-Hope took the center of the group with a dangerous point move that involved hip thrusts that could crack the Sistine chapel.

You were shocked, not only because of how natural and exotic it seemed with fluid dancing body, but with the menacing look on his face. You had tensed so dramatically, your breath stopping in the midst of an exhale, nearly dropping Namjoon’s phone that plugged into the aux input. The plump bottom lip he caught between teeth, eyes dark as though rehearsed to seduce some future audience and receive their succulent squeals of appreciation…You gulped, and that’s when your fingers were moving on their own, one hand fisting the material of your shirt against your racing heart, the other hitting the pause button on the phone.

When the music stopped, you were out of the door, shooting an unintelligible apology over your shoulder as you raced down the hall. 

The pit of your stomach was burning, a hellfire that would spread if not quenched. You thought about his eyes again, the look in them, his body rolls, the size of his hands… You were a goner, and so was the pair of now soiled undergarments you had on. 

When you returned from your bathroom trip, Taehyung announced your entry with a whine of displeasure, and you apologized again. You resumed your spot behind the boys, face still flushed, body still hot beneath your sweats, and ordered them back to position, however refusing to look up. You were definitely being watched, and the fact your imagination was working magic on who it may have been observing you only made you hotter. 

You gulped, and cued the music back at the top. 

Throughout the routine, you watched only the movement of their feet, but nothing more. You didn’t dare look up. Somewhere deep within you, where the fires burned most, you were anticipating that solo. You mentally smacked yourself. Your best friend. Hah. You wanted to fuck your best friend. 

Seconds passed, and finally, your actions betrayed you. You were glancing up, eyes meeting the reflection of a groin flexing against the thin shorts the idiot always wore. Mid-process of a body roll. 

Your core dripped, sopping wet, and your face flushed when your eyes traced his body all the way up to the same dark eyes from before. Except… now, they’re looking right back at you. Staring, intent, his lip back in between those teeth. You gulped, instinctually crossing your arms over your chest as a sign of defense against the torment inflicted upon your body. 

He WAS watching you.

You hightailed out of there as soon as time was called. “See you guys tomorrow!” You shouted over a shoulder, your bag bouncing with you as you bounded out of the door.

Jungkook’s voice called out behind you, “Are you coming over to the dorm for dinner?” Your feet met a sudden halt. Shit, was that the plan? You debated it briefly, turning to meet the maknae’s eyes when you ended up meeting those belonging to the horse behind him. 

You then looked at the ground, suddenly tongue tied. Your body refused to chill, your face had been flushed for the last thirty minutes, and you were absolutely positive you were in dire need of a few panty changes at this point. 

“I’ll pass on this one, sorry. I’ll see you guys later!” You didn’t wait for a response before tearing through the exit, evading the building before you did anything sexily stupid to Hobi. 

You were in the clear for the evening, or so you believed until your apartment was being infiltrated some hours later. 

The door opened when you were fresh out of the shower, robe tied tightly around your waist as you gasped and nearly dropped the carton of orange juice you were pouring. He eyed you for a moment, it hadn’t been the first time he saw you like that, but it was the first time you grew hot under his gaze. J-Hope then cracked a smile, but not his usual goofy one. It was… dare you say, seductive. You couldn’t tell if he was doing it on purpose, only that you would melt if he looked at you any longer. Control, Y/N, he’s your best friend.

You fake-pumped the carton at him, and he flinched. Yes, joke around, do as you must to take your mind off of what magic things lay beyond his shorts.

You laughed at his response, and then it suddenly felt normal. Good, normal is good.

He had come bearing the gift of mother Jin’s food, the stuff you missed out on earlier because you were afraid of being in a room with him any longer. 

As you merrily downed what you could of the rice and chicken, Hoseok talked with you about album promotions and movies. This was usual for the two of you, to just sit on the couch, lights almost all out, and just talk. Or watch something. Or just sleep, honestly. It still felt weird looking in his eyes now, though. 

“Do you like the new dance choreo?” He asked suddenly, feeling much closer on the couch than he actually was. Your chopsticks fell into your lap, war flashbacks swarming your mind like a storm. The body roll. The lip biting. 

It all came back to you, and you flushed harder than you had before. But you couldn’t verbalize an answer, or meet his eyes at that point. So you just nodded, setting the food contents onto the coffee table. 

Hoseok moved so he could see your face better, scooting closer so you shared the same cushion. You cursed under your breath and looked away, hoping your hair would conceal your features. He didn’t realize what he was doing to you, simply by limiting the proximity. 

“Which part did you like the most?” His voice was deep and rich, unlike his usual high-pitched rasps, but like the caramel toffee you had earlier in the day. You gulped, feeling yourself dampen beneath the robe. The dimness of the lights masked your discomfort, and you were thankful in that moment he could only see your silhouette. 

You realized it had been nearly ten seconds since he asked, and you didn’t yet answer him. But you couldn’t find the words to say. 

“You okay?” You vigorously nodded, standing up suddenly when the heat off him was too much to bear. For fuck’s sake, he was thin and lean, but he radiated heat like a grizzly. 

You were surely sweating, and you had to move away. “Y/N, what’s wrong?” Genuine concern in his eyes, maybe a little mischief- unless your imagination was playing tricks on you.

“Nothing, nothing, I think I’ll go change.” You hurriedly turned, tightening your robe around you, but given your haste and faulty vision in the dim lighting, you tripped, robe revealing far more than intended as you groaned in pain. 

“Aiiishh… Ah, don’t look!” You scrambled to cover yourself, only managing to fuck up even more by loosening the tie around your waist. You saw him watching bemusedly, making no move to cover his eyes. “What the hell, Hope?!” You gritted out, his chuckling fueling your sudden flit of anger. He saw you naked, but he wasn’t going to do anything about it. That was like a girl offering her vegetarian crush a medium-rare steak. He wouldn’t take the bait; he saw you as his friend, and you saw him as a friend you wanted to do. 

You recovered to the best of your ability, fumbling fingers attempting to tie the robe again, but you noticed Hope was no longer sitting on the couch, rather he was standing on the other side of it, close to where you were kneeled. 

“Why are you covering yourself?” There was a devious glint in his eyes, and you were confused by the smile on his face. He looked like he was up to something. 

“Sorry, I’d like not to be ass naked in front of you.” You stood hurriedly, pivoting on your heel like you were ready to march down the hall. But a hand on your hip halted you, and you gasped under your breath. 

“I think you’re lying.” The voice in your ear was damned close and damned husky, and if you were wearing panties at the time, you knew they’d be sopping. The tease in the tone of his words did exactly what you weren’t expecting, and you felt the beast within you take control. There was no going back after your mind was made. 

“This is definitely your fault. And I am lying.” Your fingers let the robe flutter to the floor, and you turned your darkened eyes to peek at him over your shoulder, where you were met with an even darker gaze. All your second guesses went out the window as you gauged the look on his face. He obviously wanted to do more than look, too. Okay, not a mistake. 

Hoseok’s hands gripped your sides from behind, immediately bringing your back to his chest as he ran his fingers up and down the expanse of your smooth skin. You were moaning very suddenly, louder than you thought you would, and it had only just started.

Your hips rolled back, ass grinding meticulously against his manhood, and he released a very sensual moan, one hand cupping an ample breast and flicking his thumb over your nipple. 

“Why do I feel like you’ve been torturing me all day just to do this now?” You asked, your tone caught between pleasured and joking. 

“Because that was the plan, you dirty-minded girl.” He ground his growing member against your bum, teeth coming in to snarl his words in your ear. “You seemed to really like the new dance moves. Want me to try them out?” 

You didn’t need to answer, he was already rolling his body against yours like he had in the studio, only this time focused on dryly grinding against your soaking, exposed clit. You groaned inhumanly, and he pushed your front against a wall, continuing his ministrations from behind all the while adding in breast groping and ear biting. That hadn’t been part of the dance, right? It was a nice addition, though. 

Hoseok gently peeled your heaving form from the wall, stuck with slick sweat, sitting you down on the couch as he unclothed himself completely. 

You were giggling suddenly, because you thought the situation was entirely odd. And long overdue. He gave you a crooked , very JHope-y grin, eyes twinkling, then trailed a finger from your cheek, popping it into your mouth to hush your gleeful noises. You didn’t hesitate to lick his index majestically, eyes slanting into daring slits as you sucked from knuckle to nail. 

Then, he was biting his lip, and you knew your work had done magic. “Why have we not done this earlier?” He swirled his finger around in your mouth, coarsely passing over and under your tongue until you pulled away with a resounding ‘pop’, exclaiming, “normal friends generally don’t have sex and tease each other on a daily.” 

He shot you a disbelieving look, eyes in mischievous slits as he licked his finger clean of your saliva. It seemed weird, but hot damn it was HOT. 

“We aren’t really normal friends though. I think this was inevitable.” I laughed after he said that, scooting to the side as he motioned me out of the way. When he was sat, he turned, his poised member glaring at me, glinted in the dim lights. 

“Get on.” He ordered, sly smile despite his demanding tone. There was no time for foreplay. 

“Oh, pushy. I don’t usually do it on top for the first time with a new partner. I see why they call you horse, though.” You rose and positioned yourself over him, fingers passing over his lean chest and abdomen. He grabbed your wrists and moved them to the cushion supporting his head, his own fingers wrapping firmly around your hips, guiding you to him. 

“But the difference is…” You slid down easily, teeth clenching and eyes rolling back. “You’re actually able to walk after you finish riding a horse.” He brought you down again, an intake of air immediately filling your lungs, like the unexpected action was better than you imagined it’d be. And it was. His quick pace sent you flailing. It wasn’t hard to determine his speed and endurance was a plus from his dancing ability. 

Not only that, though; the stallion beneath you was not lacking grace in his bucking hips, forcing you down on to him again and again without break, occasionally rolling you atop him. You were spewing his name sweetly, the sweat dripping from your brow to your neck, where he’d lift himself to suck it off. 

He squeezed your ass, and you cried out, your own hands raking up and down his back as you bounced your way to an assaulting climax. “Damn, you’ve still got a lot to do, huh?” You shook as your motion faltered, quietly joking. It was true, though. He was still hard, twitching within you. 

“Don’t worry about it. Let me have a go on top.” You smiled, deciding this whole event was not just sexy, but also fun and very much like the both of you. 

He lifted you, pulling out slickly, your womanhood dripping down your legs. Gross, you’ve never been so wet. 

He stood behind you, off the couch, and moved your tired limbs for you so your knees were spread, digging into the cushions. Your palms clutched the back of the couch in front, and you bit your lip, anticipating his next action. 

With one lanky leg bent up sharing a cushion with you, the other standing straight on the floor, he pummeled into you, a laugh escaping his lips like he’d forgotten how friggin’ awesome it was. 

Your head fell forward, and you caught a pillow in your teeth, the dying flame from your first orgasm being struck ferociously by the new angle. 

His lengthy member was pulsating, almost like it had its own vibrating function, and he was deeper than before. You milked him with your tight walls, and he was grunting and groaning as he rammed into you, your bottom met with his bony pelvis like some painfully pleasing addition. 

“Okay, now I’m almost there—” He said, fingers wrapping around your breasts as they bobbed to and fro with his rhythm. “Ah, not… on the couch… I’m safe, just do it inside.” It was hard to speak with how light heading you were becoming, a second orgasm approaching faster than it had ever before. 

“Fuck, Hobi.” You breathed out, body falling forward slightly. He wrapped his arms around you, muscles comfortably holding you up. “Say my name, Y/N.” Oh, this crap? you never pegged him for that manly aggressive type, but his dick was doing incredible things. You hadn’t answered right away, only slurring slightly as he paused his movement to build up the strength for an extraordinary thrust, his balls literally sounding against your skin like a clap. 

“Oh, my god. Shit, fuck, JHo—” 

“Nope. What is it?” He had slowed down again, this time stopping entirely. You whined, wiggling against him, turning to look back. 

“Ah, you little shit" 

“This little shit will leave you hanging~" 

"Hoseokkk!” You finally caved. His grin was like a sunshine in the dark room, and he gave one final string of bucking hips, both of you reaching your ends simultaneously before collapsing into a heap of sodden limbs. 

“Whose idea was it to include that part into the new dance?” You asked after a while, still joined with him at the hip. He pecked your forehead, pinching your back. 

“Mine. Genius, right?”

You scoffed, and playfully slapped him. This friendship just became a lot more fun.

would you give it a rest?!

For forgetful anon:

imagine a pocket sized you waking up in a pile of scarves in yoongi’s studio. you rub your eyes and look at the clock to see that it’s 4am. you sigh in exasperation, expecting that you’ve been left behind again (it wouldn’t be the first time the boys had decided to just leave you to sleep.) you’re pulling jimin’s fuzzy scarf closer around you when you hear hoseok’s voice counting down and “fire” starts to play. anger and worry course through your veins as you jolt out of “bed” and storm out to the practice room. you see the dance line sweating and working their muscles to get the complicated choreo down just right. you stalk up to the stereo and cut the music, and the boys whip around to look at you in confusion.

you gesture wildly as you shout that they should be asleep and their bodies have to rest and why aren’t they taking better care of themselves and what will ARMYs say if they knew about this and you go on and on until jimin and jungkook glance at each other, amusement glittering in their eyes. and when hoseok bites his lip and fails to contain a giggle, you sputter to a bewildered silence. it’s then that you catch erratic movement in the studio mirrors and you watch the reflection of taehyung behind you pouting mockingly and doing the “shy shy shy” dance with a meme-worthy grimace on his face. you whip around to glower at him and his expression falters. the others burst out laughing when you hop up to taehyung’s shoulder and tug tauntingly at his cheeks as he cries out for mercy.


Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff/slight Angst

Rating: T (cursing) 

WC: 2661

Summary: Part 1. Namjoon calls you in the middle of the night to go to the studio to retrieve an overworked Yoongi // Prologue 

Originally posted by hugtae

Walking through the streets of Seoul always felt like running.

It didn’t matter that it was nearly four in the morning, there were always people. There was a wavering scent of putrid city smoke and soju from every corner that made your lungs feel heavy. The blinking of the neon lights and the shuffling of bodies past you—wearing leather and lace, shaded hoodies and shrugged up shoulders—went by in the dark gray blur. Your feet seemed heavier with every step you took, the hardness of the pavement becoming more prominent with your quickened pace, shoving your hands farther into your jacket pockets against the late-night-breaking-on-morning cold. Your eyes still felt heavy with sleep, the bitter taste of cold air over your lips and the just barely too fast beating of your heart the only things keeping you alert.

You’d walked the streets this late plenty of times before, but usually, you were going home from the studio or the bars, not venturing out into the darkness. You stepped into the street and barely skidded the nose of a car, jumping up onto the curve in a blur of headlights. You sighed as you hit the sidewalk, blinking the light from your eyes.

If I die tonight, it’ll be your fault.

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