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Gorgeous series of Aurora Borealis arcs over Tromsø, Norway - and I think based on the waves that all these clips are real time.

The Theme of ‘Watching’ in Yuri on Ice

in Yuri on Ice, the focus of one character on another character’s performance is the most profound bond in the YOI ‘verse. In YOI emotions are expressed through skating: what they want, who they are, and how they work through their feelings. So another person watching them is the ultimate form of conveying how they feel and the other character accepting it via viewing.

Yuuri wants Victor’s sole affection (as the man who stole him):

he is talking in absolutes (’ever’) and notice the intense eye contact.

later on, Yurio wants Yuuri K to not retire, and in truth, admire him

Yurio’s is a question, as Yurio and Yuuri as it is about uncertainty, who will get the gold medal is up in the air and so is their in-process journeys toward connection. Yurio is no longer demanding, but asking Yuuri for something, a reflection of his character arc toward humility and vulnerability

Yuuri’s first phrase is a statement, this is his arc of self-actualization, he is not doubting himself (like how gold was in question), but making something a reality with his own will power. He wants the attention of his idol and won’t let his own feelings and needs go ignored anymore

Both instances are about connection (the Yuri’s journey’s parallel each other) through the physical and the nature of performance: sport here is a form communication above all else. This sport is actualized and made meaningful only through being viewed by others (instead of say, field goals). Just as the skaters make themselves and their wants meaningful through being watched intimacy and fulfillment are created through viewership

The physical is made emotional and the abstract tangible

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PSA  ;     due  to  a  general  lack  of  interest  for  plotting  /  interactions  ,  ALEC  LIGHTWOOD  is  being  removed  from  my  muse  list  .  he  shall  be  replaced  with  RAPHAEL  SANTIAGO  (  book  &  canon  verses  available  )  !!

sweet ophelia (an elizabeth midford fanmix)

i. state of dreaming - marina and the diamonds | ii. carousel - melanie martinez | iii. bodyache - purity ring | iv. you the starry eyed - beats antique | v. bird in a cage - spelles | vi. 9th pawn - oho | vii. warrior - aurora | viii. sweet ophelia - zella day

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Ice Crystals (Latvia)

The above image shows mysterious columns of light streaming into the sky above the town of Sigulda in Latvia at the end of December 2008.
At the time (and during an unusually cold winter) the air above the town was filled with suspended ice crystals. It is believed that the columns were formed by those reflecting light from the bright street lamps and other lights on the ground and beaming it back down again. 

Still, scientists at said the pillars are not ordinary. A leading expert in atmospheric optics said, “These pillars are mysterious. They have unexplained curved tops and even curved arcs coming from their base. Arcs in rare displays like these could be from column crystals to give parts of tangent arcs; others could be the enigmatic Moilanen arc or even the recently discovered reflected Parry arc. We don’t really know—so take more photos on cold nights!” (Source)

Can we talk about how fucking awesme the Mass Effect 2 soundtrack was?

Every companion had - not just a theme - but a whole bloody score. Jacob’s song is 6 minutes and 2 seconds long. The composition is an entire story within itself, apart from the game. Jack Wall seemed to write each companion’s theme to reflect that character arc through music alone.

Every song is incredible, but my personal favorite is Thane’s. The Thane “Suite” as it’s sometimes referred to is over 9 minutes long. It starts out with an eerie prelude of repeating, soft arpeggios in synth overlaid by suspenseful, loud and high piano notes, then makes an introductory chord. Around 2:20, a set of horns (as you might recall from the Dantius Towers) define a clear, melancholy, royal melody. I don’t know how to describe the searing, blaring horns that come out on top, except to say they sound regal. Then synth bass slowly builds up tension. I’m not sure if I am understanding the definition of a “suite” in musical terminology correctly, but I think most suites share the concept of defined passages, like acts in a play, or chapters. And there are definitely multiple segments in this song, each succeeding the other as if acts in a play. It’s thrilling, sexy, compelling. Oh maker.
We Are All Fans
The nerd Super Bowl (aka San Diego Comic-Con) begins today. Although I'll be missing it for the first time in nearly a decade due to my

Most importantly, I forged an identity that reflected the arc of my lived experiences thus far; from being that pre-teen boy watching Star Wars for the first time to creating stories that would entertain current and future generations. I was Trollando; actor, writer, producer, troll, fan.

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"Bell works in a bakery. Clarke comes in everyday and buys a lot of food. Bellamy doesn't understand. One day when he's not working he sees that she gives the food to homeless people." - s.

Bellamy was halfway through his shift at the bakery he worked at on the weekends, he was exhausted, and business was as slow as he’d ever seen it.

It hadn’t even been this slow when they’d gotten that busload of senior citizens who had bought out all their tea cakes.  Ha ha?

Okay, no, that wasn’t funny.  Sorry.

He was literally seconds from asking his manager if he could duck out early when she walked in.  The ray of sunshine.  Or at least, she looked like sunshine with blonde hair that reflected the light arcing in through the front window, blue eyes that looked like the oceans, and a blindingly white smile.

Suddenly Bellamy wasn’t so interested in leaving early.

He didn’t even know her name but she was here twice a week like clockwork, and each time she basically bought out their display case.  Today was no different as she asked for several of each kind of sandwich they offered along with a dozen pastries.

“Surprise me,” she’d said with a smile that made Bellamy’s throat close up a bit when he’d asked what kinds she wanted.

She handed over her money, took her purchase, smiled at him one more time, then vanished out the door again.  He stared after her, well aware that he probably looked like a teenager who had just discovered girls.

Did he care?  Not one bit.

“Blake!” his manager yelled.  “Scram, we don’t need you.”  Then he winked and jerked his head after the girl.

Bellamy practically strangled himself trying to get his apron off and he almost forgot to punch out on the time clock but then he was gracelessly falling out the door of the bakery and scanning the street for her.

He saw her figure, crouching down next to one of the homeless men who always sat on this strip of road, as she rooted through the bag and pulled out the sandwiches he’d sold to her not ten minutes before.

Bellamy froze and watched in awe as she offered the man the sandwich, a sunny smile on her face and as he took it, touching her cheek affectionately then clearly saying, “Bless you, Miss Griffin.”

She laughed.  “Come on, Andrew, I told you it’s Clarke.”

The man smiled at her shyly then took a bite out of the sandwich, eyes closing in clear bliss.  She straightened and turned back toward the bakery then froze when she saw him standing there.

Suddenly her posture was awkward.  She took careful faltering steps toward him.  He met her halfway.

“So this is what you do with all that food you buy?” he asked, gesturing to Andrew, happily attacking his sandwich.

She nodded.  “I like making a difference when I can.”

“Well, I wish you’d told us.  I’m sure my manager would be more than willing to donate to your cause.”

She beamed at him.  “Really?”

He nodded.  “Definitely.  Bellamy.”  He held his hand out.

“Clarke,” she said, shaking it.  “Pleasure to meet you.”  Her eyes darted down to his chest where his name tag still rested.  “Officially.”

He smiled, studying her eyes and the small smile curling her lips.  “That is most certainly is.”


Whouffaldi that speaks to my heart #12

In celebration of the fact that this is the 12th post in this series, and i havent run out of things to say yet, I thought we’d do a bit of ‘compare and contrast.' 

Here are two season promo pictures featuring Clara & 12, from seasons 8 and 9 respectively. Let’s do a little deconstruction of what we see in each, and then compare the two pictures. Remember, these pictures are not images captured from a scenes in the show, they have been deliberately constructed to give a particular effect. 

In the top picture, Clara is dressed in the outfit she wears during 'Into the Dalek.’ She and the Doctor are physically posistioned close together, but she looks uncertain and uneasy. This reflects the season 8 arc which was all about the rocky road to finding common ground after his regeneration. His posture is commanding,  you might even say aggressive, although that’s open to interpretation.  She is lower than he is, representing a power differential, which we also see played out in the early part of the season. Danny is there, but he’s really on the outside (and thats where he stays, at arms length) and so is Missy. 

The cogs are also also interesting. They represent time, of course, but they are not touching, not quite in sych, a lot like Clara & 12 themselves are, as they mis-judge one another during this season.

So, a close, but uneasy relationship, that doesn’t quite get into sync. 

What about the second picture? Clara and her Doctor are doing what they do best, running, together. They are completely in tune with each other in this shot, in several ways. They are dressed in matching outfits, for one. Holding hands, running perfectly in stride with one another: here are two people closely in synch with one another.  

If you transpose/invert the image, the 'V’  that forms their joined hands is reminiscent of a heart.  💙

Fire and explosions! They are running away, but do they look worried? This is a perilous situation, yet he is softer, still serious, but less overtly demanding, and more at ease. And her look is one of relaxed, well, adoration is the word that springs to my mind. There are others, (deep love is another). There’s no one else on the edges of this picture, because no one else really matters are this point, it’s all about the Doctor and Clara. And I will point out, if i may, that the tiny bits of debris at the edges, look an awful lot like confetti. 💐

So, taken as a whole, there’s a very big difference in these two images. From uncertainty to adoration. From a man unsure of who he is, (Am I a good man?) to one who is comfortable in his own skin, (I’m the Doctor and I save people). From unbalanced stances, to an equal partnership. 

From a relationship that is out of sync to one that is perfectly in tune. From being a cog in the system, to running from danger without looking back. 

That’s what I see when I look at these two pictures, and that’s why whouffaldi is still speaking to my heart. It was deliberately constructed, it’s all there in canon. 

Images from Google, no copyright infringement intended. It’s a homage…