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Haught Damn that Uniform

This is a 2x05 followup, the day after. Waverly realizes Nicole has a new uniform. because @jaybear1701 always writes about angst… I needed something fluffy.

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Still part in her dream, Waverly groaned as she felt soft lips brush against her own. She could taste syrup on her pallet, but it was beginning to fade as consciousness came to her. She was almost reluctant to wake up, having had a decent night sleep for the first time in two months, but the now-familiar scent of Nicole’s perfume pulled her from a dream about pancakes and rose petals.

“Baby, I have to go to work.” Nicole’s voice was soft and Waverly could hear the smile in her words. “Time to wake up.”

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100 Banging Kinks: Mirror

Pairing: readerxbuckybarnes 

Word Count: 930

Warning: Smut, Mirror Kink, reflection kink. 

This is in celebration of Bucky Barnes reaching 100 years old and in part with @bucky-plums-barnes​ 100 banging kinks which I am so excited to read all of them!, the list of kinks is HERE along with the guide lines HERE! Enjoy little sinners x 

“How long have you been planning this” eyeing the large stand up mirror that Bucky was placing at the foot of the bed. The thing was huge and reflected everything; you sat kneeling naked on your shared bed. You watched intently as Bucky stood back admiring his handy work.  

“First you were eager to explore all of my…what was it? ‘Seventy years of repressed and unexplored kinks’ this I’ve been planning since you gave the green light sweetheart. Don’t back out on me now”

“Just didn’t expect you to be into mirror’s that all” you smirked at him; his equally naked form couldn’t hide his arousal from you. His dick stood to full attention it was practically waving at you, your own arousal made the skin between your thighs slick as you shifted your weight on your folded legs. You watched as Bucky crawled up the bed towards you, he captured your lips into a searing kiss. Cupping your hands to his cheeks you let Bucky push you down onto the mattress, you sighed as Bucky moved to you neck. He sucked at your sweat spot causing you to turn your head towards the mirror, you moaned at the reflection. You’re bodies were pressed together; you knee was bent up to accommodate as Bucky settled between your legs. It was erotic you couldn’t deny that.

“You know we can’t see much from this position,” Bucky murmured against your skin. Before you could respond he flipped you onto your hands and knees, you squealed in surprise as you now faced the mirror. Splaying your hands on the mattress you steady yourself as Bucky aligned your hips. Leaning over you, you watched his reflection as he kissed your shoulder his eyes never left yours in the mirror.

“I want to watch sweetheart, I want you to watch us,” you groaned closing your eyes briefly as Bucky’s metal hand wrapped around to circle your clit. Crack! A swift tap to your backside made you eyes shoot open in surprise and arousal.

“I said watch doll” you looked up to see him smirking at you as he brought his cool metal hand to massage to sting from your ass.

“Fuck Bucky” you wined wigging your hips, your core ached for any type of friction. You looked to Bucky through the mirror; he had a dark look in his eye. He was enjoying this too much, kinky bastard.

“So needy (Y/N) some thing to do with the mirror?” you shivered as Bucky ran his flesh hand up your back with a feather light touch. You sobbed dropping you head to the mattress, you could feel your body vibrating. You needed him your body needed him.

“Hold on baby” you hardly had time to brace yourself before Bucky slammed into you; you shot your head up with shock and pleasure. His fingers dug into your hips as his own snapped into you with a bruising pace. You watched your reflection in the mirror; your skin was flush with a slight sheen. Your breast swayed as your body jolted back and forth. But it was the sight of Bucky that stirred your arousal, we was glorious. His toned body towered strong above you; you watched the expression across his face. His eyes were dark as the sound of your bodies colliding filled the air; it was raw and animalistic as Bucky grinned at you.

“Enjoying the view doll?” Bucky grunted

“Yes, yes, yes” you chanted in time with Bucky’s movements. You’re body felt heavy as Bucky reached around to pull you up, pressing you up against his chest. You watched as his metal hand gently wrapped around your neck and his flesh and trained down between your legs. His fingers worked fast circles on your clit.

“Watch yourself (Y/N) you’re so beautiful” Bucky nuzzled into your neck, his blue eyes were bright as his hair fell across his forehead. Your left hand anchored its self on his flesh wrist as your right hand reach up to pull him by the hair, biting him on the bottom lip you sucked it into your mouth as Bucky picked up his speed. You cried out with each thrust feeling your orgasm looming, Bucky’s breath came out in short burst. As he dropped his hand from your throat squeezed your breast, he rolled his nipple between his fingers adding more pleasure to your body.

“Oh god Buck, I’m…I’m” you gasped as your head rolled on his shoulder, still keeping eye contact with him. He nipped at your neck smirking at you.

“I know baby… I…I’m right with you” he growled, having his verbal permission.  Bucky’s lips on your neck, his predatory look boring into through the mirror and the whole image of the two of you going at it. Your orgasm hit you like never before, if it wasn’t for Bucky holding you up you would have fallen face first onto the mattress. Your thighs shook as your orgasm rippled over you as the endorphins in your body sored.

“Oh shit… fuck” the guttural cry from Bucky’s own orgasm drew your attention to his reflection in the mirror. His mouth hung open as his eyebrows pinched together as he shot his load into you, with a moan Bucky fell forwards taking you with him. Shooting your hands out you braced you both against the mattress, you laughed breathlessly about what just happened.

“The mirror stays” you gasped as Bucky’s weight shifted on your back, he kissed in between your shoulder blades softly humming in agreement.

“I’m so glad you said that”

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Age 14: Home Alone

Characters: Child!Reader, Reaper, Genji

Summary: You know the rules for staying home alone but when something terrible happens an old friend comes to help you.

Other Info: Here’s more reaper with an older reader now. Sorry for any mistakes, I only write on my phone. Also posted on AO3.

Warnings: Nope.

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Going through the last year of my life, I’ve learned so much about myself, and at a relatively old age I think that’s been really productive for me. Despite going through these dark times, I’ve ended up in a place where I’ve never been happier — I’ve never felt more confident and alive. That’s a great message to pass on to people; it doesn’t matter whether you’re a teenager or in your 30s — you can find that happiness, and sometimes you have to go through hell to find it. That’s what this record is about. The element of hope has always been in our band; we want to preach positivity, it’s just that sometimes you have to go through darkness to get there. At the core, that’s what Dead Reflection is about.

Shane Told on Dead Reflection’s Message

I know that Jon has always had a great desire to be thought of as a Stark but was still soberly aware of his bastard status. In the show, particularly Season 6, he’s been given opportunities to embrace a Stark identity. Sansa in particular encourages him and makes it very clear to him that she thinks of him as a Stark- from giving him the furs that closely resembled Ned’s, to flat out saying “You are [a Stark] to me.” Then there’s the fact that he’s been chosen as King in the North. Lyanna Mormont used his blood relation to Ned Stark as a way to emphasize that he is/would make a good leader. So my question is…why is he still just as unaccepting of his Stark identity as before? In “The Queen’s Justice”, he repeats himself, “I’m not a Stark.” Was is just an on-the-nose effort from the writers to create dramatic irony without giving thought to how all the recent encouragement may have helped Jon think of himself as a Stark? Or was it, in fact, still in character? I’m feeling the former but I’m wondering if anyone has thoughts on the latter.

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(Scenario) If Eren could see his mom again for just one day, what do you think would happen?

I decided to write a small little drabble for this. I hope that’s okay with you, anon! I just wasn’t sure how to approach this as a long scenario, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless! It’s angsty and kind of bittersweet, but…:P Also, there are mild spoilers for chapter 90, so you’ve been warned!

He’s standing in the flower field in Shinganshina, the gentle breeze and sound of the cicadas buzzing around reminding him that it was summer now.

It was summer

Whipping his head around to stare at the dream-like recollection of his childhood, Eren tenses at the sound of grass crunching beneath someone’s shoes. His heart, heavy and uncertain, nearly bottoms out when a voice that he had nearly gotten the sound of calls out to him. 


He turns so fast that it destroys the flowers he was standing on, but Eren doesn’t care. All he can do is stare ahead in disbelief, mouth agape and eyes as wide as the ocean itself, at the woman who stands across from him. 

Her eyes, as fierce and as kind as his memory allows him to remember, soften and she reaches out her hand. “Eren?” she repeats again because it’s been six long years since she has last seen her child. 

His feet move and Eren swears he has never run so quickly in all his life to reach her. With a shaking hand, he holds his mother’s out-stretched palm, tears filling and stinging his eyes as bitter resentment fills his lungs to the point where he thinks he’s drowning in it. 

“I couldn’t–I couldn’t save you,” he chokes out and crumbles beneath her, his hands sliding from her own in order to clutch desperately at her apron. Eren can’t look her in the eye in fear of what might be reflecting there, so he presses his face into her leg as if he were a child, the sensation of her fingers carding easing some of the pain that had been contained inside of him for so long. 

Carla sighs, allowing her son to fall apart in front of her. Her fingers skim over his ear before she lightly tugs, softly reprimanding, “Eren, I never blamed you for anything. I’m proud of you for the man that you’ve become. My time here is short, but you need to know that I am alright and that I’ll be waiting for you.” 

A sharp pull on his ear snaps Eren back to reality, the fading scenery bringing him to a crashing realization that she was leaving. “But if you come anytime soon, you are going to be in so much trouble, Eren Jaeger. I love you.” 

“No, mom!” he screams, the weight of her body disappearing and he finally looks up to see her smile. Just as he is about to frantically call her name again, he hears it. 


Shooting up from where he was laying, Eren gazes around the room he shares with Armin and the rest of the 104th boys, his hair plastered against the back of his neck and the sides of his face. 

He is seventeen now, residing in Shinganshina to help the Survey Corps restore the district so people could live there once again. 

When Eren is alone, he presses his palm into his face and cries when realizing that his ear still stings from being tugged at. 

Late night calls.

“Hello again :) Can you do an imagine of like, first time talking to him over Skype because you guys are long distance and you guys met on twitter so you’ve never seen each other and just cute fluff stuff”

I loved writing this, it was such a cute request I couldn’t resist doing it right away. I hope you enjoy it! ♡

I was in my bedroom getting ready for bed. I pull back my covers, getting a little too excited for sleep. I slip under the covers and sigh in happiness as that first second of coldness surrounds me before it slowly becomes that perfect warmth. I close my eyes and listen to the sound of cars driving along the busy street outside my apartment window. The streetlamp outside emits a glow that passes my blinds, creating a small amount of light in my room. As I’m falling into a nice, deep sleep I’m quickly taken out of it by the buzzing of my phone. I groan loudly, reaching my hand out to my bedside table I feel around for my phone. Once finding it, I grab it and pull it back towards me. I press the home button being completely blinded by the brightness of my phone screen. After my eyes adjust to the light, I smile widely when I notice it’s a message on Skype from Calvin.

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What do you keep in your carry along makeup bag? For touch ups throughout the day

Hello! xo

Depending on the day i’ll bring different things. If it’s super cold and windy outside i’ll usually bring some sort of facial mist so my skin doesn’t look cracked and dry, something like Mario Badescu Facial Rose Water Spray or the Aesop Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol. If it’s super warm and I know my makeup is going to melt off i’ll bring a translucent powder compact. Translucent powder is my favorite blotting powder because it doesn’t cake up over oils or already oxidizing foundation. Translucent powder will make everything look softer, more airbrushed while getting rid of any shine and preventing shine. My favorite travel translucent powder is the NARS Light Reflecting Translucent Pressed Powder but Revlon makes a great one, too! A new brand I love Ilia makes a travel translucent powder with a brush + powder in one product that i’m dying to try for long makeup days. Supergoop also makes a travel powder that has SPF, this would be amazing for summer days because you always want to reapply SPF.

For non face products i’ll keep easy to apply lipsticks and chapsticks in my purse. Something I can put on without looking in a mirror or something that’s hydrating but still looks nice on the lips. I’ll usually do the whole lip liner + lipstick thing in the morning but mid day I don’t reapply that whole lip, i’ll put on an easier lip to last the rest of the day. 

My favorite easy to apply mid day lipsticks are

  • Glossier Balm Dot Coms in the tinted shades like Rose and Cherry. These will give color as well as hydrate.
  • Fresh Tinted Lip Balm, same as the Glossier balms these are hydrating yet pack a lot of color, more than the Glossier!
  • Glossier Generation G Lipsticks, these are feather light and start off semi sheer so i’ll pop them off mid day. 
  • Dior Addict Lip Glow, this gives your lips a doll like pink flush, doesnt really look like lipstick but hydrates + adds color. These also come in a few shades now, but I have the classic rosy pink shade.
  • NYX Butter Gloss. Non sticky and looks pretty, easy to apply!

Lastly i’ll usually touch up my brows with some brow gel to keep them looking fluffy yet tamed. I’ll also occasionally add more highlight and my favorite on the go one is Glossier Haloscope in Moonstone (more dewy, less shimmery) or the Sonia Kashuk Stick Highlighter.

What really ruins our characters is the fact that none of us looks back over his life. We think about what we are going to do, and only rarely of that, and fail to think about what we have done, yet any plans for the future are dependent on the past.
—  Seneca, Letters from a Stoic, (~65 A.D.) | Campbell translation, Letter LXXXIII.

When interest teeters on the edge of *severe interest* and you’re not sure if things are going too far

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Look at the coffee press reflection. It looks like a second person in the back.

hmmm I’m not sure I see what you’re talking about but I zoomed in on the photo. There’s a reflection in the window behind Cait but I think that’s Cait. am I missing something?

100 days of gibberish – Trump has weaponised nonsense | Lindy West

100 days of gibberish – Trump has weaponised nonsense | Lindy West

External image

With only a week left of his first 100 days in office – traditionally a milestone for American presidents – Donald Trump sat down with the Associated Press to reflect on his accomplishments (sic) and preemptively brag about future ones. This remarkable artefact, a transcript of which AP then released in full, captures, more than any other piece of media (except perhaps Trump’s Twitter feed), the…

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Would Renperor be the type to remember a birthday or even care about one? I wonder what he'd do for Rey...

I think I’m coming down with something, but I wanna write this one before bed
this is hurt/comfort, for both of them

Just like the year before, she counted the day after it passed. Older. A new number attached itself to her, a little bigger than the last. She was a young woman now, truly, but she felt no older than before. After all, she’d aged ten years in that desert.

She had been living in the palace for a little over two years and had seen birthday celebrations come and go. Her husband’s was a grand ordeal, one he detested with every scorched fiber of his being. He made appropriate faces to the holonet and then shut down, locking himself in his chambers. She had never asked, but had heard whispers that an awful event had occurred the same day years ago.

It was no surprise he never asked about hers; he wasn’t a gentle creature, his mind focused on the immediate, not the future. Kriff, she was lucky to get his bored attention for a few minutes, why would she expect anything more?

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Upwards II by thomasconrad At a certain angle the surface is like a mirror. Take your time and look a bit closer behind that diver. The Sunrays are reflected upwards.

Please press H and M.
(Many thanks to Jean Yves, El Torro and Polo from Yucatek Divers for your outstanding service, humor and support.)

we are sitting on the bench
in your shower
you are facing the window,
where the rain is hitting
the glass in a race
against the water streaming
downwards inside

the window is open a
crack and the sound of 
rushing water and 
 a deep watercolor blue gray
is everywhere 
the storming sky is a million 
silver scattering drops 
all reflecting

I press my mouth and nose
to your back
feeling your voice against my mouth
while you talk
the water is warm and runs
from your back
down my bottom lip
down my neck and it pools
in my collarbone
before spilling onto
the bench
and you are telling me
of a time when
you were young

But I have stopped listening
and instead
am deep inside my own memory
of that year

I am with my mother in
the middle
of the school year
we are at a grocery store that
is now
a casino

she is waiting at the deli
and her purse smells like gum,
cigarettes and perfume
she always did
even years later,
even at the end

you have ended your story
I can tell by the inflection in your voice
with your head turning back towards me

I mumble a response and
drink the water
off your back
and it takes me to
sixteen years from now
we are in our creaking home,
Halloween night in the wind
a California sky is glowing pink
the air smells like cold and
thousand glowing windows
flicker with cinnamon and candle wax

we are thinner and older,
for a moment I
am standing in the door way
wishing I had been your first choice
remembering I am what you settled for
I had almost forgotten
so I step back into the warm
baking gold of our home

your head is turned back
and the water is spilling warm
I wonder where and when you 
and when and where you will come
and if you will make the same choice
when you get there

©- one hundred stories down 2017

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67 72 78 mingyu x yn ahahah

67. Anal

72. Mirror

78. “Come here, baby girl” 

Mingyu looked at you from between your legs, his lips wrapped lightly around your clit, and pulled away with a sly grin on his face when you began bucking against his mouth. He gave your folds a long lick before standing up and moving to stand next to the bed, adoring your naked, aroused state.

“Come here, baby girl,” he said with a low voice, beckoning you with his finger, and smirked when you first propped yourself on your elbows, then got on your knees on the bed and moved to the edge, stopping in front of him. He grabbed your ass and swallowed your gasp with a deep kiss while his fingers slid between your ass cheeks, the tips only ghosting over your hole before they continued down to the backs of your thighs.

“I see you’ve got an idea,” you mumbled against his lips, playing with his hair a little. He nibbled on your lower lip and nodded, grinding his clothed hard-on against your lower stomach.

“Oh, yes I do,” he whispered, moving his hands back up to your ass while side-eyeing the large mirror on the door of your grand-sized wardrobe. “See that mirror?”

You broke the kiss and turned your head to the direction of your wardrobe, biting your lower lip at the reflection of you pressed flush against Mingyu, his upper body bare and the button of his jeans already open and waiting for you to pull them down. You turned back to him.

“You want to watch?” you asked with a small frown, unsure if you had caught his drift. He leaned down to kiss your neck sloppily.

“I want us to watch,” he whispered by your ear, sucking lightly on the skin below it while his hands kneaded your ass. “I want you to see the faces you make when you’re having it good with me deep in your ass…”

You sighed contently at the mental image and moved one of your hands from his hair to his crotch, palming him through the denim. “Well, let’s get to it, then.”

Mingyu got rid of his jeans and boxers and got the lube, asking you to get on your hands and knees. He remained standing while prepping you, stretching you open with one, two, and finally three lube-coated fingers, only adding each one when you told him to, your cheek resting against the mattress.

“I want you,” you finally said sharply, pushing yourself against Mingyu’s digits. He grinned to himself and pulled his fingers out, helping you turn around so that you were facing the mirror and got behind you on his knees. He ran his hands over your back and ass a couple of times before spreading your cheeks a little in order to apply some lube first to it and then his cock.

“You good, baby?” he asked while aligning himself with your entrance. You looked at him through the mirror in front of you, biting your lip at the sight as you nodded. Your eyes were glued on Mingyu’s face when he began pushing in, and when he shut his eyes and threw his head back with a quiet groan and his Adam’s apple bobbing a little, you couldn’t help but moan, especially when it was combined with the feeling of having him fill you up.

When he was all the way in and you were aroused to no end, Mingyu leaned down and whispered to your ear, his eyes locked with yours through the mirror as he reached or your breast, squeezing it. “Quite a sight, huh? And it’ll only get better.”

Mingyu stayed true to his words - some time later he was pounding into you desperately, his eyes switching between the mirror to see your blissful expression as you moaned, barely able to keep your own eyes open, and the way his thick length was stretching you wide. He loved seeing you that way, and only tightened his hands on your hips when he felt the familiar warmth pooling in the pit of his stomach.

“Too bad the best sight is always here,” he muttered and gave you a sharp thrust, his fingers moving to your clit as he brought you to your orgasm. You had never seen your face at that moment and had to admit that you finally understood Mingyu’s fascination with it, and even though Mingyu had seen it countless times, his eyes were immediately glued to the mirror when he felt you clenching around him and your thighs get stickier when his own hit them with every thrust.

- Kay


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