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Fire Emblem Fates vs. Siblings Cutscenes Ranked from Least to Most Extra

vs. Xander (Birthright)

  • his cutscene isn’t even that extra it’s just sad
  • he’s putting on a tough face but it’s obvious he doesn’t truly want to fight you
  • most people don’t rly want to fight xander at this point either
  • doesn’t even verbally threaten you or anything (ignore sword)
  • so the purple wave shit and the ceiling crumbling a lil is p wack but in the context of a big boss fight? pretty tame

vs. Takumi (Conquest)

  • the shaky camera angles? wild
  • the omnious pitter-patter of Hoshidan soldiers? wild
  • making said Hoshidan soldiers back away so he can slowly inch towards you? wild
  • however, we, the player, expected this
  • if anything this is one of the most controlled scenes we have w takumi in conquest bc he does not call us “nohrian scum” even once

vs. Leo (Birthright)

  • the amount of fucking edge in this video? the audacity of your goth wizard brother? breathtaking
  • it’s a cemetery which is, right off the bat, edgy as hell
  • weird purple vape shit surrounding the graves
  • you don’t even hear his footsteps or the horse this is the scene when you truly realize how much power leo has garnered from the goth gods
  • the pony????? has horns??????
  • orb
  • “the sentence…………………………………….IS DEATH”
  • but using the same reasoning as takumi’s fight cutscene
  • we expected this

vs. Hinoka (Conquest)

  • ok so i feel like most people would argue hinoka isn’t that extra
  • but also consider this: the fucking helicopter
  • so hinoka rides in w her pegasus and that’s fine that’s expected except there are a million sakura petals just fluttering in the wind for some reason
  • JUMPS off her pegasus mid air just floats for awhile and then uses her spear?????? as a helicopter????? i????????
  • gets back on the pegasus ????? ???? ???? somehow ??? ??
  • hinoka’s english va adds a very. surreal aspect to this scene for me and i’m not sure why

vs. Camilla (Birthright)

  • this is the last thing you see right before you die
  • her footsteps???? her boots??????? her booty??????? big anime tiddy?????????
  • when i first watched this scene i was torn between a mixture of thirst and dread
  • why
  • “ah! i see you missed your big sister ;)” “you’re sooooo cute”
  • if you watch this you’re automatically going to hell i’m sorry
  • for some reason this scene never fails to make my depression skyrocket

vs. Ryoma (Conquest)

  • somehow ryoma just sitting solemnly while waiting for you is 100x worse than xander sadly turning around
  • in the general the raijinto is wild as hell but i feel like this cutscene just takes you to the next plane of existence
  • “you………. have done well so far………………. BUT THAT WAS JUST PRACTICE”
  • ok so like is ryoma sad that he has to fight you??? probably
  • but he’s so fucking ready and i feel like nintendo is just. trying very hard to convince us, the players, that ryoma doesn’t want to hurt us but it’s also kind of hard to believe when he gets this into it
  • he’s got his arms out just begging you to try it and you think he’s done but nope
  • ryoma goes on and starts to pose while the room just sets on fire which i feel is the highlight of this scene
  • as a big boss cutscene it’s not the worst thing in the world but it’s. definitely up there

Everyone has their own knack, skill, or talent.

That one thing that sets your heart on fire.
That one thing that you naturally excel in.
That one thing you love doing time after time again.

What is your knack? What is it that adds a light to your burning fire?


Alright! I put together all the paintings I completed for October! Personal stuff ate up some of my art time, but I’m still happy with what I’ve managed to paint ^_^

Thanks again everyone for all the love and support! Love ya back <3 


True happiness is not only achieved by creating the next top selling novel, becoming a world famous singer, or being the head of a huge corporation. True happiness is what ever you yourself define it as being. So head towards your dreams with the fire in your heart, regardless of what they may be.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

Astro Notes pt 4🔵〰⚫️

•the energy in a composite chart is felt among both parties and each aspect is no longer dispensed in a planet person format but more in a sense of how it would act out in a natal chart. The variance here is that instead of it being a sole person that would feel those aspects it’s two people. This is why composite charts refer to a relationship that has been going on for years as the energies between two people would’ve had enough time to merge.

•Saturn in the 12th house people tend to desire isolation and may as they age prefer to live somewhere quiet and away from hustle and bustle of the real world. Somewhere where they can in a sense be free.

•Saturn in the 11th house people tend to fantasize the perfect “Friend group” but often times they get let down by what is right in front of them.

•mars in the 5th house is a more animalistic sex drive, Pluto in the 5th house is a more instinctual sex drive.

•depending on where your house rulers are placed the influence and traits attributed with the particular house or sign can be completely augmented or changed. Ex a empty sag in the 8th house with Jupiter in Pisces in the 11th house might be more Piscean in nature when it comes to intimacy and deep sex but also might have a more detached and electric energy about them.

•the 1st decan of a sign can be more self centered and immature-it takes them longer for their sign to progress into another sign.

The 2nd decan of a sign can be cooler in nature and can have a bit of a sensitive undertone to them-more easily emotionally aroused.

The third decan of a sign is a bit more on the observant side of things and as mature as they can be there is a slightly cold nature about them.

•you’re second house is more indicative of how you dress than your venus.

•your 2nd house is also your inner venus and your 7th house is your partnered venus while your natal venus is your projected venus-the house venus falls in is how it is expressed and where it is expressed.

•mars in the 8th house individuals have a strong brain to nerve connection which allows them to have very serpent like and easily seductive movements.

•people with a lot of planets in the fire houses tend to have a warmer body and be usually the types to have racing hearts. Those with houses in the water houses, especially the 8th tend to have colder bodies and ligaments. There heart beats are usually faint and hard to hear.

•Neptune in the 8th/12th and 6th can be harder to put under stimulants including anesthesia.

•Capricorn rising usually maintain lean bodies! And even when weight is gained it goes away usually very easy. Even when in the Taurus decan.

•Taurus rising can have aggressive movements and seem a bit easily irritable once you get to know them-due to having Aries on their 12th house cups.

•5th house is how you date, the mood you have to be in to make a baby, and your immediate turn ons. “The first date” so to speak.

•the 8th house is how you are after years of being with someone. How you really have sex. How you act when something scares you. And your secret self. How you deal with money in relation to others and your feelings towards occult matters and death while also in a minor way giving you some insight on how you may pass.

•the 12th house is who you are when you’re by yourself. This is the sleepy you. The intoxicated you! The you you’re not always aware of. This is the you that unconsciously comes out that people always tell you about. Your fantasies and the things you dream about. This is also your secret kinks and hidden sexual nature. This is your instinctual sex style that comes out with out you knowing.

•the 4th house is your fam bam! This is your family get togethers! This is a little more about how your mommy was. This is getting grounded. And the rules you were raised with. This is your ingrained traits and genes. This is your manners or lack of. This is what makes you feel safe. This is what you need in a relationship. This is what you cry about on a deep deep level. Lovers that have any planets here especially moon/mercury/venus hit you deep.

•Saturn/mercury/Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto are often a focal focus in many fashion designers and models of many.

•strong Neptune and 10th house focus are usually in heavy focus in the charts of actors and film makers as well as strong water dominance.

•strong venus/Lilith/Eros and 2nd-12th House focus is noticed in the charts of singers! As well as Uranus especially aspect to mercury.(for the changes in vocal tones) this rings true for rappers as well who tend to have strong Gemini or 3rd house influence!

•usually having aspects that you have nataly show up in your synastry will show that it’s a relationship that will effect you deeply as you see them and their actions in yourself and feel deeply understood and connected to them.

•synastry with water signs are receptive and tend to go both ways even in overlays because of the nature of water to reflect.

•synastry with fire signs is more “I” based and can be one sided due to the fact that it’s more about how each person is individually being affected.

•synastry with earth signs can be more energy based and can feel like a pendulum affect! It can often times switch between who feels it more based on how the energy is flowing.

•synastry with air signs is more about the atmosphere. Usually its felt mentally before emotionally and because of this there is an imbalance of one person thinking about it and the other feeling it.

•saturn square Pluto people are extremely intense and hate any idea of being controlled-usually they despise politics and hate enforcement of any kind especially by the law.

•Moon in Aquarius due to being ruled by Saturn usually are bubbly and talkative and often times odd one moment then they’re serious and observant, more on the quiet side of things from out of nowhere.

•Aries moons are extremely honest. They’re not the types to beat around the bush and if they are this usually is only done if it’s someone they care for and feel a need to be more cautious about approaching because of this.

•Aries venus and Scorpio Venus are turned on by rough housing and provoked arguments. They love seeing you fein for them-that desire is like sex for them without actually having it. This is because of the confrontational energy presented in both mars and Pluto.

•Moon in Virgo never feel completely comfortable in social situations and always keep a huge chunk of themselves in a black box so to speak as they tend to not like to over share.

•many water signs from now till the end of 2018 along with Leo/Taurus/Aquarius/Aries/Gemini are going to be undergoing some big changes and may even be entirely different people following-due to Jupiter in Scorpio. Your feathers will indeed be ruffled.

☺️ tried to make part 4 longer since it took so long to show up aha!

Your eyes are like....

Please use your MOON and RISING signs ~

Aries: the first morning of the spring, fire reflecting through, warmth that melts the ice away gently but fast

Taurus: the first flowers of the year, dawn of the day, beauty of the world, relaxed and gentle, hot tea after work, silent but meaningful like forest

Gemini: the curious eyes of child, reflecting the colorful mind, like the morning breeze, little fairies dancing in the rain

Cancer: strong but full of understanding the complexity of empathy, the bright summer nights, reflection in the surface of the lake

Leo: work of art, bright like sun but understanding like moon, midsummer day and celebrating, sparklers in the water

Virgo: warm cup of coffee in the morning, small but strong flowers, the morning rain, shine of the diamonds and purity of first snow

Libra: the first star of the night, window reflecting you, understanding of the person, slowly burning candles on a winter night, cozy fall days

Scorpio: the moon and the stars of the night, coldness of the winter and heat of the summer, passion of the tiger and understanding of the deep sea

Sagittarius: the adventures of the summer, the sparkles of the fire, meant for understanding the life, snow angels and snowball fights

Capricorn: ambition that goes over the sky, the moon and the universe, warmth of a hug on a winter day, stability of a maple

Aquarius: understanding humanity and everything beyond, dancing in the summer rain, galaxies of the universe

Pisces: looking through the rose glasses, where the worlds top secrets are kept, white clouds of the sky, snowflakes falling from the sky

ok so i’m watching this video that happened to mention the physical appearance of the sorcerer’s stone in the first harry potter book/movie and it reminded me of how when i was little and saw the movie for the first time i thought the stone was made of jello bc the flickering light of the fire reflecting off of its facets made it look like it was jiggling

i wanted to eat the sorcerer’s stone. it was clearly cherry flavored


FAVORITE MOMENTS OF TID (4/∞) Will and Tessa’s reunion

“You are a wonder, Tessa Gray. To have such faith in me, though I have done nothing to earn it.”
“Nothing?” Her voice rose. “Nothing to earn it? Will, you saved me from the Dark Sisters, you pushed me away to save me, you’ve saved me over and over again. You are a good man, one of the best I’ve ever known.” Will looked as stunned as if she had pushed him. He licked his dry lips.
“I wish you wouldn’t say that,” he whispered.She leaned toward him. His face was shadows, angles and planes; she wanted to touch him, touch the curve of his mouth, the arc of his lashes against his cheek. Fire reflected in his eyes, pinpricks of light.


“We are the same.”
Will’s eyes fluttered closed; she felt his lashes against her fingertips. When he spoke again, his voice was ragged but controlled. “Don’t say those things, Tessa. Don’t say them.”
“Why not?”
“You said I am a good man,” he said. “But I am not that good a man. And I am—I am catastrophically in love with you.”
“I love you so much, so incredibly much,” he went on.