reflection in the sunglasses

Imagine having to sit on Deadpool’s lap

“You gotta be kidding me!” You threw your hands up in the air in disbelief. The car that pulled up was an old blue Honda Civic and it was packed with your friends.

“She’s mad,” Matt stated nonchalantly from the passenger seat. He smiled in your direction, you could see your reflection in his red lensed sunglasses.

“Matt, you’re blind but you even know I can’t fit in the car!”

He grinned and shrugged, “You can sit on someone’s lap or meet us at the party.”

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summer house aesthetics

HUFFLEPUFF- the smell of honeysuckle and warm breezes ruffling hair; dry grass crunching underneath sandals; lemon popsicles and flushed cheeks; closing your eyes and feeling the sun; a picnic basket being opened

RAVENCLAW- collapsing in the shade of a tree; crunching the ice from a cold drink between your teeth; pages of a book being turned by the wind; the scent of blueberries and freshly cut grass; cloud gazing in the company of a friend

SLYTHERIN- the sound of car tires crunching on gravel; leaving your house to go on a long trip; unexpected summer rainstorms; taking off your shoes after a long walk; spilling cold water all over yourself; loose tank tops and bare feet; wet hair making water droplets run down your back

GRYFFINDOR- the crackling of a summer bonfire; tying your hair up; sand between toes; breathless laughter from friends’ open mouths; putting your feet on a car dashboard; sunglasses and floppy hats; the reflection of fireworks in someone’s eyes

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I don't want to be that person, but the writing in that notebook (the two ghosts lyrics) looks quite similar to a certain bear's...

yeah i think someone already compared the handwriting and it was iterally harry lol but again not that we needed a confirmation considering his fiance’s reflection was on the sunglasses of the bear once and it was glorious

Nevada Heat

Characters: Dean Ambrose x OFC

Warnings: NSFW, sexual content, rough sex

Summary: Out of gas and out of patience, you find yourself stranded in the middle of the desert with Dean, with hours to kill until you’re rescued…

This is my first Dean fic! I know most of you are on my blog for AJ, but I wrote this for @toosweetme and figured I’d tag y’all who like reading my stuff! @llowkeys @livingthestrongstyle @alexahood21 @the-geekgoddes @wrestlingbabe @that-lolachick @lolabradbury @vebner37 @reigns420 @crowleysqueenofhell @iwannadiehere @devittslegos @mox-midget @blondekel77 @thephenomofdeathvalley-blog @skrillexslays13 

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This was some years ago when I was working in an amusement. I worked in the kid ride area. It was a busy day. A kid couldn’t keep his feet inside the ride so I had to stop it and kick him off. The dad storms up next to me on the outside of the gate while I’m running the ride again and starts yelling at me. I don’t even look at him(it’s 100+ degrees. I’ve been working 8 hours, haven’t had my break yet and still have 4 more hours) I blandly tell him his kid can’t ride so long as I’m operating and he can’t follow rules. I don’t care how old the child is if they can’t be safe. He tells me to call a supervisor(they never show up for parents in the kid area because they knew we were probably right) and demands my name. We wear name tags. I finally look at him(wearing extremely reflective sunglasses which made him mad he couldn’t actually see me) look down at my name tag, look back at him, grab my name tag and pull it forward so he can see and say, “well my name tag says Brittany, sooo” and went back to my job. The rest of the day he made sure to avoid any ride I was at and was constantly glaring at me because the supervisor never showed up. Even though he watched me dial and talk on the phone.