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Hey, so i was rewatching the raven scene from 3.05 where she takes alie's chip and one of my favourite moments is when she stands in front of Alie because it looks like a mirror reflection! I thought that was such a good way to foreshadow 3.10 when Alie and Raven become 'one'. I was wondering what your favourite shot from that scene generally is? If you have one that is!

i love when i get messages about older episodes. before i go into a deeper analysis about my favorite shot(s), 3x05 is definitely one of the strongest episodes in season 3 in my opinion. i was absolutely floored about certain scenes and the direction overall because tim manages to bring the characters to life in a way where he puts a lot of focus on them as individuals but also starts to fuse the overarching story line together (more on the subtle end - but still) in a way that makes everything all the more powerful and intense.

so, very good episode for real.

but now onto your ask and regarding your favorite shot, i loved it too

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Watching Tab put on those tight pants and smiling to yourself. He sees this in the reflection of your bedroom mirror. "What?" He smirks. "I just wish you could stay home and fuck me all day." You sigh. "You and me both, princess." He says.


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What the actual FUCK?!”

“No panic, Jean. It’s called a mirror and this is only your reflection.”

“A duck?!”


“You have a duck in your bathroom?!”

“What du- Oh. I see, I always suspected you are a caveman. This exotic piece of furniture is called a sink, Jean, you use it to wash your hands, step aside and let me demonstrate-”

“Your godforsaken tap is a duck. A golden duck.

“First of all, it’s not a duck, it’s a swan. Secondly, it’s not golden but brass-“

“Oh, I apologize! So you have a brass swan in your bathroom as a TAP.”

“It’s called art, Jean.”

“No, it’s called idiotism – Armand, it’s a tap, it should be normal, not… duckish-in-shape!”

“It’s a SWAN, not a DUCK. A swan is a bird of many legends and its symbolism-”

“Armand, it’s a TAP. It doesn’t need to be symbolic. Brass I can understand, it’s pretty sturdy material, but to wash your hands under a duck-”

“It is a SWAN, for fuck’s SAKE!”

“Ooooh, watch your fucking language, Mr. Connoisseur, this legendary symbolic tap may hear and feel scandalized-”

“I swear to God, you primitive bastard, there are times WHEN I’D PAY TO SEE YOU GAG!…”

“You’ll never learn to simply ask for round two, will you?”



Awesome effect - the mirror reflection of the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivian Atacama Desert - reflective enough to be used as a satellite and image calibration target from space.


12x11 “Regarding Dean”
“My name is Dean Winchester. Sam is my brother. Mary Winchester is my mom and Cas… Cas is my best friend…”

I’m sure this scene has been giffed and edited about a million times by now and really no one needs it another time on their dash, but I needed to express just how amazing Jensen’s acting here was, how you could see how the knowledge is slipping from Dean’s mind and how he desperately tries to grip it but the faster he holds on to it the more it slips away. It is actually a really sad metaphor for Dean’s entire life. ;____; How he tries to hold his family together, afraid of ending up alone and then gets to hear “everybody leaves you, Dean”. Here even Dean is leaving Dean kind of and it’s just…. ;______;

That said, I especially adored this scene, because it has been such a recurring stylstic device over the past seasons with Dean and the mirror shots. From “9x23 “Do You Believe in Miracles” when he looks at himself in the mirror when he is locked up after he cuts Gadreel and tries to assess who he is and what is happening to him to 10x17 “Inside Man” where we see Dean wash his hands after being the pool shark at the bar and he catches himself flash black eyes for a second or the most memorable last mirror scene (these are really just a handful of incidents the mirror shots have been extensively used throughout the MoC arc) moment in 10x23 “Brother’s Keeper” when Dean desperately seems to wash his hands clean looks into the mirror and sees Cas and Rudy staring back at him confronting him with what he did and what he has become. This week’s mirror moment can be seen perfectly in line with all of these other instances of mirror shots exploring the issue of identity. Countless times we have seen Dean try and touch base and asess who he is by looking at himself in the mirror and often times not liking what/who look back at him. But at least before his reflection wasn’t a blank as it is now.

So when Dean is looking into the mirror and actually directly into the camera it reads like a cry for help, he’s trying to piece together who he is by looking at himself, but this person who is looking back can’t provide any stability, may well be a stranger and has just as little knowledge who the person is that is refelected in there. After all he cannot even remember his name. And names… names hold power. But Dean lost everything, his name, himself, his identity. And yes, that is scary as hell.


Spectacular sunset panorama over the thin desert lake at Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. Want some fun? Turn your head (or your phone) 90 degrees and watch this.