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One does not need to tell the whole world about one’s skill in order to feel confident about them. Celebrate your skills, but celebrate them in silence. Work hard on your skills, be proud, but do not push this onto others, and thus, remain humble. There will be opportunities given to you in which you will be able to show how talented you are, which by all means, show the world your strength! However until then, simply remind yourself every now and again of how amazing you are, and live knowing that you’re trying your very best with this beautiful development of your character.

Okay but like hear me out, The Paladins singing iconic Disney songs:

They could just be on a mission in there lions with nothing to say until someone breaks the silence.

Lance: “Let’s get down to business!”

Hunk: “To defeat!”

Pidge: “Zarkon!”

Everyone except Keith yell in unison.

Lance and Keith together in the blue lion when Keith’s lion malfunctioned.

Lance: Smug look.

Keith: “……Do not-”

Lance: “I can show you the world-”

Keith: “I don’t wanna see it.”

Pidge getting ready in the bathroom.

Pidge: Looks deeply into the mirror, faintly pressing her hand against it. “Who is that girl I see…staring straight…back at me?…Why is my reflection someone I don’t know?…

Lance staring out the window into space, thinking of his home.

Lance: “I wanna be where the people are…I wanna see, wanna see ‘em dancin’. Walkin’ around on those- What do you call ‘em?”

Keith: Passing by looking confused. “Uh, feet?”

Lance: Clenches his fist as he skips a couple of lyrics. “Up where they walk! Up where they run! Up where they stay all day in the sun! Wanderin’ free, wish I could be, part of that world!

Shiro getting ready for the day in his room.

Shiro: Fixing his hair, talking to his reflection. “Wait and see, when I’m through. Boys will gladly go to war with you. With good features and a great hairdo, I’ll bring honor to us all.” He then starts getting his eyeliner ready. “When I’m through, I won’t fail. Like a cherry blossom, soft and pale. With winged eyeliner that could impale. I’ll bring honor to us all.”

Everyone outside his door listening before joining in.

Lance: “Please bring honor to us!”

Hunk: “Please bring honor to us!”

Pidge: “Please bring honor to us!”

Keith: “Please bring honor to us.”

Everyone including Shiro: “Please bring honor to us all!”


Jeremy Jordan - Disney Medley

“One Jump Ahead” // Alladin —- “Reflection” // Mulan —- “Go The Distance” // Hercules —- “Part of Your World” // The Little Mermaid —- “Santa Fe” // Newsies —- “Out There” // The Hunchback of Notre Dame

What Moon PHASE have you Progressed into? What does it Mean for You?

We go thru phases as we develop who we are (quite literally).

First I shall teach you how to determine which Secondary Progressed phase you are in right now, then I interpret each phase! Find the setting on or where you can pull up your Secondary Progressed Chart, OR you can calculate it by adding how old you are as days to your birthday. For example, if you are 25 years old, and you were born on June 1st, 1991, then your Secondary Progressed birthday would be June 26th, 1991. Enter that new birthday and determine what phase you’re in!

If you do not have a handle on the terminology that astrologers use and geometrical angles, this topic will be very hard for you. If you want help learning the angles and terminology, message me for lessons!

In your Secondary Progressed Chart, if the sun and moon are the same sign, you’re in the new moon phase.

If the moon is one or two signs after the sun, that’s a waxing crescent phase.

If the moon is three signs after the sun, that’s a waxing half moon, they are in the same mode (cardinal, fixed, mutable).

If the moon is four or five signs after the sun, that’s a waxing gibbous phase. This would be a trine or quincunx if the orb is tight enough, each which will happen for a few intense months during this phase of about five years.

If the moon is opposite the sun, that’s a full moon. A 180 degree angle.

If the moon is five signs before the sun, that’s a waning gibbous moon. This would be a 150 degree angle between signs. It will be especially intense when the sun and moon make a partile quincunx for a few months during this phase.

If the moon is four signs before the sun, that’s a disseminating moon phase. This would be a 120 degree angle.

If the moon is three signs before the sun sign, that’s a last quarter phase, this would be a 90 degree angle.

If the moon is one or two signs before the sun sign, that’s a balsamic phase.

It is imperative that you grasp the major aspects in order to understand this.

Secondary Progressed New Moon: You are reinventing yourself at this point in life! It is time for you to view life and the world with a fresh perspective! Start a new hobby. Now is a great time to start a business or move to a new place. Leave behind what has kept you stuck in previous years.

Secondary Progressed Waxing Crescent Phase: You are cultivating what you have started, building upon what you already know. You are sowing the seeds that you will reap later on, so be mindful about whether the choices you are making at this point in life will provide for a comfortable situation that you will be dealing with in the future. You are tempted to go for the gusto right now, but years from now when you’re in the waning phases, you won’t feel as full of hope as you do during this phase of your life.

Secondary Progressed First Quarter Phase (Waxing Half Moon): There is tension in you as you are persistently working on what you started and tackling the conflicts that are coming up because you are currently realizing what works and what doesn’t. If in a cardinal sign, you are finding the power within you, leading or guiding other people. If in a fixed sign, you are resisting obstacles that get in the way of what you want, acting determined. If in a mutable sign, you are learning to adapt to what your clients, bosses, and family members need/want from you.

Secondary Progressed Waxing Gibbous Phase: You are at a climax in your life, feeling like you are almost there in obtaining your goals. The stakes are high and it is up to you to prove yourself. This phase lasts about five years as it contains the moon sign that is trine the progressed sun AND also the sign that is quincunx the progressed sun. In layman’s terms, life feels free flowing for the years that the progressed sun and moon are in the same element, before there is even more conflict for the next couple years after that! This entire five year period is an incredibly creative time for you! Even if your pursuits aren’t creative in nature, you are making great progress and learning to excel at what matters to you!

Secondary Progressed Full Moon Phase: You’ve reached that point that you have culminated your abilities, or you at least feel that you have completed something in your life. Your desires will come to fruition at this time, and if they do not, it means that you need to learn a lesson, to be more honest with yourself about what is truly best for you. At this point in life you are realizing that what you thought you wanted isn’t all that it was cracked up to be. You feel an internal uncertainty, as there is a tug of war between your ego and your emotions, for example your desire to socialize (if progressed moon is in Libra) may get in the way of your need to move forward and be self-sufficient (if progressed sun is in Aries). You are probably getting a lot of attention at this point of your life, as the moon shines so bright! If you did not make wise moves while you were in the waxing phases, the carpet is being pulled from under your feet right now.

Secondary Progressed Waning Gibbous Phase: Once again you are realizing what went wrong before, and now is your chance to make adjustments. If you do not take an honest look at your own flaws now, the universe will continue to give you problems that make you feel disheartened. Pluto has this way of giving us life circumstances that reflect our inner world, that’s another post entirely but it is a metaphor to what is happening here. The same problems will keep coming up if you don’t face what is inside you. I can give you a clear insight to what the universe wants you to realize if you get a reading with me!

Secondary Progressed Disseminating Moon Phase: If you have made those adjustments and gained the wisdom the universe attempted to bring to you before, things will be flowing more smoothly for you at this point in life. Your progressed moon and progressed sun are in the same element during this phase, so you are finding harmony within yourself, your life is coming together! If you did not face your flaws during previous phases, then the upcoming phases will lead you to feeling even more discouragement.

Secondary progressed Last Quarter Phase (Waning Half Moon): Now is your last chance to improve upon what you have been avoiding, and you will experience crisis as a reflection of your inner world. You are either reaching maturity or wondering why things aren’t happening as you want. If in a cardinal sign, you are finding the power within you, leading or guiding other people. If in a fixed sign, you are resisting obstacles that get in the way of what you want, acting determined. If in a mutable sign, you are learning to adapt to what your clients, bosses, and family members need/want from you.

Secondary Progressed Balsamic Phase (Waning Crescent): Something in your life is coming to a close. You are finding resolution, reflecting on your mistakes, and reminiscing about the good times. This lasts about five years as it contains the moon sign that is sextile the sun as well as the moon sign that is just before the sun. In other words, there are opportunities for you when the moon sign is sextile the progressed sun, and you will gain a spark of inspiration. When the progressed moon is 30 degrees before your progressed sun, your emotional self is clinging onto something that contradicts the goals of the sun. (For example, progressed moon in Sagittarius is tempted to do what’s fun and wish for more out of life, when you may need to embody your progressed sun in Capricorn that accepts things as they are and realizes that they need to get serious and commit themselves to practicality.)

I can write 15 pages of a reading for you! Contact me!

Life is meant to be experienced.
This experience, however, will not be the same for everybody.
There is no one single way,
One path,
Or one simple switch between on and off.
One will go through their own life, at their own pace, taking things as they come and go;
And that is their life to be experienced.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

What if people ignoring you is a sign that you are ignoring yourself, not listening to your intuition, and not giving yourself enough attention? 

“Your outside world is a reflection of your inside world.” -Bob Proctor

What if when you stop ignoring yourself, those people will stop ignoring you and/or you will meet ones who would never ignore you?

My wish for you is that you continue. Continue to be who and how you are, to astonish a mean world with your acts of kindness. Continue to allow humor to lighten the burden of your tender heart. - Maya Angelou


Jeremy Jordan - “The Ultimate Disney Princess Power Ballad Medley”

Performed aboard the Disney Magic on May 21, 2015

For @feelingsinwinter because thanks to your encouragement I finally had the courage to post the last two parts <3

8. Winter

Winter, Antonia has always thought, is a time for reflection. The endless balls and galas her mother insists demand her presence give her ample opportunity to do so.

There is her mother, the regal beauty of the ball, all smiles and warm welcomes as she gathers information, listens and watches with a sharpness hidden by velvet and diamonds.

There is her father, entertaining friends and enemies with his tales and his bragging, loud and louder, filling the room with noise, shining bright enough to blind. Dazzling his audience with too much freely shared information to give them the chance to ask relevant questions.

There is Tiberius, navigating through the crowd like a seasoned sailor approaches the sea, a winning smile on his lips as he jokes and teases and flirts his way into the good grace of yet another young lady in attendance, a cocky playboy enjoying his youth, for all the world to see.

The images they portray may fall a little flat here and there, may be disturbed by the occasional pointed question her mother asks, the wordless threat in her father’s smile when one of his acquaintances’ derb comments goes too far, the untouched coldness in Tiberius’ eyes that never warm, but those inconsistencies are lost in the glitter and glamour of the season.

For what is Christmas, if not the time of lies? What is there to reflect upon, when your world is only as deep as the two-dimensional illusion everyone is so careful to maintain? What is kindness, if not the pretence to care?

I swear I didn’t mean to make it depressing. It isn’t, not really. I tried to address three of her most important personal relationships without actually addressing them, which then turned into this *shrug*

I post a lot of film photos...

I hope people like them and find inspiration in them rather than narcissism and pride. Go and reflect your world and in the meantime l’ll post what i see.

So I found a short article about Ávaxtakarfan in Russian and here’s the translation of a small bit:

“This musical teaches the kids that all people are one and equal. You might think of Cipollino, but it’s not like that… There is a fruit basket, where the evil Pineapple, using his impressive size, strives to seize the absolute power proclaims himself a king of the Fruit Kingdom. His loyal henchmen are two dumb bananas who take each order literally (and that is supposed to make lots of gags). Orange, Pears and Apple are simple commoners. Strawberry is the tiniest of all the fruit. She is opressed by everyone and has to do all the dirty work, cleaning everything like Cinderella.

But one day, Carrot appears in the basket (like an alien!). And now she becomes the outcast and the janitor instead of Strawberry. All because she is a vedgetable. Ew. Fruit are the best. They can’t get along well with vedgetables, you know.

Of course Strawberry and Carrot become best friends, and they decide to change the situation in the basket (yay, revolution!). The aim of this couple is equality, brotherhood and friendship of everyone. And also that size would stop defining the fruit’ social position. Little by little, the friends convince everyone that your appearance doesn’t reflect your inner world, Pineapple is deposed, and there is peace and friendship in the basket”.

MBTI as Disney Songs

INFP: Reflection Mulan

ENFP: Part of Your World The Little Mermaid

INFJ: Circle of Life The Lion King

ENFJ: Love is an Open Door Frozen

ISFJ: Be Our Guest Beauty and the Beast

ESFJ: Do You Want to Build a Snowman Frozen

ISTJ: Almost There The Princess and the Frog

ESTJ: I’ll Make a Man Out of You Mulan

INTP: Belle Beauty and the Beast

ENTP: I Won’t Say (I’m in Love) Hercules

INTJ: Let it Go Frozen

ENTJ: I Just Can’t Wait to be King The Lion King

ISFP: Colors of the Wind Pocahontas

ESFP: A Whole New World Aladdin

ISTP: One Jump Ahead Aladdin

ESTP: Hakuna Matata The Lion King

Saturn in the Second House

Traditional astrology interprets Saturn’s presence in the second house to mean a lack of or difficulty in getting real world possessions like money, cars, etc. Moving away from this fatalistic approach, we will try to personalize the meaning of Saturn in the second house for an individual. From a personality standpoint the second house reflects your attitude to real world possessions. With Saturn in the second house, you might be unduly pessimistic about your own ability to get possessions. Avoid the pessimism. Then again, you might be overly cautious in the way you invest your finances. I’ll give you an example to illustrate this point. Saturn in the second house people are more likely to invest their hard earned money in low risk treasury bonds than in the higher risk stock market. This may be good or bad, depending on how you look at it. Your investments will remain rock solid over the years, but will not grow as much if you had been more of a risk-taker! Given this risk aversion, isn’t it easy to spot why past astrologers might have taken that as an inability to gain wealth or possession? It’s not so much an inability as simply an attitude. Awareness of this attitude can be your strength.

The world is getting more dangerous everyday, and I literally feel sick half the time when I turn on the news. Between the white supremacist rallies and the neo-nazis and the fact that enough people in this country VOTED for a president who champions those hate groups–who’s trying to destroy free press and freedom of speech, who has no regard for human life or the citizens of this country or of the world–I’m literally disgusted by my own fellow “Americans.”

And guess what? How you consume media reflects your world views.

So needless to say, if you think the Empire or the First Order are cool or if you idolize and fantasize about Kylo Ren or Hux or you say things like “the rebels are terrorists” or that the Sith/the Dark Side aren’t inherently bad or if you try to defend or rationalize any single part of the blatant evil in the Star Wars universe, stay the fuck away from me. There is something seriously wrong with your moral compass and your understanding of right and wrong if you don’t think Kylo Ren has done anything wrong or if you try to argue that the Empire was trying to create peace or if you think the heroes of the story are in the wrong. The Empire/First Order and everyone who serve it are representative of nazism, fascism, hatred, genocide, racism, classism, the kind of power-hungry maniacal ambition that has spawned our own fucking president, and crimes against humanity. By justifying the actions of the Empire, First Order, Kylo Ren, Hux, Tarkin, etc or by condemning the groups rebelling against them, you are indicating that you support nazism, fascism, hatred, genocide, racism, classism, etc.

So not only do you not understand Star Wars but you’re also a terrible human being and this fandom has no place for you in it.

The way we live our daily lives is what most effects the situation of the world. If we can change our daily lives, then we can change our governments and can change the world. Our president and governments are us. They reflect our lifestyle and our way of thinking. The way we hold a cup of tea, pick up the newspaper or even use toilet paper are directly related to peace.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Have you heard the story of lost girl? The girl with the fire in her heart and burning desire in her eyes? Have you heard about the girl who can whisper the spells and wake up the dead? Glance in the mirror and remember the little girl with the ablaze desire to live, to love, to build and to search. She lived in every one of us, being curious about the world. Her words could revive the stone hearts of people around, making the miracle where the magic died a long time ago. She was burning so hot, so bright and so luminous, they were afraid she might burn down the cities. So they tried to extinguish her flames.

First, they told her the world was too big for her. They said the little hands of hers could never hold the monstrous size of the skies above; her infant eyes can never devour the oceans lying behind her. They told that small heart would break of the emotions this world collapsing on her, so it is easier to lock it down and bury the key six feet under the rotting earth.

Her strangeness and unicity were an enemy in the world of the gray tones, and her brightness blinded the men around. So they silenced her oddity with the fraudulent realization of the universe. This world wanted her to be mild, yet she was screaming on the inside. She was screeching for help in the foggy afternoons when the feelings were sticking to the skin and crawling under it trying to find the answer in the blood.

They sought to tamper her mind. She was cutting her wrists with the pen and letting her thoughts to be immortal on the pages of her poems. Men tried to emblaze her sanity but can you burn down the flames? Her mind was the fire within the fire, building up the castles on the yellow paper she hid in her wooden Pandora’s box. Her words created the chaos. Her hurricane would demolish civilizations and flood the lands. Are those words they were so afraid of? Men were trapped in fear of their bones – yet who was genuinely feared was the lost girl with the suffocated words inside her throat.

It is believed the Phoenix is resurrected from the flames. The ash is the holy grail for life; we die only to be reborn. The little girl was never afraid to die – she was afraid to forget, she was feared of being alone, she was strangled by the thought of countless indistinguishable faces she would have to meet on her path. But she was never scared to die. The fire was never choked, her words never disappeared, and her thoughts were always running down the ribcage singing hallelujahs.

Now look deep down the kaleidoscopes of your eyes, reflect the world inside and find this little girl within the labyrinth of your mind and let her chant again.

—  The Lost Girl / angelina s.