Creepypasta #692: Reflected Sin

Story length: Medium

He locked the bedroom door and walked towards the mirror. His reflection frowned back at him.

When he didn’t say anything, the reflection spoke.

It said, “How did it go? Did you clear?”

He nodded, “The polygraph showed I was telling the truth. The detective is convinced. You are out of suspicion Alfred.”

The reflection gave out a sigh of relief and said, “I knew I could count on you Big Al.”

“Don’t call me that,” replied the man, “I am your reflection Alfred. That means we have the same name.”

The reflection laughed, “But Big Al sounds cooler. I was sure there was no proof linking me to my wife’s murder; still I would never have had the balls to face questionings without messing up. Thank God I had you!”

“Yup! It was very smart of you Alfred, to send your reflection in your stead. But you know, I do miss Katie. Remember those times when both of you used to stand in front of the mirror, and her reflec– ”

The reflection, Alfred replied tersely, “Enough! Touch the mirror so that I can come out.”

The man hesitated, but touched the mirror.

Both exchanged places and Alfred laughed, “For a moment I thought you were gonna let me remain inside.”

It was then that he heard the police siren.

“What! How…?”

The reflection spoke, “On the way back I texted the detective as to how I, i.e. you murdered Katie, in full detail.”

“But why Big Al…?”

The reflection replied calmly, “I am your reflection and my name is Alfred too. And you will burn for murdering my wife. You motherfu–”

Credits to: wolffreakm

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Reflec(a)t II by Ahmed Mahin Fayaz
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The cat’s a she and her name is Pixie :) Her eyes look like flames. 

A Bigger Picture Part II. - NBD Anon


 Some new information has been brought to light since my last post so I thought I’d write a follow-up. As before, I will state a thought, which will be followed by evidence in parentheses. The evidence is not limited to what I’ve included, by the way—and can be connected to various other points in both this submit and my previous one.

For this round, there is one key thing to remember:

- Selling the image of “family man”

While I stand by most of what I said before, there are two details I’d like to further explore.

1) The embargo on baby-talk at the Golden Globes, after the “pregnancy reveal.” This has become a HUGE deal to me especially now that more of the narrative has shown itself (and thanks to Entertainment Anon). We all know by now that Ben shoehorned mention of the baby until after the Golden Globes was concluded. Prior to this, the only news outlets that ran with baby gossip were the tabloids. As with everything within this narrative, the timing is highly suspect. Why put a ban on something that, if true, should have been openly embraced? Let me put it another way: Putting a ban on baby-talk gives PR two ways to direct the conversation—deny, and put some blame on the overzealousness of tabloids, or accept and continue with the narrative. I’ll focus on the latter half in a bit but the fact that the ban created the option to deny the pregnancy is damning evidence that SH is not pregnant. If she, or any woman, truly is pregnant, that option simply wouldn’t exist in the first place. Pictures also point to non-pregnancy (Ballsy’s fakepreg collage), but it must be remembered that PR rely heavily on images to push a certain agenda. Most humans are sight-centric; we rely on our eyesight so much that many of us aren’t aware that we may be looking at an illusion, trick, or a manufactured detail. So, close your eyes. Notice what cannot be seen; cannot be refuted.  

To tie this back into the “family man” image—I believe PR waited until the end of the Golden Globes to see if Ben would bring home an award. If he had been awarded, it would’ve acted as confirmation to his PR that “family man” is enough of an image makeover to carry though to a possible Oscar win. The fact that Ben wasn’t awarded probably made his PR think that “family man” does not outweigh “TRADITIONAL family man.” In other words, impending fatherhood does not hide the fact that Ben’s personal life progression was done out of the accepted order: engagement first, wedding second, then baby third.

This would properly explain the show-wedding (thanks to carmen1969’s “for some inexplicable reason he got married” post). I mentioned before that Ben and SH were probably functioning under contractual obligation, but I don’t think it would be a stretch to add that they were probably contracted to do all they can for the end goal, which would be the Oscar win.

 Then, of course, comes radio silence. After talk of the baby hit peak exposure, Ben disappeared (Ballsy’s timeline). He didn’t attend several events he had no problems attending in the past. Most notably, he stayed on his side of the pond. Filming Sherlock aside, I believe Ben used this time to rally the troops—inform a few key family members and friends that a ceremonial wedding was to take place to right the order of progression. SH was subjected to the same process with her friends. The painful irony here is that if SH didn’t take matters into her own hands to prove her cleverness and/or garner a bigger payout as I suggested in my previous post, the order wouldn’t have been scrambled and an out would’ve been much easier to procure.

2) Wanda and Tim. It’s been mentioned that the picture of them that was published in print had glaring differences to those who had attended the show-wedding—attire, lack of boutonniere, etc. I do believe, now, that a picture was submitted to the tabloids rather than they being at the venue in person. However, since that doesn’t particularly illuminate the overall narrative, I shall move onto another angle: Wanda’s quote.

“Benedict has had a busy few months and I’m so happy for him in every way.” “I’m already a grandmother but there’s a big gap and I can’t wait, fingers crossed. The nomination is everything.”

It’s ungainly, that’s for certain. A probable cut-and-paste job. But I do want to focus on her last statement which is as clear as day: “The nomination is everything.” This again, is HUGE to me. Not only is there no mention of SH, there is blatant confirmation that there is no baby. If there is anyone keener to have a grandchild by Ben, it’s his mother (“find my son a bird” interview). If SH was really pregnant, I highly doubt she—or anyone, really—would give an award nomination higher regard (with an absolute) than a living, breathing, child.


 I don’t know how the out will show itself. I just know that there is, or will be, one, and that we must continue to be patient. I think it’s worth it to repeat what an anon mentioned: Judge Rinder specializes in fraud cases, and evidently writes a column in a tabloid (I’ve forgotten which one, but I know the information is out there; perhaps someone could pipe up). Probable tabloid leak on Ben’s side? Could help with the out? We’ll have to wait and see.

Another anon also mentioned something rather fascinating, which I’m surprised hasn’t received much traction: in the UK, if a pregnant woman marries a man and the man finds out the baby isn’t his, their wedding can be annulled. If this is true—more research should be done to confirm, naturally—then that is a possible solution. It’s the neatest one I’ve read thus far, and carries the least damaging consequences for all parties involved. This may also explain their increase in PDA since the BAFTAs, and especially at the Oscars since that is the platform with the most eyes across the widest audience: affection contributes to the out, because they may be saving the sympathy card for Ben after the split. Some fans would come crawling back since everything they thought Ben had (however scrambled it may have been and put-off they may have felt) would be taken away in one fell swoop: no wife, no baby, no family.

As I’ve said before, I still support Ben. However, I must also say this: if anyone is truly deserving of our empathy, it’s Alan Turing. Alan is unquestionably one of the greatest minds—and greatest humanists—in recent history. He not only had the brains to accomplish what needed to be done, but he had the compassion to use his talents to help save an entire nation; men, women, and children he had never met. I doubt it would be too much of a stretch to say that many of us are alive right now by the efforts of Turing himself. That said, how dare you. How dare all of you, who are involved in this self-absorbed farce, spit on the grave of a man who worked for a brighter future and, by all accounts, expected nothing in return. The British Government proceeded to take away Turing’s very being through an act of despicable cowardice, for which he suffered in a way that was beyond every level of cruelty. And each one of you had the gall to continue making this man suffer even after death! Go ahead and argue that good still resulted from Turing’s name, because to me even the petition of a pardon is a moot point—it was ultimately a ploy to further your own selfish goals and your petty desires of achieving acclaim. If you want to cement yourselves on the correct side of history, you must give respect and earn respect over time, and with resolute consistency; aiming for instant gratification will not give you the longevity you seek. There is nothing you can do to set right this terrible wrong—not even you, Benedict. Forget putting Turing’s likeness on a banknote; the greatest good you could’ve ever done in Turing’s honor is to make people aware of him and what he’s done with the esteem, dignity, and appreciation he deserves. Graham Moore captured the spirit of Turing in three minutes more than any of you, both in front and behind the scenes, combined. Look at yourselves, as individuals, and as part of a global community. You have the power to reach many ears and many eyes; have enough courage to also reach hearts.


I only have one thing to say, and one thing to quote: Benedict does not work for you, you work for Benedict. Understand this. While the scales will always be tipped in his favor as he is in the public eye, your job is to ensure that the scales remain upright. You can still do what you are hired to do without sacrificing humaneness. Find out how, and employ it well.  

Food for thought, via an anon: “This sham might be the first in the entertainment world to be so painstakingly dissected online and in social media. If it teaches the entertainment and public relations industries anything, it will be that such shams are nearly impossible to pull off successfully now, in the age of social media. This monumental monstrosity will be taught in college public relations courses as an example of what NOT to do. Seriously. It’s a textbook case.”


- PR: What’s done is done. From here on out, you will need a firmer hand; this includes SAYING NO. You’ve always stuck me as the kind sort, either unable or made highly uncomfortable to do wrong by anyone. This is ok; I believe this is part of your charm. And, quite frankly, there are too many people who have lost this particular shine to their personalities. Refusing and being nice CAN exist on the same plane—it might take some figuring out and maneuvering, but I can guarantee that people will respect you all the more for it. If they don’t, it’s usually a good indicator that those people aren’t worth your time anyway. Reevaluate your PR team. They need to be driven and dedicated, but even in that highly competitive realm, they need to have at least a shred of compassion. What they do helps shape your reputation and public regard for you—if things go well, it is a reflection of their hard work. Should there be anyone on your team not willing to celebrate behind-the-scenes or lacking that sense of sincerity in achievement, I suggest reconsidering terms of employment. Finally, keep Karon. Several anons have suggested perhaps paying for her vacation time, or gifting her something nice to show your appreciation. Vacation is lovely, but material things can verge on the shallow before too long. I encourage you to do one better: pay her medical bills. The woman has essentially given up her life to take care of yours, the least you could do is to return the favor. I’m frugal as well so I understand your reluctance to spend, but you have the means now. Give well to the people who mean well, and who truly matter.
- Internet presence: I agree with what several anons have put forth, including Ballsy and C-Girl—get a Twitter, and a proper website. Either purchase Cumberbatchweb or hire the webmaster. You are an Academy-Award nominated actor now, you need a more permanent virtual abode. If you don’t want to run them, employ people who will. Use Twitter as a global bulletin board of sorts, stating upcoming appearances, films, and the like. If you have to personally make an announcement every now and again, do so there. This will also likely cut down the rumors. Don’t be afraid of social media—it can be handled, and handled well.
- Friends: Some of your friends, male and female, are THIRSTY. I’m sure I’m speaking for many of us when I mention having severe second-hand embarrassment on their behalf. They name-drop and ride coattails like there’s no tomorrow, and some of them tweet details that are way too personal for public consumption. To put things mildly, it would benefit you to be mindful of those you choose to spend your time with and tell things to. Cut out some people if you deem it necessary.
- True privacy: It can be done, though it must be tailored to you to be sucessful. For now, I will focus on the interview process. Interviews are simultaneously what you’re really good at, and really bad at. For the sake of your romantic future, I think there are a few things to consider… first of which are the actual discussions. If you can, try not to put any bans on any topics. Instead, devise ways to steer the conversation. Placing a ban is a self-imposed injury and an invitation for the gossip gnats to feast. The gossip rags seem to have the upper hand at the moment, and you must revert this to salvage and further build your reputation. Ideally, then, try not to put a target on yourself. If a target must be present, make it a moving one. If an interviewer asks you a question you don’t want to answer, smile and start talking about something innocuous. The weather. How you like your interviewer’s bow tie. If your interviewer is female and perhaps complimenting her appearance may verge on the lecherous, it’s ok to ask them to proceed to the next question.
Which brings me to my next point—timing. You love to talk, which is fine. But, as experienced by your outdated terminology slip, talking a great deal can be dangerous. You don’t need to outrun the clock to prevent people from asking questions you’d rather not answer—use time to your advantage. Every interviewer has an informational quota they must fulfill, but every interview occurs within a specific time frame. If someone asks a question you’d rather not answer and you, for example, avoid it by smiling and staying completely silent, the silence can only last for so long because a) the interviewer will likely grow somewhat uncomfortable and b) they must, as it is their job, to keep a dialogue going. Relax. Put THEM on edge. Remember that you’re in the driver’s seat, and time is your friend.
- Romance: Stay away from women for the time being. The gossip rags will likely tear you apart in the near future, so the best thing to do until the storm dies down is to not add fodder to the fire. Additionally, whether you like it or not, overeager nannie-fans are a part of the landscape for your foreseeable future. Try not to acknowledge them, positively or negatively. Don’t wear the clothes they gift, and don’t demean them in interviews. If you give some people an inch, they take a mile; any acknowledgement to the nannie-fans will be construed as an invitation into your life outside of work. Tread carefully and set boundaries. That said, when you are ready to date, you MUST be sure that enough time has passed between the Oscar campaign and your romance. If you jump the gun, the nannies will likely despise the new woman by concocting some story about her maliciously booting SH out of the way, thereby rendering her forever second tier and the subject of ill will, however undeserved. You’re in clean-up mode now, so be sure that book is fully and completely closed before opening another.

Finally, as always, thank you Ballsy. You’ve been a constant in this mess, and an amusing one at that. I shall go back to observation mode but if you ever need me, please don’t hesitate to give a shout. I will see it, and reply accordingly. Take care.

- NBD Anon