effie's paper loves paper and correspondence! It just gets more and more fabulous all the time! We recently came across Effie’s paper and we fell in love. We contacted the artist, Kayln Johnson to find out what/where her inspiration/love for paper comes from - and how she does it! The debut collections are a reflection of Kalyn’s eclectic influences, from growing up in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan to her fashionable life in the Big Apple and her world travels. Kalyn’s obsession with pretty paper began as a child when her beloved grandmother, Effie Hayes (the product namesake), introduced her to the world of good manners and good stationery. Ever since, she’s honed the craft of penning personal notes on beautiful stationery. However, her first love is and always has been fashion! In 2007, she launched STYLE by Kalyn Johnson, a style consultancy focused on personal branding for men and women in the corporate arena. Now she’s extending her intrinsic fashion sense into a distinct stationery line that features her signature design aesthetic of bold colors, bright designs and witty “bon mots” sayings. It all starts with the love of fashion - the details, prints, and colors!

Above left is “A Little Bit of Le0pared Print in Your Life” from her collection called, “The Exotics.” This collection is perfect for those who believe in walking on the wild side! Anyone who loves animal prints, will be enamored with this collection! On the right we put a pair of Tory Burch EXOTIC flats! We Loved that Kayln’s first love is fashion. That’s where she started and she is now making stationary a completely different fashion in it’s own. Brilliant!

Above left is “Anguilla” from the collection, “The Jetsetter”, the designer’s most personal collection to date. Inspired by the world travels enjoyed during her newlywed year with her husband,Kalyn’s love of new lands, brilliant cultures and bold designs brings a jaunty touch to each note card. On the right is a Giorgio Armani bag from that has almost the exact print! Amazing how stationary can be just as fabulous as a handbag! We can be in style even in our correspondence - and effie’s stationary is helping us do that one letter at a time!

Above left is “Relax. Relate. Release.” from the collection, “Bon Mots”, this collection reminds us that a little bit of “wit” on a beautifully designed note card is a good thing! To the right is a Brunello Cunsinelli sweater that reminds the team of the fabulous Bon Mots collection!

Kayln says, “effie’s paper is a selection of clean, modern stationery for those who love to make an impression upon all who cross their paths, personally and virtually. In the midst of today’s super-charged world of emailing, texting and social networking, effie’s paper offers a wide variety of fine stationery that will satisfy the needs of today’s busy professional, mom or social butterfly. effie’s paper is for those who enjoy sending and receiving beautifully-designed, hand-written notes.” Stationery designs, product details and pricing are available at

Tux Luv

Leighton Meester in Thom Browne,  Katie Holmes in Stella McCartney, Ashley Olsen in Calvin Klein, Camilla Belle in Tom Ford

The tuxedo has been a style staple for women since Marlene Dietrich first worked the look in the 1950’s! Then in 1966 Yves Saint Laurent created the first tux look to earn attention from the fashion world! It was called, “Le Smoking” and known as, “the power suit!" The boy-meets-girl look has never been bigger! From bow ties to blazers - the women are bringing it back and proving that they are strong and powerful through their sleek, strong, beautiful tux looks!  Designers such as Chanel, John Chu, Alexander Wang, Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, and many more understand that a perfectly structured tuxedo says, "strength and beauty!”  Who needs ruffles and bows to look like a woman?!

Alexander Wang, Ralph Lauren, Jason Wu

Go to your husband or boyfriends closet and borrow his solid black tie! Throw it on with some slacks, blazer, and a pair of statement heels - or even a mini skirt with a white collared shirt and black bow tie. You are bound to turn some heads and possibly intimidate a few people with these looks! Embrace it  and walk with confidence! Be bold, be strong!

Marlene Dietrich (Left), The original "Power Suit" (Middle & Right)