how i have only just NOW drawn ganondorf is beyond me. 

also, there’s gonna be a refined, fullbody version of this + some other doodles of him only available to patrons, so if ur interested in gerudo hotties…… ;^]
Texas Hold'em Poker Rules

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Opening your balcony doors and being in clear view of the Eiffel Tower certainly has it charms, though with this apartment it is merely one on the long list of desirables. Designed by Stéphane Olivier the execution melds modern elegance with classical chic. With a generous 350 meter square canvas to paint Olivier certainly applied his delicate brush to every inch. The sitting room appropriates old world and classic elements which manifests in finishes such as intricate ceiling mouldings, ornate fireplace and furnishings gilded in gold. Throughout the spacious Pied-à-terre it is evident the focus was about the detail, both noticeable and subtle. Propelling the apartment into twentieth century is a curated arrangement of refine furniture and artwork. Pieces from different eras, cultures and unusual materials, such as the side tables made from fossilized tree trunks, sit side-by-side uniting in Parisian harmony. Completing the space is the abundance of gorgeous natural light spilling in through the large French doors illuminating the silky ivory walls. Excusez-moi while I pick up my jaw! #meandmybentley

anonymous asked:

ever thought about making a tutorial on how you make your backgrounds/lighting? i have trouble on both areas

I don’t really feel qualified to make tutorials of any kind. I’m a hobbyist with no training or interest in doing art professionally. But I can at least show you my process? I feel bad just turning you down; it just so happens that when it comes to Those Two Things in particular.. I’m actually extremely lazy.

So under the cut is my equivalent to
“Step one; draw a circle. Step two; now it’s the mona lisa.”

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bendthebarman from Instagram

I am my hardest critic. Despite losing 100 pounds I remain focused on the areas of my body that need improvement. This doesn’t diminish my accomplishments. In fact, without this attitude my accomplishments would never have happened. Enjoy and celebrate the progress you make, but always seek that next step. The journey is the reward. I enjoy the battle in the trenches. I enjoy self-improvement, be it physical, emotional, or both. Strive to refine yourself and be better each day. This does not diminish how far you’ve come. #plussizemodel #forward #thenextstep #refineyourself #BHUD #sdfitcouple

Serious question: should I make another blog for CAT GAME

No guarantees of anything ever coming of it, but I’d post whatever bullshit I thought of and my processes as I tried to refine it into something actually usable someday

anonymous asked:

I think i'm going to die a violent death

Perhaps you will. Perhaps you will not. You do not know. If your psychic skills are so well refined how about picking winning lottery number or even just who will win the next primary election. This is a feeling, brought on by your mind to cause you to feel anxiety. 

sugar cane liberation (mandisa apena, 2016)

in my dark leather,
i wear it proud upon me.
cocoa and shea,
shimmering in a shattering glaze of sunlight.
never take my dark leather off.
though mama say i need to,
though papa say it too much,
though words start to clog the pores,
wears the hide down to rotten hues.

in my dark leather.
my eyes seek a sister that i can worship in gated palaces and technicolour boxes,
i finally find my shade in filmy dust at the bottom of the shelf,
tick “other”,
clockwork heads forget daylight saving hours and ignore the changing times.

in my dark leather.
i am told to lighten up -
lighten my attitude
lighten my skin
lighten myself
molasses running thinner and thinner,
an exponential lifetime of
refined sugar and hide.

in my dark leather.
i will chant
i will walk
all tattered and shreds,
down to the river,
blood of my ancestors,
drowning in it as they drowned when their bodies were a burden to their captors,
let them rise from the whitest sand of their amphibian cemetery,
rise to their celestrial place among the stars,
a brilliant constellation
ready to lead the reborn
into emancipation
a sugar cane liberation.

studyblr alternatives - mildliners

the original - zebra mildliner [ original | noble | refined | individual ]

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monami essenti soft highlighters 

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set of 12, 6 colors
individual - pink | purple | blue | green | yellow | orange

pilot frixion light soft colors

[ image source ]

six colors
individual - pink | orange | yellow | greenblue | purple

java duplex 

twelve pack, six colors

Blog Revamp 2016

Hey, everyone! So I’ve been on tumblr like seven years but I always have done it for my own enjoyment, more than to gain or entertain followers. I want to take more consideration on the ‘intake’ end of things, since literally no one else feels the ‘output’ end but me lol… If we still had motherfucking replies, I’d say do that, lol… >:u but otherwise if you guys have any input on what you’d like more from me on here or you think is a successful blogging tip you’ve liked, let me know~! I’m looking to spruce things up here soon. I’m thinking:

- better use of tags
- queueing rather than posting whenever the fuck i get to it in bulk lol
- a more navigable layout
- more personal posts/selfies (i am real! i think i’m human?)
- slightly refine the content, maybe slightly fewer shit posts idk
- and probably more lizards