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Yesterday was basically Macklemore Day
“The first 20,000 people into Safeco Field last night got to take home their very own Macklemore Bobble Head. [Macklemore] also got to throw out the ceremonial first pitch… [Macklemore and Ryan Lewis] launched their own clothing line with Ebbets Field Flannels yesterday as well. Fans lined up for hours on end to meet the two…”
(Joshua Lewis / Seattle Refined)

March 4, 2016 [x]

‘Once Upon A Time’ celebs love Seattle (we can prove it)

  • “Once” Upon a Time: While his co-stars rave about the “Even Flow” of coffee, the “Oceans” of rain, and about the bliss of being “Alive” in our fair city, Colin O’ Donoghue has not been able to spend the time he’d like in our fair city. “Why Go”? O'Donoghue’s favorite band is Seattle’s own Pearl Jam, and he regrets that he has not yet been able to take in any of Seattle’s rich musical history. “I’m really, really gutted,” O'Donoghue laments (considering the ending of the OUAT’s midseason finale, that’s an unfortunate pun). “I really want to go It’s so annoying. We’re literally right there.” Unfortunately, O'Donoghue’s schedule is all “Black”: he has been too busy to make it to Seattle. (Before we get in too “Deep,” I’ll “Release” you from this “Garden” of puns. This one makes an even … Ten. ) O'Donoghue is himself an accomplished guitarist and would love to meet Pearl Jam guitar god and Seattle resident, Mike McCready. Ed, Mike, Stone, Jeff, or Matt – would you show Colin some love here?


Up close with Bill Frisell’s JW Black refinished 1960 Jazzmaster. That checking is perfect. #vintage #vintageguitar #guitar #fender #fenderguitars #fenderjazzmaster #jazzmaster #offsetguitars #checking #headstock #white #billfrisell #seattle #jwblack #refin #perfect (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)

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