refinance mortgage

Tonight I learn that tumblr’s app with go at most 7 mosts before another of the same 3 ads pop up. It may also include a post from a watched tag (which I don’t need), or a recommendation of other blogs to follow (that I also don’t need that frequently, thank you.)

But really, the same 3 ads with no more than 7 posts between them, and no less than 0 (I have seen a couple back to back). Like, donthey realize this isn’t going to make me click on their ads? And why are their ads all geared to people over 50. No, I wasn’t born before 1989. No, I don’t need to refinance my mortgage. No, I don’t need you do screw dentures into the roof of my mouth (I’m tired of this last ad in particular. And no, I will not see the 50 shades movie.