Despite all the posts regarding Portugal’s win, i keep seeing posts saying we ‘didn’t deserve’ our win. ARE U FCKN SHITTIN ME? Our captain was targeted from the beginning of the game, suffered the game’s worst penalty and that shit wasn’t even pointed. Throughout the game France kept trying to run us over and the referrees didn’t do shit. While it’s true that it was Eder’s hand on the ball, you can’t mention just that and then ignore France’s numerous unmarked penalties. Was our team this chapionship’s best? Maybe not. But don’t tell me we didn’t deserve this win because THIS was 12 years in the making. France showed an enormous lack of sportsmanship and their final act in refusing to light up the Eiffel tower with Portugal’s colours was just disrespectful.
Portugal deserved to win. And we did. So suck on that.

P.s.: fuck Payet