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Doctor’s appointment update

I’m healed! 

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Juuuuust kidding. My doctor sent in for a referral to make sure it’s not a blood clot. They’ll have to ultrasound my leg to check. She doesn’t think that’s what it is and is pretty sure it’s a strain of either the achilles tendon or muscle or something, or whatever the big calf muscle is called. She said it COULD be a minor tear, but she’s leaning toward a strain. She said once we make sure it’s not a blood clot, we can figure out what to do next, but it sounds like probably just physical therapy? ugggggh. I hated PT when I had to do it last time, haha. Though to be fair, the problem with my knee was pretty much gone by the time I actually started it. For now, I’m not supposed to run, though I kept trying to explain that I CAN’T, haha. Walking around today, every once in a while I can feel it. We’ll see how things go. 

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