referencing his expression

Watching “Tango & Cash” and not the least bit ashamed of it. For one, this film is one of the inspirations for the delightful “Blasto 6: Partners in Crime” easter egg in Mass Effect 3 (along with other 80s buddy cop flicks like Lethal Weapon) - in fact the exchange “I heard you’re the second best cop, etc.” is directly from this film. 

Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone “Odd Couple” showboating at each other with cartoon violence and every trope referenced and lampooned in Last Action Hero. Seriously, I love this stupid, absurd, testosterone-fueled nightmare of a trash fire film. Seriously … why are all of these ridiculous vehicles here at once? Like, literally no construction site just has a bunch of dune buggy monster truck hybrids lying around, but it sure made for a hell of a riff on the standard car chase. The 80s were a wild time.


Also, trans lesbian Kurt Russell in a pleather minidress on the back of a motorcycle with toppy lesbian Teri Hatcher in leather had some serious impacts on me as a tiny trans queer girl… 

It was Sebastian Stan’s birthday on Aug.13th and I fell into the temptation of painting him again, ahh… Let’s hope his day was much happier than he looks here, eh? I’ve hinted before that I just like referencing his sad or pouty expressions, haha… ya…  (My Art /// My Marvel Art

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