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Do you a FAQ or info on paperjam because I can't find it anywhere.

oh goodness…ok!

SO - General FAQ will be under the tag ‘FAQ’ on my blog:

Basic bio of PJ is here:
or you could find the wiki but eh I highly suggest to try to access this one above
just due to the craziness in the wiki comment section…

And other additional stuff is under the tag ‘paperjaminfo’:

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pls don't hate yourself, thinking about ('good') memories you had with negative people is hard but it will pass! recovery takes time :) ♥

you’re right, thank you <3 i think i’m just annoyed because like with the situation i was referring to, i’m still like…..confused and mad with this person because all the stuff is recent and like i am beyond pissed with his guts but i can’t help being all soft when i think about certain things. i just want to get over these weird feelings ugh

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I was wondering if I could get some better references on youkai au matsun and maybe so background info, I was planning on cosplaying him but the one little chibi didn't give me enough to go by! I was looking at the one with the mask and all

Mattsun is a tanuki and he’s been living with Hanamaki since before they met Oikawa. Akaashi invited them to come along when he brought Oikawa to live with him. 

this outfit is a simple black kimono underneath (you can just use a fake collar if you wish ^^), a fancier kimono, a hakama with the legs tied (to make it easier to move around), a red kimono top (like a happi) and a rope with bells tying everything together. He also wears arm protectors.

the mask is one of those that only cover half of the face like this one

and the long sleeves are tied up like a butterfly in the back like this

since he’s a tanuki he has dark circles under his eyes and when he’s wearing fancy clothes he has the red make up thingy too 

I hope this helps ^^

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I told you a few weeks ago that me and my friend came out to each other and how I didn't want things to be weird. Now we're secretly dating because we both admitted we've always had massive crushes on each other. Thought I should tell you.

Okay, I totally didn’t get the first message that you reference, but I’m super happy for you! That is super sweet and I wish y'all all the happiness!!

140615 Which member do you wish you were born as?
  • n: i want to be born as me.
  • fans: oohh~
  • n: i like me.
  • n: leo, who do you wish you were born as?
  • ken: for me, big bang taeyang...
  • n: omg not you...
  • leo: i'd want to be born as me, also.
  • n: "me also"?
  • ken: oh, charisma~ your charisma is overflowing...
  • n: /tries to get ken's attention/ leo wants to be born as "me also" (referring to himself since n said "me" in his answer)
  • ken: you want to be born as n-hyung?
  • leo: /without hesitation/ no /shakes head/
  • ken: if you were born as n-hyung, you can become noah king... what do you think?
  • leo: .........
  • ken: alright, we'll stop from here! (even though leo didn't say anything)
These are the names of the people behind the muses, because I need to be able to yell them when I'm excited about minor things.. so yeah.. feel free to add your own <3
  • iamsharingansasuke (me): Will
  • goodboykiba: Rachael (call her Rach, she likes that)
  • gonnabehokage: Ellie
  • super-pervy-sage: Tori
  • smallcherryblossomofkonoha: Carimel
  • passthesake: J
  • strong-hina-hyuuga: Sami
  • nothatsmytree: Natalie
  • madaranookami: Morwen
  • menmashinata: W-a-l-l-a-c-e
  • hibernalonyx: Kelsey
  • ne-ne-naruto: Ashley
  • teme-kun: Ruby
  • sauce-kun: Skylar
  • immortal-snake-god-orochimaru: Dani
  • psychoticgaara: Chesh
  • uchihasavior: Esu
  • the-legendary-forehead: Lisa
  • sex-n-lightning: Steph
  • greatharmony/kaminoraijuu: Alex
  • Faiyuuhi: Fai (or Cat)
  • godaimekazekagesama: Laura
  • wellhonedblade: M
  • indigocosmos: Shannon
  • bibi-books/wysteria-wind: Myttie
  • vermilionstains: Amber
  • alostbond: Ashley
  • yondaimeflash: Jennifer (Jen)
  • littlesasuke-chan: Chikara
  • tobiiornottobii: Lindsey
  • kuramasfluffybooty: Cameron
  • lazydeershinobi: Laurie
  • maskedscarecrow: Grayc
  • shining-days: Abbie/Arthur (also Beth, apparently..)