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I just wanted to say that bratz were not racist when they axed jade and/or sasha because they design all the core characters in every line but it was the reitailer who decided at the end what they order and it's not only that but price point too that why the actual fashion pixiez dolls look nothing like the art, movie and prototype .

I haven’t said that they were for ages, the post earlier was in reference to Bratz as a franchise giving its characters of colour the same importance as its white characters in contrast to Barbie.

HOWEVER that said, Bratz is guilty of colourism and white washing. And the fact that they often had a separate shipping assortment for their black character is deeply troubling. And at the end of the day they set the assortments not the retailers.

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Sasusaku 35

#35. “You heard me. Take. It. Off"

sakura lifts the basket of dirty laundry a little higher as she walks down the steps of her new apartment complex. her new neighbor, ino, from across the hall walks alongside her. with long blonde hair and a chatty personality, ino starts to gush about how exciting it was to finally have a female neighbor.

“finally?” sakura questions. “are the rest of the renters male then?”

“mostly but there’s also a lot of families and elderly folks here. in fact, i think you and this other guy are the only college-age here besides me.”

sakura shifts her weight as she tries to see the steps below her as she slowly walks down another flight of stairs. “well nice to know that there won’t be many parties in the area then.”

“parties? try sex! you do know the owner of this complex is a super religious guy right? he’s a priest or a monk or something, i’m not sure. but you remember those weird interview questions he asked you?” 

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you draw all the characters so well, like they look EXACTLY like the video game. except better/more handsome/beautiful in many cases. That being said, can you draw Varric? I would love to see him in your style!

Thank you!  My trick for drawing old(er) Dragon Age characters is that I try to reference their “earlier” in-game versions first and then pick my favourite feature or two to incorporate from their appearance in Inquisition.  In this case, I kept Varric’s distinctive nose and jawline from DA2 and tried to emulate the softness that his eyes and eyebrows evoke in DAI (which I think is appropriate for his melancholia).  This method is by no means foolproof, but I like feeling like I can interchange different features and still capture the essence of that character without feeling like I’m tied down to one ‘canon’ look or endorsing only one imagining of that character.