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Title: tell the world i’m coming home

Rating: T for implied thing

A/N: for day five: quote day of @therebelcaptainnetwork appreciation week and @rebelcaptainprompts home. Five times Jyn Erso is discovered in Captain Andor’s bed, and One time Cassian is found in Jyn’s. a 5+1 because ive written every other cliche in the book so why not sorry for the delay Things happened. Kayla the twi'lek is an oc created by @writers-geek-realm


Jyn woke with a gasp, sweaty, heart racing, breath coming in pants. She couldn’t shake it, the feeling of death sitting rock hard in her chest, blood under her fingernails, grimy skin under her palms. 

It hurt, just as much as it did the day it happened.

Scariff had torn a hole in her chest that might never heal, only scar over to be torn open again.

Bodhi had made it, yes, Cassian had made it, yes, Chirrut, Baze, they had made it, yes, but sometimes that wasn’t enough for her, sometimes, always, she needed living proof.

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Help Me Study

Alright so I’ve been working a very unexpected mark and pair that with writers block it doesn’t really help. I know I said I’d be posting a bunch but unfortunately shit happens. I’m doing my best and I’ll update every possible chance I get, just be patient with me guys <3 Anywho! This was a request I got a while ago and finally got around to writing it. I changed it up a little bit just cause I couldn’t think of what else to write but yea, here it is! 

“HELLO! I want to request an imagine where the reader is studying for an important test but mr j wants her to go out with him and he gets mad cause she doesn’t wants to but at the end she accepts to have a little bit of fun, please???” 


College was hard, no denying that. You thought high school was tough? The test you had coming up was worth 50% of your final grade and it had you stressing out. You were never good with test, anxiety always getting the better of you but that just gave you that much more incentive to study extra hard.

“Alright so for all real numbers b and c such that the product of c and 3 is b, which of the following expressions represents the sum of c and 3 in terms of b? What the fuck…” you muttered to yourself, reading the question aloud as if that would help you understand.

You felt his hands trail down your arms and back up, digging his thumbs in to the tender muscles in your shoulder. Your head rolled back at the lovely sensation of his touch and the pressure being applied to your stiff shoulders.

“You’ve been working non-stop. Come out with me. Come to the club, you can let loose a little bit baby,” he leaned down to whisper in your ear. His voice always raised goosebumps on your skin. “We can drink a little, have a little bit of fun. You need it baby, you’re gonna drive yourself insane.” He started to laugh maniacally at the irony of his statement consider his mental stability.  

“J you know I have that huge test tomorrow. I need to study. You know what’ll happen if I don’t study…” you said, referring to the awful panic attacks that you got whenever a test came around. He groaned and took his hands off your shoulders. You knew your refusal would set him off a little bit, you just prayed it would be minor.

“All this school shit Y/N. It takes up all your time. You never talk to me anymore and all you wanna do is study. Study, study, study. All you ever do. Such a waste of time too,” He spoke loudly, distancing himself from you. “You know what Y/N? I’m going to stop asking you to be with me. You want to ignore me? Fine. Have it your way then doll.”

You rolled your eyes at the drama of his statement. You knew something like this would come of you saying no.

“You’re being dramatic J. I know you never went to school but this means a lot to me. I know you don’t necessarily agree with it but please just be supportive, you know I need you J, always have and always will baby,” you reasoned with him as you stood up to wrap your arms around his neck in a loose embrace. “I need to study baby,” you concluded. He rolled his eyes and threw his head back in annoyance.

“Just take a break Y/N. I need my queen with me. I’ll die without you,” he said loudly adding a fake cry to the end to add to the dramatic effect he was aiming for. You chuckled and nodded.

“Fine. But only for like an hour. I need to do well on this test. If I go out with you do you promise to help me study when we get back?” He looked at you as if you were as crazy as him. He let out a long sigh, accepting your terms and nodded.

“Fine. I’ll help you study. Let’s go baby, go get dressed, we’re gonna have some fun tonight,” he said while gently tugging your hand, leading you to the bedroom.

As embarrassing as it was, J always had better style than you. He knew how to dress to impress. If you had it your way you would wear leggings or jeans all day every day but unfortunately for you that wouldn’t cut it with him.

“J can you help me pick what to wear? You know i’m no good at this,” you pleaded. He nodded and pulled out a few articles of clothing for you. He picked out a lace, high neck body suit with and open back, a fairly short pencil skirt, and black pumps.

“There, put this on and let’s go baby.” You threw on the outfit and put on some simple makeup including eyeliner and some dark red lipsticks. You had to hand it to yourself, when you tried you looked damn good. You bounced down the stairs and headed out to the back where J had pulled the lambo around.

“Mmm baby girl, the things I would do to you,” he whispered seductively in your ear from behind you as he wrapped his strong arms around your waist. You grinned and turned around placing your hands on his chest.

“Well that sucks baby because you said you would help me study! And when I say study I mean actually study, not fuck on my desk and call it educational,” you chuckled to yourself.

“I could teach you some things baby girl,” he said as he dropped his left eyelid in to a wink. You giggled and headed off towards the passenger side of his shiny new car.

Driving with J was always thrilling, the wild chases, the disobedience, no acknowledgement of the law, it made your heart race. You liked going out with him for sure but tonight was the exception, you really needed to pass.

“We can’t stay out very long. The test is tomorrow and I don’t think you understand how badly I need to pass,” you pleaded. He let out a groan as he rolled his neck.

“Fine. We’ve got business to take care of though so please darling, be patient for daddy,” he replied. You pulled up to the club and hopped out as J pulled around back, hiding the view to his shiny toy. Once he reached you he pulled you in close to his side and walked in to his domain with an aura of confidence and something else that elicited terror from everyone in the room, apart from you and Frost of course. A big burly man walked in to the private area where you and J sat and reached down to shake the green haired man’s hand.

“Nah, he don’t shake hands. Sit down, have a drink,” Johnny ordered. He nodded and took a seat in front of J, wary of every one of his moves in hopes that this wouldn’t be his last night.

“On behalf of everyone involved Mr. J, we thank you for your business. You’re making you some good money, and you’re making us good money. It’s been a pleasure doin’ business.” His thick Brooklyn accent sounded throughout the small room. J looked the man directly in the eyes with a menacing glare before throwing his head back and laughing his infamous, maniacal laugh.

“Now Tommy boy, are ya sweet talkin’ me? Trying to get on my good side? Butterin’ me up for a good time?” His voice got a tad higher with every question. The man sat in front of your boyfriend looked scared for his life.

“Nah man, just lettin’ you know how we all feelin’,” the man responded. He kept his cool, props to him, you thought to yourself. J’s face fell serious again.

“Then do ya wanna explain why we’re missing ten grand from your shipment?” The man’s face dropped, completely stumped as to what to say.

“That’s not possible. Counted it all myself,” he answered calmly with a tinge of precaution in his voice.

“J you know that we’re not short money, please just let him go tonight, I can’t be distracted,” you whispered in his ear, a weak attempt to extend the life of the terrified man in front of you. He rolled his neck and sneered, gripping his gold cane.

“Mmm,” he purred. “Must have been one of my boys. Please, good man, forgive me for my mistakes,” he said sarcastically with his usual flamboyance lacing his words.

“Thank you,” you mouthed at him. He nodded and turned back to the Tommy fellow.

“You can go. I’ll follow up,” he stated briefly and turned away. Frost approached the table and gripped the man’s bicep, pulling him from his seat and showing him the way out. “You owe me so much princess,” he grumbled at you. You smiled and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

“Thank you baby, means a lot,” you said back to him. He nodded and turned towards Frost. “How much longer do you think we’ll be?” you asked.

“You, my doll, are a very impatient little thing, have I ever told you that?” he said as he looked towards you. You chuckled and linked your arm through his. “Not much longer sweets. I’ve got one more meeting and then we can leave.” You smiled and leaned your head on his firm shoulder. “And no sweetheart, I won’t kill him. You’re welcome and you owe me,” he said seriously as he pulled you in to him.

After an hour of him bickering with a future prospect he kicked him out. You let out a long sigh of relief as you realized the night at the club had ended, finally. Your stretched your arms out and stood up.

“Time to go home,” you said excitedly. He nodded and grabbed his purple coat, pulling you towards the back door where the car was parked.

Eventually you got home and sat down at your lavish desk which was currently covered in books, papers, old excercises, everything that might even help. You flipped to the page where you left off and began reading each problem aloud.

“Doll, you want me to help. How do I help?” He questioned.

“Can you just read me these questions out loud to see if I answer them correctly?” He grunted and looked at the first problem.

“The function y= sin x and y= sin(x + a) = b, for constants a and b, are graphed in the standard, (x,y) coordinate plane below,” he paused to show you the picture of the graph on the page he was reading from. “The functions have the same maximum value. One of the following statements about the values of a and b are true. Which statement is it?” He concluded. He showed you the possible answers and gave you a minute to do the necessary work. After a while of working out the math problem you gave him and answer. “Congratulations doll, you got it right! Are we done now?” He complained. You felt bad for putting him through this so you just nodded and closed your books.

“Alright, let’s head to bed baby, long day tomorrow,” you said as you released a sigh.

“Thank God. You’ll do great doll, I know it.”

Thank you for helping me J, I love you,” you whispered in to his muscular chest as you layed down on the bed.

“I know princess, I know. And if he doesn’t give you a good mark, me and him are gonna have a little chat baby, don’t you worry about it. You shook your head and smiled, pulling the blankets up to cover your bare body and soon enough drifting in to the much needed deep sleep.


*wipes sweat and tears off my tablet* what do you mean that isn’t even all of them?

To Be Punished

Requested by Anon

Pairing: Hermione Granger x reader


‘Clothes off, now,’ Hermione’s voice sounds while she walks in the dormitory.

‘What?’ I look up at her from my book with a frown on my face. I mean, I don’t want to recline an offer to get my clothes off and get things going, but it’s surprising. Cause she looks a bit irritated and she just walks in like that.

‘Well, I couldn’t help but notice that a certain person - might be referred to as my girlfriend - has drawn hearts all over my five foot long essay, which I need to turn in the day after tomorrow,’ she says, hands on her hips, looking at me with raised eyebrows. I chuckle softly and put my book down.

‘It’s art Hermione, don’t you appreciate it?’

‘No, I definitely don’t.’ Her voice sounds stern, but I can see a flash of excitement and happiness in her eyes. I smile lightly and begin to undress myself in a hopefully sexy way. Her eyes glide over my body and I notice she’s holding in her smile.

Once I’m fully naked I walk towards her and start to undo her of her robes and the rest of her clothing. I push a kiss in her neck after which I feel her hands on my shoulders, pushing me back on my bed. She crawls on top of me, sitting on my hips.

‘You’ve been a bad, bad girl, Y/N. Bad girls deserve to be punished.’ I start laughing because of the seriousness in her voice. She lets out a little grin and moves forward with her whole body, until her vagina is right above my face. Then she lowers herself onto my face, forcing me to lick her. And I do. With pleasure, I lick and suck her as good as I can. I prod my tongue inside of her, I suck her clit and I lick every bit of her vagina.

At the exact moment she’s getting close to her climax, Hermione pulls away. I don’t know how she does it, but she has a talent for pulling away at the right time. I never have the strength for something like that, it usually feels too good to make it stop.

Hermione turns around and lowers her whole body again which gives us position 69. Her intimate parts are right above my face and her face is right above mine.

I smile lightly and start sucking on her clit again. Then I feel two of her fingers prodding and sliding into my vagina, which makes me let out a little moan. I decide it to take that bit further, wet my own finger and then carefully apply pressure to her butthole. I’m just getting a bit excited and I know Hermione loves it. Believe me, we’ve done this before.

She keeps thrusting her fingers in and out of me while I keep pushing until it suddenly slides in. Hermione lets out a loud moan and starts to move her body backwards, pushing against my hand. I grin and slide my finger as far as I can whereupon I slide it back almost all the way out and then back in.

Believe me when I say that Hermione is absolutely loving it. She’s probably craving for a second finger in there. But before I can decide whether I want to push another finger in her butthole, her breath start to get heavier and she makes her own fingers go faster in and out of me which makes my breath heavy too. I’d almost say we’re going to cum together. Which we do.

We moan hard, we finger each other hard for those last couple of seconds and I suck on her clit one last time.

Then Hermione turns back around and lays down next to me, her head on my chest and throwing the blanket on top of us.

‘Enough punishment, miss?’ I ask with a grin on my face.

‘For now.’

That’s Why I Can’t. *Daryl Dixon x Reader*

Originally posted by reedusgif

Summary: Daryl spills his worries, pain and suffering to you. You offer comfort and Daryl remembers why he keeps fighting back.
Warnings: After watching s7 ep3 I decided Daryl needed a hug but then this turned angsty, I’m sorry. SEASON 7 SPOILERS.

Tagging @firewolfkelly I’m sorry, I was meant to make us happy.

 You always had trouble sleeping during the nightly hours, even in Alexandria. You had this paranoia feeling inside of you, this nervous gut feeling that you never could shake, even if you were in a safe place- somewhat safe, The Wolves had proven that even in a gated community there was still that doubt. Anything can get in. You could probably take over someone’s night shift; everyone had been working a lot harder.

You turned the corner and sigh gently, Daryl working on his bike during the night, wasn’t unusual but it meant something was bothering him. You slowly walk up to the man who had wasn’t paying attention other than the work at hand, you would have smiled if you weren’t so worried for Daryl.

“It’s a little late to be a mechanic, isn’t it?” you asked making yourself known. He still didn’t look up at and carried on whatever he was doing, you sighed lightly at him; he looked up briefly and didn’t make any noise of response.  “You okay? Daryl, if you want to talk…” you trailed.

He made a grunt, “I’m fine, just drop it.”

You watched as his hair got in front of his face, hiding from showing his emotions or allowing himself to be read like an open book that he sometimes is. You wanted to help; you always did, especially with Daryl. You promised yourself a while back that you’d never take his hard exterior as seriously. He was emotional, despite never letting it show because he liked to hide behind a crossbow and act stupidly, cool. 

But that’s who Daryl is, he’d rather let his emotions out in a more… the physical way like fighting and killing walkers than talk about those feelings, you understood that. Only how many more walkers are gonna have to be cut down till he feels somewhat okay again?

You sighed gently and thought about leaving him alone. You didn’t want to leave Daryl alone, he needed someone to listen, and even if he didn’t really want to talk about anything he just needed someone. You wanted to be there for him.

“Daryl, please, I just want to help.” You plead to him and this has an effect cause he throws the rag to the ground, standing up and running a hand through his hair, he’s pacing and you’re sure he’s either gonna yell at you or throw something else.

“I’m just done with everyone dying, okay?” you knew he was referring to the very recent death of Denise. “Not knowing if I’ll see someone tomorrow or even in an hour. I meet new people and think, ‘why bother? They’ll be dead within a week!’ How is that livin’? Huh? I can’t save people or protect them.”

You stand in silence as he yells to you, you wanted to smile because at least he is venting but at the same time you felt hopeless. You had nothing to offer him, no advice or reassurance that it will all be okay, that no one else will die because you didn’t know that. You couldn’t promise that to him.

“I mean, that’s living Daryl. Yeah, it’s a shitty way to live but it’s living. I’m still here, so is Maggie, Glenn and Carl, we’re all still here. Isn’t that enough? You’ve protected us, you always do and yeah, people die but that happened before all this shit.” Daryl was silent as you talked taking in every word. “We’re still here.”

“One day you might not be.”

“I’m not going anywhere, not anytime soon, at least.” You tried to joke by gesturing to the fences, he chuckled shortly at that. “We’re family, wherever you go, I go. That’s how it is with this group, with us. Always has been, you don’t need to worry.” You walk towards him and smile, he doesn’t smile back but you know your words have comforted him, in some way.

It’s silent for a moment between you both, standing in the night beside Daryl’s motorcycle and you smile lightly at him before you can even begin to mutter some more words of encouragement to him, he’s pulling you into a hug. It doesn’t happen often, physical contact with Daryl, you smile and wrap your arms around him also.

He’s warmer than what you expect and you’ve forgotten what true comfort, safeness felt like till now. Daryl naturally made anyone feel safe but this was different, it felt different and not in a bad way but yet, something was off. You ignored that feeling and relished in the comfort of Daryl. Hugging him tightly around his torso, you feel his arms tense around you slightly, bringing you closer; if that was possible.

“I love you, I want you to know that!” Daryl muttered into your hair and you smiled gently.

“Will you stop talking as if you’re gonna die tomorrow?” You asked muffled by his chest and he chuckled, “I love you too, you big dope, don’t forget that. If things seem to get tough or whatever goes on in that mind of yours, remember I am here, always.” Neither of you speaks after that.

Daryl just clings to you, hugging you as if his own life depended on it and maybe it does, cause from what Daryl has gathered having someone to keep you grounded and love you… well, that seems to be a lifeline. The reason most people keep going is because they have someone to fight for.


It’s cold and dark from where Daryl is sat, alone and silent. He’s silent but the noise around him, the torturous song they play to break him, to make him so mad is stuck on loop, till someone decides to turn it off or remove him from the room.

He keeps replaying the last memory he has with you, trying to keep his mind occupied from what’s really going on around him, it’s slowly getting more difficult to do that with each passing hour… day. He doesn’t know anymore.

The door opens and the son of a bitch known as Dwight is there. In his jacket.

“I know why you did it,” Daryl speaks up from the silence of the room, Dwight looks at him because this is the first time Daryl has spoken on his own accord, he’d been pretty damn quiet up until his run-in with Negan. Asking him to join him. “You did it because you cared for someone,” Daryl carried on looking at Dwight. “And that’s why I can’t.”

Dwight doesn’t say a word and shuts the door, leaving Daryl in the dark, small room again like some animal being imprisoned. He leans his head back against the hard wall and breathes deeply as the music plays. Eyes shut closed and trying to block out the music, his life right now, he had to remain strong. Thinking of you seemed to be the only thing keeping him fighting right now.

(I started off wanting to write something fluffy for Daryl, then I got an idea, then I hurt myself and now I’m hurting you. Love me. Thanks. - Rosalee)

I present to you: a short Perc’ildan college library AU inspired by this post. I almost called it Closing Time, but that would have been too much.

Listen, Vax likes the midnight-to-closing shift. Sure, it’s late, and kind of boring, but it helps pay his tuition. It’s low-effort. It’s almost peaceful even, that time of night after the librarians have left when the reference desk and the special collections are closed and the only people in the building are the really dedicated, the really fucked, and the roommates of those who get to do all the actual–– well, you know. Point is, sitting at the check in desk, he practically fades into the background. Nobody needs help at one in the morning.

Well. Almost nobody.

“Excuse me,” a cultured voice says one drizzly night in late October when the library is pretty much deserted, and Vax drops the pencil he has been idly twirling through his fingers at the unexpected interruption. "You wouldn’t happen to know where I can find books about sixteenth century witchcraft, would you?”

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Prompt:  “you give me a different fake name every time you come into starbucks and I just want to know your real name bc ur cute but here I am scrawling “batman” onto your stupid cappuccino AU”

Word Count: 439

Warnings: None.

He always gets something different – a latte one day, frappoccino another – always under a different name too. James Bond was the first and he said the surname as if it was an afterthought, all rushed and fumbled and he took his drink silently, but you could see the small smirk on his face when he left, making your cheeks heat up.

You’ve gotten used to seeing him know, your knowing smile making him grin as he queued behind the person in front and he’d always have something new, making a show of choosing his name and drink. You never minded, since it gave you time to look him over. Long dark hair, stubble lining his chin – he was handsome. His lips curled when he said medium caramel macchiato for Tony Stark and you laughed, scrawling down the name.

You hadn’t realized your attraction until your co-worker asked to switch shifts one day and you hesitated, making up the excuse that you had plans that night. He smiled warmly at you that morning and now here you were, writing Batman onto a cappuccino while trying to ignore the blush on your face as he made small talk, wryly remarking about his co-workers.

“Am I ever going to get your real name, Mr. Wayne?” You joked and he shrugged, staying in front of the register despite his cup being slid over the counter to his left.

“One day,” he said, tilting his head goodbye before leaving.

He came back the next morning, pushing his sunglasses into his hair and pulled out his wallet, smiling. “Large lemonade for,” a pause, “Bucky.”

You blinked, wondering if you just didn’t get the reference when he chuckled, pulling out a bill. “It’s my actual name.”

“Oh, I, uh-“ you hastily wrote it down, face heating up. “I didn’t mean to-“

“No worries,” he grinned, “I need to go – I’ll see you tomorrow, ah, (Y/N).”

Bucky. The name sounded familiar to you and you found yourself thinking about it when he walked in a day late, hands in pockets.

“Here I thought you disappeared.” Your fingers thrummed on the counter.

“Yeah, sorry about that,” Bucky said, clearing his throat as he rubbed the back of his neck. “I’ve got another name for you, today.”


“Medium coffee for 212.” You recognized the area code, ringing up a blank receipt to write on instead as he finished the number, smiling.

“Sorry, I didn’t think I could have that announced to the whole shop,” you grinned, pocketing the paper.

“Not a problem,” he slipped over the money. “Keep the coffee – I’ll see you later, (Y/N).”

“And you, Bucky.”

Sheriff’s Daughter (Luke Hemmings)

    Growing up in a small town is something movies always romanticize. But when you live in one, you know there’s nothing great about living in a one horse town. Especially when your dad is the sheriff and you’re secretly dating the towns notorious bad boy that your dad has arrested on numerous occasions. It was nothing major, just shoplifting small items, getting into fights, and the occasional possession of a small amount of weed. You’ve always heard the whispers about him, that he’s killed before, that he does the hard drugs, and other outlandish accusations. None of it was true, just out of control high school rumors. Still you didn’t listen to the warnings or rumors and you’re glad you didn’t.

     Quickly, you put on suitable clothing and grabbed your bag. After opening the window you threw your bag down and jumped onto the roof. Luckily there was a large branch that extended to the roof from a giant oak tree. And in that tree was the tree house that your dad and his best friend helped to build for you when you were little. You used the branch to reach the tree house and climbed down the ladder. You’ve done this enough that you don’t even hesitate maneuvering from the top of the house to the branch.

     Once you’ve reached the bottom you see your leather jacket and black skinny jean clad boyfriend waiting against his prized motorcycle with a cigarette between his pierced lips. You always admired the way his soft pink lips contrasted with the dark metal hoop and the way his lips moved as he inhaled and exhaled the smoke.

     “Took you long enough.” He smirked as he stomped out his cigarette on the ground.

     “Well if someone would give me some warning we wouldn’t have these problems.” You teased, giving him a hug and a quick but needy kiss. But he wanted more. Luke tried to pull you back in but you escaped his grasp and grabbed your helmet that was propped on the back of his bike. “We better get going before someone wakes up and sees.” He couldn’t see your face but he knew you were smirking. “You are such a tease.”

     You ended up at the bar that him and his friends usually frequented. They all had fake ID’s so they could drink but you declined their offer to get you one. With your dad being the sheriff of the town you didn’t want to come home drunk or with your breath reeking of alcohol.

     The boys ended up surrounding the pool table, all determined to win the money they each placed on the corner. After half an hour Luke was successful in being the champion. He grabbed the money, putting it in his pocket, then pulled you against his chest with his arms around your waist. “I think I’m going to go buy us a drink. Water for you of course.” You rolled your eyes at his tone. Teasing was something that always happened between the two of you, and not just in his bed. He kissed your forehead and made his way to the bar.

     As soon as he walked away you felt a hand on your shoulder, turning you around. “What the hell are you doing here with that boy?” You immediately tensed at the sight of your dad’s long time best friend and partner at the station. “I- um, I…” You tried to find an excuse but it was too late, you’ve been caught. “We’re getting you home right now and you’re going to explain this to your father.” You wanted to protest but he quickly pulled you out of the bar to his car. You didn’t even get to tell Luke what was going on.

     When you arrived home your dad’s friend pounded on the door, no doubt waking the entire family, while you hid behind him. After waiting a minute you heard the locks clicking and the door being flung open. “Shane what the hell is wrong it’s almost twelve thirty in the morning?” Your dad was pissed and that was only going to get worse.

     “I don’t know Rick why don’t you ask her.” He took a step to the side and your dad was dumbfounded. He could have swore you were fast asleep in your bed.”You want to tell me what’s going on?” The sheriff switch was flipped and you knew you were in far more trouble than you’ve ever been in.

     “Not really.” You squeaked out. “Not really? Not really. You show up being dragged home by Shane at twelve thirty in the morning and that’s all you’ve got to say? Inside now.” You sat on the couch, facing your mom who was already sat in the other chair, tears ready to fall as you heard your dad and Shane talk. The voices stopped and the door slammed, sounding like it was ripped off the hinges, making you jump.

     “WHAT WERE YOU DOING SNEAKING OUT WITH THAT BOY?” This was it the moment you were dreading since you and Luke started dating.

     “Daddy I promise he’s not b-”

     “NO. Don’t sit there and tell me that he’s not bad Y/N. I’ve arrested him more times than I can remember. And now he’s got you sneaking out and going to bars? You’re NEVER going to see him again.” He interrupted you before you could even defend Luke.

     “Daddy please listen to me.” You try to plea.

     “This conversation is over and we’ll talk about your punishment tomorrow. As for now I’ll take your phone.” You handed it over and broke down in sobs. You truly love Luke and you’re not so sure you two had a future anymore. Just thinking about it made your head hurt and your heart ache. Nothing could comfort you at this point, not even your mom pulling you close and rubbing your back could calm you down. You needed Luke and he wasn’t there. He couldn’t be there.

This really sucks but I thought my reference was really clever. That was not my original intent but it is my favorite tv show so why not. Also the emojis are weird because I don’t have an Iphone but let’s pretend they’re normal. I might do a part 2 if anyone wants one.

Harry Imagine : Master

Harry sat in his office, staring out the window wondering what he was going to do. He had been faced with the problem that last week his secretary, and personal sex slave, left him to move to a bigger city and work for another company. He was devastated when he heard the news, but she had found love and she wanted to see if she could pursue this relationship and it would lead to something more. Harry was happy for her, of course, but he was both sad and angry that he now had to find a new secretary that would meet the excellent standards she did and agree to his kinkier side.
Harry wasn’t hard on the eyes, to say the least. He was 38 years old and the CEO of his multi-million dollar company. He was tall with pale skin, dark brown hair and bright blue eye. He worked out five days a week, so he was extremely fit. He had been a dominant for a few years now and he found that upping his secretaries salaries in order for a little extra fun did him well, but it was beginning to be hard to find a secretary with both brains and beauty.
Harry was frustrated as every person who had come in to apply for the job had either been male and gay or extremely pretty but had no clue how to use a laptop or type faster than five words per minute. Harry continued to stare out the window, staring out at the city and wondering what he should do when he heard a small knock at the door. He turned and saw yet another woman who was beautiful to say the least. He had to keep himself from rolling his eyes and pressed a smile on to his face. He waved her in and she took a seat on the chair opposite to his desk, smiling at him and passing over a paper that he already knew was a résumé.
“Hi!” She smiled and gracefully placed the papers in Harry’s hand “Im You”
“Im Harry, Nice to meet you” He said equally polite and looked her over, confused by her attire
“Let me apologize for my attire. I was just on my way to the gym and i saw the poster in the window. I didn’t know if i had time to change and come back, so i just came in like this. I hope you don’t mind” She smiled, her voice ringing with confidence rather than embarrassment and little girly giggles ever two seconds.
“Not a problem” He grinned and began to sift through the papers, trying to find out more about her and distract himself from the low-cut tank top she had on.
Unlike the rest of the girls that came in, this woman hadn’t included a headshot in with her résumé. She was fresh out of Columbia with an economics degree, a devoted athlete, had many internships at other large companies throughout the city, was certified in many of the programs they used here in his office and was familiar with modern technology. Harry gawked at the page, this seemed too good to be true. Pretty, intelligent and talented. He had to put this to the test.
“Impressive résumé. What sports were you involved in?”
“I ran on the track and field team as well as playing on the soccer, soft-ball and volleyball teams” She replied in the same confident tone
Harry looked up at her, searching for any hints that she may be just making things up as she went along, but she continued to smile and look confident with herself. Harry looked over her body quickly again, noting how soft and smooth her skin looked. He shook his head quickly and looked back down at the papers.
“Columbia? Thats impressive. I taught a course there for a year before i started this up. I worked closely with Professor Smith, do you know him?” Harry asked, knowing there was no staff named Smith there; He had actually worked with the Dean, Jim Snyder.
“Ive never heard of a Smith at Columbia, perhaps he went to another school before i arrived?” She asked, looking slightly confused
“How about Jim Snyder?”
“You mean the Dean? I know him quite well actually. I shadowed him for a year and then worked with him for one of my independent studies. Ive had dinner with his family a few times”
“Sharon does make an excellent lasagna”
“Jim’s wife’s name is Sarah, but yes she does” You answered, squinting her eyes slightly “Are you testing me to see if i actually attended Columbia?”
“You caught me. Im sorry, but you just seem very, um, overqualified for this job and you’ve been the only good applicant so far” Harry explained
“Really?” She asked, getting excited “So does that mean i have a chance at getting the job?”
“Perhaps” Harry grinned “One more thing. Why are you applying for this job? With your skills, training and background you could be working at a higher level than a secretary.”
“Well, to be honest, every other place I’ve applied to for a better job has focused on my looks and the CEO’s always ask creepy questions or touch me while they talk. I just don’t understand why its so hard for them to believe that i have brains and looks. Also, starting at the bottom seems to be a good thing to do seeing as I’m fresh out of university, i don’t want to add too much to my plate”
“Well, as long as your references check out, you have the job” Harry smiled and reached out to shake her hand, which she took eagerly in a strong shake “When will you be available to start?”
“As soon as you need me” She smiled
“Well,” Harry started leaning back in his chair and thinking about it for a second “Today’s pretty much finished. Would you be able to come in tomorrow and we can look over the contract and expectations and you can get started?”
“Sounds good” You grinned, shook his hand once more and headed out of the building.
Harry stayed in his office for a little while longer after everyone else had left, thinking about You. He couldn’t stop looking her over and over again in his head. Her skin was slightly tanned and her long blonde hair had a great shine to it. He already made the phone calls and all her references checked out, and gave him raving reviews about her. She had a naturally beautiful face with long eyelashes that framed her blue eyes beautifully. She had a nicely toned body, with decent sized breasts and a round ass. Clearly the sports kept her in amazing shape over the years.
She seemed perfect. She was confident, smart and beautiful, everything he wanted and needed. He hopped that she would be okay with what was about to come her way because Harry needed her. He wanted her to agree to this so badly that he ached just thinking about it and he was sure he would find out soon enough if he had found the one.


It had been almost two weeks since You started working and she was amazing at it to say the least. She got all her work done in unbelievable amounts of time, had no trouble dealing with customers and clients, even the toughest ones, and was more organized than anyone Harry had ever met. She was the complete package.
Harry had given her some time to get used to this position before he decided it was time to bring up what he really wanted. He sat at home now, thinking about their conversation, hoping she would come faster. He’d left the office early this afternoon, and requested that You bring the report she was working on to his home before seven o’clock tonight. He had done this so he had time to set up his playroom just right for her and have everything ready for what he had planned for tonight. If she said yes, he planned to start her training immediately.
Harry was getting nervous, though. It was almost seven o’clock and she still hadn’t showed. He had wine glasses and wine at the ready, hoping to have a calm and straight-to-the-point conversation about what he wanted with her. Just as he was about to go chill the wine again, the doorbell sounded and Harry leaped to the door, opening it in one swift move.
When it opened, You stood outside, the manila envelope in her hands. Harry smiled and welcomed her in, taking her jacket and the envelope and setting it aside. You said yes when offered a drink of wine and Harry looked over her body as he poured it. She was wearing a low-cut blouse today that showed off her cleavage well and the pencil skirt she wore showed off every other curve her body had to offer.
Harry smiled, handed her the glass and escorted her to the couch, where they both now sat. Harry took a sip of his wine before placing it on the table and looking up to You.
“So, i have to confess. I do have an alternative meaning for you coming her tonight”
“Really?” You asked, raising an eyebrow “And that is?”
“Well, i need to discuss the other part of your job with you” He said and You looked confused “Ive done this with each of my past secretaries and i require it in order to work for me. If you say no, that’s fine, but you will not be working for me anymore, which, believe me, would be a real tragedy”
“What is it?” You asked breathlessly
“Well, Im a dominant, You” He said, looking in to her eyes “I like my secretaries to work for me during the day and then come home with me during the night and pleasure and obey me”
“A what?” She asked
“A dominant”
“So you want me to be your, like, sex slave?” She asked
“Well, if you’re choosing to put it that way, yes. I want you to continue the excellent work you’ve been doing for my business and then come here with me every night and obey to me, let me own your body”
“Every night?” She repeated
“Yes. You can have a night off a week if you choose and there is a room for you upstairs that you can sleep in or move in or do whatever you want to”
“And i have to do this to keep my job?”
“Yes” Harry replied, watching her
“For how long?” You asked, looking him in the eyes
“Well, right now, you have a contract signed for a year, but if you don’t want to do this now or we do it and you find that it’s not for you, we can terminate the contract at any time”
You looked down at her hands, thinking. Harry watched her, wanting her to say anything at all. The fact that she hadn’t screamed and run out the door yet was a good sign but she still had the time to say no and, if she did, Harry would be quite upset. She was a real asset to him in every possible way. Finally, after wha seemed like forever, she looked up at him.
“When would this start?” She asked
“I was hoping to do some general training tonight” He shrugged and she bit her lip
“Yes” He smiled “I want to take you into my playroom and look you over and try you out, see what you like and don’t like and just get you used to my body and position”
“Okay” She whispered and took another sip of wine “And i can leave at anytime?”
“Of course” Harry assured “In the playroom we have safe words so that if you’re too uncomfortable or you don’t like something you just say it and ill stop. What would you like your word to be?”
“Um” She said and looked up and then back down “Columbia?”
“Columbia it is” Harry said, letting out a little laugh “Does this mean you’re willing to give it a go right now?”
“Yes” You whispered and Harry’x face lit up
“Good girl” He smiled and stood, holding out his hand to her, which she took “Come with me”
Harry lead You down the hall and stopped in front of one of the large doors. He opened it quickly and ushered her inside. closing the door behind the two of them.
“Sit down on the bed, facing me” Harry commanded and You was quick to comply. “Good girl. You’ve been so good for me these last few weeks and i couldn’t stop thinking about this. Now that i have you here there are so many things that i want to do to you”
“Really?” You squeaked and Harry could tell she was nervous
“Yes” He smiled, standing close to her “Don’t be nervous. Were going to go slow and if you’re a good girl, i will reward you”
“Reward me?”
“Yes, baby. You deserve it. You’ve don’t so much work for me and i can already tell you are going to be so good in here. Don’t you worry, you will be rewarded tonight”
“Okay” She said, smiling a little
“Good. Now some ground rules” Harry said and looked down at her “From now on, when were in here, you will refer to me as master or sir and you will do as you’re told when you’re told, with no hesitation. Understood?”
“Yes what, You?” He asked, his tone a little angrier
“Yes sir” She gulped
“Good girl” Harry purred, his cock already stirring in his pants.
He removed his shirt quickly, letting You see his toned body for the first time. Her mouth formed a little “o” when she saw, which made Harry smile to himself.
“You’re going to worship me, You” He said and then grabbed himself through his pants and looked at her “This is yours now. You’re going to become very acquainted with him and worship him. Understand?”
“Yes sir” You said, looking at the tent in his pants
“Good girl” He purred again “Remove all your clothing, except your bra and panties now”
You stood immediately, a little bit of blush coming to her cheeks. She looked down and quickly started to unbutton her shirt. When she got them all undone she let the material drop to the floor, revealing a lacy white bra that made her breasts look amazing. She quickly unzipped her skirt and let that drop to the floor too, revealing a matching thong. She quickly stepped out of her shoes, making her a lot shorter and then she looked up at Harry, who was smiling.
“You’re breathtaking” Harry said, reaching over and cupping one of You’s beats in his hand, making her moan “Get down on your knees and look up at me”
You quickly dropped to her knees and spread her legs a bit before looking up at Harry. Her face was now inches away from his crotch and he was aching for her to get to work, but he resisted.
“Good girl. Slaves belong on the floor. When i tell you to come in here, you will come and sit like this. Understood?”
“Yes sir” You whispered, panting a little.
Harry smiled and gripped the waist of his jeans before tugging them down, so he was only standing in boxers, the bulge inches away from You’s face. He stepped closer and You bit her lip. She leaned her face forward a little, making Harry smirk. He reached down and clasped her face in his hands, shaking his head and backing off a little bit.
“You are my slave and i am your master. You will obey me, You”
“Yes sir” She smiled and bit her lip again
“Good girl” He grinned and stepped closer to her again “Touch me through my boxers”
You grinned and instantly reached out and began to rub his already hard member through the thin material. Harry groaned at her touch and she rubbed a little harder. After a second, Harry moved her hands for a moments, pulled off his boxers and let himself spring free. He watched as You’s eyes got a little big as she looked at his size and smiled.
“Suck me” He demanded
You smiled and moved closer again. She gripped his erection with her hand and pumped while she wrapped her lips around his tip and sucked hard. Harry moaned and gripped her head, forcing her to take more of him in her mouth. She smiled and began to use her tongue, swirling it around him as she sucked hard. At this rate, Harry knew he wouldn’t be able to last long. She was so good at this. She reached down and started to massage his balls and continued with her mouth and only seconds later, when she forced him to the back of her throat and gagged a little, did he cum.
You grinned at herself and swallowed the gift she had just received, licking her lips when she finished.
“Good girl, You. You made me cum, i think that deserves a reward” He grinned “Up on the bed”
You got up quickly and sat on the bed again.
“Lay back” Harry demanded and You did immediately “Good. Remove your underwear and spread your legs for me”
You quickly stripped herself of her panties, revealing her beautifully soaked sex and then her bra, making her breasts bounce a little. She laid back again and spread her legs wide. Harry grinned and got to his knees, pushing her thighs apart even further. He ran his nose up her sex, inhaling her beautiful scent and then he stuck his tongue out a flicked her clit once, making her moan and arch her back.
She tasted heavenly, Harry thought as he licked up and down her sex, swirling his tongue around her clit as she had done to his cock. He wanted her to bed. He wanted her to cum all over again and again until she couldn’t take it anymore and begged him to stop.
“You” Harry said, stopping for a moment and looking up at her “You need to ask to cum”
“Yes sir” You panted and Harry smiled
He resumed his work on her, sliding his tongue up and down, swirling it, flicking it, and doing everything possible. He could tell she was close, but for some reason, she wasn’t asking. Harry stopped and looked up at You, who frowned.
“Why aren’t you asking?” Harry asked, shoving two fingers in her suddenly and pumping in and out of her, curling them a bit as she moaned. “Why, You?”
“If this is my only reward i want to savour it” She moaned
“This isn’t all you’re getting baby” He chuckled and thrust faster “Im going to give you one minute to cum and then I’m not going to play with you anymore. Understand?”
“Y-y-yes sir” She stuttered and arched her back again
Harry began to pump faster and lick faster and within a few seconds, she asked and of course, Harry said yes. She came loudly and arched her back high. Harry smiled and got off the ground and stood over her, watching as she came down from her high and looked up at him after a second through her thick lashes.
“Good?” He asked and she nodded “Good girl”
Harry walked over to the other side of the room and looked around seeing what he could use next on her as she lay on the bed watching him. He smiled and decided on some cuffs, a vibrator, a flogger, and a butt-plug. He walked back over to You with the items in his hands and watched as she tried to make out what each thing was.
“We’re just going to try out some light bondage, okay?” He asked and she nodded “Good girl. These are cuffs. They go on your arms and legs. Come stand here”
You got up off the bed and ran over to the place where Harry pointed. He smiled and looked up. You followed his gaze and saw a bar on the ceiling.
“Im going to cuff your wrists and tie them up to that bar” Harry said and put the cuffs on her, doing as he said. “How does that feel?”
“Good sir” She smiled and tested out her balance now that she only had her feet.
“Good girl. We will put the ankle ones on later in bed. Im going to use this,” He said, holding up the flogger “Were going to do ten with the flogger and ten with my hand and then I’m going to fuck you and you can sleep. Understood?”
“Yes sir” You smiled and Harry walked around her.
He pulled back on his jeans, zipping them up but leaving the button undone. He smiled and gripped the flogger in his hand and then took his position and hit her quickly. You yelped in surprise and Harry looked up at her.
“Did that hurt?” He asked
“No sir”
“Good girl. Again”
Harry took the same position and hit her again and again and again until they reached ten. You yelped for the first five times and then she started to moan as the leather straps hit her skin. She was so good for this, Harry knew they would be having lots of fun in the future.
“Im going to use my hand now, You. This is going to hurt more”
“Yes sir” You said, but her voice sounded strained
Harry raised an eyebrow and walked over to look her in the eyes. She looked scared and tried to squirm out of the cuffs hold.
“What’s wrong?” He asked, touching her face
“How much?” She whispered
“How much what, baby?”
“How much is this going to hurt?”
“Not a lot, its just not going to feel like the flogger. You will learn to like spankings, they will eventually make you wet, you just need to get used to it. Do you want to try five for tonight?”
“Yes, please” She whispered and Harry reached behind her and smacked her quickly making her yelp “Yes, sir”
“Good girl. Count”
Harry hit her and she counted each time. After the five were done, Harry stepped back to take a look at his work. Her has was now a glorious glowing pink colour, making him smile. He walked around to her front again and took her face in his hands, kissing her passionately. She was surprised at first, but then she melted in to the kiss and kissed him back. He smiled and reached down to massage her breasts as he kissed her, making You moan into his mouth. After a few seconds he stopped and reached up to undo the cuffs from the bar.
Harry massaged You’s shoulders for a moment while he walked her over to the bed and told her to lay down on her front. You did and Harry came behind her, cuffing her ankles and then chaining them to her wrists so her ass was forced high in the air. You moaned a little and Harry smiled.
“Im going to take this now” Harry said, his finger probing over You’s smaller hole. “Has anyone ever touched you here before?”
“No sir” You moaned
“Have you touched yourself here?” Harry asked, sliding his finger in a little and then out
“Yes sir”
“Good girl” He smiled and continued to probe her a little as he reached in to the nightstand and grabbed a bottle of lube, along with the butt-plug and vibrator.
Harry squirted a little bit of the lube on to this finger and then began to massage her again. She moaned as his finger slid in and out of her a little bit more and more each time. Harry reached around and held the butt-plug out to You’s mouth and demanded she suck. She complied immediately and made the cool metal warm and slippery. After a few more moments, Harry took the toy from her and gently pushed it inside of her ass. She moaned as he did, the feeling amazing and making her feel fuller than ever. Harry smiled and turned the vibrator on, placing it on her clit and making her moan loudly.
He pressed it harder as he got off the bed and slowly stripped himself of his jeans, letting his second erection spring free. You groaned at the sight of him and pulled against the restraints wanting to touch him badly. Harry chuckled and moved the vibrator around a little and walked closer to You.
“Suck” He demanded and she moved her head and began to suck him.
This time she was determined. She used all her tactics and tried to make him cum. She pushed his cock to the back of her throat and gagged on him, making him moan. She was so good at this, Harry wondered where she had learned it from.
“MM” She tried to say and arched her hips, making Harry back off for a second.
“Please sir, may i cum?”
“Yes, cum” Harry groaned and shoved his hard cock back in her mouth and she came, moaning on to his cock.
Harry smiled and removed himself from her mouth and took the vibrator off of her, turning it off and setting it on the nightstand. He walked around the bed and climbed on quickly, positioning himself behind You. He ran a hand up her sex, feeling how deliciously wet she was.
“You’re so wet. Good girl”
“Thank you sir” She moaned
He grinned and took himself in his hands pumping a few times before positioning himself to her entrance and suddenly slamming in to her. She screamed out and Harry grinned to himself. He slowly pulled out and then slammed in to her again, repeating the process over and over again. She moaned for him and pulled against the restraints. Harry grunted and started to move faster, thrusting in and out of her at a fast pace. You moaned and Harry bent down and started massaging her breasts in his hands. He fucked her hard and fast and soon enough she asked to cum.
“No, wait for me” He grunted and moved faster, almost ready to cum himself
You moaned beneath him and her legs started to quiver as she waited. A few moments later, Harry demanded she cum and she did, fast and hard. Harry pulled out quickly and came on her back, covering her in himself. She smiled and rested her head on the bed closing her eyes for a moment. Harry got off the bed and pulled his jeans back on. He walked over to wear You lay, spent and pulled gently took the restraints off of her, letting her stretch out a bit.
“Are you okay?” He asked and she smiled
“So good” She mumbled sleepily
“Good, baby. Sit back the way you were for a minute”
You raised her eyebrow but complied, sticking her ass in the air again, presenting it to him. Harry smiled and smacked her once, making her yelp. He reached and grabbed the end of the butt-plug, pulling it out slowly, making her moan once more for tonight.
“Good girl” He smiled and lifted her off the bed “Ill take you to your room now”


Harry spent the rest of the night cleaning up the room and getting everything back in its place. He called for You’s clothes to be cleaned and grabbed her some new ones from a closet he had in his room. When she awoke in the morning the two of them looked at another contract and went back in to the playroom, going over what You would be interested in trying or liked and things that she didn’t want anything to do with.
Harry sent her home after that, saying he would see her bright and early Monday morning. He told her to bring some things for her room as they would be resuming her training and they could just ride in to work together for the rest of the week. With one last passionate kiss, You left and Harry retreated to his room for some much needed rest.


Harry got to the office early Monday morning, excited to see You. She showed up right on time, wearing another tight outfit and blushing at the sight of him. Harry grinned to himself, both happy to see she hadn’t run off and that she was just as happy with their arrangement as he was.
He spent the first few hours of the day in his office, thinking of little things to do and taking some little phone calls that You forwarded to him. Around three in the afternoon, he left his office finally and walked over to You’s desk, leaning casually against the wall as he watched her. She looked up after a moment and smiled.
“How are those reports coming along You?” He asked, trying to make some kind of conversation with her
“Good” She blushed “I should be done in a couple of hours”
“Good girl” He grinned and You squeezed her thighs together, he wanted nothing more than to take her into his office and fuck her on the desk right now, but he tried to control his thoughts “Well, i need them done by tonight. How about you take your time and drop them by my apartment tonight. Lets say seen o’clock again”
“Yes sir” She grinned and returned to typing.
Harry smiled to himself and returned to his office. He left early again that night and all he could think about on the drive home was what he and You could take part in tonight. Oh, the possibilities were endless…

All You Need is Kill = Future Souls

All You Need is Kill is the name of a Japanese novel series that has been adapted into comic form at the adapt hands of Takeshi Obata. (artist for Death Note and Bakuman) 

You may know the story as one that was loosely adapted into a movie titled Edge of Tomorrow. More importantly though, the story acts as a modern/futurist parallel with the Dark Souls series of games. By this I am referring to the protagonist’s fate of being forced to die and relive the same battle over and over again. If you are a fan of the souls series, I recommend giving at least the comic version a read. It acts as a means of exploring the mindset of both the gamer and the character within a souls game. It delves into the slow honing of skills and reaction times as opposed to power, gaining confidence in oneself, the physical and mental burden of experiencing constant battle and death (like hollowing), the need for and effects of small acts of kindness in such a hopeless existence (plain doll/firekeeper), and the sense of purpose one gives to their mission in isolation. 

Small details: 
The aliens attacking are called Mimics thus drawing a direct parallel with souls

The battle armor is completely gender neutral in Obata’s design

The weapons are heavy and oversized and feel as such due to the artist’s skill

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I'm such a slut for sousuke. His s/o is an artist and asks to draw his back bc hot damn

“And you want me to take my shirt off because…?”

“Because~! I need someone to use as reference!”

“For what? Personal use?”

“Sousuke~! I’m in a hurry!”

“Okay, fine, whatever you say.” Sousuke put his hands up in front of him to catch the pillow you flinged at him out of stressed frustration, a smirk on his lips. The deadline for your homework was tomorrow, and you still didn’t have a model for the drawing, and of course, your boyfriend was as smug as ever upon hearing the question.

“This what you wanted?” Sousuke turned his now bare back to face you, and you could spot the slightest tinge of pink on the tips of his ears and neck, but you could still hear the smug tone of his voice, and you could only envision his the expression on his face.

“Yes, perfect, now stay like that.” Tongue poking out of your mouth, to rest on your lip, you sketched away in your notebook.

“Aaand… Done!” You finished the final touches to the portrait, smiling proudly to yourself. You watched as Sousuke stretched his arms out, sighing deeply from the stiffness he’d developed from standing still for such an extended period of time.

“Jeez, how long did that take? An hour? You better get a good grade on it, because I’m not doing it again.” Sousuke turned back to you, approaching slowly, and you noticed how he didn’t even glance at his discarded shirt as he stepped closer to you. He sneaked an arm around your waist, kissing you feverishly, while tugging at the bottom of your shirt.

“I think it’s time for yours to come off, too.”

Now that all of my bags are unpacked and my suite is as perfect as I can possibly make it, allow me to introduce myself – I’m Harley Clarington, a new arrival here at Dalton Institute, and I’ve been placed as an Advanced Domme. If you’re a Submissive, you’ll refer to me as Miss – even Mistress if you feel so inclined – but Harley will do just fine for other Dominants. 

Tomorrow I’ll be needing some assistance with finding class buildings and the like, as I didn’t have any time to check out the campus since my arrival, and any hints on what to avoid at the cafeteria would be lovely. If any Submissive would like to offer their assistance, that would be delightful, but I’m not picky as to whom gives me a hand in the matter.

As a side note, if anyone’s seen or heard from/of my brother Hunter, please inform him that I’m here and looking for him.