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With the art tutorials that I’ve seen around the internet that focus on this particular subject I’ve found that some use curvy or spherical shaped objects.

I’ve always found these methods a bit hard to understand for me because I for one CANNOT DRAW FREAKIN EFFORTLESS NATURAL CURVY LINES LET alone DRAW a FREAKIN CIRCLE!!

With this tutorial I’ve stripped it down to the bare essentials.

Poses at these angles are used a lot in animations or comics.

My tutorial for poses viewed at high angles can be found here.

Tutorial for ‘How to draw background perspectives’ is here


I’m sorry if it’s confusing to understand at all -.- next time I’ll plan ahead instead of just making it up as I go.

I used to be against drawing from refs, but once I started doing it, I realized how useful it is. I mostly draw faces, and using refs has helped me to understand how the different planes of faces work, which has made my drawings look better/more anatomically correct. 

HOWEVER, don’t become dependent on references, because there won’t always be the perfect one you need. (Not to say there’s anything wrong with people who only draw from refs, but then, that goes back to knowing what you want to do with your art).

ALSO, keep in mind that drawing from reference doesn’t have to be some rigid thing. You don’t have to aim for photorealism if you don’t want to. I like to stylize a bit by making the eyes large and using colors like dark blue or purple instead of straight black.

ONE MORE THING! Don’t fall into the trap of drawing from reference all the time when you feel like your original drawings aren’t good enough. One artist I love (I think it was Sycra?? not completely sure tho, it’s been a while) said, basically, that drawing from reference is easy because the reference has all the answers. You don’t have to figure out anything for yourself. If you’re like me and you want to draw amazing pictures from imagination, you should know that just because you can copy a photo, doesn’t mean that’s how good your art is.

that’s all for now, k thanks bye lol


I made a Sacred Stonesona? Idk it just happened cause I love the twins so much…

She’s a Renais castle maid who escapes with either one of the twins (I’m thinking Eirika?). No name yet. She’s a Cleric whose canon promotion is Valkyrie but is afraid of riding horses… (She loves animals but horse riding seems just…too…high and dangerous to her)

I wanted to go along with FE8 aesthetics more but I ended up designing her whatever way I wanted… Feel free to join me in SSsona hehe~


Part 1 of ‘How I Draw Background Perspectives’

This took me a while to finish. I did this in paint with a computer mouse. The link for part 2 is down below.

Part 2

My Other Tutorials

How I draw poses from low angles

How to draw high angled poses


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I took a quick break from working on Asgore, and made the mistake of discovering the amazingness that is Villainous. Long story short, it’s made me super inspired to draw and since no one else seems to have made one yet I’m creating a Swap Au! So far I’ve only got Demencia done - but Black Hat, Flug and 5.0.5 will be following asap! (Because who needs sleep or schoolwork when you can draw owo)

This is still more of a concept atm, so let me know what you guys think and I’m open to any name suggestions!

Thomas “Dread” Bernhard, Number 24 Shortstop

Some pre-war Dread doing what he does best

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a samuel seabury?? - xx anon

This garbage boy just lost a fight and he’s pretending that he won