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(asker of the "destiel in season 12" message) Aw, i'm sorry!! I didn't mean for it to be overwhelming or intimidating. I guess the question basically just boils down to me not understanding how to read the destiel subtext in this season, where i had no trouble last season because i found it so obvious. So i guess, what makes the two different? If any of that helps?? If not, don't worry about it, i'm sure you have better things to do!<3

Hi again! I still do have your message, and I keep debating whether it’s worth going through every episode point by point and detailing every last possible destiel reference, parallel, and subtextual coding that I’ve seen all season, or if it’s just easier for everyone to point to all the meta I’ve written and reblogged on the subject since 12.01 aired. Because there is a not insignificant amount of it on my blog already.

As far as how to read the subtext, it’s really just the same as it ever was. At least, I’d thought so until I got your message. I don’t know what’s different about this season as compared to s11 that’s making it harder for you to “see” it there, you know?

I think all I can really do is keep doing what I’ve been doing, writing and reblogging all the relevant destiel meta as I see it. I’ve probably made or reblogged a thousand posts since s12 started nearly two months ago, and a heck of a lot of them have been about Dean and Cas, and DeanandCas. So, I mean, it’s not like we haven’t been discussing this endlessly.

I don’t know if just reading all these discussions we’ve had (and by “we” here I mean the meta-y bloggers I talk to most and reblog tons of stuff from all the time) would help or not. I don’t know if the subtext has just become so hammer-to-the-face obvious to me personally because I’m watching the show expecting to see it now, or if it’s become murkier to perceive for the general audience who isn’t specifically looking for it, or what.

I just… really don’t know what to tell you short of just standing back and pointing at my entire blog.

I guess one more important thing to remember is that you say the subtext was easy to read in s11, but I recall the Dark Days toward the beginning of the season when outrage was bubbling in the fandom over how obvious it was that they were sinking the destiel ship because it was SO OBVIOUS that Dean didn’t really care about Cas (recall if you will the rage and wank after 11.03 over the whole “why is Dean flirting with a woman when he’s supposed to be searching for Cas?” scene… because damn if that wasn’t the exact wrong takeaway from that scene in retrospect, you know?)

Or recall how Dean was so uncaring to Cas when Cas was back at the bunker “recovering” yet sinking into an ever deeper depression. How cold Cas and Dean seemed toward one another in 11.06 when their sole interaction seemed to be a fight, and the wank over Dean’s scenes with Amara.

Was the destiel subtext so obvious to you then? If so, why has the comparatively uncomplicated destiel subtext eluded you so far this season? Because early in the season is the setup of the “conflict.” This is where the emotional stakes are laid out on the table. It’s not always clear where they’re headed, and that just makes for good storytelling. But I swear, it’s still there.

Coming off the second half of s11 that basically set up Dean’s pining for Cas as a central plot point of the last dozen or so episodes of the entire season, yeah, the introduction of a different set of emotional priorities (primarily via Mary and the new issues her return has brought to the surface, as well as Cas’s own personal guilt and unresolved depression and self-worth issues) is taking a more central stage right now (just like Dean’s trauma associated with recovering from the Mark and his super fucked-up emotional issues with Amara took a more central stage in the beginning of s11).

I think that’s important to keep in mind, but we’ve still got a good two thirds of the season left to go. We’re still in the “set ‘em up” phase of the storyline. It’s gonna be a while before we get to the “knock ‘em down” bit.

Do you still want me to try and answer your original question? I mean, maybe when we get into the midseason Hellatus and we don’t have anything new to chew over week to week (and after I finally get back to writing this story I abandoned when I went on vacation last week, because ugh, I need to finish it) I can devote some serious time to compiling a moment by moment Destiel reference guide, but seriously, it would be the kind of project that could legitimately take a week.

You might get faster results by just going over to @elizabethrobertajones‘s blog and looking through her far better organized tags for relevant subject matter. I checked my own destiel tag and it’s not exactly helpful. I usually tag my posts by individual characters, rather than destiel… I know I suck. But you might try the scheherazade of supernatural tag too. Sorry if this isn’t exactly helpful. I don’t know how else to help. :/

Even wanted to change the story

This season started off with Romeo and Juliet references and parallels all over it. Isak watching Even walk outside school, the pool scene, cuddling in bed, ‘someone has to die for it to be an epic love story’. And we’ve all been freaking out because we thought that meant Even would die. 

But these past couple episodes Even has been referencing Pretty Woman. Nobody dies in Pretty Woman. They get their happy ending at the end of the movie and maybe Even realised that epic love stories don’t need tragedies, sometimes you can be in a long-lasting happy relationship. He even talked about it in the last clip, when he climbed up the balcony Isak would think it was a Romeo and Juliet reference but it’s not it’s Pretty Woman where they ‘save each other’ instead of dying. I remember reading on here a while ago about some people wanting to see the parallel  of the infamous ‘balcony scene’ and maybe the reason we haven’t yet is because it’s not the one we think it will be. Because Even has changed his perspective now, he WANTS the outcome to be different. 

Maybe I’m reading too much into it but I just truly want to believe Skam will do this right, that they will make Even’s feelings genuine and not a ‘side-effect’ of being manic.